GH Update Tuesday 6/23/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/23/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At ELQ, Michael told Tracy that they'd have to deal with Nikolas sooner or later, since he owned half the company. “Looks like sooner,” Nik said as he entered the room. Tracy and Michael gaped as Nikolas sat behind Michael's desk, as if it were his own. Michael wondered why Nik was there. Nik explained that he hadn't planned on revealing his intentions before he had a majority, but he decided to come forward after Sam confronted him. Michael predicted that Nik's shares would be ruled invalid once Nik was indicted for corporate espionage. Nik suggested that they let the lawyers deal with that and worry about more pressing matters. Tracy suggested that Nik return the shares now, so that he could get leniency at his trial. Nik ignored this, and he revealed that in addition to the shares controlled by Tracy, Alice, Skye, Ned and Lila Rae, Nik had just secured Brook Lynn's shares. Tracy snapped that Brook Lynn was devastated over being blackmailed into giving up her shares. Nik claimed that he regretted hurting Brook Lynn, since they'd once been close, but Tracy pointed out that Nik didn't look remorseful.

Tracy wondered how Nik could do this to the Quartermaines, when he was once a member of the family. She asked him what Emily would say. Nik ordered Tracy not to throw Emily in his face. Nik asserted that Tracy had treated Emily badly, but Tracy insisted that she and Emily were hard on each other because it was the Quartermaine way. Nik argued that Emily gave Tracy understanding and acceptance, but Tracy had refused to consider Emily a real Quartermaine. Tracy snarled that she always knew Nik was a typical Cassadine. Nik maintained that the Quartermaines brought this on themselves – their constant infighting had left their company vulnerable. Tracy countered that the company was in a good place, thanks to Michael. Nik challenged her to explain why he owned 50% of the company then. Tracy pointed out that Nik obtained those shares illegally – Tracy and Alice had given up their shares as ransom for Luke, Luke had tricked Skye into giving up her and Lila Rae's shares, and Ned and Brook Lynn had been blackmailed. the family lost the shares through paying ransom for Luke, Luke swindling Skye, and blackmail. “Those are not really business transactions; they're felonies,” Tracy argued. Nik was confident that Tracy couldn't prove that.

Nik felt that ELQ needed him to help it meet the standard Edward set for it. Tracy told Nik not to say her father's name. Michael vowed not to let Nik take Edward's legacy. Nik hoped that he and Michael would become allies. Nik added that there was nothing the Quartermaines could do to stop him. Michael revealed that the Quartermaines had a secret weapon – Lucy Coe. Alan gave Lucy a small portion of ELQ in their divorce. Lucy didn't normally have voting power, but she was able to act as a tie breaker if there was a deadlock. Tracy and Michael were confident that Lucy would vote with the Quartermaines. Nik was sure that he could wear down one of the family members and get more shares. Michael pulled out some paperwork Edward had written up and showed it to Nik. The paperwork stated that if any one family member amassed more than 33% of ELQ, the other relatives could strip that person of their voting rights. Michael decided to call a family meeting to take away Nik's right to vote. Tracy was very impressed with Michael's maneuvering.

Sam and Jake were at the Metro Court Bar. Jake felt bad that Nik had betrayed Sam and Michael, but Jake and Sam were both glad Nik had been caught before he caused too much damage. Jake revealed that Rosalie was at the PCPD giving a statement, which could lead to Nik getting charged with corporate espionage. Sam wasn't happy that her cousin was in trouble, but she felt that Nik had brought this on himself by breaking the law and betraying his former in laws' trust. Jake noted that Nik's fate would be determined by Rosalie's statement to the police. Sam was shocked that Jake managed to get an experienced con like Rosalie to talk. Jake pulled out a recorder and revealed that he'd tricked Rosalie into thinking Nina recorded their conversation. Sam wondered what was actually on the recorder, and Jake sheepishly admitted that it was the new Taylor Swift album. Sam chuckled and asked what Jake would have done if Rosalie asked him to play the recording. Jake said he would have danced. Jake started dancing in his seat, and Sam burst out laughing.

