GH Update Tuesday 6/16/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/16/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Silas's, Silas tried to persuade Ava to stay away from Morgan. He told her that if she pursued Morgan, it would draw more attention to her and it would hurt Kiki. Ava agreed that Kiki had been through enough. Ava announced that she had a way to keep her mind off Morgan, then she pulled Silas into a kiss. Silas stopped it, and he stated that it was juvenile of Ava to think she could substitute him for Morgan. Ava reminded Silas that she and Silas had something once. Silas revealed that Nina told him that Madeline paid Ava to seduce him. Ava admitted that was how it started, but she insisted that it turned into one of the best things in her life. Silas countered that that was a long time ago. Ava believed that she and Silas reconnected in the hospital in NYC. She challenged him to deny that he felt it too. Silas was silent. Ava asked if it would really be so wrong to explore that. Silas confessed that he'd felt something in the hospital too, but he stopped short of admitting to having romantic feelings for Ava. Ava believed that Silas's actions proved he was in love with her. She pointed out that he hid her from the police and kidnapped her child to cure her cancer against her wishes. Ava told Silas that you don't do that for just anyone. Silas replied that he never pretended Ava didn't matter to him. Ava asked him to stop pretending now.

Ava began to get choked up. Ava admitted that, when she thought she'd been injected with something that would kill her, she was filled with regret about missing the chance to have a life with Silas. Ava thought she'd seen the same regret in Silas that day. Ava asked if his tears and declarations were fake. Silas admitted that spending time with Ava during her illness had unearthed his old feelings for her, but Silas still felt that it was a bad idea for them to date. Ava asked why. Silas had several reasons, but he only told her one – he had too much pride to play second fiddle to a kid. Ava insisted that she had real feelings for Silas. Silas reminded her that she also had feelings for Morgan. Ava felt that she and Silas could be together despite her feelings for Morgan. “I'm not starting something with you because you can't control yourself around our daughter's boyfriend,” Silas snapped.

Ava grudgingly agreed to leave things as they were, but she accused Silas of being selfish. Ava felt that if they took her suggestion, she could have taken her mind off Morgan, had a little fun with Silas, and possibly built something solid with Silas. Silas spat that Ava should be an adult and just stay away from Morgan, for Kiki's sake, and if she couldn't do that, she should leave town. Ava grumbled about Silas mentioning leaving town again. Silas still felt that it was best for Ava to leave Port Charles, before she got caught and sent to prison. Ava told Silas he was a brilliant doctor, but he could take his non-medical advice and shove it. She turned to storm out. Silas accused her of using her daughters as an excuse to be near Morgan. Ava yelled that this wasn't about Morgan. She insisted that she came to town to be with her children, and she vowed to do so.

Kiki and Morgan were at the Metro Court restaurant. Kiki revealed that she overheard Morgan tell Sonny that Morgan was hiding something from Kiki. Morgan remembered kissing “Denise.” Morgan lied and told Kiki that he was planning a surprise vacation for the two of them to unwind after all the stress they'd been through. Kiki asked if he could afford that, and Morgan told her that Sonny was going to let them stay in his new property in Atlantic City. Kiki was touched by Morgan's thoughtfulness, but she wondered if Morgan planned the trip because he wanted to avoid Denise. Morgan swore that he was okay with the amount of time he and Kiki had been spending with Denise, but Kiki was sure that Denise's appearance must affect Morgan. Morgan admitted that it was strange to be around Denise. Kiki thought that it was only natural that Denise would stir up some of Morgan's feelings for Ava. Morgan assured Kiki that this had no affect on his desire to move forward with Kiki. Kiki liked the idea of a vacation, but she told Morgan that she couldn't go. Kiki wasn't sure how long Denise was going to be in town, and she wanted to spend as much time with her aunt as possible. Kiki explained that she felt closer to Ava when she was around Denise. Morgan supported Kiki's decision. Kiki hugged him.

Scott entered the courtroom and was dismayed to see Sonny. Scott boasted that he'd just put Shawn away and was about to do the same to TJ. Sonny replied that he was there to support TJ. Scott speculated that Sonny was there out of guilt because Shawn was in prison due to working for Sonny. Scott added that the kid Shawn loved like a son was about to do hard time. Sonny countered that shoving a mall cop was only a misdemeanor. Scott hinted that he was charging TJ with something else. Sonny didn't understand why Scott was focused on TJ, who'd done something minor. Scott conceded that TJ wasn't as high profile as Sonny, but there was room in prison for all criminals. Sonny replied that he was a coffee importer. Scott scoffed and vowed to eventually put Sonny in prison. Scott revealed that the security guard had a dislocated shoulder, so Scott had decided to charge TJ with a felony. TJ was facing up to 25 years in prison.

