GH Update Friday 7/3/15

General Hospital Update Friday 7/3/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan is on the phone to his dad while in the park getting ready for the 4th of July. Sonny is in the house while talking to his son and tells him “the answer is no” when Morgan has asked if he'd consider doing something, and the conversation ends there. Right then, Kiki meets up with Morgan and informs him that Franco just informed her what is “really going on” between him and her “aunt Denise”. He admitted they are not dating but merely want others to believe they are when they are seen out in public. He wanted to put on a show for Nina hoping to make her jealous after she married Ric. Morgan wonders why Denise would want to help Franco with that. She replies that in Franco's mind it's because of Morgan. He knows he has to pretend he hasn't a clue where Franco would get the idea that Denise would be interested in him or he in Denise. Kiki reveals to Morgan that she “suspects nothing” when she tells him she knows the reason why her aunt is “faking” dating Franco to her. It's because she didn't want Kiki to continue “encouraging” her to date her dad, Silas. Kiki also appears to have no clue as to why that is the case (assuming Denise has never met Silas, not realizing she is really Ava). She tells Morgan she is concerned however, if Michael gets the idea that her aunt is dating Franco, he may never let Denise see Avery again. Morgan then informs Kiki that Michael has no say in the matter as he reveals to her, for the first time, that Michael gave their little sister back to Sonny.

Sonny is happily with Carly now that he's gotten his baby daughter back. Rocco is also staying with them and Carly wonders why Dante and Lulu would have their son staying with Sonny, and she asks her ex if his son and daughter-in-law might have some “hot date or something”. In response to that, Sonny grimly replies it's “not like that”. Hearing that, Carly is instantly worried that something could have happened to her cousin, Lulu. He does not want to continue that conversation and changes the subject by greeting TJ and Molly and encouraging his new “house guest” to enjoy his 4th of July with his girlfriend. As soon as they are gone and Sonny is alone with Carly, she tells her ex she needs to know what is happening between Dante and Lulu. He tells her that she need not worry about her cousin being “in trouble” because, he tells her, Lulu caused the trouble. Carly demands to know how. Sonny replies that Lulu cheated on Dante. Hearing that, she protests that she knows her cousin would never cheat on his son. Lulu is not “seeing” Dillon Quartermaine as Sonny suspects. There must be some explanation as to why Lulu has suddenly left town and why she may be with Dillon. She is very concerned about Sonny's FYI about Dante going to spy upon Lulu yet not speaking to her to find out what is going on. He also reveals, when Carly probes and demands he tells her all he knows, that Dante informed him that he kissed Valerie while they were alone in the house assuming Lulu left him and was cheating on him. Knowing that there is confirmation (and not mere speculation) that his married son kissed her new cousin, Carly is outraged. She tells Sonny that Dante is going to find out he's made an ass of himself to assume Lulu has cheated in him without proof. Sonny tells Carly they need to let Dante, Lulu and Valerie deal with their own problems as he reminds his ex that the two of them (Sonny and Carly) have their own problems involving Morgan. She protests that their son is not hung up on “Ava's tacky twin”. Sonny tells Carly he did lay down the law to Denise to stay away from their son and from his baby daughter.

While Dante is alone in apartment with Valerie while Rocco stays with Sonny, he confides in her that he can't pretend to be happy around his son when Lulu's run off with another man. He admits that he does not want to be around anyone except for her. When Dante is alone with Valerie, very upset and believing that Lulu has run off to cheat on him and lie about it, he's completely unaware of 4th of July festivities he might normally be involved in, with his family and friends. Right then, Maxie and Nathan come by assuming it's ok to spend the holiday with their two respective best friends. Realizing that Nathan and Maxie are probably going to wonder why neither Lulu nor Rocco are not there and why he's alone in the apartment with her cousin, he does not know what to say or do. Maxie wants to see Lulu but Dante cannot tell her where she is or whom she is with. He then replies that Lulu is taking care of her grandmother although Maxie finds that hard to believe since she has not heard that from Lulu. Dante knows he has to lie to Maxie again when she wants to see Rocco but he tells her his son has a bit of a cold, so, he tells her, maybe they can take a rain check on the event. Dante cordially declines to join Maxie and Nathan. Alone with Dante, Valerie asks him why he did not tell Maxie the truth about Lulu. Dante admits he did not want to deal with Maxie defending his wife when he knows she is guilty of what he accused her of. Alone with Dante, Valerie reflects on remembering that 4th of July was her mom's favorite holiday. She remembers, for the first time, about a year ago, when her mom was too weak to go there in her wheelchair. She told her mom that would be alright because they could see the fireworks from their home. It was right then, when her mom realized she could not stay at home anymore and she had to go to the nursing home. From then on, her mom never got to see fireworks anymore. Dante is happy to be with Valerie and spend the evening together.

