GH Update Wednesday 6/24/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/24/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Jordan (the newly appointed commissioner) vents to Valerie about how she knows that the guard wanted to get her son arrested and there is “bias” against TJ by the system. And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, they drop the charged upon TJ. She bets somebody threatened the guard not to testify. She further tells Valerie that her money is on Sonny Corinthos. She tells Valerie she bets that maybe since Shawn had to go to prison for doing Sonny's dirty work for him, Sonny feels bad and believes he's “helping” TJ by paying off the guards so that they drop the charges against the boy. She is certain that's how it happened. She further tells Valerie that the worst part is that she admits she “kind of glad” that Sonny stepped in to help her son when TJ needed it. She admits that it really angers her that she knows she does not like nor respect Sonny. Yet he was able to save her son when she could not. The mayor who hired her to be the top cop prevented her from saving her own son simply because Lomax (black woman hiring a black woman to be police commissioner whose black son gets in trouble) was worried about “appearances” and how that might affect Lomax's political future and her chances at winning the election for governor. She knows that Lomax put the screws to her and she knows she caved and let her son spend the night in jail. Yet a slimeball like Sonny Corinthos snaps his finger and her son gets cleared. She is not ok with that given all she's had to go through and all the sacrifices she's had to make in order to uphold the law. She does not want her son sucked into that life yet believing it's the only way one can get justice. She then realizes she has a meeting with her boss, Mayor Lomax so she has to get going. Valerie then asks Jordan if she thinks TJ knows that Sonny prevented him from going to jail. Jordan replies she's not sure but doesn't want her son finding that out from her.

Nikolas is ready to take over ELQ although both Michael and Tracy are confident that Lucy will save the day and vote against him so that will not happen. However, Lucy shocks them by declaring she is voting with Nikolas. They both assume that Lucy obviously does not know how to respond to the question of how to vote and must have intended to vote in their favor. She clarifies to them, however that is not the case. She knows exactly how to vote and backs Nikolas. Tracy tells Lucy she owes loyalty to ELQ and needs to vote for them. Yet Lucy explains the reason why she voted for Nikolas over Michael in the voting process. She tells Michael she realizes he has good reason to be upset and shut down after Sonny he did to AJ. However, that is no excuse or justification for him to use his baby sister in order to do that. He should not have her in his custody where her family cannot be in her life. He replies that regardless of anyone's opinion of what he did or why he may have done it, nobody can dispute that baby Avery (whom he calls AJ) is a lot safer living with him than she'd be if she was living anywhere near Sonny. Tracy assumes Lucy must have gotten paid off by Nikolas. She tells them. No. It was her own choice to vote as she did. The reason she did it was for Duke Lavery. He would not want Sonny's child to be kept from her father. Hearing that, Tracy yells to Lucy that she could care less about the best interests of a baby and where does she get off judging Michael for keeping his baby sister safe. She tells Michael that she needs to know that his grandmother and grandfather would not be proud of what he is doing. She tells both Michael and Tracy that he needs to control his impulses and grow up. She further concludes to them that she thinks Michael might benefit from the “guidance” of a mature and successful businessman like Nikolas Cassadine. Nikolas then announces that he is ready to remove Michael from ELQ altogether. Hearing that, both Michael and Tracy protest about all the progress, profits and success Michael has had running the business. Yet Nikolas and Lucy see otherwise. Tracy urges Lucy not to betray her family. Michael assures her that ELQ is in good financial shape and protests to her that he is not this vengeful, immature spiteful kid like she may assume. He intends to do right by this company and already has. SO, he urges her to please not take this away from him. They both corner her and she votes for Nikolas. She tells Michael she is terribly sorry but believes he needs to gain more experience and then come back to the company at a later time.

