GH Update Thursday 7/9/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/9/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan was in her office at the PCPD surrounded by files. Valerie came in with another arm load – Jordan was pulling out all the case files on Sonny. She stared off into the distance and vowed to get her son T.J. out of Sonny's orbit. Valerie asked if Jordan was going to convince T.J. to move out of Sonny's house. Jordan replied that T.J. blamed her for sending Shawn to prison. Jordan was annoyed that T.J. saw her as the bad guy, even though Shawn was the one who shot a woman and put her in a coma. Jordan explained that she planned to find a reason to arrest Sonny. Jordan noted that she could legally hold Sonny in a holding cell for two days. She wondered what effect that would have on Sonny, who was bipolar and claustrophobic. Jordan asked Valerie to go get Dante. Valerie explained that Dante wasn't at work because he was dealing with a personal matter.

Jordan asked Valerie to call Dante, but Valerie wasn't sure that was a good idea. Jordan wanted to know what was keeping Dante out of work. Valerie confided that Lulu was having an affair. Jordan assumed that Valerie must feel stuck in the middle between her cousin and friend Dante. Valerie admitted that she and Dante were more than friends. Jordan asked what Valerie meant. Valerie didn't want to elaborate, but Jordan said she needed to know how involved Dante and Valerie were. Valerie admitted that she and Dante slept together. Jordan was stated that workplace romances weren't encouraged. Valerie insisted that this wasn't an office romance – her cousin was cheating on Dante. Jordan assumed that Dante had taken advantage of Valerie's concern for him, but Valerie swore that it wasn't like that. Valerie explained that she and Dante cared about each other. Jordan warned Valerie that Dante and Lulu might not split up over this. Valerie explained that she and Dante had already decided to just be friends. Then, Valerie admitted that she hoped she and Dante ended up together. Jordan didn't think Dante was going to jump right into a serious relationship with Valerie. Valerie insisted that she and Dante had a connection, but Jordan countered that Dante had a son and a history with Lulu.

At Kelly's, T.J. took Dillon's lunch order. They started chatting and T.J. learned that Dillon was Tracy's son. Dillon mentioned that he was happy to be home. Sonny walked up and noted that not everyone felt that way. Dillon cautiously said it was good to see Sonny. Sonny asked T.J. for some privacy. Once T.J. left, Sonny accused Dillon of making things difficult for the people Sonny cared about. Dillon denied doing that. Sonny asked Dillon if he interfered in Dante's marriage and shacked up with his wife in Canada. Dillon explained that it was strictly platonic. Sonny contended that it was disrespectful for Dillon to get close to Lulu like that. Dillon told Sonny the whole story behind Lulu's lies. Sonny was disappointed in Lulu for not trusting Dante. Dillon swore that he and Lulu weren't involved. Sonny told Dillon to go find Dante and straighten this out. Dillon left.

T.J. returned with Dillon's food. Since Dillon was gone, he offered it to Sonny. Sonny asked T.J. to split it with him. T.J. thought Sonny's family was lucky that Sonny was so protective of them. Sonny sensed that something was on TJ's mind. T.J. was wondering if he should move out, now that Sonny had Avery back. Sonny didn't understand. T.J. thought Sonny might want some privacy with Avery and Carly. Sonny talked a bit about his bond with Carly and how Carly was helping raise Avery. Sonny stated that Carly respected Sonny's decision to let T.J. live there. Sonny assured T.J. that he was home. “Whether my mom likes it or not,” T.J. added. Sonny thought that T.J. should consider making up with Jordan. T.J. wasn't interested because he felt that Jordan abandoned him and he blamed her for Shawn's arrest. Sonny asked T.J. to think about what Shawn would want. T.J. didn't think Shawn would want him to hold a grudge against Jordan, but T.J. was concerned that Jordan would use her position to cause trouble for Sonny. Sonny was sure that he could handle Jordan.

At the loft Lulu apologized profusely for causing Dante to think she cheated. She added that she couldn't imagine the pain she'd feel if she were in his shoes and thought he'd cheated on her. Dante tried to say something, but Lulu insisted on finishing. She begged Dante to forgive her for being selfish and stupid. Dante admitted that he was the one who needed forgiveness. He flashed back to having sex with Valerie. Lulu didn't understand what Dante was apologizing for. Dante confessed that he lost his temper and gave into the anger with Valerie. Lulu looked worried and she asked if something happened with Dante and Valerie.

