GH Update Wednesday 7/8/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/8/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante is alone with Valerie the morning after they have slept together. She is thinking about getting to work and back to her “home” at Wyndemere. Yet he doesn't want their “night” to end. She tells him she needs to shower and leaves. Lulu returns ready to re-unite with her husband and son. She rushes into the apartment and is surprised that Rocco is not in his crib. She hears the shower running and is ready to “surprise” her husband as she suspects nothing. Dante gets out of the shower. She has no clue what he did and he assumes that she has cheated on him and does not question his assumption. She asks him if everything is ok. He coldly replies no. He then remembers Valerie departing to go home, shower and put on different clothes than what she wore the previous night while with him. Lulu asks her husband to please talk to her. He coldly asks her how her grandmother is, knowing he can and will catch her in a lie. She then honestly admits that she was not with her grandmother. Assuming it's very obvious that she ran off and slept with Dillon Quartermaine, he furiously tells her he does not want to hear nor will he believe her explanation which she is honestly giving him. Hearing the accusation for the first time, Lulu is shocked, having no clue that her husband has formed this conclusion about what she was doing with Dillon. She asks him how he would know that she was “secretly with” Dillon. Dante angrily replies that Valerie saw then, boldly telling her she cannot blame Valerie for seeing what she really did. He admits that he lied also about leaving and going to work. He did, in fact, follow her and saw her going to Dillon's home where Dillon entered wearing only a towel. Dante is convinced that they obviously had sex and doesn't even consider the possibility that it did not happen. She tries to explain and protest to her husband what the truth is. But too many things indicate to him that she was secretly in a hotel with Dillon and they were not having any platonic involvement. He tells her he will not do this to their son. He cries and tells her he is done with this, does not believe a word she says and their marriage is over.

Tracy is at the airport ready to leave town and not look back. She unexpectedly runs into Dillon's father whom she has not seen in a long time. She is not happy to see him and tells him he's still a lying cheat in a pretty package. She is not ok with remembering that he cheated upon her with her daughter in law and tried to steal her father's company. He asks her if she cannot say that he is her “favorite husband” when compared to others such as Larry Ashton, Anthony Zacchara and Luke Spencer. She asks why he is in town. He replies he's there to see her son. Hearing that, she asks how he would want to see Dillon when throughout their son's life, he never acted as he could care less about him. She remembers how throughout their marriage, all he did was conceive Dillon with her, all the while messing around with Jenny Eckert. He tells her she needs to realize he wants to spend time with his son however, he informs her, he does not have Dillon's current phone number. So he asks her if she could possibly call their son. She reluctantly gets on her phone and notices a message from Dillon. Having no clue what their son's message is, she plays it and they both hear that he's urging his mom not to get on the plane.

At the hospital, Patrick finds Elizabeth and informs her that “one of his patients” is waking up and recovering and probably regaining her memory. It just happens to be Hayden Barnes. Nikolas overhears and demands that Elizabeth tells him what she knows. They both know that if Hayden wakes up, she will blow their secret about Jake wide open. They both attempt to brainstorm and strategize as to what they are going to do regarding Hayden waking up and exposing their secret. He leaves and Elizabeth goes to find Patrick to ask him how Hayden is coming along in her recovery. As soon as Patrick leaves and she is alone and unseen, Nikolas finds Elizabeth and they both know they have to secretly find out what is happening with Hayden awakening and regaining her memory.

