GH Update Monday 7/13/15

General Hospital Update Monday 7/13/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky comes inside Elizabeth's home and she tells him she was worried about him and the fact that the boys were unable to get a hold of him. He admits to her hat he was kidnapped and there was an issue involving his parents. She encourages her ex husband to see his son, Aiden. The boy runs downstairs and is happy to see his dad but does not take long to inform him about “Jake, mommy's friend”. Hearing that, Lucky sounds disappointed however he tells Elizabeth that maybe it's a good thing for her that there is “another Jake” in her life. She tells him that she is happy that she's found out that Jake's (their son, Jason's biological son with Elizabeth ) kidney saved Josslyn when Jake was killed. Yet Lucky knows he has to tell her that he doubts that has happened. Hearing that, she is angry and asks him why he is saying that their child's life and death is not good for something. He tells her the reason he has to “object” to what she is saying is because their son is alive. Hearing that, she furiously demands to know how he could say anything like that. She knows it makes no sense. Their son died and the hospital harvested his organs years ago. Lucky clarifies to Elizabeth, however, that Helena “pulled strings” to make it only appear as though Jake died. He did not believe it either until he saw their son on Cassadine Island. He saw this boy with blond hair and blue eyes who took his breath away and he affirms to her that Jake is alive and well. He opens the door and little Jake enters to reveal that he is alive and well. Luke walks in with the boy and confirms to Elizabeth, and with Lucky, that this is her son. Luke informs her that he's been on Cassadine Island this whole while and has known of nothing else. He was very brave, Luke tells her, when they brought him to a completely unfamiliar place. He introduces Jake to his mom and encourages him to say hi although Jake believes he's meeting his mom for the first time. She emotionally welcomes her son and hugs him. Luke and Lucky observe and assess the whole situation. The boy can see that she is crying although she assures him she is happy. Luke takes the boy into the other room to pick out some toys while Lucky and Elizabeth go outside to talk privately. She tells him she doesn't know how she's going to accept this. She feels as though she's going to wake up and find out it was only a dream, although he assures her it's not a dream. Their son is back. She tells Lucky, however, that she wants to make it right for Jake yet she does not know exactly how she's going to do that. She returns inside and asks Jake how he's feeling, if he's tired or hungry and he goes into the kitchen with Lucky. In the living room, Elizabeth and Luke talk privately. He tells her that he is amazed at how she has welcomed her son back into her life. He tells her that one thing he has learned is how precious and important second chances are and he urges her not to ever take it for granted. Hearing that, Elizabeth secretly knows that she has something going on that she is not certain how to handle (involving the secret she knows about Jake).

Luke leaves the house with Lucky and knows that his son has something going on. Lucky admits to his dad that he knows he had to face and stare down the darkness. He tells Luke that he has the same thing going on with his own life as what Luke had, regarding his childhood demons. He realizes he never had to endure what Luke did as a child, yet it's in him also. He tells Luke all he wants to do is to be with his kids and stop running but he can't. And he's afraid he's going to pass down this sick life condition to his child. Luke tells his son he needs to know that he is not his father and he is not Tim Spencer. He is the most honorable man Luke has ever known. And if there is, in fact, a demon in Lucky's life, he needs to face it the way Luke could not or would not. He needs to turn around and face his fear, look it dead in the eye and not turn away, then he will be on the road to victory. Hearing that, Lucky asks his dad how he does that. Luke tells him he has to believe in himself. Lucky remarks that is easier said than done. Luke tells his son everything is that way but he assures Lucky he knows he will make it. He urges Lucky if this battle gets bloody and he gets weary, he needs to let his dad know because he will be there for Lucky.

Jake goes to the Quartermaine house and talks to Monica informing her that he needs to meet with Michael to discuss “business”, although he may not be entirely truthful as to why he is there. She tells him that unfortunately Michael is out on a date, but she assures him that he is welcome to wait as Michael is due back soon. As soon as he is alone, Jake sees the picture of Jason and AJ. When Monica returns, Jake tells her that he knows he's heard a lot about Jason Morgan but has not heard anything about Jason Quartermaine. She remarks that as time goes by, fewer and fewer people will. He tells Monica that he would like to know all about Jason Quartermaine. She talks about her history with Jason and how she could see that he was her son when he was a child although he was the result of her husband, Alan, having an affair. She realized she could not blame an innocent little boy who did nothing wrong, so he became the heart of the Quartermaine family and the apple of everybody's eye. He asks her what Jason was like. She tells him Jason was bright, kind, a straight-A student and wanted to be a surgeon. He could have done anything, until the night he got into his brother's car and had a life-changing accident. And, she tells Jake, that was the last time she saw Jason Quartermaine. Jake talks to Monica about her “son” Jason, whom, he assesses to her, that from everything he heard, sounded like a good man. Monica emotionally confirms that Jason was a good man but he was taken from them too soon. They continue to wait for Michael to return yet he does not. However, they are both happy to have had this chance to talk, almost as if they have the unconscious sense that they are mother and son.

After Dante has informed Valerie that he wants what happened between them to be kept a secret after discovering that Lulu did not cheat upon him, Valerie is obviously not happy that she does not have a future with Dante. She goes to work and assures her boss, Jordan, that she need not worry about any issues on the job between her and Dante since it's over. Jordan can see, however, that Valerie has a lot of drama going on with the fact that she has to work around Dante, given the situation. And, that could obviously affect Valerie's job.

Dante realizes that he has no reason to suspect Lulu but can see she is devastated to find out that he “kissed” Valerie. He protests that he knows there is no excuse for what he did but needs her to know that he was angry, upset, not thinking clearly and was under the impression that she was cheating upon him. She tells him she's not certain if she can forgive him all because of what she suspects as “just one kiss”. She blames herself but also admits that she blames Valerie. She makes it very clear that she is devastated although she is unaware that her husband did not go any father than to kiss her cousin.

At the hospital, when Patrick informs Sam that there is a change in Hayden's vitals, she tells him that is a great sign and very possibly, Hayden will awaken and remember what she did not have a chance to tell Jake about his life, before she got shot. Yet Patrick is not so happy as though he somehow knows that the secret about Jake may not fit into his life. He asks Sam why she'd believe a word Hayden said when she scammed being Jake's wife. Sam, however, wants to find out about Hayden's connection to Nikolas.

Laura talks to Nikolas about how it's so unfortunate that Jason did not live to see Jake come back. She wonders why her son is not happy that his nephew has come home. Isn't that happy news? He tells her he has some “concerns” regarding the “belief” that Jason is not alive to see it. Hearing that, Laura tells her son they realize that but it “is what it is”. Nikolas then admits to his mom that is not the case.

Lucky goes inside with Elizabeth and she hasn't a clue how she's going to deal with the revelation that the son she had with Jason is alive knowing that Jason is alive when nobody knows except for herself and Nikolas.

As soon as Dante is alone, he calls Valerie and affirms to her that Lulu knows that they kissed but that is all she knows and asks her, again, if he can count on her to keep the secret. She agrees to the terms but is clearly not happy.

Sam talks to Patrick wondering what the secret could possibly be about Jake.

Jake (the adult who is really Jason) returns to Elizabeth's home and is stunned, shocked and in awe to see little Jake (with no conscious awareness that he is his son). Elizabeth stares at them both.

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