In the interrogation room at the PCPD, Molly brought TJ a tie and asked how he was doing. TJ was exhausted after his night in jail, but what bothered him most was the blow up with Jordan. TJ told Molly that Duke tried to have Jordan killed. Molly was shocked because Duke always seemed so nice. A worried Molly suddenly wondered if her uncle Sonny was involved too. Molly tried to tie TJ's tie, but her hands were shaking too much. She apologized for not being strong for TJ and he assured her that her support was enough.

Jordan, who was in the squad room, stared at TJ through the window. Ric walked in and asked Jordan what kind of mother let her son spend the night in jail. Jordan swore that she'd be suing the store under other circumstances, but as commissioner, she was obligated to follow protocol. Ric countered that he'd never let Molly spend one minute in jail, if he could help it, and Jordan could have. Jordan insisted that she hated this. She admitted that TJ never should have shoved the guard, but she didn't blame her son because she understood his frustration. Jordan maintained that her hands were tied, but she told Ric that his weren't. Jordan warned Ric that there would be hell to pay if he lost the case. Jordan went into the interrogation room and told TJ that Ric was there. Jordan offered to help TJ with the tie, but he said no. Jordan lingered for a second, then she walked out. TJ admitted to Ric that he was worried about what to expect. Ric told TJ there was some good news – the credit card charge cleared, which meant Wyndham's, the department store, had no right to detain TJ. Molly was pleased, but Ric's serious expression made TJ realize there was some bad news too.

Back at the courthouse, Sonny stepped into the hallway and made a discreet phone call to Max and asked him to do something. TJ, Jordan, Ric and Molly arrived. Everyone greeted Sonny, except for Jordan, who just stared at him. Everyone except Sonny and Ric went inside. Ric asked Sonny not to attend the arraignment. Ric explained that he planned to argue that TJ was a good kid, who'd been railroaded because of how he looked, and the argument would be undermined if the judge realized TJ was connected to Sonny. Sonny understood and agreed to wait outside.

Back in the courtroom, Scott approached Jordan and congratulated her on her new job. Scott told Jordan he knew, from experience, how difficult it was when your son was the defendant, but he hoped she would keep things professional. Jordan replied that she trusted that justice would be served. Jordan told Scott that they both knew TJ wasn't in the wrong. Scott countered that Jordan's people made the arrest. Jordan replied that her people were backed into a corner. She was adamant that the store never should have called the police. Scott replied that Mayor Lomax didn't want to show favoritism. Jordan countered that it wasn't favoritism, it was common sense. Scott told Jordan not to shoot the messenger. He changed the subject and told Jordan he'd saved her a seat behind him. Jordan sat down, on the prosecutor's side, and stared over at TJ who was sitting at the Defense table.

TJ confided in Molly that he was upset that Jordan was sitting on the prosecutor's side. Molly pointed out that she had to sit there because she was the commissioner. “That's funny, I thought she was my mom,” TJ replied. Ric walked in and assured TJ that he'd be free by noon. Scott took a phone call. Ric asked if they could start, then Scott revealed that the guard had decided not to press charges. Scott clarified that he (Scott) could still prosecute TJ, but he wasn't going to since it would be an uphill battle without a witness. Scott told TJ he was free to go, then he warned him not to screw up. Jordan told TJ she was happy for him. “I guess it's a good day for both of us. You stayed true to what mattered most, your job, and I got to go free,” TJ replied. Jordan hoped TJ would go out and celebrate. Molly and TJ hugged. Ric offered to take everyone out to celebrate.

Jordan left the courtroom and approached Sonny. Sonny noted that he heard the witness refused to press charges. Jordan asked if he knew anything about that. Sonny swore he wasn't involved, but Jordan seemed skeptical. Sonny stated that justice was served, then he and his bodyguard left.

Back at the station, Dante walked in looking for Jordan. Valerie told him that she was at her son's arraignment. Valerie wondered how Dante was doing with everything, and he assured her that he was good. A reporter and cameraman came storming into the squad room and asked Dante how his boss felt about Dante being a racist. Dante was caught off guard. The reporter continued that Dante must be a racist to arrest a kid for using his own credit card. Valerie was outraged by the verbal attack on Dante and she tore into the reporter. She identified herself as Dante's coworker, then she spoke about Dante's professionalism and courage in glowing terms. Valerie called the reporter a hack for slandering Dante' name, then she ordered him to leave. The reporter started to argue, but he left after Valerie threatened to get someone to throw him out. Valerie asked if Dante was okay, and he assured her that he was fine. Dante admitted that he'd been feeling bad about what happened with TJ and he appreciated Valerie's support. Valerie felt that he'd done the same for her. Dante thought this was different, but Valerie insisted that support was support. Later, Dante brought Valerie coffee. Valerie thanked him, and Dante said he wanted to do something nice for her, since she did nice things for him all the time.

