GH Update Wednesday 7/1/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/1/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Franco finds Obrecht. Assuming he merely wants to talk to her more about Nina, she tells him she's too busy to discuss that further. He clarifies to her that he does not want to talk to her about Nina. He wants to talk to her about Denise. Hearing that, she informs him yes. She's heard about the late Ava Jerome's alleged twin sister suddenly arriving in town. When he confirms that Denise is “his girl”, Obrecht remarks that she cannot see a low-life beautician as the right woman for a brilliant artist like Franco, remarking he could have any woman he wants. She also reminds him that he knows nothing about this woman and remembering his failed wedding, she urges him to take things slow. He admits that a major reason why he's “with” Denise is to make Nina jealous now that Nina keeps telling him she's done with him and in love with her new husband. He admits that Denise just kind of came out of nowhere and appeared like she wanted to “help” him even though she didn't know him. And, he informs Obrecht, Denise initiated kissing him in front of Nina and Ric. He admits that he finds it very odd that Denise, who doesn't even know him, would want to help him with his “goal” regarding Nina. She asks him what he thinks Denise's motives really are for doing what she did. He replies that he has a hunch this might have something to do with Morgan Corinthos. He was also there with Ava's daughter Kiki when Denise kissed him. Hearing that, she wonders why the mobster's son, who is considerably younger than Denise, would be “important” to Denise. Obrecht then tells Franco she bets that it's very possible the reason Denise kissed him in front of Morgan was to possibly try to “provoke” him and make him jealous. And the only motive and explanation for that would be that Denise is involved with Morgan. She asks him why he cares if Denise is messing around with Morgan. He admits normally he would not except that he's protective of Kiki and doesn't want her boyfriend cheating on her. Obrecht then gets an urgent call and tells Franco she has to leave now but they will continue this conversation as soon as she's done.

Kiki and Morgan are getting ready for the 4th of July yet she can see that he is clearly distracted when she's hoping he will like her wearing her American flag bikini. He clearly has Denise on the brain. He admits to her that he does in fact have concerns and maybe so should she, about her “aunt” dating that psycho, Franco. He asks her what if Franco hurts Denise the same way he did Morgan's mom. She protests that maybe Carly was not blameless for the “falling out” of her relationship with Franco when she cheated on him with Sonny and lied about it while engaged to Franco. Yes, obviously Franco went too far in his retaliation toward Morgan's mom. However, she tells him, she does nonetheless “get” the way he felt. She remarks to Morgan she knows that she would be “royally pissed” if he cheated upon her. He knows he has to lie and cover up what he almost did with Denise to Kiki and they undress

Now that “Denise” has learned that baby Avery is living with Sonny, she (who's really Ava) knows she has to waste no time doing whatever she can to urge Sonny to let her see the baby. She makes efforts to “humble herself” to Sonny to see if he could let her see the baby. He tells her that he wants to talk about her and Morgan. She “plays dumb” while Sonny tells her he knows that she almost had sex with his kid. After she's told him she knows that Morgan is “dating her niece” he asks her why, then she'd want to do what he knows she did with Morgan. He informs her his son told him all about what happened and he knows that she manipulated Morgan because she looked like Ava, adding that for whatever reason, his son cared about that bitch. He tells her it has to stop. He knows that she made a move on Morgan although she protests that she would never want to break up her niece's relationship with his son. Also, she informs Sonny, she is seeing someone else herself. He's a famous and brilliant artist whom Sonny might know, named Franco. Hearing that, Sonny asks her why she would date a psycho like Franco and when she asks, again, if she can go up and visit baby Avery, Sonny tells her no. he won't let anybody who dates that psycho near his child. He tells her second of all, he can't trust her as far as he can throw her so if she does not leave right now, he will have his body guards throw her out. Hearing that, she angrily walks out the door and firmly tells him this is not over.