“This looks like fun,” Patrick said, as he and Elizabeth walked in. Jake and Sam turned and saw their partners staring curiously at them. Sam kissed Patrick, and Jake kissed Liz. Patrick asked what was so funny, and Jake replied that you had to be there. Liz was surprised to see them together, since they were on opposite sides. Jake told Liz that it turned out that he and Sam were working toward the same goal. Sam wondered how Liz knew Sam was spying on ELQ. Patrick admitted he told Liz. Sam explained that they were having drinks because they found out who was after the company - Nik. Patrick didn't understand why Nik would do this. Sam stated that Nik claimed he was doing it to make money to replace the family funds that Helena and Victor lost. Despite what Nik said, Sam didn't think it was just about the money. Sam thought that Nik wanted to be in control. Liz theorized that Nik was reacting to his painful break up with Britt. Sam agreed and said Britt lied to Nik the entire time they were together. Patrick argued that that was no excuse to lose your sense of right and wrong. Patrick had been spending a lot of time with Nik, and Patrick was surprised that he didn't realize Nik was up to something. Sam vented about how upsetting it was to find out someone you thought you knew was hiding something so huge from you. Sam and Patrick's thoughts struck a chord with Liz, who seemed to grow increasingly uncomfortable. Jake was curious about why Patrick and Liz were there. Patrick explained that they were celebrating after a tough, but successful, surgery. Sam thought it was a great time to have the double date she'd suggested to Jake earlier. Jake agreed and said dinner was on him. Everyone, except Liz, smiled.

Liz warmed up, once dinner arrived, and she entertained everyone with a story of something embarrassing that happened at work. Jake wondered if Sam and Patrick had any stories about awkward moments – perhaps something from when they first moved in. Sam told him that things were actually going well. Sam and Patrick had been concerned that the kids wouldn't get along, but Emma and Danny had grown close. Patrick noted that Emma was starting to see Danny as her little brother. Patrick clarified that he didn't mean he thought of himself as Danny's father. Liz couldn't help looking at Jake, while Patrick said this. Jake mentioned that he'd moved out of Liz's house. He and Liz wanted to build their relationship in the right order. Jake now lived above Kelly's. Jake noted that things were looking up; he had a new job, and hopefully two new friends. Jake pointed out that everyone at the table had had a hand helping him create a new life.

Lulu and Dillon were at their respective homes, while on the phone with each other. They discussed the latest Quartermaine family crisis. Lulu thought she and Dillon understood each other so well because the Spencers were the only family that was more dysfunctional than the Quartermaines. Dillon changed the subject and said he hoped Valerie didn't overhear them discussing Luke and Laura's secret earlier. Dillon was concerned that Valerie would tell Dante and that Lucky's kidnappers would find out a cop was involved. Lulu was sure that Valerie didn't hear them, but Lulu was still worried about her family. Dillon told her that Luke and Laura were legendary for a reason; they could handle things. Dillon assured Lulu that her family would soon be home safe. Lulu added that all the lies could stop when that happened. The topic shifted back to ELQ – Lulu felt bad that Nik had done so much damage. Dillon was relieved he didn't agree to give Nik any of his ELQ stock. Lulu was disgusted that Nik tried to trick Dillon, and she apologized for encouraging Dillon to take the deal. Dillon didn't blame Lulu because she had no idea what Nik was up to. Lucy arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, so Dillon ended the call.

Lucy explained that Tracy had called and asked her to come over. Lucy assumed that Luke and Tracy were back together and wanted Lucy to perform a wedding. Dillon told her that wasn't the case. Lucy was sorry to hear that, since she always thought Tracy was the best romantic match for Luke. Dillon explained that Tracy wanted to talk to Lucy about ELQ. Dillon brought Lucy up to speed about the shares.

Back at ELQ, Michael called the shareholders. Nik thought that Tracy should leave, since she didn't have any voting stock. Tracy revealed that she'd talked to Monica, who was on vacation with Judge Walters. Monica agreed to let Tracy act as her proxy. According to Tracy, Monica wanted Nikolas to know that Emily would be ashamed of him. Dillon and Lucy arrived. Dillon sniped at Nik about Nik's attempt to get Dillon's shares and for betraying Emily's family. Michael called the meeting to order, then everyone voted. Nikolas voted for himself. All the Quartermaines voted against him, but Lucy stunned them by voting for Nik. Tracy assumed Lucy made a mistake, but Lucy made it clear that she knew what she was doing.

