GH Update Friday 6/26/15

General Hospital Update Friday 6/26/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante is on the phone talking to Lulu while alone in the house with Rocco. He hides his suspicion and asks his wife how her “grandmother is”, knowing she's lying about going off to take care of her. He asks Lulu to put her grandmother on the phone so he can say hi to her. She obviously can't do that and is very vague with her answers about that or in telling him when she can be back. She hangs up and furiously admits to Dillon she hates that she has to lie to Dante. He tells her that there is really no way around it, asking her what is likely to happen if she informed her police detective husband that her brother and her two unstable parents are being held hostage. They both know that it could cost her brother his life since the kidnappers expressly told them no cops. After hanging up the phone, Dante grows angry knowing that his wife is clearly lying to him. Right on cue, Valerie enters and asks if he is ok and he invites her into the apartment to talk. She can see he is very upset as he knows that Lulu is clearly not going to Italy to see her grandmother. He did some checking and confirmed that Lulu and Dillon booked a flight to Vancouver and are staying together in a motel room. He is infuriated from knowing when he followed and spied upon his wife, she went to see Dillon and he can to the door wearing just a towel. She's told him extensive lies about where she went and whom she is with. Valerie still tells him she wants to believe there could be a logical explanation. He then asks her if she would mind watching Rocco for a while as he goes to find out more about his wife's secrets.

At the motel, Lulu admits to Dillon maybe they should not have come given that she's lying to her husband and putting her marriage in jeopardy. Yet he is determined to find and save her brother and she realizes that he has always had this uncanny ability to help her think straight and prevent her from losing it during stressful times. She declares she doesn't think she could do this without him and she expresses how grateful she is to him. He is confident and determined to save the day. They reminisce about their history together and the important people in their lives as they reveal how important they are to each other. While on her computer, it appears to her that her parents might be in trouble. They run into Luke and Laura who are both keeping guns and demand whoever is entering the room freeze until they see Lulu and Dillon. Discovering their daughter and Dillon have found them and not stayed in Port Charles, both Luke and Laura tell them they'd prefer they go back and not get involved in this big mess.

Dante is ready to go to Vancouver to confront his wife and kick her boyfriend's ass. Valerie tells him she's happy to watch Rocco but prefers he not do this without thinking it through. She urges him to just give it one night before going all the way to British Columbia. At that point, they get to have a night together alone.

Sabrina talks to Michael about the predicament he's now in with losing ELQ. She tells him that since Lucy mentioned a major reason why she voted against him is because he took baby Avery away from her father. So, she tells Michael, maybe he should consider giving Avery back to Sonny since he's admitted himself that a major reason he wanted custody of his baby sister in the first place was his anger toward his father. Yet he still believes that regardless of anything else, the baby is safer living with him in the Quartermaine house than she'd be if she lived with Sonny. She tells him it might be a way to move past the anger on both sides and possibly start rebuilding. He asks if she disputes that his sister is safer with him and although she realizes he has a point about Sonny yet she tells him she realizes how he's let his anger toward his father really mess him up and she thinks it might be better for him to get past that. She tells him that maybe the fact that he's upset and isolating from his family affects baby Avery (AJ). She tells him she knows that babies are intuitive and can sense those things in people. He admits that may be true but he would hate not knowing that she's ok. When she lives with him, he's at least assured that even when he's away, she's with Sabrina and not around Sonny or the dangers of living in his house. She admits to him that having baby in her life gives her a sense of peace knowing there's a little person who depends on her. She likes to think that being able to care for baby AJ can make up for what she did to Ava. They both have reason to believe that Ava is no longer among the living. Little do they know otherwise. He tells her that if AJ no longer lives with him, she'd be out of a job. Also, if he gives the baby back to Sonny, it's sending a message to him that it's ok for what Sonny did to his real father. She tells him that by giving the little one back to Sonny is not absolving him of his crime. Yes, the legal system failed him miserably. However, she knows that hanging onto anger and needing revenge does not make things any better. She learned that when she lost baby Gabriel. When she wanted revenge, it only made things worse. Now that she's doing good and taking care of Ava's baby, it helps her get past her anger and helps her with her life. She urges Michael to know that if some tragedy occurred, he might never forgive himself if AJ was prevented from being with her family before it was too late, when it was just due to his anger toward Sonny.

At the Metro Court, Nina notices “Denise” with Franco. She informs Ava's “twin sister” that Ava screwed Nina's “ex” husband, whom she clarifies she's no longer with now that she's married to Ric Lansing. And, she informs her, this no good individual is Franco whom she made the big mistake of trusting. Nina reveals to Denise that Franco has told her he's dating Denise. Carly and Kiki enter and Kiki finds it odd to believe there'd be any reason for her “aunt” to date Franco. She just came to town and wouldn't know him. Nina declares she bets that Franco would falsify sleeping with Ava's sister just to make her jealous. So, she asks them both, are they or are they not an “item”. Nina then reveals that she is really hoping they are lying and that Franco has not moved on.

Madeline (Nina's mother) is with Ric trying to seduce him and telling him that she means business and won't rest until he enables her to get her daughter's money. She kisses him and at first does not stop her but then he pulls away from her reminding her he's a “married man”. He also reminds her they could both be in big trouble if they ever got found out. She tells him she fully realizes that. She tells him that they can be great partners in more ways than one. Not only getting a hold of the money but also by keeping each other satisfied. And, she asks Ric, what does he say to that? He tells her it's tempting but he hesitates, realizing his wife, her daughter, is downstairs in the restaurant waiting for him. Madeline tells him they better hurry then.

Morgan admits to Sonny that he has these “feelings” about Denise. Sonny expresses his concerns to his son about Denise. He warns him that he does not want to ruin his relationship with Kiki over this. He needs to know that Denise is trouble. Yet Morgan has “feelings” about her and somehow unconsciously knows that she is Ava. He leaves and shortly thereafter, TJ arrives with his suitcase. Sonny gleefully encourages TJ to get checked in and make himself at home in his house. He clearly wants to win him over.

When Nina asks Denise and Franco if they are really together, they kiss and she wonders if it's real or just for show. Morgan walks in and looks at them stunned and speechless as he asks what is going on. Carly informs her son that apparently Ava's sister is seeing Franco. She clearly doesn't care if that's true or not although others obviously do care. They go off together. Alone with Kiki and Morgan, Carly tells her son's girlfriend that she's tolerates both Franco and Denise out of respect for her, but, she warns her, if there is any trouble between those two, she won't hesitate to have them thrown out. Nina then goes back to her room calling and looking all over for Ric yet he is clearly not there nor wanting her to know where he is. As soon as she enters the room, we see Madeline's purse on the chair, revealing she must be alone in the bedroom with Ric. Alone with Denise, Franco confirms that she “backed him up” as a favor. Assuming she's never met or heard of him, he asks her why she'd do that.

Dante is alone in the apartment with Valerie and they start kissing.

Lulu is angry with both her parents for demanding she stay out of their affairs. Yet Dillon encourages her to believe that she can be trusted, is saner and knows what she is doing better than either of them. They wonder if it's best for them and for saving Lucky's life that they stay there.

Luke and Laura pull their guns and it looks like they are coming face to face with...Holly? The mother of Luke's son, Ethan?

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