GH Update Thursday 6/25/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/25/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

The top story on Port Charles's news broadcast was Nikolas's takeover of ELQ. Nik watched the show, with a pleased expression, as he placed Spencer's portrait on what used to be Michael's desk. Rosalie came in, with a smile on her face, and noted that Nik was making himself at home. Nik replied that it was his office, now that he'd single-handedly seized the company. Rosalie was put out that Nik was taking all the credit. Nik stated that Lucy helped, unlike Rosalie. Rosalie felt that Nik owed her some appreciation. Nik spat that he'd show his appreciation by not killing her. Nik flew into a rage; he knocked everything off the desk and railed at Rosalie for giving the police his name. He challenged her to give him a reason not to imprison her on Cassadine island. Rosalie insisted that she had no choice but to talk to the police. Nik ordered her to recant the statement. Rosalie didn't see how she could, so Nik told her that her attorney would walk her through it. Rosalie replied that she didn't have an attorney. Nik revealed that he'd hired someone to represent her. Rosalie figured that the police would trace the attorney back to Nik, but Nik said he'd covered his tracks. Nik told Rosalie that once she recanted, he'd let her off the hook. “You better make this right or your entire world will come crashing down when I blow up your secret,” Nik snarled. Rosalie reminded Nik that he'd promised not reveal her secret. Nik told her he'd kept his word and compensated her well. Rosalie pointed out that she'd come through for Nik. Nik assured Rosalie that she could keep her job if she recanted her statement. Rosalie realized she had no other choice. Nik told her that her lawyer was already at the station waiting for her. Nik added that Rosalie should come back to ELQ first thing in the morning. Rosalie left.

Sabrina watched the news while she folded laundry. Michael showed up and vented about losing the company. Michael told Sabrina that Lucy stabbed him in the back. Michael added Lucy to the list of people he used to think he could trust. Sabrina was shocked that Lucy would do such a thing, and she assumed Nik had blackmailed her. Michael explained that Lucy said she chose to do it because she thought Michael was a bad person. Michael admitted that Lucy was right. Sabrina insisted that Michael was one of the good guys. Michael explained that Lucy voted against him because he took baby A.J. from Sonny. Sabrina defended Michael's decision to shield A.J. from the violence Michael had grown up with. Michael confessed that he when he first filed for custody, he was motivated by revenge, not by a desire to protect the baby.

Michael explained that he'd been trying to hurt Sonny by taking someone Sonny loved, the way Sonny hurt Michael by taking Michael's father, A.J. Michael admitted that A.J. wasn't always a good man, but he'd been trying to improve when Sonny killed him. Michael was adamant that A.J. didn't deserve that. Michael was sick of hating Sonny, and being at odd with his family. Michael was conflicted because Sonny hung A.J. from a meat hook and forced A.J. to sign away his rights to Michael. Michael stated that Sonny killed his father bit by bit, then all at once. Michael wondered what it would say about Michael if he forgave that. Sabrina told him it would say he was a good person. Sabrina was sure that A.J. would want Michael to be happy. Michael asked what if he wasn't happy, and what if he wanted Carly and Sonny back in his life. “After everything that I've done, how would I even make that happen?,” Michael asked. Sabrina told him he could start by giving A.J. back to Sonny.