There was a knock on the door. Dante wanted to ignore it, but Lulu had him answer it. It was Dillon. Dillon explained why he was there. Dante didn't care what Dillon had to say, but Lulu told Dante that this wasn't Dillon's fault. Dante let Dillon in, but it was clear that Dante was still angry with Dillon. Dante admitted he was still trying to figure out why Lulu trusted Dillon with the secret. Dante guessed it was because Dillon and Lulu used to go on adventures as teens. Dante flippantly asked if Dillon had fun. Dillon pointed out that it was Luke and Laura's decision to keep this from Dante. Dante asked if Luke and Laura asked Dillon and Lulu to share a hotel room. Dillon admitted that he and Lulu were supposed to stay home, but they chose to go check on her parents. Dante asked Dillon if he'd been there when Lulu lied about going to Italy. Dillon explained that Lulu didn't want Dante to worry. Dante disagreed – he thought that Lulu didn't want him to know she was with Dillon. Dillon stressed that Lulu only lied because her father told her to. Dillon felt that most people were a little messed up when it came to their parents. “How do you deal with your daddy, the mob boss?,” Dillon asked. Dante warned Dillon not to go there. Dillon assumed Sonny and Dante were close, due to Dillon's run in with Sonny earlier. Dillon stated that he did not want to have an affair with Lulu, and that even if he did, Lulu would never cheat on Dante. Dillon wondered if Dante realized how much Lulu loved him. Dante said yes.

Dillon considered Lulu one of his oldest friends, so he didn't want her husband to be angry with him. Dante opened the door and said he appreciated Dillon stopping by. Dillon knew that was his cue to go. Before leaving, Dillon told Dante how much Lulu had been looking forward to reuniting with Dante and telling him the truth. After Dillon left. Lulu asked what happened between Dante and Valerie. Dante confessed to telling Valerie that Lulu was sleeping with Dillon. Lulu felt that she deserved that for not trusting Dante with the truth. Dante pointed out that he hadn't trusted her either. Lulu thought they should put it behind them and be honest from now on. Lulu assured Dante that she loved their life with Rocco. Dante was shaken up because Rocco almost lost his family. Lulu focused on the positive – that it didn't happen. Lulu asked if they were okay, and Dante said yes. Lulu went to take a shower. Dante stared at the unmade bed he'd shared with Valerie. He went over and removed the blankets and sheets.

After Lulu was dressed, she decided to go get Rocco. Dante explained that he couldn't go with her because he had to work and take care of some things. Lulu assured him that it was okay. She asked him again if things were alright between them. Dante said yes. They hugged and kissed, then Dante left.

Tracy returned home with her ex husband Paul in tow. She called out for Dillon and said there was someone here to see him. Alice walked in, and Tracy explained that, “unfortunately,” Dillon's father was here. Concerned, Alice asked if Tracy was staying in town because of Paul. Tracy clarified that she stayed because she got an urgent message from Dillon. Tracy went upstairs to look for her son. Paul attempted to formally introduce himself to Alice. She ignored his outstretched hand and warned him that she would give a “beat down” to any man who hurt Tracy. Paul wondered if that included Luke. Tracy quickly came downstairs and stated that she didn't care about Luke. Alice still adored Luke, but she admitted that he'd done the unforgivable to Tracy. Tracy tried to silence Alice, but it didn't work. Alice told Paul that Luke left Tracy for Laura during their engagement party. Tracy snapped at Alice for telling Tracy's personal business to a stranger. Paul pointed out that he was the father of her child, but Tracy countered that Paul hadn't seen Dillon in decades. Alice apologized and left the room. Tracy angrily told Paul to go ahead and gloat. Paul swore he'd never do that. “You would never leave me for Laura? No. You just left me for Jenny,” Tracy spat. Paul told her he'd never make light of her pain. Tracy pointed out that the Paul she knew would delight in her misfortune. Paul insisted that he genuinely felt bad for Tracy. The skeptical Tracy asked when he became compassionate. Paul revealed that the same thing happened to him. Tracy was surprised Jenny dumped Paul after all Jenny had done to get him. Paul explained that Jenny left him for a coworker. Tracy quipped that now she could finally admit that she never liked Jenny. Paul joked that he was surprised since Tracy had seemed so upset about hitting Jenny with her car and driving off. Tracy pointed out that it was an accident, but she added that she could have saved Paul a lot of heartache by throwing the car in reverse. Paul noted that Tracy was always able to make him laugh, no matter how hard they fought. Paul grudgingly admitted that Tracy was just what he needed right now. Tracy confessed that Paul was a welcome distraction too. Paul and Tracy shared a drink, now that some of the tension had settled between them. Tracy thought that Dillon might be out by the pool, so she and Paul went looking for him. A second later, Dillon walked in.

Lulu called Dillon and thanked him for what he'd said to Dante. Lulu appreciated the way that Dillon always tried to make things better for her. Dillon added that, if he hadn't, he might have gotten kneecapped by her father in law. Dillon told Lulu he'd see her soon. They hung up. Lulu was looking for something in a drawer, and she found a picture of herself and Dante inside of a shattered frame.

