GH Update Tuesday 7/14/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/14/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the loft, Dante finished up his phone call with Valerie, in which she agreed not to tell anyone that she and Dante had sex. Lulu walked in and overheard Dante say “Thank you. I can't tell you how much that means to me.” Dante ended the call. Lulu frowned and asked who he'd been talking to. Dante admitted it was Valerie. Lulu asked if Valerie called Dante. Dante replied that he called Valerie. Dante explained that he thought it was only fair to tell Valerie that Lulu knew about the kiss. Dante had also wanted to assure Valerie that he told Lulu that it wasn't Valerie's fault. Dante asked if that was okay, and Lulu spat that it wasn't. Lulu acknowledged that Dante was trying to do the right thing, but she still didn't like it. Lulu was hurt that Dante confessed to kissing his coworker and her cousin, Valerie, then called Valerie the second Lulu stepped out of the room. Dante assured Lulu that he didn't mean to hurt her. Lulu thought Dante could have waited until morning. She felt that it was bad enough that Dante was working with Valerie. Dante insisted that what happened between him and Valerie was a mistake. That didn't make Lulu feel better. Dante asked what she wanted him to do, quit his job? Lulu pointed out that Dante demanded that she sell her half of the Haunted Star when Johnny came back. Dante didn't remember it that way. He reminded Lulu that he backed off about the Haunted Star when she asked him to. Dante asked Lulu if she really wanted him to quit. Lulu admitted that she didn't want that, but she did want Valerie to quit. Lulu added that she wanted Valerie to move away so Lulu could forget about her.

Carly and Sonny were upstairs in Sonny's bedroom. Sonny noted that Carly was in a good mood. Carly grinned and told him it had been a good day. Sonny was in a good mood too, because he'd talked with Dillon and learned that Lulu didn't cheat on Dante. Both Sonny and Carly thought that Lulu should have been honest with Dante upfront. Sonny was just glad that Lulu's brothers were safe. He assumed that everyone could move on now. Carly didn't think that it would be that simple. She confessed that she inadvertently let Lulu know that Dante kissed Valerie. Carly explained that Lulu said Dante came clean about Valerie, and Carly assumed Lulu was referring to the kiss. Carly felt bad, but Sonny assured her that it wasn't her fault.

Carly told Sonny her good news – Josslyn's five-year check up found no signs of cancer. Sonny was thrilled, but he wondered why Carly didn't tell him about Josslyn's appointment. Carly admitted that she didn't want him to know she was scared. Sonny replied that he wanted to be there for her, even when she was scared, the same way she'd been there for him. They shifted gears back to the subject of Josslyn, and Sonny stated that the girl was tough, just like Carly. Carly thought Josslyn was actually tough, because of Jason and Elizabeth. Carly was grateful that Jason and Liz had managed to save Josslyn on the worst night of their lives. Carly and Sonny headed out onto the terrace and talked about the night of little Jake's accident. They reminisced about Jason and what he meant to them. Carly wiped her tears and Sonny hugged her. Sonny told Carly that she didn't have to hide any of her emotions from him. Sonny noted that Carly had seen him at his worst. He added that he was 100% sure that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. They kissed.

Luke went to the Quartermaine mansion looking for Tracy. Dillon pointed out several empty glasses and noted that Tracy had been drinking heavily, but Dillon hadn't seen her yet. Luke realized this meant Tracy still thought Luke left her for Laura. Dillon asked why Luke hadn't come sooner. Luke explained that he'd been busy rescuing Jake and returning him to Elizabeth. Dillon was confused because as far as he knew, Jake was dead. Luke told him that Helena kidnapped Jake after the accident and switched him with the body of an unknown dead child. Luke admitted that the whole thing didn't make sense. Dillon asked where Jake had been the whole time. Luke replied that he was with Helena. Dillon wasn't surprised. Luke promised to give Dillon all the details later, after Luke talked to Tracy. Dillon wanted to tell Luke something, but Luke replied that it would have to wait. Luke raced upstairs to Tracy's room and knocked on the door and asked her to open up. Tracy didn't answer, so Luke let himself in. Luke was shocked to find Tracy in bed with Paul. Luke demanded to know what was going on. Tracy was unhappy to see Luke. She snapped that Luke had moved on, and he should have realized she'd do the same. Luke clarified that he never moved on. Paul tried to calm things down, but Luke ordered him to leave. Paul refused, but Tracy asked him to let her talk to Luke alone. Paul stroked Tracy's cheek, then he got a robe and went downstairs.

