GH Update Tuesday 6/30/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/30/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth was at Kelly's reading the newspaper. The top story was about Nikolas taking over ELQ. Jake joined her and commented on the headline. Liz surmised that Jake must have had an eventful couple of days at work, and she asked if anyone at ELQ had an inkling that Nik was about to take over. Jake admitted no one knew until it was too late. Jake asked Liz if Nik had given her any indication of what he'd been about to do. Liz lied and said she had no idea that Nik had been after ELQ. Jake bashed Nik for his lack of loyalty to the Quartermaines, his former in laws. Liz explained that Emily Quartermaine was her best friend, and Nik had been devastated by her death. Liz felt that it was an awkward situation. Jake didn't want Liz to feel caught in the middle, but Jake was determined to make sure Nik didn't get away with this.

Nik walked in and joined the pair at their table. The men had words over Nik's actions. Nik maintained that it was just business, but Jake argued that Nik was a thief, who'd obtained the shares through illegal means. Nik brushed Jake's argument aside and asked Jake to stay on board as ELQ head of security. It was clear that Jake wasn't interested. Nik tried to bring Jake around by pointing out that they both cared about Liz, they'd been friendly up until the takeover, and Nik had paid Jake's medical bills. Jake accused Nik of paying the bills in order to put Jake in his debt. Nik insisted that that wasn't his intention. Nik stated that he was trying to stabilize the ELQ, and he added that this would be good for the Quartermaines because they still owned a part of the company.

Nik handed Jake an envelope that contained a compensation package Nik had put together. Jake didn't want Nik's money, or job. Jake vowed to find another job and pay Nik back for the medical bills, even if it took the rest of Jake's life. Nik clarified that he'd paid Jake's medical expenses as a gift, but Jake sensed that Nik had an agenda. Jake wanted to know why Nik was desperate to get Jake on Nik's side. Nik swore that he was only trying to hire the best man for the job. Jake vowed to take ELQ back from Nik. Liz tried to calm Jake down, but he ignored her.

Jake spoke highly of Michael, then he promised to make Nik pay for what he'd done. Jake threw the envelope at Nik and told him to go. Nik walked over to the counter. Jake was still on edge, and he wanted Liz to go for a drive with him. Liz thought it would be better if Jake had some time alone to cool off. She explained that she was going to stay and talk to Nik. Jake told her not to apologize to Nik for him. Liz assured Jake that she'd never speak for him. Jake assumed Liz now saw the downsides of being involved with him. Liz told Jake that he was worth it. They hugged and kissed, then Jake left. Nik told Liz that he was just trying to help. “I know and I'm sorry,” Liz replied. Liz stated that she'd never seen Jake act like that before, but she had seen Jason act like that, when he was protecting Michael. Nik wasn't worried, because he didn't think there was much Jake could do to him. Liz thought it might be for the best that Jake turned Nik down. She didn't want Jake being around ELQ, where he might run into the Quartermaines. She also didn't want him being around Sam.

Sabrina and Michael were asleep in her bed. Michael snapped awake, thinking he'd overslept without taking care of Avery, then he remembered that he gave her back to Sonny. Sabrina woke up too, and she wondered if Michael regretted giving Avery up. Michael still felt that he'd made the right choice, and Sabrina was proud of him. Michael noted that he made two big steps yesterday – one of them with Sabrina. They made love again. Later, Michael explained that he wanted to ease Avery's transition back to Sonny's home by dropping off her belongings. Michael asked Sabrina if she wanted to help.

Tracy lovingly hanged Edward's portrait in the Quartermaine mansion. She assured him it was just temporary and that the portrait would soon be back at ELQ. Ava showed up. Tracy surveyed Ava's attire, with disdain, and told her Vegas was that way. Ava introduced herself as Denise and asked to see Michael. Ava pretended not to know who Tracy was. Tracy snapped that she was Michael's aunt. Ava noted that the Quartermaines didn't stay far from the nest. “Denise” asked if Tracy knew Ava. Tracy mentioned that Ava briefly lived at the mansion, then she tried to kick “Denise” out. Ava pointed out that she still needed to see Michael. Tracy replied that he didn't sleep there last night. Ava asked where her “niece” was. Tracy replied that she wasn't Michael and Avery's keeper, and she asked “Denise” to leave. Ava persisted and explained that she'd called Michael and left a message that she was coming over. Tracy was unsympathetic, so Ava insisted, more forcibly, that she wanted to see her “niece.” “I want romance, adventure, enough corporate power to crush my enemies, but like you, I will not be getting what I want today. Beat it.” Tracy snapped. Ava didn't understand Tracy's hostility. Tracy noted that the baby had already been kidnapped twice, and Tracy refused to let it happen a third time on Tracy's watch.

Michael and Sabrina arrived, and Ava asked to see the baby. Michael revealed that he gave her back to Sonny. Ava and Tracy were taken aback. Ava was upset that Michael gave Avery to a murderer, who lived dangerously. Michael tried to assure Ava that Sonny had promised to protect Avery, but Ava countered that Sonny had failed to protect Michael. Michael suggested that she take this up with Sonny. Ava decided to do just that. Tracy admitted she missed Avery, and she added that it was nice having a baby around the house. Sabrina asked if it had reminded Tracy of when her kids were little. Tracy talked about what Ned and Dillon were like as babies, then she lamented that Dillon was already gone. Tracy somberly noted that the men in her life never stick around.

