GH Update Monday 6/29/15

General Hospital Update Monday 6/29/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Madeline is secretly overhearing Nina's conversation with Ric after he's slept with her mother (yet she hides so Nina has no clue that Madeline was “with” her daughter's husband. Nina appears as though she suspects nothing when she sees Ric come out of the bedroom wearing just a robe. He attempts to persuade her to go down to the bar at the Metro Court and he will meet her there later. She's ready to do that but remembers that she does not “want” to go down there where she knows she will see Franco with his “new girlfriend slobbering all over him”. Ric knows he has to get rid of her somehow and she clearly finds it odd that they can't just order room service. He encourages her to go downstairs and confront Franco (anything to get her out of the room so he can get Madeline out of the motel room without Nina seeing). She finally leaves.

At the Metro Court, Franco talks privately to “Denise” about their mutually beneficial plan. Morgan and Kiki find them and want to talk until both Morgan and Denise go off alone and leave Franco and Kiki to talk alone at the table. She has “concerns” and questions the validity which appears to be Franco having “relations” with her “aunt”, Denise. She asks him to please tell her he is not just “using” her aunt to get over Nina. She tells her “almost dad” that she would prefer that he has a relationship with Denise and getting over Nina but she can somehow tell that that is not “genuine” when she sees the two of them together. Franco attempts to assures Kiki that he is happily in a relationship with her “aunt” and not just using Denise to get over Nina. Alone with “Denise”, Morgan admits he's very concerned about her wanting to date and publicly make out with Franco. He urges her to see how the guy is “so wrong” for her. Little does he know, however, whom she really is. She tells him the most important thing in her life is being able to hold her baby “niece” in her arms, for which she will not let anything or anyone stand in the way of her being able to do. They then go back and sit at the table, joining Franco and Kiki.

Michael and Sabrina blow Sonny and Carly's minds by bringing baby Avery (whom they call AJ) to Sonny's home. Both Michael's parents are happy not only to see the child whom they believe is Sonny's. They are really surprised that Michael would willingly and unexpectedly bring her to see them. He replies to his parents that Sabrina was able to convince him that he needs to let go of his anger toward them. He now realizes he was wrong to prevent Sonny from knowing his daughter. He took her out of spite for his father and he knows that's not the reason to keep a child from her father. With that, although he is still very worried about her safety living with Sonny, he tells his dad and his mom that he is giving Sonny back his daughter. While he holds the little one, he explains to his parents that he knows that it would be in Avery's best interests to grow up with her father, who is Sonny. Sonny does not say anything when Michael demands that Sonny not let his son regret doing this. Sonny promises his son he won't let Avery down and won't let him down. Michael gives the baby to Sonny. She seems content while her “bio” dad holds her and smiles. Michael seems to “warm up” considerably in the way he talks to his parents about the baby's personality and favorite hobbies. He admits to Sonny that they may never be able to be the “father and son” he thought they were. He is not going to “let go” of what Sonny did to Michael's bio father, AJ Quartermaine. However, he knows that Sonny loves all his kids and he can be a good father to Avery regardless of Michael's realistic reservations. Before leaving, Michael holds her and declares to her that she will now live at here with her dad. He tells her that does not mean that he does not love her because he does, more than he every thought would be possible. He tells her that she has brightened up his home and he will miss her but now she will get to brighten up someone else's home. She needs to know that her big brother is always looking out for her. That's what big brother's do. Hearing that, Carly tells her son that that little one couldn't have a better big brother to look out for her. He leaves with Sabrina after asking his parents to take good care of baby Avery/AJ. He leaves with Sabrina and they go back to her apartment. He admits to her that he does obviously feel empty no longer having Avery/AJ. She obviously feels the same way about losing the little one. He declares to her that they can, now, look on the “bright side” of this. She no longer has to be accused by anyone of dating her “boss”. Right away, they comfort each other , both missing Avery/AJ, and they sleep together.

At the Metro Court, Denise announces to Morgan and to Kiki that she needs to contact Michael as he promised she could “make an appointment to visit” baby Avery/AJ. Little does she know....Sonny and Carly spend the evening happily with baby Avery/AJ

Luke and Laura are both holding guns and ready to confront whoever kidnapped their son, Lucky. Right then, they notice Holly. Luke does not confront Holly but Laura points the gun at her and reminds her she won't be afraid to use it unless Holly tells her where Laura's son is. They do find out, however, that Holly is not “working for the other side”. She had nothing to do with Jennifer's “deal” with Luke and the threats on Lucky and this is the first time she's head of it. Laura at first, questions her sincerity and grills her. But she informs both of them that hers' and Luke's son, Ethan, is also missing and not of his own choosing. The same thing happened and he's evidently been kidnapped also. Luke comforts his son's mom. Laura stares coldly as Luke comforts Holly. She tells them she had no clue that she'd find the two of them at this hotel and this is the first she's heard about what happened to Lucky. She tells them when she went through hers' and Ethan's homes to find a clue, she discovered a matchbook that the kidnappers apparently left behind and saw that it was this place they are now at in British Columbia. She asks how they two of them got there. Before they can continue their discussion, they suddenly get a phone message from the anonymous (and unidentifiable) kidnapper. He continues to give them the run around and then hangs up leaving them still confused as to what to do in order to find and save Lucky or Ethan.

Dante and Valerie are alone in the apartment with just Rocco when he is all but convinced that Lulu is cheating on him with Dillon. It doesn't take long before he kisses her and she does not stop him although she “reminds him” of how what they just did is “not cool” to Lulu. She reminds him that they have no “confirmation” of his suspicions of Lulu's infidelity. Yet, she tells him he “owes it to himself” to find out of Lulu is deserving of him or not by going to find out, once and for all, just what Lulu and Dillon are up to and why they secretly went off to Vancouver, BC and lied to him about it.. He is clearly not wanting to leave Valerie and not feeling ok when he attempts to call Lulu and she does not respond. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, Lulu and Dillon are alone in their hotel room where she gets her husband's message on her phone, gets ready to call him but then remembers that she “can't” now that she realizes she will have to just tell him more lies. He is a cop, of course.

Valerie gets up and informs Dante she is “going home” to Wyndemere, where she still “kind of” technically lives until Nikolas (her ex-boss and new enemy) tells her he's evicted her. Obviously neither one of them want her to leave him alone in the apartment, which has not happened, last she heard. They clearly are having difficulty tearing themselves away from each other. They both consciously talk about wanting to be “friends” although it's obvious there is more to it than that.

At the Metro Court, Franco and “Denise” know they have to “put on a show” for Nina. They kiss when she walks in with Ric. She knows she has to put on a show for Franco and kisses Ric right where Franco can see her. He pulls away from her awkwardly and makes it clear that all he wants is to get his hands on her money by playing her lawyer.

Franco and Denise kiss right in front of Morgan and Kiki. Morgan remarks that they might want to “get a room”. Denise then pulls away realizing her main goal is to have Avery with her (hiding to all that she is Ava.)

Right then, when Michael is in Sabrina's bed with her, he leaves his phone in the living room. He is unaware when “Denise” calls and asks if maybe, somehow, at some point, he'd let her come by his home or office to see her “niece”. Little does she know.

While Lulu and Dillon are happily together and talking, Luke, Laura and Holly are in the other room finding themselves chasing their tails, trying and failing to find out who the anonymous caller is or how they're going to find out where Lucky and Ethan are.

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