GH Update Tuesday 7/7/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/7/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon and Lulu were at the Port Charles airport waiting on their shuttle. Lulu was glad she was home and relieved that her brothers were safe and that Frank Smith was really dead. Lulu was also glad she could tell the truth now. She told Dillon that lying was difficult for her, because she was bad at it. Dillon disagreed and he reminded her that she'd been quick on her feet when she faked a pregnancy to fool the guards. Lulu smiled and complimented Dillon's skills too, but he told her he'd just been following her lead. Dillon told Lulu that when he watched her scheme, it reminded him of who she'd been when she was young. Lulu assured him that she was still the same person. Dillon was still delighted about getting to team up with the legendary Luke and Laura. Dillon's thoughts turned to Tracy, whom he figured would be relieved to know that Luke didn't really break the engagement. Lulu hoped that Tracy would understand why Luke did it. Dillon planned to vouch for Luke with Tracy.

Nathan and Maxie arrived at the airport – Maxie was going to visit little Georgie. Maxie was cool toward Dillon. Maxie asked why he was back in town now, when he hadn't come back other times, seemingly referring to him missing her sister Georgie's funeral. Dillon explained that he was back because Ned asked him to. Dillon quickly offered that he often thought about the elder Georgie and how supportive she was. Maxie told Dillon that Georgie thought highly of him. Dillon replied that Georgie felt the same way about Maxie. Maxie told Dillon that he should meet the younger Georgie the next time the baby came for a visit. Dillon liked the idea. Maxie gushed about seeing her sister Georgie in her baby. Maxie introduced Dillon and Nathan, then she asked why Lulu was there with Dillon. Lulu told Maxie the whole story. Nathan asked why Lulu trusted Dillon with this and not Dante. Lulu insisted that she trusted Dante more than anyone. Dillon explained that the kidnappers said no cops, so Luke forbade Lulu from telling Dante. Maxie admitted that when she heard Dillon and Lulu had a secret, she suspected that they were having an affair. Dillon and Lulu were shocked that Maxie would come up with something so far fetched. Lulu was glad Maxie didn't say that to Dante. Lulu felt guilty about leaving Rocco and Dante, and she knew Dante would be mad she lied, but she had ways of making him forgive her. Maxie grinned and stated that making up was the best part of a relationship. Maxie said her goodbyes, then she and Nathan walked away. Dillon told Lulu it was fun to go on an adventure with her, and she agreed with him.