Jake goes to find Michael at the Quartermaine house and apologizes for failing to seize Nikolas before it was too late to prevent him from taking over ELQ. Michael tells Jake it was himself who let it all get out of hand and not Jake. Jake then tells Michael they can agree that Nikolas is a treacherous son of a bitch and they need to work together to defeat him. Michael agrees and Jake makes it evident that he has “motivation” to look out for Michael beyond what is typical for a newly hired security employee. Not unlike Jason always looked out for Michael. Michael wonders if he should get both Sabrina and Tracy involved in this or rely solely upon working with Jake on this matter. Jake promises Michael that Nikolas is going to pay although he realizes he might have to be mindful of Nikolas knowing he's onto him. Jake reveals even if he's now out of a job, now that Nikolas is officially his boss and could fire him, he's not as concerned about that as he is about principals and integrity. He admits to Michael that he does not know about himself but knows he is a man of his word, not a scam artist or cheat, he reveals to Michael, and he's not going to work for one. Hearing that, Michael concludes to Jake that he, right now, reminds him of his “uncle Jason”. In response to what Michael just said, Jake remarks it's “funny” that he heard the same thing from that guy Spinelli who really thought the world of Jason. Michael “informs” Jake that Jason was not only Sonny's right-hand man and enforcer. He was Sonny's best friend. Michael talks about how Jason raised him since he was a baby and he taught him about honor and to know that when someone comes after you, you take them on with any means you have. Jake tells Michael they are going to turn the tables on Nikolas. Obviously a guy like Nikolas Cassadine is hiding something, he tells him, and they are going to find out his secret and use it against him. At first, Michael hesitates, not wanting to exercise revenge upon Nikolas the way he did with Sonny. However, he concludes to Jake, he will let him uncover any secrets that Nikolas has if it will accomplish what they want for ELQ.

Nikolas is on the phone outside of Kelly's admitting to his contact he realizes he's making a lot of enemies. Sam enters and does not seem happy to see her cousin. He realizes she is a prime example of that very thing. He asks why she can't be friendly to him and she tells him he's gone way to far as she lectures him about what she knows he did to double-cross Michael and ELQ. Nikolas does not apologize to his cousin but urges her not to be angry or vilify him. She reminds him that is Jason's family's company. She is very disappointed that her cousin, whom she and everyone has always believed was an honorable man and worthy of her respect, has shown otherwise. She tells him she does not like who he's become. He's not the same man he used to be, Sam tells him. And, she tells Nikolas, she'd like to know the reason why. They argue about whether she or Jason really did in fact have loyalty for the Quartermaines. He reminds her that she is a Cassadine. Her husband, who may have been biologically a Quartermaine, is dead. And Nikolas puts his foot in his mouth to Sam when he makes the comment; “thank God Jason is dead.”

In Vancouver, Luke, Laura and Holly are all determined to find the “party” who is holding their sons hostage. Lulu tells the three of them she is with them on that yet they need to realize that there's absolutely nothing they can do until they have a clue where her two brothers are. Until that happens, nothing can be done to find Lucky or Ethan. Dillon is determined to help them find Lulu's two brothers and they all, somehow know that the kidnappers are somehow giving them a “riddle” to figure out about where Lucky and Ethan are being held. They know that apparently they are in some warehouse but need more specific information than that. All they have to go on is a picture of the two sons bound and gagged. However, they all brainstorm together to decipher the code and come up with many “clues”. They then conclude that it might be a lumber yard on 3 Jackson Road right nearby where they are. At that point, they all get up to check out that lead. All 5 of them go to the lumber warehouse, concluding this is obviously where Lucky and Ethan are being hold hostage. They all argue about what the best plan is. Lulu wants to go and speak to them although the others don't want her to put herself at risk. Dillon, however, reminds the others that since the kidnappers have not spoken to Lulu or to him, they more than likely won't recognize or suspect them. Luke agrees but demands that Dillon not let anything happen to his daughter.

Kiki goes to Kelly's to pick up food and meet Morgan later. She runs into Franco who feels a need to let her know that maybe she should not trust Morgan.

Right on “cue”, when Morgan is alone in the apartment, Denise comes to his door.

Sam reveals that she does not trust Nikolas nor believe that he has any family loyalty toward her.

At the lumber warehouse, Lulu and Dillon devise a plan to attempt to enter the facility by having the kidnappers believing she's his pregnant wife and ready to go into labor and have a baby right now after their car has broken down and they are stranded there. With that, they motivate the guys to drop their guns. Not far behind them, Luke Laura and Holly tell them they need to find his pregnant daughter, hoping that she is ok. As soon as the kidnappers are caught off guard and are unarmed, all three of them pull their guns on the kidnappers.

While Sam is alone outside of Kelly's, she leaves a message for Patrick, letting him know what she's feeling now that she knows Nikolas has betrayed her, adding she “wishes there was something she could do”. Jake comes by and tells her maybe he can help her with that.

Luke kicks down the door to the warehouse and is very surprised and shocked at what he sees.

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