Tracy asked if Luke ran out of cash or if things had soured between Luke and Laura. Luke told Tracy the whole story about why he broke their engagement and ran off with Laura. Luke took full responsibility for what just happened with Paul and he told Tracy that they could get past it. Tracy's eyes filled with tears and she asked Luke why he didn't tell her the truth from the start. Luke replied that Jennifer Smith made it clear that Tracy was to be left out of the loop. Tracy's temper flared as she pointed out that Luke told Dillon the truth. She accused Luke of trusting Dillon more than her. Luke insisted that there was no one he trusted more than Tracy. Luke explained that he'd been in an impossible situation, and he was sure that Tracy would have made the same choice to save Ned and Dillon. Luke added that he hadn't wanted to bring Dillon into the lie. Tracy noted that Luke had a habit of cutting her out and leaving her behind. She thought this was proof that he didn't see her as an equal. Tracy reminded Luke that when she rescued him from Cassadine Island, she told him that she “wanted the whole enchilada.” Luke remembered that, and he remembered telling Tracy that he wanted to give it to her. Tracy told Luke that she had no place in her life for him anymore. Luke tried to say something, but Tracy insisted that he leave. Luke vowed not to give up on Tracy, then he left. Tracy hesitated in the doorway for a second before slamming the door.

Back downstairs, Dillon texted Lulu and let her know Luke was there. Dillon added that he hoped Luke and Tracy would reconcile. Paul made his way into the living room. Dillon, who was caught of guard at the sight of his father, cautiously extended his hand, but Paul pulled him into a hug. Dillon asked why Paul was there. Paul replied that he came to visit Dillon, and Dillon noted that Paul had never done that before. Paul felt that it was better late than never. Dillon wondered why Paul was wearing a robe. Paul thought it was better that Dillon hear this from Paul instead of Luke. Paul admitted that Luke had just found Paul and Tracy in bed together. Stunned, Dillon asked what about Paul's wife Jenny. Paul explained that they split up after Jenny cheated on him. Dillon didn't understand how Paul thought sleeping with Tracy would help. Paul replied that he and Tracy connected because they were both in pain after being screwed over by the people they loved. Dillon told Paul the truth about Luke. Dillon felt that this was a disaster. Paul pointed out that none of this would have happened if Luke had trusted Tracy. Dillon agreed. Dillon assumed that Tracy was probably kicking herself right now for sleeping with someone for all the wrong reasons. Paul noted that he and Dillon didn't have much of a relationship. “We have no relationship,” Dillon clarified, before adding that it was not a judgment, but a statement of fact. Paul explained that he came here to be the father he never was. Dillon added that Paul also slept with Tracy. Paul admitted that this was awkward, but he was adamant that he wouldn't let Tracy or Luke stop him from making things up to Dillon.

Back at the loft, Dante told Lulu that Valerie was family and was going to be a part of their lives. Lulu demanded to know why she had to accept that. Lulu's phone beeped – it was Dillon's text. Dante gestured toward the phone and told her that she had to accept Valerie's presence, just like he had to accept Dillon's. Lulu countered that she and Dillon were just friends and possible future step siblings. Lulu told Dante what the text said. She hoped Tracy would forgive Luke. Dante hoped so too. Lulu and Dante both agreed that they wanted to repair their relationship. Lulu was sure that they would, but she warned him that it wouldn't happen tonight. Lulu told Dante that she loved him and she was going to stay and fight for them. Dante wanted that too. They got in bed and kissed. Lulu rested her head on Dante's chest and he hugged her. Lulu asked Dante if he changed the sheets when he made the bed. He said yes. Lulu thanked Dante and snuggled in closer to him. Dante stared up at the ceiling with a guilty expression.

At Wyndemere, Laura was surprised that Nikolas was so somber after learning that Jake was alive. She told him that his nephew was back and that it was incredible news. Nik agreed, and he explained that he was just thinking about what Laura had said about it being too bad that Jason wasn't alive to see it. Laura noted that that was just the way it is. “Wrong,” Nik replied. Nik didn't get a chance to say more because Lucky arrived. Lucky and Laura hugged and talked about Elizabeth's reaction to little Jake's return. Laura knew just how Liz felt, because Laura felt the same way when Lucky turned up after his supposed death. Lucky remembered how overwhelming the ordeal had been for him. Lucky was sure it would take some time for little Jake to settle in. Laura asked Lucky why he didn't stay with Liz and little Jake. Lucky explained that he wanted to give some private time to reconnect. Laura decided to give Lucky the same time with his brother Nik. After Laura left the room, Nik told Lucky how glad he was that Lucky was okay and that Jake was alive. Nik insisted that he had no idea that his grandmother was holding Jake on Cassadine Island. Lucky assured Nik that he believed him. Lucky was confident that Nik would never keep a secret like that from his family.