Sam and Jake were at Kelly's talking about their plan to get ELQ back for Michael. Sam didn't like having to hide the plan from Patrick. Jake didn't like keeping things from Liz either, but he felt that it was crucial to make sure the scheme didn't get back to Nikolas. Jake wondered if Sam wanted to back out of teaming up, so that she wouldn't have to hide things from Patrick. Sam assured him that she was still on board. Jake noted that the problem was the closeness between Nik and Liz. Sam asked if Jake knew just how close the pair were. Jake knew that Liz once thought Nik was Aiden's father. Jake didn't think Liz realized how much Nik had changed for the worse. Jake and Sam were both concerned that if Patrick knew about the plan, he might tell Liz, and that Nik would manipulate Liz into letting something slip. Sam admitted that there was a part of her motivation that she wouldn't be able to explain to Patrick. Sam stated that she was involved in this plot partially out of love for Jason – she wanted to protect Michael the way Jason would if he were alive. Sam thought Patrick would have a problem with that. Jake realized Sam meant that Patrick didn't like to keep hearing about how great Jason was. Jake could relate to how Patrick felt, because Liz praised Jason too. Sam figured that Jake must hear that sentiment even more often from Carly. Jake explained that it was different with Carly. According to Jake, Carly talked about how great Jason was for Carly, while others talked about how great Jason was in general. Sam noted that Jason really was good for Carly – he always helped clean up the mess when she got into trouble. Jake wondered how Sam felt about that. Sam admitted that Carly got under her skin. Jake asked if Sam thought it would get under Patrick's skin to learn that she was going after Nik partially out of love for Jason. Sam replied that she didn't want to tell Patrick about this until it was all over. Sam wanted to get this all over with, but she didn't think Nik was hiding anything that they could blackmail him with. Jake had a hunch that Nik had a secret. Sam thought their first move should be to break into Wyndemere. If Nik was home, Sam would pretend she was there for a family visit. If he wasn't, Sam and Jake could break into Nik's safe.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was on the phone. He had someone cancel a business project Michael had put together at ELQ. Elizabeth walked in. She was concerned because Lucky had missed his last three scheduled Skype visits with Cam and Aiden. Liz had talked to Lulu, who claimed she'd recently heard from Lucky and that he was fine. Liz had the feeling that Lulu wasn't being upfront. Liz added that now she was having trouble reaching Lulu too. Liz told Nik that it was like Nik's brother and sister had vanished. Nik realized he hadn't heard from Lulu in a few days either. Liz asked if Nik had heard from Lucky. Nik replied that he and Lucky didn't talk that often. Nik and Lucky still loved each other, but things were still strained because of Nik and Liz's affair. Liz regretted asking, but Nik assured her that it was okay. Nik decided to call Laura, then it hit him that he hadn't heard from her since she left town. He left a message. Liz stated that Lucky was probably fine, and Liz was just projecting out of guilt. Liz told Nik about Danny running up to Jason at the park after the fireworks. “I'm keeping that boy from his father, so what gives me the right to worry about my own sons' relationship with their father?,” Liz asked. Liz explained that she wanted her own time with Jason, but now that she had it, she couldn't stop thinking about how much she was hurting him. Nik suggested that they arrange for Jason to discover who he was. Liz pointed out that if that happened, she'd lose Jason to Sam and Nik would lose ELQ. Liz felt like a terrible person for finding happiness at the expense of others. Nik didn't think she should feel bad. He maintained that Sam was happy with Patrick and that Jason belonged with Liz. Nik didn't think there was anything wrong with the two of them doing what was best for themselves. Liz thought they were rationalizing things, but Nik told her that everyone did that. Nik had a meeting at GH, so he offered to give Liz a ride to work. Just after they left, Sam and Jake arrived. Sam made sure no one was around, then she and Jake went to the safe.

Maxie and Nathan waited for her flight. Nathan wished he could go, but Jordan needed him to work. The pair made plans to sightsee on a future visit to Portland, and they talked about what they'd do when Maxie got home. In a light tone, Nathan brought up Spinelli's recent attempt to reunite with Maxie. Maxie assured Nathan that Spinelli wouldn't do that again and that Ellie would be there the whole time. Nathan told Maxie that he wasn't concerned because their relationship was built on mutual trust and they didn't have secrets.

Tracy was at the Quartermaine mansion. She grimaced as she read an article on Nikolas. Sabrina dropped by to invite Tracy to a museum exhibit, since they'd become friends. Tracy turned Sabrina down, because Tracy was leaving town. Sabrina told Tracy that running away would not ease her pain. Tracy clarified that she wasn't leaving town because of Luke. Tracy was going to L.A. to see her granddaughter, Brook Lynn, who was touring there. Tracy hoped to convince Brook to tell the ELQ board that Nik blackmailed her into giving him her shares. If Tracy could prove Nik obtained the shares illegally, the board would vote him out of ELQ. Sabrina asked if Tracy was coming back. Tracy assured her that she was. Tracy explained that she was doing this to keep herself occupied while Dillon was out of town. Tracy said goodbye to Sabrina and left. Later, Dillon came home looking for Tracy. Sabrina brought him up to speed.

Dante woke up and slowly rolled onto his side and saw that Valerie was in bed next to him. She woke up a second later. Dante confessed that he drank so much last night that he wasn't sure if what happened between them was mutual. Valerie assured Dante that it was mutual. Valerie added that if anyone was responsible, it was her, since she'd been sober and she knew what she was doing. Dante admitted that he'd known what he was doing too. Valerie asked if Dante regretted it. Dante wasn't sure how to answer. He explained that when he was with Valerie, he didn't have to think about how hurt he was that Lulu threw their marriage away. Dante asked Valerie if she wanted this. Valerie admitted that she did for some time, but she hadn't allowed herself to think about it until after Lulu ran off with Dillon. Valerie didn't regret what happened. They got dressed. Dante thought he was wrong to break his vows, even though Lulu had done the same thing. He regretted doing that to Valerie. Valerie pointed out that she was a willing participant. Valerie wanted to assure Dante that she didn't typically jump into bed with just anyone or sleep with married men. Dante told her he didn't think she did. Valerie admitted that, although she didn't regret what happened, it wasn't her proudest moment.

