GH Update Thursday 7/2/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/2/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas went to ELQ and called out for Rosalie. She wasn't there, but to Nik's surprise, Spencer was. Spencer, who was wearing an Uncle Sam hat, wanted to speak to Nik. Nik asked where Rosalie was. Spencer thought it was wrong for the staff to work on July 4th, so he sent them home. Nik asked what Spencer wanted to talk about. Spencer climbed up on the desk and demanded to know why Nik stole the company from the Quartermaines. Nik explained that his actions were legal. Spencer countered that everyone said Nik used lies to gain control. Spencer reminded Nik that Nik said lying was wrong. Nik admitted that it was wrong, but he justified his acts by saying he did it for Spencer. Spencer pointed out that he didn't ask for that. Nik pulled Spencer onto his lap and said that part of being a parent is giving your child what they need, and not just what they want. Nik told Spencer that they needed the money. Spencer was confused, because they owned homes all over the world. Nik explained that Victor and Helena made some questionable investments and now the family was spending more than they were making. Spencer was worried that they were going broke. Nik assured him that it wasn't that bad, but the family would have had to downsize if they didn't own ELQ.

Nik wanted to help Spencer understand, so he told Spencer that he wouldn't want anyone to think Spencer was a townie. “What would be so wrong with that?” Spencer challenged. Nik was shocked, because Spencer had always acted like that was a terrible thing. Spencer revealed that he changed his mind when he found out his mother wasn't born to a rich family. Spencer explained that he used to think that people who weren't wealthy were doing something wrong, but now he understood that money wasn't everything. “So you can't hang what you did to Michael on me,” Spencer added. Nik replied that Michael would have done the same thing to Nik. Spencer disagreed, because Josslyn said Michael was a good person. Nik didn't think Spencer understood, but Spencer disagreed. Spencer stated that, after the fire, he'd been so worried about being physically ugly, that he became ugly on the inside. Spencer added that his family was there to stop him from becoming a bad person. Spencer wanted to do the same for Nik, so he told his father to give ELQ back. Nik replied that business didn't work that way, but Nik promised to think about what Spencer said. Nik announced that he was going to take the day off and take Spencer to see the fireworks. They left the office.

Sam was outside Kelly's talking to Patrick on the phone. She told Patrick that she wished there was something she could do about Nikolas's takeover of ELQ. Jake walked up and told her that there might be something she could do. Sam ended her call. Jake asked if she meant what she said. Sam said yes – Nik was her family, but she considered Michael family too, and she was on Michael's side. Jake thought that they should blackmail Nik into giving ELQ back. Sam asked if he wanted her to dig up dirt on her cousin. Jake asked if she'd be comfortable with it. Sam thought about it and said yes. Sam wondered if Jake was okay with doing this to Elizabeth's oldest friend. Jake replied that Liz already knew he was trying to oust Nik from ELQ. Jake thought that it would be best if Liz didn't know any details. Jake didn't like keeping things from Liz, but he didn't want Nik to be able to trick Liz into telling him about the plan. Sam thought that it would be difficult to find something to use against Nik, who according to Sam, was a decent guy. Jake scoffed and reminded Sam that Nik never told Sam that he had Jason's wedding ring. Sam pointed out that Nik was preoccupied because Spencer was in the hospital, but Jake sensed that Nik purposely kept the ring from Sam. Sam asked if Jake thought Nik was keeping something about Jason from her. Jake clarified that he just meant that Nik was doing and saying a lot of things that didn't add up. Sam felt the same way. They agreed to team up.

Franco ran into Kiki at Kelly's, and she mentioned that she was meeting Morgan at the park. Franco didn't think that was a good idea due to what was going on between Denise and Morgan. Kiki didn't know what Franco was talking about. Franco struggled to put it into words, but Kiki figured caught on to what he was implying, and she thought it was absurd. Franco asked her if she had noticed the way Morgan and Denise looked at each other. Kiki delicately suggested that Franco's jealous streak was clouding his view of Morgan and Denise. Franco countered that he'd been right about Carly being a cheater. Franco wanted to spare Kiki from the same pain. Kiki thought that Franco was feeling insecure about his new relationship. Franco sputtered that he and Denise weren't actually dating. Kiki brought up the double date she, Morgan, Franco and Denise went on. Franco explained that he'd never met Denise before that night – he'd just roped her into a plot to make Nina jealous. Franco assumed that Denise would tell everyone the truth, and he was surprised when she played along. Since Denise kissed Franco just as Morgan walked in, Franco suspected that Denise was using Franco to get a reaction out of Morgan. Denise later told Franco that she was trying to get Kiki to stop trying to set her up with Silas, but Franco sensed that Denise was lying. Kiki admitted that she really did try to set Denise up with Silas. Franco was shocked because he assumed Denise was telling the truth. Kiki still didn't like Nina, but she wanted Franco to be happy, so she supported his quest to get Nina back. Kiki told Franco that if his plan didn't work out, it wouldn't have anything to do with Morgan and Denise. Franco admitted that he might be overprotective of Kiki because she'd been such a good friend to him.

