GH Update Friday 6/19/15

General Hospital Update Friday 6/19/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie meets with Nathan at The Metro Court for lunch. She talks about many things but doesn't really get to the point as to why she wants to talk to him. He tells her the knows that she has gone to the station to accuse Valerie of moving in on Dante. She asks how he would know about that. He tells her that just like she and Lulu are friends and talk about personal matters, so do he and his partner. He asks her just what transpired in her conversation with Valerie. He tells her that he believes she went overboard in her conversation with Valerie when she went to visit her at the station not long ago. She admits that maybe that is true but it appears to her that Valerie has “interest” in Dante beyond a cousin-in-law. And it might not be all one-sided. He asks her why she thought it was her business to intervene. She tells him that as Lulu's best friend, that is her job even though she admits that maybe she did not handle it entirely appropriately. He asks her if maybe she has “overbearing” behaviors in a need to be overly protective to Lulu and Dante for keeping them from having her baby. She asks if she thinks she's being a shrew for her behavior toward Valerie. He tells her no. He knows she has good intentions and fierce loyalty for her best friend.

At the station, Valerie reminds Dante how it was that they both got on the front page after the confrontation with the reporter where she fiercely defended him when the reporter accused Dante of being racist in the TJ Ashford matter. She tells him she realizes this could cause problems between him and Lulu. He tells her that Maxie means well but even on a good day has a tendency of talking or acting before she thinks so that is to be expected. She seems a lot more “cautious and worried” about how Lulu might take it that they are friends and all than he is. She offers to quit her job and leave him alone but he clearly doesn't want that.

Morgan is having noon time sex with Denise in the office. They rush to do what they want to do before they are seen and known but it appears somebody walks in on them.

Jake goes to the Quartermaine house and knows that Rosalie is clearly spying upon Michael and ELQ and secretly reporting to a “competitor”. Sam tells him she knows she heard a man's voice that lasted only for a second in the conversation with Rosalie, although she knows it was familiar and might be someone she knows. Jake attempts to jog her memory to think of whose voice it was that she heard. Michael then reveals that while trusting Rosalie, he “warned” her that “someone” installed a bug. Hearing that, Jake, Sam, Tracy and Sabrina all instantly assume that must be the reason why Sam could not find out what Rosalie is secretly up to or whom she is secretly talking to. Sam listens while Jake, Tracy, Michael and Sabrina are all convinced that Rosalie is spying upon him and attempting to pull a stunt behind his back. Yet they don't know how they can prove it until Sam comes up with an idea.

It's Rosalie who walks in to catch Morgan and Denise red-handed, before they are ready to go at it on the couch at the ELQ office.

Dylan meets with Nikolas and suspects nothing when he finds out that Nikolas would like “only” 1 percent share of ELQ stock (having no clue that that would bring his percentage up to majority ownership where Nikolas can overthrow the company.

Luke goes with Laura to a place in the wilderness where they remember in an attempt to find Lucky or find out what the kidnappers want with him or with them. She then notices all the memories and a picture on the wall of them together with their kids many years ago when they were all one big happy family. She reflects that this place was built to last without needing winter maintenance (symbolic of their relationship together). They remember when their friend, Dan was murdered by Frank Smith. He remarks that whoever kidnapped Lucky lured them there and asks just who among their enemies would know about the Triple L. She reflects that their kids has nice lives there until they had to end living there. They remember all the years they had to spend on the run while raising their kids and she remarks that she really liked to have this place for refuge. She remembers how she saw this place as idyllic although she realizes that Luke did not see it that way. They reminisce about the history of their relationship for all those years, while married and having Lucky and Lulu together. She talks about the falling out of their relationship and remarks that he was “restless” and ready to get out and break up with her. Yet he looks at her with sincerity and assures her that he does not regret a minute of the time he was with her. As they talk and wait, a long time goes by yet nobody comes to meet them. She tells Luke she hates being lured to this place by whoever is blackmailing and threatening Lucky's life. She is also concerned about the fact that their daughter, Lulu, has to lie to her husband about the reason they need to do what they are doing. He informs her that there is no way around that. Dante has no reason to trust him, remembering what Luke (while “possessed by the evil spirit”) threatened to kill Dante in the basement of the Elm Street house and planted a bomb. So, he realizing Dante cannot know their secret for that reason to which she agrees finding that out.