Valerie stated that she cared about Dante, even if he was only doing this to hurt Lulu. Dante told Valerie that he cared about her too. Dante said he gave in to the pain and made the dumbest choice possible. Valerie was hurt, so she started to leave, but Dante grabbed her arm and insisted that he really did care about her. Dante said that they wouldn't have slept together if it meant nothing. Dante kissed Valerie, then he pulled back and apologized. Dante thought he needed to consider Rocco, since Lulu wasn't. Dante felt that he had to stop lashing out and think about what was best for everyone, including Valerie. Dante was concerned that things would be awkward between him and Valerie now and that they wouldn't be friends anymore. Valerie promised that she wasn't going anywhere. It was time for Valerie and Dante to go to work. Dante decided to call Sonny and ask if he could keep watching Rocco. Valerie realized she was going to be late to work since she needed to catch the launch to Wyndemere to shower. Dante pointed out that she could shower at the loft. Later, Lulu came home and heard the shower running. Lulu noted the unmade bed and said to herself that Dante had fallen behind on the housekeeping. Lulu headed toward the shower as she called out for Dante.

At the airport, Tracy collided with a man in a suit, who was shown from the neck down. She recognized this person and was clearly unhappy to see him.

Lucas and Brad were at GH flirting with each other. Brad noted that Lucas looked like hell, and Lucas grumbled that Obrecht kept scheduling him for the night shift. Brad was working the day shift, so they barely saw each other lately. Lucas mentioned that Julian and Bobbie were still eager to have dinner with Brad's parents. Lucas asked if Brad knew when his parents were coming to town. Brad claimed they were very busy and he still didn't know when they'd be free. Brad asked Lucas to keep in mind that this wedding was about them and not their parents. They kissed. Patrick walked up and warned them not to let Obrecht catch them.

Patrick asked how they'd been doing with the wedding planning. In a jovial tone, Lucas told Patrick that Brad was stalling about bringing his parents to visit. Brad insisted that they were busy, but Patrick teased that Brad had cold feet. Brad turned the tables and asked when Patrick was going to get engaged to Sam. Lucas joined in and started ribbing Patrick about Sam. Patrick dodged the question by noting that it was time to get to work. Brad left. Lucas told Patrick that they were just teasing him, but Patrick already knew that. Patrick felt that it was easier for Lucas and Brad because they didn't have the baggage Sam and Patrick did. Patrick explained that he'd been divorced in the past year, and Sam was still grieving Jason. Lucas assured Patrick that Sam loved him. Patrick didn't doubt Sam's love, but they'd been through a lot so they were focusing on Emma and Danny right now. Patrick was sure that he and Sam would know if and when the time was right to take the next step. Patrick jokingly added that Sam would kill him if she thought he was trying to steal her little brother's thunder. Lucas told Patrick that if he was waiting for Lucas and Brad to get married before proposing to Sam, he might be waiting a long time. Lucas was concerned about the way Brad was dragging his feet on bringing his family around. Lucas noted that Brad was open to talking about Brad's birth family, but he was very evasive about his adoptive parents who raised him. Lucas wasn't even sure what Brad's parents did for a living. Patrick suggested that Brad's parents weren't accepting. Lucas sensed that it was something else.

Brad bought something from the vending machine, but it got stuck in the coils. Brad started to attack the machine until Felix walked up and stopped him. Felix gently tapped the machine, which caused it to work again. Brad got his snack, and Felix asked if everything was okay. Brad said he didn't want to talk about it. When Felix started to walk away, Brad blurted out that he was lying to his fiancÚ. Felix asked what about. “Everything,” Brad admitted. Brad confessed that he had a secret about his past that he'd never shared with anyone, even his best friend Britt. Felix asked what it was. Brad didn't get a chance to answer because Lucas walked over and asked if Brad wanted to get breakfast in the cafeteria. Lucas sensed that something was going on. Brad covered and said he and Felix were talking about Felix's date. Felix said he'd leave them to their breakfast and walked away.

When Nik and Liz arrived at the hospital, Liz thanked Nik for talking her down. They parted ways, and Liz bumped into Patrick. She noted that he was in a hurry. Patrick told her that he was checking on a patient whose condition had changed – Hayden Barnes.

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