Later, Jake came to the mansion and spoke with Michael. Jake apologized for not figuring out what Nik was up to until it was too late. Michael didn't hold Jake responsible. Michael blamed himself. Jake felt that they should both blame Nik, and Michael agreed. Jake explained that he wanted to help Michael get ELQ back. Michael accepted Jake's offer to team up.

Sonny was sitting in his living room holding the baby, when Dante arrived. Dante feared that Sonny kidnapped Avery, but Sonny assured him that Michael gave her back. Dante opened up to his dad about Lulu and said she and Dillon were having an affair. Sonny was skeptical, since Lulu was crazy about Dante. Dante explained that Lulu said she was going to Italy to see Lesley, but she really went to Canada with Dillon. Dante confessed that he reacted by kissing Valerie, but Valerie put a stop to it. Sonny was glad, and he warned Dante that evening the score would have made things worse. Dante asked Sonny to watch Rocco while Dante went to Vancouver to see Lulu. Sonny was glad to help. Sonny still thought there was a chance that Dante had jumped to the wrong conclusion, so he advised Dante to hear Lulu out. Dante thanked Sonny. Sonny told Dante that he had his back. Dante said he'd have the sitter bring Rocco over, then he left.

In Canada, Luke was lying in bed. He glanced from side to side, with an uncomfortable expression. Laura was lying next to him, on his right, and Holly was on the left. “Well. This is different,” Luke noted. The trio talked and realized that none of them got any sleep. Luke blamed the mattress, but Laura thought it was more likely that it was because of the awkwardness of the three of them sharing a bed. Luke got up. He was tired of waiting around and was ready to go find Lucky and Ethan. Laura reminded Luke that they didn't have any leads. Holly pointed out that the common denominator in the two kidnappings was Luke. Luke got wound up because he assumed Holly meant that it was his fault – he'd wronged someone and now his sons were paying the price. Holly insisted that she didn't blame Luke. Luke stated that he couldn't escape his past, but he could protect his family. He announced that he was going to make sure no one had taken Lulu, and he stormed out.

Laura explained Luke's outburst by saying he had a lot on his mind. Holly noted that they were all worried about their kids. Laura, who'd met Ethan during her adventure with Luke, was sure that Ethan could take care of himself. Laura felt that Ethan seemed like he'd inherited the best parts of Holly and Luke. Holly was grateful that Laura was being so gracious toward Ethan, since she could have been predisposed to disliking him. Laura spelled out what Holly had alluded to – Ethan was conceived during Luke and Laura's marriage. Holly steeled herself and told Laura to let her have it with both barrels. Laura wanted to move on, since that marriage was a long time ago, and they'd both made mistakes. Holly explained that she'd been pulling a scam when she happened to run into Luke. Although Holly knew it wasn't a good idea, she spent the weekend with Luke, with the understanding that it wouldn't go further. Holly later learned she was pregnant. She wasn't ready to be a mother, and she didn't think Luke was ready to be a father.

Holly hadn't realized that Luke already had a wife and son, at the time of the hookup. Holly didn't regret what happened back then, but she did regret any pain that it caused Laura. Laura took Holly's hand and assured her that it was in the past – all that mattered now was getting their sons back safe. Laura told Holly about Luke's childhood. Holly thought that explained a lot about Luke and his cousin Bill. Holly wondered if it would have been better for Bill to go to the authorities back then, so Luke could have gotten the help he needed. Laura thought it was more likely that Luke would have been sent to jail for killing his father. Holly noted that their kids wouldn't exist if that would have happened. Laura was grateful to Luke for giving her a family. Holly wondered if Laura regretted what Luke put her through. Laura said she chose Luke because she loved him. According to Laura, loving Luke was hard at times, but she survived. The kidnapper called and addressed both Laura and Holly. Holly began to rail at the kidnapper, so the person threatened to hurt Ethan if she didn't shut up. The kidnapper revealed that there was something outside the door. Laura went out and found a picture of a bound and gagged Ethan and Lucky.

Lulu woke up, and saw that Dillon was already awake. Dillon admitted that he never fell asleep. Lulu told Dillon that he should have let her take the floor and slept in the bed, but Dillon was okay with his choice. Lulu was worried about her brother, and Dillon suggested that she try to relax and eat the meal he ordered from room service. He noted that they'd need their strength to rescue Lucky. Dillon noted that he revised his script based on the advice Lulu gave him. Dillon was grateful to Lulu for reading it, and she admitted she was glad to have something to distract her from the lies she told Dante. Dillon commiserated about how hard it was to lie to their loved ones, but he reminded her that they were doing this to keep Lucky safe. Lulu knew that, but it didn't ease her guilt. Lulu assumed that Dillon wished he wasn't involved in the latest Spencer drama, but he assured her that he was glad to be there for her.

Luke came in and broke the news that Ethan was missing too. Lulu was crushed, but Luke gave her a pep talk about the Spencer bond. Lulu pulled herself together. Luke was sure this would be over soon, and then the lies would stop. Dillon was sure that Tracy would be upset that Luke kept her in the dark. Luke stated that he loved Tracy and he vowed to spend the rest of his life making up for hurting her.

Later, Dante showed up outside Lulu and Dillon's door. He flashed his badge to a housekeeper and got her to let him in the room. Dante saw Dillon and Lulu's clothes strewn across the bed, and the breakfast Dillon had ordered. The housekeeper asked if anyone was hurt. “No,” Dante replied. “Not yet,” he added, after the housekeeper left.

Dillon, Lulu and Luke joined Holly and Laura. When Luke saw the picture, he vowed to rescue his sons then kill the kidnapper with his bare hands. Laura and Holly made it clear that they planned to take part in the rescue and retribution.

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