Ava went to Silas's. A towel-clad Morgan opened the door. Ava walked in and said she needed to talk to him. Morgan assumed “Denise” wanted to discuss what almost happened in Michael's office, but Ava told him it wasn't about that. Morgan didn't think it was a good idea for her to confide in him, so he suggested that she go talk to Franco. Ava stated that Franco couldn't give her what Morgan could. Morgan reminded Denise that they'd agreed not to act on their attraction. He asked her to leave so he could get dressed and meet Kiki for fireworks. Ava told him that, while he looked great in the towel, this was not about sex. Ava stated that she couldn't see Avery anymore, and it was all Morgan's fault. Ava explained that she'd gone to the Quartermaine mansion to see Avery, and Michael told her he'd given the child back to Sonny. Morgan thought there must be some mistake, but Ava assured him that Sonny had Avery. Pleased, Morgan noted that Michael came through, like always. Ava told Morgan that she'd gone to Sonny's to visit the baby, but Sonny had turned her away because he was angry that “Denise” had kissed and nearly slept with Morgan. Ava ordered Morgan to go fix it. Morgan was sympathetic, but he didn't think there was anything he could do to change Sonny's mind. Ava asked him to tell Sonny that there was nothing going on between them. Morgan touched Ava's arm and told her that that would be a lie. Morgan was still willing to talk to Sonny, but he didn't think it would do any good.

Morgan thought a part of Sonny still suspected that “Denise” was really Ava. Morgan assured “Denise” that he told Sonny that Ava would never trick Morgan and Kiki into thinking she died. Ava tried to hide her guilt, then she asked Morgan why he told Sonny about the kisses. Morgan stated that he needed to talk to someone about his strong attraction to her. Morgan talked about how he saw Ava, the first woman he ever loved, in “Denise.” Morgan was adamant that he wouldn't hurt Kiki by acting on his attraction. Morgan didn't understand why “Denise” was so drawn to him, though. Ava tried to think of a plausible story, then she claimed it was purely physical attraction on her part. Ava said she didn't want to hurt Kiki, then she told Morgan that she should go. Morgan promised to talk to Sonny for her. He hoped that meant something. Ava assured him that it meant everything. She left.

A hurt and angry Dante returned to the loft. He sniffled as he flashed back to finding Lulu and Dillon's clothes on the motel bed. Valerie came over; she was concerned because she'd been trying to reach Dante all day. Dante told her he hadn't been checking his phone, then he Dante invited her in for a beer. Valerie noted that Dante looked like hell. Dante explained that he hadn't slept, because he'd gone to Canada and just gotten back. Dante revealed that he'd gone to Lulu and Dillon's hotel room and found breakfast and their clothes all over an unmade bed. There was no doubt in Dante's mind that Lulu was having an affair. Valerie asked what Lulu said, and Dante admitted he didn't stick around to ask. Dante grabbed a beer and slammed the fridge shut. Valerie didn't think Dante could be sure of what really happened until he talked to Lulu. Dante maintained that he had all the proof he needed – Valerie overheard Lulu and Dillon discussing a secret, Lulu lied about going to see her grandmother in Italy and instead went to Canada with Dillon, the state of the hotel room. Dante said that if he stuck around any longer, he would have broken Dillon's neck. Dante angrily kicked a chair. Valerie didn't understand why Lulu, who'd been so protective of her family, when she sensed that Valerie was a threat, would do this to Dante and Rocco. Dante explained that Lulu had another side that hadn't come out for years – a side that seemed to crave excitement. Dante wasn't sure if Dillon's arrival had triggered the return of the girl Lulu once was, or if Lulu and Dillon had been secretly corresponding for years. Valerie felt that Dante and Lulu had something real. She told Dante, that even if Lulu was cheating, it didn't mean Lulu and Dante's past was a lie. Dante agreed, but he pointed out that this was the present. Dante slumped on the couch looking depressed. Valerie grabbed his arm to pull him up and suggested that Dante would feel better if they went and got Rocco from Sonny's. Dante took Valerie's hand and told her he didn't want to leave – he wanted to stay there with her.