Maxie showed up to the loft with cupcakes. Lulu knew that Maxie must want something from her. Maxie wondered if Lulu knew about Maxie's run in with Valerie. Lulu revealed that Valerie already came by to clear the air. Lulu explained that Valerie insisted that she respected Lulu and Dante's marriage. Maxie was curious if Lulu believed Valerie. Lulu replied that Valerie hadn't given Lulu a reason not to. Maxie understood that Lulu had to give her cousin the benefit of the doubt, so Maxie promised to “be the bad guy” with Valerie, if Lulu wanted her to. Lulu appreciated Maxie's support. Maxie sensed that Lulu was bothered by this. Lulu admitted that she was worried about something much more important than this. Maxie was curious, but Lulu clammed up. Maxie tried to convince Lulu that it was safe to confide in her. Lulu blurted out that Lulu and Dillon couldn't tell anyone about this. Maxie asked if there was something going on between Lulu and Dillon. Lulu insisted that that was a crazy question. Maxie was curious about why Lulu was acting like this. Lulu told Maxie that the way to be a good friend was to drop it. Maxie made it clear that she was willing to listen if Lulu wanted to talk. They hugged, and Lulu looked over Maxie's shoulder at the picture of Luke, Laura and Lucky.

At the Triple L diner, Jennifer offered to return Lucky in exchange for a night in bed with Luke. Jennifer explained that she wanted to “finally consummate the marriage that fate so cruelly kept us from having.” Laura spat that Jennifer was a vile woman. Jennifer didn't think that this was any of Laura's business. Laura disagreed since Jennifer kidnapped her son. Luke added that, while Jennifer had always been a tad “unhinged” this was full blown delusion. Jennifer didn't think there was anything wrong with her offer. She pointed out that the same thing happened in Indecent Proposal, when a character offered to pay one million dollars to sleep with another character. Luke reminded Jennifer that their engagement ended in the Carter administration and that they hadn't talked to each other in decades. Luke spat that it was over, and he told Jennifer to move on. Jennifer explained to Luke that she'd had a string of failed relationships. Jennifer had concluded that she would never be able to have a successful relationship unless she got closure with her first love – Luke. Luke looked alarmed. Jennifer didn't understand his revulsion. She felt that this was a win – win situation. Laura pointed out that Tracy was being hurt. Jennifer scoffed at Laura's sudden concern for Tracy. Laura pointed out that what Jennifer was doing – using threats to force someone to have sex with her, was considered rape. Jennifer disagreed that this was rape. However, Jennifer noted that Luke once raped Laura, and Jennifer thought that Laura should be pleased that Luke would see what it felt like to be raped. Laura explained that she didn't take pleasure in the pain of others. Jennifer reiterated that this was just a business transaction. Luke agreed to do it. Laura assured Luke that he didn't have to do this “disgusting” thing, but Luke was willing to do it to get their son back. Jennifer was delighted, and she, Luke and her bodyguards left the diner.

Valerie returned to the PCPD and told Dante that she had something to tell him. Valerie flashed back to seeing Dillon and Lulu hug and vow to keep something hidden from everyone, especially Dante. Valerie suddenly told Dante that she didn't have anything to say, but Dante could tell something was on her mind, and he coaxed her into opening up. Dante wondered if Valerie and Lulu's talk went well. Valerie said yes, and she tried to end the conversation, but Dante sensed that there was more to the story. Valerie reluctantly admitted that she saw Dillon and Lulu hugging and heard them say they were keeping something from Dante. Dante was startled, and he wondered what this could be about. Valerie explained that she didn't mean to eavesdrop, and she tried to leave, but Lulu saw her. Dante asked how Lulu reacted. Valerie said that Lulu seemed freaked out. Valerie tried to assure Dante that it was probably nothing to worry about. Dante agreed that Valerie was probably right.

Later, Dante told Valerie that Rosalie finished her statement. According to Dante, things didn't look good for Nik. Dante advised Valerie to start looking for a new place to live. Dante sighed that he had to go tell Lulu that her brother was in trouble. Valerie asked if Dante was going to ask Lulu about Dillon. Dante felt that he had to. Valerie assured him that she wasn't trying to cause any trouble for his marriage. Dante knew that. He thanked Valerie for telling him what she heard, then he left. Valerie noticed a picture of Dante and Lulu on Dante's desk.

Dante went home and asked Lulu if she knew that Nik was after ELQ. Lulu already knew, and she mentioned that she should have known Nik was up to something when he tried to get Dillon's shares. Dante asked if Dillon was at the loft. Lulu said Dillon came by to meet Rocco.

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