Jake announces that he and Sam have a plan for how he gets the truth out of Rosalie. She warns him to be careful and use discretion. He tells her he thinks he knows what he is doing and heads out the door. Inside the living room, alone with Sabrina, Michael tells her he doesn't know what he would do without her given that she followed her instincts and got Sam and Jake to take action against the secret spy. He tells her he really owes her an extensively positive resume and job recommendation. Hearing that, she tells him the reason she is doing what she is doing for him is not because of her job obligations. It's because she cares about him.

Rosalie is able to view and be clearly aware that Morgan and Denise were secretly going at it on the couch and reminds him that it might not be in his interests to having his girlfriend knowing that he's having sex with her mom's twin sister. She reminds them she could easily tell Michael what she saw. At that point, Kiki walks in unexpectedly. Rosalie listens and observes intently when she asks why it is that Michael is not in his office yet she notices the two of them alone there and asks her boyfriend and “aunt” what is going on. At that point, both Morgan and Denise know they better not be to confident that she won't spill the beans as they and Kiki get on the elevator, obviously intimidated by Rosalie.

Dylan tells Nikolas he's tempted by his monetary offer but is turning him down to buy the one percent of ELQ shock. He stays at Lulu's apartment to talk to her about how he may have made the wrong decision turning down all the money Nikolas was ready to offer him and all he could have done with his screenplay career if he had not turned it down. Yet she affirms to Dylan that she knows he has grit and has done the right thing to put the loyalty to his grandfather's legacy before his temptation to take Nikolas' offer.

At the station, when Dante talks to Valerie, she tells him that she does not want him confronting Lulu or Maxie. She does not want Lulu to distrust her or think that she does not respect her cousin's marriage.

While with Dylan, Lulu remembers she walked in on her brother and Rosalie Martinez when she went to visit him one time. Nikolas told her Rosalie was his girlfriend but she can tell they were lying about that. Her brother and Rosalie have some sort of secret together. At that point, they both realize it's entirely possible that Nikolas is putting Rosalie up to attempting to steal ELQ shares. Dylan gets on the phone to call his mom

Jake goes with Michael to meet with Rosalie while Sabrina and Sam stay behind at the Quartermaine house with Tracy when Dylan calls to inform them he thinks he knows who might be secretly taking over ELQ shares. He asks how much they know about Michael's new assistant, Rosalie Martinez.

While with Valerie, Dante gets a call from Michael to meet him and others at the ELQ office for police business and tells her he has to go.

Jake and Michael go to find Rosalie at the office and they ask her to come inside the office. She asks if Michael might need her to “take notes” or do the administrative job on payroll for him. He tells her no. there's no reason to do that when she is the “subject being investigated”. Dante enters and Michael asks Rosalie if she's met his brother, Dante Falconeri who also happens to be a PCPD police detective. Dante makes it clear he is there for police business and to take legal action against her. She asks for what. They reply corporate espionage.

Sabrina and Tracy stay behind at the Quartermaine house and they wonder how it will go with getting either Rosalie or Nikolas to confess.

Sam leaves the house and finds her cousin Nikolas at the bar at The Metro Court. He asks her if she wants a drink. She firmly tells him that is not why she's there, and she further tells her cousin, she thinks he should lay off the booze since he will want to have his wits about her after he hears what she has to say. He asks Sam what is up. She replies she'd like to talk to him about his relationship with Michael's assistant, Rosalie Martinez.

Luke and Laura plug in their phones at the cabin and finally the kidnapper calls and talks to them.

Denise joins Kiki and joins Morgan at the Metro court (while having to hide the fact, not only that she is Ava but that she was going to sleep with her daughter's boyfriend). She becomes increasingly uncomfortable hearing Kiki ask“ aunt Denise” about how long she plans to spend in town, if “Denise” might have a boyfriend. Then hearing she does not, Kiki suggests maybe she could fix her “aunt”up with an eligible bachelor and great catch for her, who would be her dad, Dr. Silas Clay. As soon as Denise hears that, she freaks out and has to leave. Kiki then admits to Morgan that that was very strange and she hasn't a clue why Denise had to suddenly leave.

While Lulu is with Dylan, having a deep discussion about how she is keeping the secret from her husband and the possibility that Nikolas is the secret embezzler of ELQ, Nathan is with Maxie on the elevator assuring her that his partner is faithful and committed to her best friend.. Right when Valerie comes by Dante and Lulu's apartment, she is able to notice Lulu and Dylan hugging while Lulu says (assuming nobody is within earshot) that; “they have to keep “this secret” from everyone especially Dante.”

While Luke and Laura get the call from the anonymous kidnapper, he lets them know there is “somebody” at the door. Luke then opens the door and is shocked and speechless at what he sees.

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