Sam and Jake are at Wyndemere and she finds a way to break into Nikolas' secret locked safe. She opens it and goes through the things he has. Jake looks through the folders, books and paperwork from ELQ. While together, Sam and Jake continue their conversation about how he may or may not know her and she-him, almost as if they are unconsciously aware of how they really do know each other (as Sam and Jason). She then notices an envelope with Hayden Barnes' driver's license knowing that Jake will find that fascinating. He asks why his “fake wife's” license would be found in her cousin's safe, to which she has no idea. From all they know, the only person who knows about Hayden's scam is Ric Lansing. They know they need to find out what Nikolas knows about it. They then remember that Hayden was shot right after she told Jake she was going to tell him who he really was so. They realize it's entirely possible there's a secret they may never find out until/unless Hayden wakes up in the hospital. They overhear Valerie returning home and know they need to hide and put the stuff back in the safe. Yet Valerie walks in to see them. Sam wants to appear friendly to her and asks her if, while living at Wyndemere for a while, if Valerie might have a clue what types of secrets Nikolas may have. Valerie replies that she tries to stay out of Nikolas' private business. Sam further probes if she might, by any chance, know about Nikolas' possible involvement and secrets regarding Hayden Barnes. Remembering what she saw between Nikolas and Hayden, Valerie admits she does, in fact know about Nikolas' involvement with Hayden. She tells him she knows that for a short time, Hayden was staying at Wyndemere. When she saw him with Nikolas, he informed her and Lulu that she was his girlfriend Rosalie, until they found out otherwise, at the Nurse's Ball when Hayden got exposed as the scam artist whom Ric Lansing paid to have Jake believing she was his wife. Valerie informs them that Nikolas later explained that Hayden was an “old flame” he knew back in the day. Hearing that, Sam and Jake are interested although none of them know the whole story as of yet.

Dillon is surprised to find out his mother has suddenly left. Sabrina seems surprised that he would not know. She explains to him that Tracy had to leave after Luke broke her heart and she understands that very well, when a very similar thing happened to her not long ago. He admits to Sabrina that he had to lie to his mom for the trip he just returned from with Lulu, just like Lulu had to lie to her husband about what they had to do. He informs Sabrina that Luke did not, in fact, end his engagement with Tracy and get back with Laura. Sabrina is surprised to find that out and knows that Tracy has to know this, although she knows that Luke has really betrayed Tracy's trust regardless. Dillon affirms to her that he knows that Luke is very committed to Tracy and his mom needs to know that. Both he and Sabrina know they need to reach Tracy before she gets on her plane to leave at that point.

Lulu pleads that Dante believe her when she explains all of the things that happened that she had to keep a secret from him, involving the kidnapping of her brother and the fact that Luke and Laura had to pretend they were getting back together. Hearing that, he tells her he has no reason to believe a word she says about anything and asks her why she was able to trust Dillon with this secret but not her own husband. He tells her that he was hoping that her marriage to him would mean something to her with all they have been through throughout all this time but it clearly does not. If her brother's life being at risk, and the urgency in helping her family was important to her, why wouldn't she have, at the very least, trusted him and told him the truth?. She tells him she has to go and pick up their son. He tells her no. They have to deal with this right now and find out what to do next. She admits that maybe she did feel more comfortable confiding in Dillon and letting him help her given the long history they have had together before she met Dante . Maybe there is something missing from her marriage. She admits she knows it was wrong to lie to him but she never thought he'd believe she'd be unfaithful. She tells him one bad decision does not cancel how much they love each other and all that they mean to each other. He asks her why she believes that they can get past this when their trust is broken.

At the hospital, Alexis calls and leaves a message for Nikolas, angrily telling him that she cannot believe the behavior he has shown while she reminds him he's a Cassadine. TJ finds her. He admits to her that although he's had a chance to re-unite and live with his mom, he is choosing to live with Sonny. She wants him to reconsider abandoning his mom, telling him how she realizes she has not always been a perfect mom and they both know she's given Molly reason not to trust or forgive her. She wants him to believe that his mom loves him just like she loves Molly. She tells him that she's concerned about Sonny's well-intended bonding with him and how it could lead him down the wrong path. She wants him to know that Sonny is a criminal whereas his mom is the new police commissioner. She tells TJ she just wants him to be careful because he's such a great guy with such a bright future.

Dillon rushes to the airport in an attempt to find his mom before her flight leaves but it's too late. He assumes that Tracy is gone. However, she's returned to her home with her son's father assuming she will find Dillon and find out why he does not want her to leave.. Dillon is still alone at the airport assuming she's left.

Lulu is devastated to learn that her husband believed she cheated on him. Obviously having no clue it was he who cheated upon her, she reflects how she would feel if she “suspected” that about him. She asks if he could ever forgive her for keeping the secret from him and casting suspicion for him to believe she was cheating. .Remembering what he did last night. He regretfully admits that she is not the one who needs forgiveness.

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