GH Update Wednesday 6/17/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/17/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jake is in bed awake when Elizabeth awakens and wonders why he's up so early. He admits that he could not sleep because something is on his mind. She can see that he has “something” to find out about Sam. Yet he hasn't a clue what exactly that might be. She admits she finds it odd that he is suspecting Sam as secretly working for someone yet he tells her maybe they did not know Sam as well as they thought they did. He needs to spy on Sam and find out what is going on until he gets some answers. He gets up to leave and does not sound worried although Elizabeth seems like she is.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy asks Sabrina if she's heard from Sam Morgan. Sabrina admits she has not. Tracy can only assume that Sam is too busy “playing house” and not working to find out who is stealing from Tracy's father's legacy. Dylan enters and Tracy bitterly tells her son that she has had a horrendous experience with the loss and betrayal from Luke. However, she's not going to focus on that. She is only concerned about her company's shares and the interest of ELQ. She tells her son she will not become emotionally attached to Luke when he's made the decision he's made. Hearing that and knowing he is “torn”, Dylan tells his mom he wishes more than anything that he could tell her that Luke and Laura are not, in fact, back together and that Tracy is only being told false information. Hearing that, she tells Dylan they both need to realize it has happened and there's nothing more to say or do.

Sam is awake and on her computer while Patrick sleeps. She is able to “access” Rosalie's phone but somehow loses the connection before being able to find out that Rosalie is secretly talking to Nikolas. She admits to Patrick that she heard the voice of a man for about a second and then the call went dead. It sounded like a familiar voice. She informs her boyfriend that she is attempting to find out who might be having a secret plan to take Michael's ELQ shares although she hesitates to go into all the details nor reveal anything further.

At the office, Michael declares to Rosalie, that Jake has just discovered that her phone is being bugged although he hasn't a clue from whom (as he still hasn't a clue what Nikolas is up to). She asks if they have a clue how long the bug has been there or if he might have any idea who put it there.

At the police station, Maxie finds Valerie and tells her she needs to talk to her about Lulu. She admits that with all that has happened recently in Lulu's life, she has barely had any time to breathe much less “stand by her man”, whereas, Maxie admits to Valerie she can see that Valerie has been around Dante when Lulu has not. She admits to Valerie that as Lulu's best friend, it's her job to set Valerie straight that she needs to “find another man” to stand by besides Maxie's best friend's husband. She confronts Valerie about how it may be more than “coincidental” that out of all the jobs she could have, it would have to be working side by side with Dante. At the same time, we see how Lulu is ridden with guilt as her nightmare indicated that she had to lie to Dante about the threats to her brother's life and the secret Luke and Laura need her to keep from everyone.

A “vision” of Lulu answers her door when Dylan frantically enters and informs her that because of her “actions” the captors who are keeping her brother, Lucky, have killed him. Hearing that, she frantically concludes this is all her fault. She should have never told Dante. So, that means she has killed her brother, she says as she becomes devastated. She then awakens with Dante beside her and realizes she was merely having a nightmare and has not found out that Lucky has been killed. Dante comforts her and assures her that everything and everyone in their lives is safe and she need not worry. She tells him she knows that her cousin went to bat for him at the station when a reporter accused Dante of being a racist. She tells him she's glad to hear that Valerie practically threw the guy out of the station for falsely accusing Dante and had his back. Yet is she completely ok with that? He concludes that he bets that after what happened recently with her own family, that Tracy needs her more than he does. He admits he does not want to talk as much as she wants to know about his interaction with the reporter that got in the paper and how Valerie fiercely defended and protected him. He gets up to leave. They admit they love each other. Yet there may be something not entirely complete in their marriage.

Nikolas sits alone at the Metro Court and obviously has a secret plan after talking to Rosalie.

While Rosalie is on her phone at the office, Jake comes in to see Michael. As soon as they are alone in the room, and she believes she's not overheard she calls Nikolas to inform him that apparently her phone has been bugged. He asks why Michael would do that or if he has a problem with her. She tells him that she bets that Jake may be onto both of them although she is not entirely certain at this point. Inside Michael's office, when Jake tells Michael he might want to suspect Rosalie, Michael makes it clear that he trusts Rosalie because they've been through a lot together. Jake tells Michael he will let him make his own decisions and judgment calls although he may know better than Michael what’s in his best interests (just like Jason did).