Carly and Sonny were at Greystone manor. Carly was furious about Nik taking ELQ from Michael. She was sure that this would hit Michael hard because it was his last link to his father, A.J. Sonny grumbled that Michael hadn't lost everything – he still had Sonny's daughter. Morgan arrived. Carly and Sonny wondered if he knew about the takeover – had Michael said anything when Morgan was at ELQ the other day? Morgan flashed back to nearly having sex with “Denise” in Michael's office. Morgan explained that Michael hadn't been at the office, but Morgan still planned to ask Michael to let Sonny visit Avery. Carly and Sonny were both sure that Michael would be in no mood to agree to that now that he'd lost ELQ. Carly predicted that Michael would see this as a personal failure on his part. Sonny thought Michael was resilient and that the experience would make him stronger. Carly didn't want Michael to have to weather the storm alone. She wished he'd lean on her and Sonny. Carly had to go to work. Before she left, she asked Morgan not to antagonize his brother. Morgan told her he wasn't going to let Avery grow up without them. Carly told Sonny that she'd try not to wake him up when she got home. Sonny smiled and told her not to try too hard. Carly left. Morgan was annoyed that Carly had warned him not to antagonize Michael. Sonny felt that Morgan had given Carly a good reason not to trust his judgment after he drugged Michael. Morgan felt that Carly was being overprotective toward Michael because she felt guilty for lying to him. Sonny thought Carly was handling things as best as she could. Morgan explained that he was trying to bring the family back together. Sonny understood, and he wished Morgan had gotten the chance to talk to Michael about visitation before the ELQ takeover. Morgan admitted he almost wished he'd never gone to ELQ. Morgan confided in Sonny about nearly sleeping with Denise. Sonny was appalled because he'd told Morgan to stay away from Denise. Morgan said he couldn't help himself, and he was sure that Sonny knew from experience what that was like. Sonny admitted that he did know. Morgan swore that he cared too much about Kiki to let it happen again. Morgan told Sonny how Rosalie walked in on him and Denise. Morgan was sure he could trust Rosalie not to say anything about this. Sonny pointed out that Michael probably thought the same thing. Morgan wasn't worried because Rosalie was Morgan's friend. Morgan also sensed that there was a deeper reason behind Rosalie's betrayal of Michael.

Ava went to GH looking for Silas. In her Denise accent, she asked a nurse where Silas was. The nurse explained that Silas was with a patient, so Ava couldn't see him. Undeterred, Ava burst in on the exam and ordered the patient to leave. After the patient left, Ava told Silas that she had a problem. Ava was angry that she hadn't been able to see Avery. Ava was considering dropping the Denise act and forcing the people standing between her and her baby to deal with her as Ava. Silas pointed out that if Ava revealed herself, she and Silas would be sent to prison. Ava vented about Michael insisting on supervising her visits with Avery and about being turned away by Sabrina, the woman who drugged Ava and almost killed Avery. Ava moaned that she created the Denise persona to give herself a legitimate reason to spend time with Avery. Ava felt like she was going crazy because it wasn't working. Silas was sympathetic, but he told Ava there was nothing he could do, except be a friend. That line struck a nerve with Ava, who lashed out at Silas for refusing to be more than friends. She told him that if he'd agreed to help her, she never would have slipped up again with Kiki's boyfriend. Silas was disgusted that Ava had another encounter with Morgan. Silas pointed out that Ava had already slept with Morgan while he was married to Kiki. Ava argued that Kiki and Morgan's marriage was a sham because Kiki had been in love with Michael at the time. Ava insisted that she and Morgan had something deeper than Kiki and Morgan did, back when Kiki and Morgan were married. Silas reminded Ava that she promised not to hurt their daughter. Ava reiterated that it never would have happened if Silas had helped her. Silas snapped that he refused to be Ava's distraction.

Nina and Ric were in their suite. Ric surprised Nina with a pearl necklace. Nina suggested they go downstairs and get an early dinner. Ric said okay, and he told Nina to wait for him at the bar while he got changed. Nina puckered up for a kiss goodbye, but Ric kissed her on the cheek. After Nina left, Ric went into his briefcase and pulled out a form that would give him power of attorney over Nina. To Ric's dismay, Madeline showed up. Ric pointed out that Nina didn't know Madeline was free and that they shouldn't let Nina see them together. Madeline said they could just tell Nina that Madeline came by looking for her. Madeline mentioned that she learned to make shanks in prison, and she learned how to use them. Madeline threatened to stab Ric if he hadn't gotten the money. Ric insisted that there was no need for threats. Madeline was annoyed because Ric hadn't been in touch. Ric assured her that he'd been doing a good job, and he'd even come up with a better plan when he convinced Nina to marry him. Madeline felt that Nina agreed to the marriage because she was unstable, not due to Ric's allure. Madeline conceded that the marriage would pay off for them, in the future, but she didn't think it was doing any good right now. Ric told Madeline that he was going to get Nina to sign the papers today. Madeline was annoyed that Ric hadn't done that a long time ago. Ric claimed that Franco was hampering Ric's progress. Madeline told Ric to focus on getting the papers signed, while she dealt with Franco.

