GH Update Monday 7/6/15

General Hospital Update Monday 7/6/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Frank Smith holds his gun on Luke and Laura and asks if the most painful thing for Luke to go through is to see Laura die first. Right outside the door, Lulu is with Dillon sensing that her parents could be in danger. Yet before Frank can do anything, Lucky appears and shoots him and he falls to the floor. Everybody assumes he's dead. Lucky reunites with his family. Frank is bloody on the floor but not dead. He finds his gun and fires shots. Yet, luckily, no one is hurt. Luke then shoots him dead

Franco and “Denise” are watching the fireworks while inside Kelly's and she reveals to him that baby Avery is not her niece. She is her child. At first, he does not believe her, so she urges him to know that the hair, nails, makeup and clothes is an act. Denise DeMuccio is a fake. He believes that Ava has to be dead. She clarifies that she was before Silas brought her back to life. He tells her he knows that she fell off a bridge. He was there right when it happened. “Ava” reminds him that he abandoned her and left her at the mercy of Carlos. They both relive when it happened. She explains about how her DNA was altered so that people believe she is not Ava. She reveals to Franco that Silas secretly arranged to extract bone marrow from baby Avery. Franco is then shocked and startled to learn that Nina did not kidnap baby Avery the night in question. It was Silas who took her when she went missing at the hospital, when he took her bone marrow to give to save Ava's life. He wants to tell Nina that Ava is really alive although “Denise”/Ava does not want him to, knowing Nina hates her. He declares that it's her problem and what he needs is to get Nina away from her money-grubbing husband. Denise/Ava then reminds Franco that he falsely accused Nina of taking the baby. He had his chance to stand by his woman and he failed. She reminds him that telling Nina the truth right now won't get her back. However, she tells him, she can help him with that. Hearing that, he asks her how she could help him get Nina back. She tells him she can play his “loving girlfriend”, knowing that Nina has a jealous streak. She promises him she will do whatever she can to help him get Nina back if he keeps her secret. She reminds him that because of him, she was shot and thrown off a bridge. He seems to not want to go through with that but she tells him that it's in his interest to have this deal with her. She tells him that Morgan was her last hope to get to Avery. She has one last chance

Silas is with Nina in the park watching the fireworks when they remember a year ago at this time, on the 4th of July, the two of them were together although he was still “stuck on” Sam. They talk and he finds it odd and interesting that she is alone although she's married. He asks her if her relationship with Franco went stale. She replies yes and informs Silas that Franco is “seeing” someone else. She “confides” in Silas about this woman whom she believes is “horrible” (assuming he has never met her...when he may not know she's talking about Denise). She explains at first the thought it may have been a sham, until she saw them together at the Metro Court. Silas admits that he does not respect Franco. She talks about “Denise DeMuccio from Queens” and the cat is out of the bag. Although he says nothing, Nina can see that Silas is not ok about something and she asks if he might be “into” Denise. She has no clue that Denise is really Ava but knows that it “means something” to Silas.

Sam is watching the fireworks in the park with Danny and Patrick. Strangely, Danny suddenly runs off and it looks like he's running in the direction of Jake while he's with Elizabeth not far away in the park. He clings to Jake, he has a vision of Jason's son. He plays with Danny and returns him to Sam. Elizabeth and Patrick go to find Emma who is with Mac and Felicia and Sam and Danny are alone with Jake. Both Sam and Jake waste no time engaging in a private conversation which they know they cannot share with their respective partners. They are determined to do something about Nikolas. She admits she's not comfortable keeping the secret from Patrick, and he feels the same about keeping secrets from Elizabeth, as he comments that he “knows” she would not keep a secret from him. Little do either of them know what both Elizabeth and Nikolas know about who Jake really is. She then remembers being with Jason on the 4th of July. Jake hears and it seems a déjà vu for him. He tells her he does not know if it's worse to not remember someone you love or to remember them but know that they are gone. She tells him that even if someone could take away her grief, she would never want anyone to take away her memories of Jason. Patrick and Elizabeth return. Patrick goes with Sam and Danny. Jake leaves with Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth is alone with Patrick, she admits that she is concerned about Lucky, her ex husband and father to her kids. They wonder why they have not heard from Lulu and she wonders what is up with Lucky.

While Dante is alone in the apartment with Valerie, he gets a call from Lulu's grandmother, Leslie who is in Italy. At first, he does not want to take the call but Valerie urges him to take it and talk to her. Leslie makes it clear to Dante that Lulu is not with her and asks him to put her on the phone. He “smooths things over” by telling her that Lulu cannot come to the phone. When he hangs up, he reveals to Valerie that he has had to lie for Lulu and is faced with the reality that she's lied to him and run off to sleep with Dillon Quartermaine. Valerie is there for him while he is very upset. She wants him to realize that Lulu is the mother of his child and his wife and realize he has not spoken to her to hear from her what is really happening although he is convinced he already knows that his wife is a liar and a cheat. She asks if he does not still love his wife. He talks about how he loves and hates her at the same time. He reflects about all that he and Lulu have been through. He remembers when Lulu lost her memory and did not know who he was not long ago. They worked so hard to build a family and they had Rocco and each other and a really nice life. Yet now, she's smashed it all to hell. She then wonders why he wants to give up and assume the worst. Yet he is convinced that he has all the proof he needs to confirm that Lulu has thrown away all that they have and does not even have the courage to tell him that. He obviously appreciates her being there however and he kisses her again. She tells him they should not be doing this but he tells her he does not care and it looks like they are going to take it to the next level.

Silas and Nina run into Sam and Patrick. Everybody still wonders why she is not with Ric and why the honeymoon is over so soon after they've gotten married.

Elizabeth and Jake are back at her home. She admits that she is still trying to reach Lucky. She still has this feeling that something is wrong. He tells her that tomorrow he will pool all of his resources and find a way to find him. She tells Jake this is not his problem. He tells her he bets that she has nothing to worry about. She realizes she has not spoken to Lucky in such a long time, since her son Jake (whom she had with Jason) died .

While Lulu is happily with her family having no clue what Dante is suspecting of her, he sleeps with Valerie.

Nina invites Silas to spend the evening with her. He tells her he has to work. He seems like he's no longer angry with her but they go their separate ways.

Sam asks Patrick if he thinks that Silas might be getting back with Nina. She realizes it's not her concern anymore but hopes he is not. Yet she realizes that she is now with Patrick.

Jake is with Elizabeth and she talks about how Lucky is staying away from Port Charles and she believes the reason is that Jake's ghost follows him wherever he goes.

Luke then asks Lucky if Frank was correct that Lucky was “in on this” with him. He then admits that he worked with Frank because Jake's life was at stake. When his parents hear that, they wonder why he's speaking of the only “Jake” they know who is his deceased son. When Luke hears that Lucky's son is alive, he finds it hard to believe. Yet somehow, Lucky knows that his son (Jason's son), Jake is alive.

While Elizabeth is with Jake, she remembers her deceased child, Jake.

Lulu then tells Dillon she has to get back to Dante because he's been waiting for the truth long enough. She leaves a message for her husband telling him she will be back ASAP, all the while completely unaware that he's in bed with Valerie.

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