When Nikolas is alone at The Metro Court, Elizabeth comes by and informs him that she heard from Jake that Sam is installing a bug on Michael's phone. They are both worried about the secret coming out that Jake is really Jason, may very well get his memory back, her relationship will be ruined and it could be found out that both she and Nikolas have been keeping the secret that he's Jason, from everyone. He informs her that he is probably going to obtain all the ELQ shares he needs. And his most recent option for having what he needs is Dylan Quartermaine

As Dylan is talking to his despondent and embittered mom about the loss of Luke to Laura (knowing he has to keep the secret), he gets a call from Lulu.

When Patrick finds out that Sam and Sabrina have been working together, he asks her if by any chance, they are “comparing notes” about being with him. She tells him it appears that Sabrina has moved on as she did not speak about him and is now seeing Michael. They both somehow know there may be some “significance” in both of their respective ended marriages and the way things happened in their lives for how they were brought together.

Tracy confides in Sabrina that her son has had very much the same disastrous luck with relationships as his mom has had and Sabrina may ask Lulu Falconeri. She tells Sabrina the story of her Dylan, years ago, in love with Georgie Jones yet having a secret liaison with Lulu. She realizes, however, that as time went by her son and her step daughter have remained good friends.

When Lulu goes to see Dylan, she informs him that she had a dream where Dante found out that she lied to him about Luke and Laura having to lie about being together in order to prevent someone from killing her brother. She hates lying to her husband as she knows he has not lied to her about anything. But doing this, it indicates she does not trust Dante. Yet he assures her this has nothing to do with trust. They both need to keep their mouths shut in order to protect Lucky. Yet she breaks down crying about the fact that she has to lie to her husband and is losing her mind. She cries in Dylan's arms. We then hear Rocco needing his mom. She brings the little guy out to meet Dylan and he admits he's intrigued that she is a mother now.

When Dante gets to the station and sees Maxie, he is able to tell, right away, that Maxie may be confronting Valerie although she denies it. He tells her that she needs to know that there is nothing going on between him and Valerie although she tells him that the two of them working together at the station is “a little too close to comfort”. He tells her that he'd really prefer she spend less time worrying about Valerie's job and maybe, perhaps, instead, get a job of her own. Maxie argues that she is working as a wedding planner and personal shopper and he's hit below the belt to imply that she is a dead-beat. He asks her why she is accusing him of having interests in cheating upon Lulu. She tells him she is not making the accusation of him but suspects Valerie. However, she apologizes to Valerie when Dante asks her to. He tells her he appreciates her looking out for him and Lulu and but assures her that nothing and no one will come between them.

Lulu talks to Dylan about her history and the rocky road she's been through with attempting to have a baby with Dante and how they've finally been able to do so. They talk about the fact that they (herself and Dylan) could have had a baby together but it was terminated yet she now has a child with Dante. They talk about the “what if's” for their lives if things had been different between them. He tells her that he misses what could have been if he'd been a dad and how he may have missed out yet they both realize that parenting is a sacrifice. He concludes that things worked out the way they were supposed to and there should be no regrets.

Sam is trying to figure out the voice on the other end of he conversation that Rosalie had at Michael's office. She tells Patrick that maybe Jake suspects something now that he's been hired to be Michael's head of security. Patrick admits that he does not want to lose what they have together. He remembers all the uncertainty in many people's lives when he reflects what happened between him and Robin and when she lost Jason. She tells him she knows that life can be scary and unpredictable but she is committed to finding out where it goes with him. He tells her he needs her to promise him she will be “careful” when she is around Jake.. They enjoy intimacy together and are momentarily not worried.

Rosalie knocks on Michael's door to tell him she just wanted to let him know that she is using her cell phone to make personal calls. He tells her he appreciates that and indicates he suspects nothing when she asks him what he and Jake spoke of.

Lulu privately talks to Dylan about how she is not ok with keeping the secret from Dante and realizes he (Dylan) is the only person she can discuss this with.

Nikolas concludes to a puzzled Elizabeth that even if Dylan Quartermaine does not really care for him or trust him, he knows that Dylan shares a special bond with his sister Lulu and he could very well use that.

Sam returns to Tracy who demands to know what she may have found out about who could be secretly embezzling ELQ shares. From outside, Jake overhears and watches as he calls Michael to report to him he's just found out that Sam is working for Tracy Quartermaine.

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