Nikolas enters the Quartermaine house from the back door to secretly talk to Dylan. Dylan gets the door and demands to know how he could dare to show his face on this property after the stunt he pulled last night. He tells Nikolas he's no longer welcome in this house, does not listen to Nikolas' explanation, tells Nikolas he better not try to patronize him and demands that Nikolas leaves. Nikolas tells him he just needs 5 minutes. Dylan grudgingly agrees but tells Nikolas after 5 minutes he and The Dominator will boot him. Nikolas tells Dylan he read his screen-play script and, he announces to Dylan, he wants to finance his movie. Dylan asks Nikolas if he has any sincerity with that or if he just wants to get his hands on ELQ. He tells Nikolas he does not buy a word he says. Nikolas is a dirt bag and he's disgraced to think that Lulu ever looked up to her big brother knowing the human being he's turned into now. Nikolas has betrayed Dylan's family as well as Emily's memory. With that, he pushes Nikolas out the door.

Laura and Luke are being threatened by Jennifer Smith and surrounded by gunmen she's hired to make them do what she wants. When Laura is walking through the hallway not far from guards but appearing out of earshot, she answers her phone. It's Lulu. She tells her daughter she can't stay on long not knowing if she's been watched or overheard. Lulu demands her mom tells her what happened and if they found Lucky. Laura remembers hearing Jennifer telling Luke she'd have Lucky killed unless Luke sleeps with her. Laura does not share that but tells her daughter they “may have gotten a bit of a lead last night”, and tells Lulu her “dad is working on it right now” as she walks toward the bedroom where Jennifer has taken Luke.

Dante is at the apartment with Lulu, silent, not knowing what to say or do now that he has reason to believe that Valerie saw what appeared to be Lulu and Dylan “doing something” behind his back. Lulu tries to secretly call Dylan when she believes Dante is distracted. But Dante immediately notices she's making a secret phone call and asks her about that. She hesitates to answer and seems very secretive as he can clearly see. He leaves and as soon as she is alone, Lulu immediately gets back on her phone to call Dylan. She gets his voicemail, informs him she just spoke to her mom and urges him to call her back as she rushes out the door. Unknown to her, Dante is watching her when she doesn't know he's there as she leaves the building.

Lulu goes to see Dylan through the back door of the house, and informs him that the front door was locked and she could not get through. He rushes out wearing only a towel and they are alone together. She asks him if he got her message. She tells him she needed to see him right now. He goes inside with her. Dante appears outside and looks like he's spying upon his wife.

Laura attempts to enter the bedroom where Jennifer has been holding Luke. Although the guards prevent her from entering, she reminds them that she and Luke complied with what Jennifer wanted so she (Laura) demands they tell her where her son is. They say nothing but lead her into the room to find out that Luke failed to “comply” (perform?) with Jennifer. Laura demands to know what happened, to which Luke replies that he guesses he just had too much alcohol to stay awake or do what Jennifer wanted. She tells them how she expected some “completion” the previous night but did not get it. So, she informs both Luke and Laura, it now appears that Lucky's luck has run out. Laura then furiously demands she gives them back their son. She asks Luke why, if she meant nothing to her, did he marry her all those years ago. He admits that her father “motivated” him to. He apologizes for his behaviors in his younger days, when he was selfish, impulsive and stupid. He reminds Jennifer however, that she needs to get over it because it was 35 years ago. She tells them that she was hoping that Luke would somehow “complete” her and give her the strength she needs. Hearing that, Laura tells Jennifer that Luke can't do that for her. She has to do it for herself. He asks Jennifer how letting Lucky die is going to accomplish what she wants. She then informs them that she does not have Lucky. She does not know where he is. All she knows is she got a call from someone who was holding him hostage. She tells them she's sorry she tricked them but she does not know who has their son.

Luke is in a locked bedroom, appearing like he's been drugged, awakening and seeing that he's tied to a bed. Jennifer awakens to inform and remind him that he's “broken a promise”. And since he has done that to her, why should she tell him where Lucky is?

