GH Update Thursday 6/18/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/18/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the loft, Lulu was deep in thought. She stared at a photo of a young Lucky with Luke and Laura, then at her and Dante's wedding photo. Dillon made an offhand comment, and when he noticed her distraction, he told her that things were going to be okay. Lulu admitted that the pressure of lying to Dante and Tracy were getting to her. She added that she couldn't take lying to one more person. Nikolas dropped in for a visit, ostensibly to ask Lulu about Luke and Laura's sudden reunion. Nik spotted Dillon and pretended to be surprised he was back in town. Nik asked Dillon and Lulu if they had any idea why Luke suddenly left Tracy for Laura. Lulu and Dillon did their best to satisfy Nik's curiosity without telling him the truth. Dillon mentioned that Luke was spontaneous, then he added that Luke and Laura had gone on vacation. Nik was shocked because Laura had said she was going to spend some time with Spencer. Lulu told Nik that this was normal for Luke and Laura, but Nik didn't believe that Laura would leave town on a whim. Dillon admitted there was more to the story. Lulu looked panicked, but Dillon said that Luke and Laura were engaged. Dillon suggested that they left town to spare Tracy further embarrassment. Nik claimed he felt bad for Tracy and wished there was something he could do to make it up to her and her family. Dillon assured Nik that it wasn't his responsibility.

Nik suggested they find a more pleasant topic, then he asked Dillon about his film career. Dillon explained that he was trying to finance a new movie. Although Dillon was wealthy, he knew better than to use his own money, so he was looking for investors. Nik offered to finance the film. Nik told Dillon that it would be a way for Nik to try and make up for what Laura did. Nik added that he was looking to diversify assets because the family fortune took a hit due to Victor's clinic. Dillon was grateful for the offer, but he explained that the sort of movies he made, mumblecore, rarely broke even. Nik asked if Dillon still had his shares of ELQ. Dillon confirmed that he owned 11.5% of the company. Nik mentioned that he and Tracy were in business together a awhile back, when she was selling relish. Dillon made it clear that no movie was worth his shares. Nik noted that Dillon also owned a production company. Nik offered to finance three films for Dillon, in exchange for 0.5% of ELQ stock. Dillon was reluctant to sign away his family legacy. Nik thought 0.5% was a fair price for getting to do what you love.

At GH, Elizabeth thought back to her talk with Nik. She was terrified that Jason would remember who he was, because she knew he'd never forgive her for selling out Michael. Nik knew everything would work out if he took over ELQ and got Jason away from the Quartermaines. Patrick walked up. Patrick noted that Liz seemed distracted lately, and he was concerned. Liz said she was thinking about Jake and wondering if he was a good fit for his new job. Patrick thought it was strange that Michael hired Jake, who had a record and no resume. He started to walk away, but Liz stopped him and asked him how he knew where Jake worked. Patrick explained that Sam told him. Liz told Patrick that Michael and Jake met at GH and took a liking to each other. Liz added that Jake was a really nice guy. Patrick noted that Liz sounded like Sam.

Patrick wondered if Jake told Liz about Sam's suggested that they all have dinner. Patrick was for it, since he wanted to get to know Jake better. Liz didn't think it was a good idea for them to get together. Patrick assumed that Liz felt awkward around Sam sometimes, due to their histories with Jason, and Patrick understood. Patrick didn't like Jake's propensity for violence, but Patrick felt that Jake had always been nice to Patrick, and forthcoming. Patrick still thought it was weird that Jake had imagined being in bed with Sam, though. Liz explained that away as a side effect of Helena's conditioning. Liz added that Jake and Sam had never actually been together. Patrick said he never thought they had. Patrick thought it was funny that Sam and Jake were colleagues now. Liz was alarmed, and she pushed Patrick for details. Patrick tried to stay mum, but Liz kept asking questions. Patrick told Liz that Sam was trying to find out who Rosalie was working for. Patrick told Liz not to tell anyone. Lucas paged Patrick, for a consult, so he left. Liz immediately called Nik to warn him.

Silas was in his office looking at Ava's medical file. He remembered Ava kissing him. Kiki dropped by with take out. She admitted that she wanted to talk about Morgan. Silas went into protective mode. Silas asked what Morgan did, and Silas promised Kiki that he'd deal with Morgan. Kiki confessed that she was the one who made the mistake. Kiki felt guilty because she jumped to the wrong conclusion when she heard that Morgan was keeping something from her, and ruined a surprise he was planning – a trip. Silas remembered Ava telling him that Morgan kissed her. Silas told Kiki she had nothing to feel guilty about. Kiki was surprised Silas felt that way. Silas covered and said that it takes time to build trust in a new relationship. Kiki wondered if it was okay for her to want to stay and get to know Denise instead of going on the trip. Silas thought it was okay for Kiki to make her family a priority, just like Morgan made his family a priority. Silas felt that Morgan was lucky to have Kiki. Kiki felt better. She hugged Silas and left. Silas flashed back to telling Ava how angry he was at Morgan.