Back at the station, Valerie asked if Jordan still wanted her to call Dante in. Jordan decided she could wait until tomorrow to talk to Dante about Sonny. Jordan noted that Valerie had it bad for Dante. Valerie admitted that Jordan was right. “That breaks my heart. The trouble is, it could break yours too,” Jordan replied. Valerie thanked Jordan for looking out for her, then she left the office. Dante walked up and came face to face with Valerie.

Carly ran into Elizabeth at GH. Liz asked if Carly was okay, and Carly said she was at the hospital because of Jake. Liz assumed Carly was there because she'd heard the news about Hayden. Carly hadn't, so Liz told her that Hayden's vitals had changed. Liz wondered what Carly had meant about being there to see Jake. Carly clarified that she was talking about little Jake. Carly explained that Josslyn just had her six month check up with Silas to make sure her cancer was still in remission. Carly stated that every time this date came around, she thought of Jake and the gift he gave Josslyn. Liz replied that it gave her comfort to know that part of Jake was alive in Josslyn. Liz was curious about Josslyn's results, and Carly asked Liz to go with her to get them.

Carly had tears in her eyes as she noted that Josslyn was alive because of Jake. Carly was always afraid that luck would run out and Josslyn's cancer would return. Bobbie was usually there when Carly got the results, but she was out of town, and Carly didn't want Sonny to know how scared she was. Carly suddenly apologized for being pessimistic and reminding Liz of her loss. Liz was honored to have been asked and she agreed to go to the appointment. Liz hoped they'd get good news that she could share with Lucky the next time he Skyped with their boys. Liz admitted that she hadn't heard from Lucky in about a month, but Nikolas had promised to look into it. Carly and Liz met with Silas, who had good news about Josslyn's results. Carly was overjoyed, and she hugged Liz. Silas explained that now that Josslyn had been cancer free for five years, the chances of it returning were very slim. After the appointment, Carly tearfully expressed how grateful she was to Liz and how sorry she was about Jake.

On Cassadine Island, Luke approached the door of the main house, and Laura stopped him before he went in. Luke reminded her that they agreed to search the main house while Lucky checked the rest of the island. Laura asked Luke if he was okay. Luke wasn't sure. He didn't know what to make of Lucky's belief that Jake was still alive. Laura hoped it was true, but she didn't know if it was possible. Luke knew it must be a nightmare for Laura to be back on the island and he was sorry that they had to be there. Luke noted that if Jake was alive, he wouldn't be surprised if Helena was behind it. Laura was glad that Nikolas gave them access to the island and to Helena. According to Laura Nik was curious about the reason for the visit, but he didn't pry when Laura asked him to trust her. Luke was glad because he didn't want Nik to tell Elizabeth about this in case it turned out to be false. Luke couldn't help thinking about the night of the accident. He called killing Jake the worst thing that ever happened to him. Laura comforted him. Luke thought it was best that he talk to Helena alone. He figured she'd be more likely to talk if it was just the two of them. Laura agreed with him, and she didn't want to see Helena anyway, so she decided to go help Lucky. Laura warned Luke that Helena was still dangerous, even though she was in exile. Luke assured Laura that he'd brought a gun along, just in case. Laura left, and Luke entered the house.

Helena announced that she'd been expecting Luke, and she offered him a drink. Luke began to search the house and he asked her if Jake was still alive. Helena urged him to be patient. Helena mentioned that she enjoyed experiencing Luke's “wicked, sexy” side, then she reminisced about the time they put a bomb on the Haunted Star. Luke sat down with Helena and showed her the tattoo he'd gotten to help him keep his demons at bay. Helena sighed that she'd miss his malevolence. Luke told her he could still unleash it when necessary, especially when it came to his family. Luke wondered if Helena would willingly tell him about Jake or if he'd be forced to beat it out of her. sighed noted that she didn't get joy out of seeing Luke brandishing his gun anymore. Luke was startled because Helena seemed almost human to him at that moment. He asked what was wrong. Helena explained that Nik had stripped her of her power and exiled her the island. She was proud of her grandson for acting like a Cassadine.

Helena had grown tired of her feud with Luke. She thought this might be the last time they saw each other, so she wanted to tie up the last loose end – Jake. Helena stated that she had a parting gift for Luke. Luke was stunned as it sunk in that Helena was saying Jake was alive. Helena explained that she used Jake to inflict enduring consequences on Luke. Luke asked how he knew Helena was telling the truth. A remote control car zoomed into the room and crashed into Luke's feet. Luke looked up and saw young Jake standing in the doorway. Helena smiled because she thought it was fitting that Jake hit Luke with his car. Helena thanked Luke for all the years of passion, then she softly kissed his lips. Helena left the room so that Jake and Luke could get acquainted. “My name's Jake. What's yours?” Jake said.

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