GH Update Monday 6/22/15

General Hospital Update Monday 6/22/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Luke and Laura are alone in their secret cabin waiting for the anonymous person who's told them they've kidnapped their son Lucky, Luke goes to the door and is shocked at what he sees. It appears a woman named Jennifer Smith is at the door and they cannot believe she is right there in front of them. She approaches Luke and tells she's glad he remembers his former fiancÚ. Laura pulls a gun on her, as does Luke and Laura tells her she remembers Jennifer trying to kill her the last time she saw her and she will return the favor if Jennifer does not tell her where her son is. Jennifer does not seem afraid and a guy enters behind her to point a gun at Luke and Laura and Jennifer tells them both they better hand over their guns if they ever want to see their son alive. He asks what they have to do in order to get Lucky back.

Jennifer tells them they can't rush this and have plenty of time to relive the past. She laughs about Luke finding out for the first time that he killed his mother many years ago and lost his mind. She also scoffs about how Laura has been in an institution for a long time. Jennifer reveals that she knows how Laura has followed her instructions to a tee to cause Luke to have to call off his engagement to Tracy in order to save Lucky. She smirks and reminds Luke and Laura she has some very interesting information and plans for them. She talks about how her father arranged a marriage between her and Luke in exchange for what Luke wanted. Yet, she tells them, she is not interested in marriage. Why buy the cow when one can get the milk for free? She tells them she thinks it's great that she has the upper hand. Hearing that, Laura asks Jennifer if what she's saying is that she is holding their son captive in order to have sex with Luke.

When Valerie goes to visit Lulu to attempt to smooth things over regarding Dante, she is able to see Lulu and Dylan talking privately (unaware she is there) about “keeping a secret from Dante” and they hug, revealing to her that they might have a “secret” of their own from Dante. Right then, Lulu turns around and is surprised to see Valerie watching her with Dylan unseen without making her presence known. Valerie goes inside the check on Rocco while Lulu talks to Dylan before he leaves. She goes back inside and talks about Dylan back in town after a long time of traveling to do film making. She explains that they are old friends although no longer step-siblings. Valerie tells Lulu she thinks it's great that Lulu and Dylan are friends but just hopes that Lulu is equally ok about her (Valerie) and Dante.

Michael and Jake call Rosalie into the ELQ office and have Dante read her her rights so that he can arrest her for corporate espionage. She is shocked to find out what is happening to her and it seems they are onto her. She asks them why they suspect her and asks why she'd want to do that to her employer. Michael replies he realizes she would not normally do that unless, of course, she is a spy. She asks about the bug on her phone. Jake explains the reason why the bug is on her phone. She tells them they are wasting her time and she knows they do not have a shred of evidence against her. Yet Jake informs her that he just spoke to Nina and offered to buy the shares she and Franco used to have. Rosalie tells him if Nina told him that she sold the shares, then that nut case is lying. Yet Jake knows that is not a lie and he has proof. He pulls out a phone and tells her he has a recording of her conversation with Nina about this very matter. Dante reminds her that it's pretty easy to get a conviction. She protests she did not steal anything. Michael tells her although that's true, they have evidence on tape of what she did. They tell her they are not after her. They are after her boss. So, Michael tells her, if she can tell them whom she is working for, they can make this whole thing go away. She tells him he does not understand. She did not have a choice. Michael asks if she is being blackmailed as she was by Nina. She replies yes. Only this time it's worse. She is very worried about what this guy could do to her.

Jake reminds Rosalie of all of legal consequences she could face and how much time she could serve and how giving up the person she's working for would be easier. Michael urges Rosalie to realize that she can't allow this guy to let her take the rap. All three guys (Michael, Jake and Dante) work on Rosalie to give them a name. She then blurts out that it was Nikolas Cassadine. She seems afraid when they assess what Nikolas is doing. Dante tells her he needs to take her to the station, not to arrest her but to get her statement against Nikolas. She tells Michael she's sorry this had to happen and he did not deserve it. She did not mean to lie to him yet realized there was no way out. He was the only friend she had in this god forsaken town, she tells him. He tells her that he tried to be loyal to her and defended her and this is how she repaid him as he concludes he's not worried about what happens to her. She leaves with Dante. Alone with Michael, Jake assesses to Michael that he needs to realize that he can't believe the best way to fight Nikolas is to be like him. He tells Michael that if he does that, then nobody will trust or have loyalty toward him. He reminds him that he has better resources. Michael has people he can trust like himself and Sam. He tells Michael he owes Michael for taking a chance on him and trusting him when he had no reason not to. Michael assesses that maybe with Jake's help, he can save this company.