Sonny and Morgan were at the Metro Court restaurant. Sonny had called his staff in Atlantic City and made all the arrangements for Morgan and Kiki to stay at his property there. Morgan revealed that the trip was off because Kiki wanted to spend time with Denise. Sonny felt that Denise was bad news, and he warned Morgan to stay away from her. Morgan explained that he'd gladly do so, but Kiki wanted the three of them to hang out. Morgan decided to do what he could to avoid Denise and to spend his time working on his relationship with Michael. Michael had agreed to let Morgan and Kiki visit Avery. Morgan was planning to try and convince Michael to let Sonny see her too. Sonny appreciated that, but Sonny was sure that Michael wouldn't change his mind. Sonny was pleased that Michael and Morgan were reconciling, and Sonny didn't want Morgan to jeopardize that for Sonny's sake. Morgan felt like Sonny and Morgan were a package deal, and Morgan was eager to make things right. Morgan left. Kiki arrived looking for Morgan, because he'd left his phone at her place. Sonny told her that Morgan was on his way to ELQ. Sonny brought Kiki up to speed on Morgan's intentions. Sonny admitted that he hoped he'd get the chance to see Avery some day too. Kiki felt bad because she knew how much Sonny had sacrificed to get her and Morgan out of trouble. Sonny thought they should just be grateful that no one was hurt. The subject shifted, and Kiki told Sonny that Michael and Morgan reconciled after going a few rounds in the ring. Kiki joked that she was going to go to ELQ and make sure Morgan was keeping his hands to himself.

When Sam arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy rushed up and demanded to know what Sam had found out. Sam asked to see Sabrina. Tracy said she was upstairs with the baby. Sam was reluctant to open up to Tracy, but Tracy reminded Sam that they were all on the same side. Tracy also admitted that the corporate intrigue was a welcome distraction from her personal life. Sam revealed that Rosalie took a phone call from a man. Sam didn't get to hear much before the call was cut off, but Sam thought that the man's voice sounded familiar. Meanwhile, Jake was outside spying on Sam and Tracy. He called Michael and said he knew who hired Sam.

Michael was in his office, on the phone with Jake, when Ava barged in and hung up the phone. Michael called out for Rosalie, but Ava, who was still posing as Denise, explained that she waited for Rosalie to go on break. Denise angrily told Michael that Sabrina wouldn't let her see her niece. Michael replied that it was probably because “Denise” dropped by without calling. Ava demanded that Michael call Sabrina and let her know there would be a visit taking place today. Michael replied that it wasn't a good time for a visit with the baby. Ava was confused, and she reminded Michael that he said he'd let her be a part of Avery's life. “A.J.,” Michael corrected. Michael explained that although “Denise” was AJ's relative, she was also a stranger. Michael was okay with “Denise” spending time with A.J., but only if Michael was there to supervise. Ava wanted the two of them to go to the mansion immediately, but Michael told her he was working. Michael told “Denise” to set up an appointment with his assistant. He asked her to see herself out. Jake called back, and Michael took the call.

Ava walked out in a huff. She stopped in the hallway and ranted at Edward's picture. Ava sensed that Michael was stonewalling her in hopes that she'd lose interest in Avery. Ava hissed that Avery was her child. Ava vowed to be a part of her daughter's life even if she had to tear Edward's house down brick by brick to do it. Morgan arrived and found Ava railing at Edward's portrait. He asked what was up. Ava adopted the Denise act again, and she told him what happened with Michael. She started sobbing because she had a feeling she wasn't going to get to play an active role in Avery's life. Morgan comforted her. They were about to kiss when Ava pulled back and said she should go. Morgan agreed. Ava asked if Morgan told Kiki what happened. Morgan said no; he hated lying to Kiki, but he didn't want to hurt her. Morgan couldn't help marveling over how much “Denise” reminded him of Ava. Morgan's eyes were filled with tears. He noted that when he looked into “Denise's” eyes, he remembered the beginning of his relationship with Ava, before the baggage destroyed them. “The beginning was just so full of...,” Morgan said. “Hope?” Ava asked, finishing his sentence. Morgan touched Ava's face. Ava told Morgan this was wrong, and he agreed with her, but they kissed deeply. Ava and Morgan went into Michael's office and shut the door. They got on the couch and began to kiss and undress.

Michael arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and met Jake outside. Michael was furious at Tracy for trying to steal the company. Jake felt that Michael shouldn't let on that he knew yet, but Michael explained that you have to confront a Quartermaine head on. Michael stormed inside and headed into the living room. Jake followed, but he stayed in the foyer. Jake kept glancing around, as if he sensed he'd been there before.

Michael accused Tracy of trying to take ELQ. He blasted her for her disloyalty to her family, especially after what happened with Luke. Michael asked how Tracy could do that to Alan, and he wondered if Tracy had lied about giving her shares to Jerry. Tracy felt that Michael was out of his mind. Sam defended Tracy. Michael asked Sam how she could betray him and put Danny's inheritance at risk. Michael revealed that Jake saw Sam bug Rosalie's phone. Jake walked in. Sabrina walked in shortly afterward and admitted that she was the one who hired Sam. Michael was shocked that Sabrina was spying on him. Sabrina clarified that she was spying on Rosalie. Michael assumed Sabrina was insecure because Rosalie and Michael slept together. Tracy snapped that Sabrina wasn't jealous - she thought Rosalie was a traitor. Michael defended Rosalie. Sam explained that Nina paid off a large bill shortly after Rosalie supposedly failed to convince Nina to sell Michael her shares. Tracy believed that Rosalie bought the shares on behalf of her other boss. Michael realized that Rosalie had been playing him the whole time. Tracy promised that the family would band together and stop the corporate raider.

Sam and Jake engaged in friendly banter. She told him she was almost impressed at the way he didn't let on that he saw her bugging the phone. Jake thought Sam should be more impressed – he caught her and she didn't even know. Sam noted that Jake jumped to the wrong conclusion though. Jake countered that he was right about Sam working behind Michael's back, but it wasn't his job to figure out what was going on in Sam's head. Jake playfully rapped Sam on the top of the head. They grinned.

Sabrina apologized to Michael for not telling him what she was doing. Michael was just glad that Sabrina kept investigating Rosalie. Tracy felt that it was time to focus on figuring out who was after their company.

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