Nik was curious about how Lucky was doing. Lucky was thrilled to have Jake back and to have gotten to reconnect with his sons, but he was also overwhelmed. Lucky explained that he left Port Charles because of all the stress he'd been under from losing Jake, finding out Luke was the one who hit Jake, and finding out about Nik and Elizabeth's affair. Nik started to say something, but Lucky made it clear that Lucky wasn't judging Nik. Lucky added that he left town because he'd become someone that he didn't want his kids to be around. Lucky had been traveling the world trying to find a way to go back to who he used to be. Nik asked if Lucky had found his old self. Lucky wasn't sure the old Lucky existed anymore, but Nik was sure that he did. Lucky still didn't feel fit to be around his kids. Lucky thought that he was following in Luke's footsteps. “I'm a great dad as long as I don't have to be near my kids,” Lucky stated in a pained tone. Nik argued that Lucky was nothing like Luke and that Lucky was an amazing father. Lucky disagreed. Lucky pointed out that Cam only had a few vague memories of Lucky, and Aiden only knew Lucky as a face on a computer screen. Lucky admitted that he wanted to run before his darkness infected Jake.

Lucky thought the kids would be better off if he left them with Liz and the stranger she was dating. Nik replied that Jake wasn't a stranger. Lucky didn't understand what Nik meant. Nik tried to change the subject. Lucky was concerned and he insisted that he needed to know if there was something going on with Jake that could affect his kids. Lucky yelled that he was little Jake's father. “So is he!,” Nik blurted out. Nik explained that Jake was really Jason and only Nik, Helena, Liz and now Lucky knew the truth. Lucky was shocked that they were all keeping Jason from Sam and the rest of his family. Nik replied that Sam was with Patrick now and the others had all moved on. Lucky wondered why Nik decided to tell him this. Nik explained that he wanted Lucky to know that, if he did leave again, Liz and the boys would be okay with Jason. Lucky wasn't comfortable with hiding the truth from Jason just because it would be convenient for Lucky. Lucky couldn't believe that Liz was hiding this from Jason. Nik explained that Liz wanted Jason to stay with her instead of going back to his old life. Lucky noted that now Jason and Liz had their son back. Lucky asked what happened if Jason regained his memories and realized his whole life was built on a lie. Lucky didn't want to do something like that to Jason. Nik explained that he told Lucky this because he loved Lucky and trusted Lucky more than Nik trusted himself. “If you leave, Elizabeth and the boys will have Jason. If you stay, they'll have you,” Nik added. Nik told Lucky that what ever choice he made would be the right one. Later, Laura returned and asked where Lucky was. Nik replied that he left. Laura sensed that there was something troubling Lucky. Laura hadn't been able to get Lucky to confide in her, and she hoped Nik had better luck. Nik replied that he told Lucky that whatever choice Lucky made, it would be right.

Jake went to Elizabeth's and found Liz playing with little Jake. Jake asked who the boy was, but Liz was too overjoyed to put it into words. Jake suddenly recognized little Jake from his picture. Jake didn't understand how this was possible. Liz took Jake aside and told him the whole story about where little Jake had been for the past five years. Jake asked Liz how she was doing. Liz admitted it was a lot to process, but she'd never been happier. Jake asked Liz if little Jake was okay, and she assured him that her son was perfect. Jake asked for permission to interact with little Jake, and Liz quickly granted it. Jake played with little Jake and noticed that little Jake had a toy motorcycle. Jake had a Jason flashback – he remembered going to Liz's house and picking up little Jake's toy motorcycle after little Jake was hit by Luke's car.

Jake walked over to Liz and mentioned that little Jake liked motorcycles. Liz replied that he always loved them. Jake noted that Danny liked did too. Jake reminded Liz about the dream he had of playing motorcycles with Danny. Jake told Liz that he just had a flash of picking up a toy motorcycle. Jake decided to drop the subject and focus on how happy he was for Liz. Little Jake pointed out that he'd found a toy car. Jake went back and started playing with little Jake again. Liz told Jake that she had to tell him something that affected him and little Jake. Little Jake interrupted and said he was tired. Liz took little Jake upstairs. Jake picked up the toy motorcycle again. Liz brought little Jake back downstairs because he wanted to say goodnight to Jake. Jake told little Jake that he'd have his friend bring a real motorcycle to the house. Little Jake asked if he could ride it. Jake looked at Liz, who signaled that he couldn't. Jake promised to see if little Jake could sit on it. Little Jake went back to the toys while Liz and Jake talked. Jake assumed he knew what Liz had wanted to say earlier. He thought that she was going to ask him to go home for the night so she could have some private time with her son. Liz assured Jake that she wanted him to stay with them. Liz announced that she had to get little Jake to bed. Jake asked if he could help, and Liz said yes. Lucky went back to Liz's house. He was about to knock on the door when he looked in the window and saw that Liz, Jake, and little Jake seemed happy and at ease with each other. Liz tidied up, while Jake and little Jake played catch in the living room. Jake told little Jake it was time for bed. Jake yelled wait. Liz realized he wanted to take his motorcycle, so she gave it to him. “Thanks, mom,” Jake said, causing Liz's face to light up. The trio inside the house went upstairs. Lucky turned and left.

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