GH Update Friday 7/10/15

General Hospital Update Friday 7/10/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Luke has met up with Helena, yet again, she proves to him that his grandson (Jason's biological son with Elizabeth), Jake, did not die years ago as everyone believed. He is alive and well and getting bigger. He is stunned and introduces himself to Jake. Laura enters and is equally shocked to see the young boy playing with a remote control car. She asks if he's really certain this is little Jake. He tells her he is certain. However, when Lucky enters. Luke announces that the boy's father can confirm it. Lucky rushes to see his “long lost son” and it seems they are bonding as though they know they are father and son. Lucky tells the boy he may not remember him since they have not seen each other since the boy was born. The reason is he is Jake's father. He gives the boy his phone to go and check out some games so that Lucky can be alone to talk to her parents alone. They inform him that they are very concerned about a little boy having to grow up in this environment with Helena. Luke and Lucky both wonder if Nikolas might have known this secret. Laura wants to believe that her son would never keep that secret about Elizabeth's son. Luke explains to his son that Helena wanted Elizabeth to believe that her son was Nikolas' and not Lucky's and has been “playing” him all these years, although, he tells his son, the important thing is that Jake is alive and well. Lucky explains that he had to do what the kidnappers wanted in order to find his son alive. He then concludes that he has to call Elizabeth although his parents tell him they have to get the boy home. Laura realizes that this had to be the only home little Jake has known throughout his life so they can't just take him elsewhere before she attempts to talk to him. She goes over to introduce herself to little Jake and asks him to show her around the island where Helena is keeping him.

Luke and Lucky observe in awe and talk alone about this “shock”. Both father and son remark how Lucky liked poker because the rules never changed and he was good at it. Lucky tells his dad he learned from the best and always just wanted to measure up to his dad. He tells his dad he did not just teach him how to cheat at cards. He taught Lucky how to live. Luke tells Lucky that he had an “episode” not long ago which he had to uncover about his childhood where he realized, for the first time, that he killed his father. Lucky tells Luke that he knows how fortunate he was to have Luke as a father and Luke must never believe that he has the “inner demon” that was Luke's abusive father, inside of him, as Luke fears. Lucky tells his dad that he knows how his father helped him throughout his life whenever he had his issues and he wishes that Luke had the kind of father that he had. Luke tells his son he's heard it said that you get the life you deserve. Yet he does not believe that. His mother did not deserve the life that Tim Spencer gave her. Luke declares that so many people do not deserve the things that have happened to them. He admits to his son that he made a lot of bad choices in his life but the best thing he ever did was loving Lucky's mother and having his first born son. He praises his son for the miracle he has been to his father. They admit they have missed each other and Lucky admits that he has not done anything great in the 4 years they have been apart. They talk about how it's easy for anyone to run although Luke realizes one can only run so long and so far before one's life catches up with them. Laura and little Jake return and Lucky reveals to his son, for the first time, that he has a mom named Elizabeth.

Sam is on the phone outside of Kelly's talking to Jake as they are determined to uncover what Nikolas is doing and bring him to justice. Again, Nikolas finds her and demands she tells him what she and “Jake Doe” are secretly doing together. She obviously knows she does not want Nikolas to know that they are working to expose him but she still has no clue what Nikolas knows about Jake (that he is Jason Morgan, her “deceased” husband). She then tells Nikolas she might consider telling hi what he wants to know if he can tell her what his “secret” was or is with Hayden Barnes. She asks if he might know anything about what Hayden said she knew about Jake's “secret”. He denies knowing anything about that although Sam suspects otherwise. He tells her he wanted to protect Elizabeth whom he still cares about her. Sam asks Nikolas, why, if he cares about Elizabeth so much, would he let Hayden stay with him after what she did to Jake. She finds it very odd that after Hayden was exposed and evicted by Carly from the Metro Court, Nikolas put it upon himself to take her into his home. He asks her why she's concerned about Hayden, what involvement Nikolas might have with her, or what Hayden may or may not know about Jake. Sam clarifies that what Hayden knows about Jake does matter to her because Jake is Sam's friend and what matters to him matters to her. She asks her cousin if he “finds out” anything about what Hayden knows, to let her know. Nikolas tells her he agrees but walks off.