At the warehouse, the two guards bought Dillon and Lulu's story that they were expectant parents who needed a ride to the hospital because their car broke down. Dillon got one guard to leave his gun behind and give them a ride to a hospital. As soon they left, Luke, Laura and Holly sneaked in and incapacitated the other guard. Luke had an uneasy feeling that this was a trap. He sent Laura and Holly to check one section of the building, while he checked another. Luke opened a door, and his face lit up with joy because Ethan was inside. Luke approached his son, but Ethan warned him not to come any closer. Ethan tried to mask his fear, as he explained that the kidnapper had forced him to stand on a pressure bomb; if he moved, it would explode. Ethan figured that Holly would be looking for him. Luke told him that Holly was there. Ethan was feeling dizzy, because he'd been standing on the trigger for hours, and he knew he wouldn't be able to stand still much longer. According to Ethan, Lucky broke free about 12 hours ago. The guards returned before Lucky could untie Ethan, so Lucky took off. Afterward, the guards had forced Ethan onto the bomb at gunpoint. Ethan heard gunshots, and he wasn't sure if Lucky had been hit.

Ethan was concerned that Lucky was wounded, so he asked Luke to go find him. Luke didn't want to leave Ethan, but Ethan thought Ethan's fate was sealed, due to the bomb. Luke asked who was behind the kidnapping. Ethan wasn't sure, but he assumed it was someone who had it out for Luke. Ethan almost fell, and he told Luke to save himself. Luke argued that he wasn't going to let his kid die, but Ethan urged Luke to think of his other kids. Ethan was glad he got to see Luke one last time. Luke made it clear that he wasn't leaving Ethan behind. Ethan explained that Lucky called and said he was on to something big. Ethan was going to meet him when Ethan was kidnapped. Luke searched for something to use to disarm the bomb. Ethan was upset that Luke wouldn't leave. Ethan had lived a life without regrets and he didn't want to die feeling that he was too selfish and stupid to step off the detonator before Luke arrived. “You are my son. I will save you or die trying. That is my right as a father,” Luke replied. Ethan admitted that he wanted Luke to be his father from the moment they met. Ethan asked if Luke remembered when Ethan showed up at the Haunted Star. Luke remembered it clearly. Ethan said he immediately sensed that he and Luke were two of a kind. Luke disagreed – Luke felt that Ethan inherited all of Luke's grace and none of his flaws.

While Luke talked, he cut a wire in the bomb. Luke thought the odds were 20:1 that he'd disarmed it. Ethan wanted Luke to leave before Ethan stepped off, but Luke insisted that Ethan take his hand so they could leave together. Ethan still wanted Luke to leave him behind. Luke forcefully said that he would not fail Ethan the way Luke's father continually failed Luke. Ethan took Luke's hand, and Luke told Ethan to move on the count of three. Ethan and Luke exchanged I love yous. Luke counted to two, then he knocked Ethan off the detonator and used his own body to shield Ethan. The bomb didn't go off. Ethan grumbled that Luke hadn't counted to three. Luke explained that he tricked Ethan because he knew Ethan would let go and fall backward. Ethan admitted that had been his plan, and Luke called Ethan a cheat. Ethan explained that he was trying to cheat to save Luke's life. Luke replied that Luke cheated first. Once the bickering was over, they grinned.

The guard took Dillon and Lulu over to a van, then he stepped away to disable the alarm. In hushed tones, Lulu and Dillon wondered what to do now. Lulu didn't think it was safe to get in the van, where they'd be sitting ducks. The guard came back, and Lulu faked labor pains and dropped to her knees. Dillon and Lulu said she'd have to deliver the baby right there. The guard argued that it wasn't safe to have a baby in the woods. Just then, another guard ran out and said it was a set up. The guard pulled Lulu up, and the sandbag she'd been using as padding opened and spilled out of her shirt. The guard grabbed a handful of sand and glared at Lulu. Lulu shoved the man's hand toward his face, knocking the sand into his eyes. She and Dillon briefly had the upper hand, but the guards quickly took control again. One of the guards grabbed Lulu and threatened to snap her neck. There was a struggle, and Dillon and Lulu knocked the guards out, then went to find Luke, Laura and Holly. One of the guards was only pretending to be unconscious. He sat up and made a phone call.

The guards rounded Laura, Holly, Dillon and Lulu up and brought them into the room where Ethan and Luke were. Even though they were outnumbered, Luke was still willing to take on the guards. One of the guards put a gun to Lulu's head and ordered Luke to drop the gun. Lulu told Luke not to do it, but Luke let go of his weapon. Luke demanded to see the boss. At that moment, someone walked in. Luke and Laura were shocked by who they saw.

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