While Sonny sits at the Metro Court, TJ enters informing him that Molly's dad (Sonny's brother Ric) told him where he might find Sonny. Sonny then encourages TJ to sit down at the table and talk to him. Sonny secretly asks TJ if Ric has been able to help him with is legal matters, to which TJ tells him Ric is not willing or able to do much since he can't afford to pay Ric's legal fees. He doesn't seem “enthused” that Sonny may be paying for Ric's legal fees nor want to ask Molly to ask her dad to represent him pro bono, as Sonny suggests. He does, however, ask Sonny if he is aware that Duke Lavery tried to kill his (TJ's) mother. Sonny kind of “dances around” the question, assuring TJ that while Duke and TJ's mom had their “issues” (which made Duke want to kill her) (he concluded she was an uncover cop), Sonny was either in prison or fighting for custody of his baby daughter. He “assures” TJ that his hands are clean. Hearing that, TJ smirks and tells Sonny that is “convenient”. Yet Sonny gives TJ his word that he had no idea that Duke wanted Jordan dead. He does, however, tells TJ that since Shawn is now out of commission, he feels he owes it to his former enforcer to look out for TJ when Shawn can't. He clearly knows he can offer TJ monetary “incentive” since TJ needs money to pay for school and might not even have a place to live since school is no longer an option for him. He remember that Duke was going to pay his tuition but that's over since he's dead. Sonny then offers to pay TJ's tuition so he can enroll in college this next fall and TJ may live with him. TJ obviously becomes uncomfortable and feels awkward as he gets up from the table, telling Sonny he can't let him do that. Sonny asks TJ if he really thinks he's going to be able to stay with Molly and Alexis will let him live at her house with her teenage daughter. Realizing that is not really a “plausible option” yet it may be the only place he can live if he does not accept Sonny's offer, TJ knows he should listen to what Sonny has to say to him.

Dante returns to the station and Valerie is right there to find out that Dante believes he has good reason to suspect Lulu of “ being with” Dylan and lying to her about it.

Lulu tells Dylan she has a really “weird feeling” about what might be going on when she got a call from her mom. It sounds like somebody might be holding her parents at gunpoint she needs to take action right away. She's worried about both of her parent's losing it, having mental health breaks and being a danger to themselves or others.. That could put Lucky in more danger than they realize, given both Laura's and Luke's histories. So, she concludes, she can't stay there and do nothing. He agrees to help her do what she has to do.

Jordan goes to the Metro Court to overhear Sonny offering to pay TJ's college tuition and let him live with him. She angrily tells Sonny she won't allow that even though TJ wants nothing to do with her, won't listen to her, does not trust her but trusts Sonny. He tells her that Mr. Corinthos was there for Shawn and she was not. He announces it's a done deal and she and Sonny have agreed that he will live in Sonny's home. She angrily tells Sonny this is not over. Just because he lost his son, he will not let him take hers'.

Alone with Dylan, Lulu admits how broken up she is about having to lie to Dante about the secret mission to find her brother. Yet he assures her that she should not feel guilty. She has no choice when her brother's life is at stake.

Dante tells Valerie he overheard Lulu on the phone talking about an obvious “secret”. While Valerie tells him there may be a logical explanation and he should trust his wife, he informs her about his “experience” playing the jealous husband following her, assuming he'd realize he's imagining things, but discovering that Lulu is, in fact, rushing to be alone with Dylan and clearly covering something up about where she's going and what she is doing.

When Michael and Tracy find out that both Nikolas and Lucy are voting against them, Tracy tells them how her deceased family members would be disgraced by both of them. When Lucy and Nikolas are alone, she reveals that she feels guilty doing that to Tracy right after losing Luke to Laura as she indicates she might have something to do with what is happening with Luke and Laura right now. While Tracy and Michael get ready to move out of the office, they both blame themselves. She tells him she started the destruction of the company by trading shares for Luke's life. And, she concludes, she has lost it all now.

Dante is at the station with Valerie admitting his doubts about his marriage when he gets a call from Lulu. While with Dylan and ready to go away with him, she informs her husband she has to cancel their plans. She has to leave town to take care of her grandmother.

Jennifer leaves Luke and Laura in the dark with no information whom Lucky's kidnappers are or when or if they will hear from them.

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