Lulu works with Dillon Quartermaine to do an “act” to stall the kidnappers while Luke, Laura, and Holly sneak inside and find Lucky and Ethan. Before they can find him, however, they notice someone else appear whom they never thought they'd see again. It's Frank Smith in a wheelchair. Luke is stunned to see Frank very much alive, remembering he thought he'd killed Frank 20 years ago. Yet Frank explains how he survived the gunshot but is now paralyzed for life. He' s never stood on his own two legs again because of Luke. He tells Luke he cost him his life, he pulls out his gun and tells Luke it's “pay back time” as he fires a gun at Luke. Yet Ethan gets shot. It's only in the arm, however, and he's not badly hurt as the kidnappers allow for Lulu, Laura, Holly and Dillon to go with him to the hospital.

They don't want to leave Luke alone, but he demands they all go since, he tells them, this is his mess. He will accept the consequences of his actions with Frank but won't let them be endangered. Frank tells them that Laura is not going anywhere. It's because of her that his son is dead. He points the gun on both Luke and Laura as she appears afraid and huddles close to Luke. From outside the door, Lulu is startled when she hears shots fired, afraid that her parents may have been shot.

Denise talks to Franco at Kelly's and he admits he's very disappointed to think that Michael might have offered his dad an “olive branch” by returning the baby to him. He intended to make Sonny and Carly pay for what they did to him by having them lose their relationship with their son as well as Sonny losing his baby daughter. She makes it clear that she won't accept anyone or anything preventing her from seeing her “niece”. Now that Avery is back living with Sonny, he won't let “Denise” anywhere near the baby.. She is very concerned about that child being kept away from her family, she tells Franco. She tells him Sonny clearly hates her because of Ava even though she has no control over her estranged twin's behavior. She also informs Franco that not long ago, Morgan called his dad to urge him to let Denise see the baby although Sonny has adamantly refused his son's request, on behalf of Denise. Hearing that, Franco knows that Morgan obviously has feelings for Denise and vice versa. He wonders why. He also wonders why she seems “concerned” about Kiki and why she'd never consider dating Kiki's dad (not realizing that's Ava being encouraged to “date” Silas by their mutual daughter). When they find themselves alone at Kelly's, Franco wants to go to the 4th of July party and encourages her to come with him. He'd relish being able to have Ric and Nina see them together and asks her if she would like to be able to “keep an eye” on Kiki and Morgan. Right then, Denise is hopeful when she gets a call from Morgan. He tells her, however, that he was unsuccessful in his attempt to get his dad to let her see baby Avery. In response to that, she cries. Franco comforts her. Right then, she reveals to Franco that the reason she can't let that little one grow up without knowing her is because Avery is not just Sonny's daughter. She is her daughter.

Molly is with TJ and she presses him on how it is that he would rather live with her mobster uncle than with his own mom. He tells her he'd rather not talk about it but he does give her the graduation gift he had to sacrifice getting arrested and causing all the ruckus in order to be able to buy for her. She acknowledges what he had to go through in order to give her the earrings from the jewelry store and she kisses and thanks him.

While at the 4th of July event, Maxie is obsessing to Nathan that she knows Valerie can't be trusted although he seems to know that Valerie would not disrespect Dante's marriage to Lulu. She has concerns about her best friend being off taking care of her sweet grandmother while Valerie uses that opportunity to be alone with Dante. Yet Nathan does not want her jumping to conclusions.

As the fireworks go off, Maxie and Nathan are happily together. Then we see Molly with TJ. And we see Morgan with Kiki.

Sonny is with Carly while they admit their lives are pretty good when they are together and they kiss.

Dante and Valerie watch the fireworks from the window in the apartment. They cry together and hold each other.

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