Sam finds Nikolas at the Metro Court and asks him what he may know about Rosalie Martinez. He hesitates to answer but informs his cousin that he knows that Michael attempted to get Rosalie to get the ELQ shares from Nina Clay yet it appeared that Nina already sold them. Sam reveals, however, that she knows otherwise and knows that Rosalie apparently sold them to someone else. And she stares intently at Nikolas to reveal that she suspects him. He wants to convince her he knows nothing about what Helena might secretly be up to but Sam firmly tells him she knows he's lying to her. She asks him about his private meeting with Rosalie which he's telling different stories about. She also knows that Lulu noticed him with Rosalie at Wyndemere and he gave his sister a false explanation that he was romantically involved with Rosalie. Why would he lie about that? Nikolas protests that his sister has had a lot going on and may have been confused as to the details. Yet Sam knows otherwise. He tells Sam she really doesn't know anything about this and it's none of her business. But she tells him she knows that Rosalie has been working at ELQ and reporting to someone who wants to take over the company and steal from the Quartermaines. .So, she tells her cousin, he needs to come out and admit it. Nikolas then admits that she is correct. Hearing that, she demands to know how he could to this to Emily's family. Why would he need money since he's rich? He tells her that Helena and Victor have been taking money from him and he's worried about his and Spencer's future. Sam does not seem concerned or believe that he could possibly be suffering financial hardship. He tells Sam he has not just done this for himself and Spencer. It's for the Cassadine legacy that includes Alexis and herself. Hearing that, Sam angrily tells him how dare he drag her into this. She also reminds him that Danny is a Quartermaine and so was his father. She demands to know why he would do this to Michael. He tells her that he has business interests of which he rationalizes. Yet she tells him he sounds just like Helena. He walks away, coldly telling his cousin it was lovely to see her.

At the Quartermaine house, Sabrina talks to Tracy about what might be happening when Michael and Jake go to confront Rosalie. Tracy evaluates how Michael has made some bad judgment calls and it may be easier said than done to find out what Rosalie might know or what she might be up to. Tracy counts and assesses all the people who have some percentage of stock and is pretty certain that Rosalie has put a certain amount in Nikolas' hands that would add up to 40-some which is not a majority but close. Tracy realizes that very possibly, Nikolas is working on someone to get the small amount needed to achieve a majority. She calls her granddaughter, Brook Lynn, remembering she's one of the many shareholders, to ask what she might know about that. She finds out that “a stranger” used blackmail over Brook Lynn, knowing “some secret” she was keeping and getting the shares in exchange for not revealing the secret. Tracy realizes that with the shares that Brook Lynn has handed over, obviously to Nikolas, he is only one share away from a majority. Right then, Dylan enters to assure his mother that although that is true, Nikolas will not get the one share from him. Tracy angrily talks about how people all believed that Nikolas is such a noble and good person, so unlike his grandmother and he gives nobody cause for suspicion. It's all a lie. Dylan assures his mother he knew not to give Nikolas any of his shares and she remarks that her son might have saved ELQ.

After Dylan leaves Lulu alone to talk to Valerie, Valerie informs her cousin that Maxie came by the station to express her concerns about Valerie growing close to Dante and she wants to assures her cousin that she is not after her husband. In response to that, Lulu admits that she has had reservations about Valerie's friendship as well as her new working relationship with Dante. She realizes that Valerie needed a job and did not apply to the PD in order to get closer to Dante. However, she assesses to her cousin, she realizes that maybe she did not express her feelings about that until now so if Valerie can tell her she has no interest in Lulu's husband beyond friendship, she will believe her. They laugh about Maxie's well intended “over the top” behavior as Valerie assures Lulu she can trust her. She tells her she has to get back to work as her lunch break is almost over. Yet it seems they might both be less than complete with what is going on right now and with Dante. As soon as she is alone, Lulu gets a call from Dylan who asks if she thinks that Valerie might have overheard their conversation and knows what they were talking about.

When Dante brings Rosalie into the station, Valerie finds him and informs him that she went to talk to Lulu and, she further tells Dante, she has something she needs to tell him.

Jake finds Sam after she's called him and she informs him she spoke to Nikolas and he admitted everything. He tells her he's sorry that her cousin is in this and has betrayed not only Michael but her as well. And, he tells Sam, they need to find out what Nikolas' plans are to prevent him from doing what he intends to do. He shows the same protectiveness both to Sam and to Michael as Jason did.

Tracy rushes to find Michael so they can prevent Nikolas from obtaining the 1 percent of ELQ stock which will give him majority votes. Yet, Nikolas walks in to announce it's too late. He has it all and they will now all answer to him.

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