GH Update Monday 6/15/15

General Hospital Update Monday 6/15/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dylan goes to confront Luke at The Haunted Star about his betrayal to Dylan's mother. Lulu is not far behind him. Standing beside Laura, Luke protests that everything he said to Tracy the night before was a lie. Dylan demands to know what on earth Luke is talking about and reminds him that he and Laura have gone too far with this. Luke then reveals to Dylan that it's a lie that he and Laura are getting back together. That's not going to happen. However, he reveals that he and Laura have to tell Tracy and all other people involved otherwise. Hearing that, Lulu demands to know what “truth” her father is talking about. Both Luke and Laura know that revealing the truth about “this” to Lulu might put her in danger. Overhearing that, Dylan tells them that even if they're concerned about Lulu, they need not worry about danger to him knowing their “secret”. They then reveal to him that it's about their son, Lulu's brother. They are both worried that he is in danger. Laura and Luke inform Lulu that her brother Lucky has vanished. Someone has taken him. Nobody knows what has happened to Lucky and Lulu realizes her brother may not have been kidnapped when they do not know. Laura tells her daughter that she went to find her son and when she got to his place, it had been ransacked and there was no sign of Lucky. She only got a call from an anonymous person telling her that they would kill Lucky unless she followed their instructions. Hearing that, both Lulu and Dylan demand to know what “instructions”. Laura replies they said that she and Luke had to convince everyone that they are back together. Dylan does not buy that telling them he finds it hard to believe that somebody would be so invested in having people believe that Luke and Laura are back together that they would endanger Lucky.. He tells them he does not take their word for this and there's no way he's keeping this from his mother. The others urge him to know that Lucky Spencer's life is in danger. Luke tells Dylan he can do whatever he wants against him but please not at Lucky's expense. Dylan does not listen but Lulu urges him not to tell his mother the secret when her brother's life is at stake.

Meanwhile, back at the Quartermaine house, Tracy and Sabrina are ready to “nullify” Tracy's most recent engagement to Luke. They work to pry off the engagement ring. Right then, Sam enters. Tracy is not as warm toward her as she has been toward Sabrina although Sam is there to talk to Sabrina about “confidential business”. Sabrina tells Tracy she might want to hear what Samhas to say. This has to do with her family. This is regarding when Luke first stole her ELQ shares. Sabrina admits to Tracy that she and Sam suspect that somebody who supposedly works for Michael is doing some underhanded dealings behind his back to a “competitor”. They believe it could be Rosalie Martinez although they have yet to find out just whom Rosalie might be reporting to. It appears that somebody is secretly taking Michael's ELQ shares through Rosalie.

Right then, we see Rosalie on the phone to Nikolas realizing they may be found out at some point. She angrily reminds him that she is doing his dirty work by lying to Michael. He reminds her that he's paying her. She tells him that's not the point. It's bad enough that Michael's nanny is suspecting her. It now looks as though he's hired Jake to investigate and find out who may be spying on Michael, and Jake might be able to find out just what they are doing and blow their whole plan.

At The Metro Court, Morgan talks to Sonny and Carly, apologizing to them for drugging Michael, admitting that he made a serious mistake and asking if they accept his apology. They remind him that maybe they are not the ones to apologize to. It's Michael. They also realize that Michael is not willing to speak to either of his parents any time soon. They also know that Michael has full control of baby Avery and won't let any of them see her. Sonny has his doubts about Michael coming around although Carly tells him that she realizes they have a long way to go with Michael but the mere fact that Michael declared somewhat of a truce with Morgan is a huge step. As soon as they find out that Morgan has been “talking to” Denise, however, they are not happy, demand that he stay away from that woman and realize she's trouble (or very possibly the real Ava). Carly tells her son she realizes he is old enough to make his own decisions although she disapproves. Alone with Sonny, Morgan reveals to his dad that he and Denise “kind of got into it”. Sonny seems intrigued, at first to hear that. He asks his son if Kiki has any knowledge of that, reminding him that it may not go over well if she finds out. Right then, Kiki enters and reveals to Sonny that she intends to have dinner with her “aunt Denise” and get to know her. Noticing that she suspects nothing, Sonny tells her if she were her, he'd watch his back around Denise. Sonny then gets a call from Shawn about TJ needing help and reminds the others he promised to look out for him for Shawn so he needs to get to TJ's court hearing. Sonny leaves.