Dante runs into Valerie at the station and she can see that he may not entirely be ok. He admits to her that Lulu has just returned and he's spoken to his wife. He admits that he confirmed with Lulu that she lied about where she went. She did in fact go off secretly with Dillon Quartermaine. However, he admits, he was completely wrong as to what they were doing together. Hearing that, it seems she wants to believe that Lulu was doing just as Dante believed she was doing. He explains to her all that he has just learned about how Lulu and Dillon needed to go and help Luke and Laura find Lucky who had been kidnapped and the kidnappers expressly instructed them not to get any cops involved and so that is the reason his wife did not tell him where she really went or why she was with Dillon Quartermaine. Hearing that, she protests that he is not just “a cop” He is Lulu's husband. They then realize it was not Lulu who cheated. It was he who not only falsely accused her of cheating when he did not know. He cheated when she did not. He admits that he'd like to come clean to Lulu about what happened but he's afraid it would ruin his marriage and his son. He tells her he realizes he may be a jerk to ask but he needs her to keep the secret. It seems Valerie might be disappointed to see that Dante is not ready to end his marriage with good reason, as they had both previously assumed was a given.

While Lulu is alone in the apartment, she hears a knock on the door and goes to get it. Carly brings Rocco back and Lulu happily picks up and welcomes her son home. Carly wants to talk to her cousin, however, about her “encounter” with Dillon Quartermaine. Right away, Lulu knows that both Carly and Sonny have been misinformed about what she was doing with Dillon and she admits to her cousin that she and Dillon were not screwing around. They had to save her brother's life. She protests that she felt terrible about having to lie to her husband but her dad, Carly's uncle, demanded that she and Dillon do things his way and not get any cops involved. Her brother's life was at risk so what was she supposed to do. In response to that, Carly angrily tells her cousin that she should put her loyalty toward her husband before following Luke's orders. She also “surprises” Lulu but admitting that she believes that they all owed Elizabeth the courtesy of not keeping the secret from her about Lucky. Hearing that, Lulu asks Carly since when has she cared about Elizabeth. Carly replies since Elizabeth's son saved her daughter's life, she feels she owes Elizabeth. She admits she will never be able to repay Elizabeth for donating her son's kidney to save Josslyn's life. Lulu is not aware of what Dante did but did not admit he did with Valerie. Carly admits to her husband that Sonny heard that Dante kissed Valerie and it was Dante who admitted to that. Lulu does not and cannot believe that her husband would ever kiss another woman. She is distraught to find that out although Carly consoles her into believing the “kiss” meant nothing and Dante loves Lulu.

Alone at the station, Valerie cries and is devastated that Dante is not going to be “with” her again and is returning to his wife. When he gets home, Lulu admits she is furious to find out that he “kissed” Valerie (assuming that's all he did)

After talking to Sam on the phone at Elizabeth's, she returns and Jake tells her he has to get to work although he'd prefer not to work for Nikolas and is looking for something else. He can tell that something “might not be ok” with her, as we see the flashback of Elizabeth finding out that Hayden Barnes (whom Nikolas has warned her knows the truth about Jake) is regaining consciousness. She admits to him that she ran into Carly at the hospital and they spoke about Josslyn's test results. She admits that she is very happy that Carly's daughter is cancer free. There's no reason Josslyn should not be able to live a healthy life because of Elizabeth's son. She explains to Jake how it was that Jason had no parental rights after their bio son died so Lucky asked her if she would donate Jake's kidney to save Carly's life. She admits that she regretted the argument she had with Jason when she now knows that her deceased son was rightfully Jason's. She cries missing Jason and little does the guy standing before her know what she knows about him as she faces “Jason”. She faces him and can't go through with telling him the truth, realizing she loves him. He tells her that because of her, he has a home and a purpose and love. He tells her that nothing and nobody in his life is as important to him as she is. He knows, however, he has to meet with Sam although he promises Elizabeth he will hurry home soon. He tells her it's ok to be happy. Good things are coming, he tells her. He promises, he tells her and he urges her to smile more.

At the Quartermaine house, Monica returns from a trip she went to with Judge Walters. She welcomes Dillon and asks her nephew what is going on. He admits he went on a mission with Lulu not long ago. They found out something about Luke and Laura. And, he declares, it's big.

While everyone back in Port Charles assumes that Elizabeth's son with Jason is dead, that Jason is dead and with only Elizabeth and Nikolas knowing that Jake is really Jason, Luke, Laura and Lucky bring little Jake home and stand outside Elizabeth's house. The boy asks if his mom is inside the house. Having no clue about Jake, Lucky tells his son yes. Luke and Laura tell Lucky they will let him and his son be alone. Having no clue that she is inside having this conversation with Jake (as neither she nor Jake have a clue about her son or that Jake is Jason), Lucky knocks on the door ready to introduce little Jake to his mom.

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