Luke, Laura, Lulu and Dillon were on the Haunted Star. Dillon wanted to get back at Luke for hurting Tracy by telling Tracy the truth. Luke argued that Dillon shouldn't put Lucky at risk to hurt Luke. Dillon wasn't swayed, so Lulu begged him not to endanger her brother. Tracy walked in, just in time to hear Lulu beg Dillon not to say anything to Tracy. Tracy was there to return the engagement ring. Tracy accused Dillon of conspiring with the enemy. Dillon insisted that it wasn't like that, so Tracy demanded an explanation. Luke, Laura, and Lulu were relieved when Dillon covered and said that Luke and Laura were engaged and were going away to celebrate. Laura added that Lulu was trying to keep Dillon quiet to spare Tracy's feelings. Dillon stated that his mother didn't need to be protected. Dillon told Tracy that it was a good thing that she now knew the kind of person Luke was. Tracy agreed. Tracy thanked Dillon for his honesty and added that he was the only person in the room that she could count on. Lulu was hurt, and Laura asked Tracy not to blame Lulu. Luke added that he and Laura were the ones who made the decision to keep Tracy in the dark. Tracy replied that she was glad Luke and Laura were engaged, because now she didn't have to worry about Luke trying to come back to Tracy. Tracy started to leave, and Dillon reminded her about the ring. Tracy offered the ring to Laura. “To the victor go the spoils,” Tracy said in a hurt and angry voice. Laura replied that she didn't want the ring. Tracy gave the ring to Luke and told him that she never wanted to see him again. She turned to leave, but Luke suddenly asked her to wait. Tracy stopped, and Luke insisted that he still loved her. Tracy didn't buy it. She felt that Luke used her, and she was embarrassed that she let him. Tracy left.

Dillon felt bad that Tracy had been hurt even worse. Luke and Laura thanked Dillon for keeping the secret. Dillon snapped that he didn't do it for them; he did it for Lulu. Lulu thanked Dillon for possibly saving Lucky's life. Lulu asked what they were supposed to do now. Laura explained that the kidnappers were supposed to call, at some point. Luke sighed that the call had better come soon, otherwise this whole charade, and Tracy's pain, would be for nothing. Luke was impatient and decided to try and find the kidnappers if they didn't call soon. Dillon thought that might spur the kidnappers to hurt Lucky. Lulu was on Luke's side, but Laura felt that they should wait.

Laura's phone rang; she was given an address in British Columbia, Canada, for her and Luke to go to. The kidnappers didn't give any other details. Laura stressed that Dillon and Lulu couldn't tell anyone about this, including Dante. Lulu insisted that they could trust Dante not to say anything. Luke argued that if Tracy didn't get to know, Dante didn't either. Luke was afraid of what would happen to Lucky if the kidnappers found out a cop was involved. Lulu didn't want to lie to her husband. Dillon contended that they all had to lie, to protect Lucky. Lulu reluctantly agreed to keep Dante in the dark. “Ready to roll?” Luke asked Laura? “Always,” Luke replied. She took Luke's arm and they walked out.

Tracy returned to the Quartermaine mansion. Sabrina was picking up AJ's toys, but Tracy still lashed out at her because of the mess. Sabrina took it in stride. Tracy fixed a drink and was annoyed to see Sabrina staring at her. Sabrina was concerned about Tracy and curious about what happened. Tracy told her about Luke and Laura's “engagement.” Later, Ava, posing as Denise, arrived. Sabrina answered the door. “Denise” introduced herself, as she breezed passed Sabrina and entered the foyer. Ava's eyes bulged as Sabrina introduced herself as AJ's nanny. Ava remembered Sabrina confessing to making Ava go into premature labor out of revenge. Ava asked to see the baby. Sabrina gently explained that she couldn't let her spend time with the baby without Michael's permission. Sabrina added that her first priority was to protect AJ. Ava's temper flared. “If that kid needs protecting from anyone it's from,” Ava snapped before she caught herself, and said “everyone else, not me.” Sabrina politely suggested that “Denise” call next time. Ava said okay and left. Once Ava was outside, she seethed.

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