Right then, the real Ava smugly and confidently informs Silas that her “act” is working. Michael bought it just like everyone else who believes that Ava is dead and she's Denise, Ava's twin sister. Right then, however, unexpectedly, Kiki enters and witnesses Silas the “Denise” huddled in a corner having their private conversation. She tells Denise she'd like to have a meal with her and get to know her so they arrange to meet later at The Metro Court. “Denise” sounds highly engaged and friendly to her “niece” Yet Kiki hasn't a clue what is really going on and has to leave. As soon as “Denise”(really Ava) talks alone with Silas, she demands to know why she had to hear from Kiki, and why he did not tell her that their daughter and Morgan are back together. He tells her that she needs to realize that he's done a lot for her involving saving her life and now keeping her identity a secret so that she does not go to prison for murder. She threatened to send him to prison for saving her life and blackmailed him into going through with her scam, Silas angrily reminds her. She asks him why he can't tell her about their daughter's personal life. He reminds her that she and Morgan cut ties long ago. So it's a moot point. She tells him that maybe “Ava” and Morgan are done. But “Denise” and Morgan are not. She admits that when she was alone with Morgan, and she broke, he was “there” for her. He is clearly not ok with what he is hearing however, and assesses that their daughter is finally picking up the pieces of her relationship with Morgan and then this “scam artist” has to ruin that. Yet she justifies what she and Morgan did and promises that they will not hurt Kiki and it will not happen again. He tells her he still suspects that she is “not finished” with Morgan.

When Jake meets with Michael after doing his “investigation”, he tells him he thinks he might know who it is that's spying upon him. Michael asks him who. Jake replies Sam Morgan, given that he caught her breaking into Michael's office without an explanation only hours ago. Hearing that, Michael tells Jake that it makes no sense for Sam to be spying upon him to take his ELQ shares. However, Jake shows him the phone bug that Sam installed on his phone (which she did but in order to catch Rosalie and find out who she is working for, against Michael). Meanwhile, Rosalie overhears their conversation unknown to them. Michael still does not believe that Sam is the spy. She's family and Jason's widow. Even if she'd work against ELQ, why would she work against him? Jake reminds Michael that Sam is a Cassadine so anything is possible.

Right then, Sloane goes to pay Nikolas a visit and informs him that he may have gotten the shares from members of ELQ to give to Nikolas. He informs him that they have all heard that Olivia Falconeri's baby whom she had with Julian Jerome, died. Yet when he contacted Brook Lynn, Ned's daughter, she was with a baby whom it's pretty obvious is Olivia and Julian's baby. She's hiding the baby and keeping the secret for her dad and Olivia. At first, Nikolas believes that does him no good until Sloane informs him that he told Brook Lynn and told Ned that he would keep the information a secret from Julian and others under the condition they hand over the shares so that Nikolas can have them and so that they never find out that Nikolas is the secret “spy”.

When Sam talks to Sabrina and to Tracy at the Quartermaine house,, they all wonder what to do with the ring. Tracy only wants to get rid of it and not give it to anyone because it's a curse. She admits she's done with Luke permanently and she wants to ring gone. She then concludes that there is nobody who deserves the “bad karma” associated with this ring more than Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, with all he's put her through. So he may have it and that will seal the deal to have him out of her life forever.

Nikolas concludes to Sloane that all he needs is on percent more of ELQ stock and he will do whatever he needs to do in order to get it, although he's “not quite there” yet.

Jake tells Michael that if he does not suspect Sam as the spy, he might want to consider Nikolas Cassadine. Jake tells Michael that he has an idea. He can put Sam's bug back into Rosalie's phone so that they can find out who is really behind this whole show.

Right then, Rosalie returns to Nikolas when Sloane leaves and tells him it's “not safe” to be at the office when Jake is there to investigate for Michael. She sees that something is going on with the phone that prevents her from eavesdropping on conversations and so she has no way of knowing what Jake would be up to.

Sam then discovers, when she talks to Sabrina, that she's not getting a signal with the bug she installed like she could the last time she checked. Right then, however, she gets on the computer and concludes that she now has access to Rosalie's phone and will be able to find out whom Rosalie is secretly talking to.

Meanwhile, Silas tells Denise (Ava) that she has to get over Morgan because it will hurt their daughter if she does not do so. She then realizes he's right that she has to find a way to get over Morgan. And, she further tells Silas, she knows of the perfect way to do just that. He asks her how. She kisses him and concludes that she can't be thinking about Morgan when she's thinking about Silas.

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