Madeline pointed out that it wasn't enough for Nina to sign the papers – Madeline and Ric still had to get the money out of Nina's name. Ric thought they should get rid of Nina. Madeline was outraged by Ric's suggestion. She slapped Ric across the face and snarled that he would not harm her child. Ric was skeptical about Madeline's maternal love, since she'd put Nina in a coma and killed Nina's unborn baby. Madeline warned Ric not to talk about things he had no knowledge of. Madeline insisted that Ric come up with another plan. Madeline added that she knew Ric's MO, and she wouldn't let him put Nina in a panic room, either. Ric told Madeline that they wouldn't get the money if they played nice. Madeline had a solution. She told Ric that Nina had been mentally ill long before the coma. Madeline felt that Nina should be institutionalized, indefinitely. Ric noted that this would result in Nina's money going to her husband. Madeline stressed that she loved Nina and didn't relish the prospect of having her committed. Madeline hoped that Nina would get the help she needed once she was in the facility. Ric was on board with the plan. Madeline was concerned that Ric would try and shut her out once the plan was carried out. Ric promised that he wouldn't do that, but Madeline wanted more than Ric's word. Ric asked how he could put Madeline at ease. Madeline responded by kissing Ric.

Kiki walked into the Metro Court and was pleasantly surprised to see Franco. She approached him, at the bar, but he was so distracted that he didn't recognize her at first. Franco continued to stare off into the distance, while Kiki talked to him. Kiki quipped that this place was much nicer than ShadyBrook, where Franco had been the last time she visited him. Franco thought of ShadyBrook more fondly, because he had Nina while he was living there. Franco grumbled that Ric had no idea how amazing Nina was, and was only using her for her inheritance. Kiki told Franco that she was hesitant to enable his relationship with that “loon” but Kiki thought it was best if Franco backed off and let Nina realize that for herself. Franco was sure that wouldn't work, since it had taken a psychotic break for Nina to realize her marriage to Silas was bad. Franco told Kiki about all the effort he'd gone through to break up Nina's marriage. Nina walked in, just as Franco mentioned that he even contacted Madeline.

Nina confronted Franco about what he'd just said. Nina told Franco to leave Madeline out of this because they were better off with Madeline in prison. Franco revealed that Madeline had been released. Nina didn't believe him, and they argued about it, until Carly arrived and ordered them to be quiet. Franco and Nina walked to the other side of the restaurant. Carly asked Kiki what was wrong with Nina and Franco, and Kiki replied that they were in love. Carly admitted that she was too worried about Michael to kick Franco and Nina out. Carly didn't know how Michael was doing since he wasn't talking to her. Kiki noted that at least he and Morgan were speaking. Carly was pleased, but she was afraid Morgan would alienate Michael by pushing Michael to let Sonny see Avery. Kiki stated that she'd gone to ELQ to referee Michael and Morgan's conversation. Kiki added that it didn't matter because Michael wasn't there, but Morgan and Denise were. Carly frowned and noted that Morgan hadn't mentioned that. Carly admitted that she didn't trust Denise, but Carly did want to see Denise in person. Ava happened to walk in, at that moment, and she told Carly that this was her chance to meet Denise. Carly studied “Denise's” face. Ava pretended not to know who Carly was, and she asked Carly if she knew Ava. Carly admitted that she hated Ava. Kiki explained that this was Michael and Morgan's mom. Ava asked how Carly managed to have sons who were so different – Morgan was nice, and Michael made her make appointments to see her own “niece.”

Franco told Nina that a hotshot attorney got Madeline out. Franco suspected that it was Ric. The fact that Madeline didn't seem concerned about Ric taking Nina's inheritance, made Franco think Ric and Madeline were working together to fleece Nina. Nina was adamant that Ric was a loyal husband. Nina bragged that, after dinner, she and Ric were going to go upstairs and have sex. Franco blurted out that he had a date too. Nina was skeptical and asked where this date was. While they were talking, Ava, walked into the restaurant. Franco, who'd been stalling on answering Nina, spotted Ava, from behind. He lied and said that was his date. Nina insisted on meeting this woman. Franco tried to talk Nina out of it, but Nina went over, and Franco had no choice but to follow. Nina and Franco stopped short when Ava turned around and they saw her face. Nina noted that this was Ava's lookalike. Ava introduced herself as Denise, Ava's twin. “Your sister screwed my husband,” Nina bluntly said, after she'd introduced herself. Nina added that “Denise” already knew Franco.

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