GH Update Friday 6/12/15

General Hospital Update Friday 6/12/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam returns to talk to Sabrina after talking to Rosalie. They are making sure that Michael is not aware of their plan to find out information from Rosalie about what she might be doing behind Michael's back in order to take his rightful ELQ shares or possibly many other things they may not know about. She tells Sabrina that although she does not want to trust or believe what Nina said, she sounded sincere about Rosalie working against Michael. Yet they still haven't a clue as to whom she is working for against him although Sam assures Sabrina that she is determined to find out. She tells her she has a plan that might work. And it's involving Jake.

Rosalie talks to Michael and to Jake about who could have taken the ELQ shares. Jake wants to investigate and get the answers. As soon as Rosalie is alone with Michael she reveals to him that she believes entrusting Jake to uncover the “secret” is a mistake and he asks her why she says that. She tells him she does not believe it's safe to have someone like Jake involved in this. Michael protests to her that he realizes people suspect Jake because of the bomb installed at The Haunted Star. But Jake warned everybody and saved their lives and he makes it clear that he trusts Jake.

Nikolas in on his phone demanding that things get done to get him what he wants so that he can take over ELQ. Out of nowhere, Laura appears unexpectedly to overhear her son and announces this is just like him being hard at work. He hugs his mom and is happy to see her although surprised that she is back in the country when he had no warning. She wants to know all about Spencer and how he's recovering and emotionally praises her son for being such a good father. She tells him she knows that she interrupted him right when he was in the middle of a private phone call. She seems to suspect nothing but asks her son if he wants to share anything with his mom regarding his corporate endeavors. She tells her son she remembers years ago working for ELQ and knows some family secrets. She informs her son that Luke and Tracy had their engagement party at the Haunted Star but she prevented it from happening and Luke reconsidered. Hearing that, Nikolas concludes to his mom that he believes she could do a lot better than Luke Spencer. He tells her that she does not have to ask for his blessing but she has it if she wants it. He just wants her to be happy. She is happy to hear that but remarks to her son she can clearly see it appears he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Tracy is angrily talking to Dylan about how Laura had to come and ruin everything. She tells her son that she trusted Luke and defended him to everyone who told her she should see the signs. And she should have known that all it takes is Laura coming back to town to ruin all she had with Luke. She bitterly tells him she's allowed herself to be used, exploited and devalued and seen as nothing more than a substitute for so many men. Hearing that, Dylan tells his mom she needs to not let Luke or Laura stand in the way of her happiness or her belief in herself that she has a lot of love to give.

Lulu finds Luke while he's drinking at The Haunted Star knowing he's upset and tells her dad they have a few things to hash out. She tells her father that he needs to realize that Tracy was there for him and stood by him when no one else would and the way he thanked her was by leaving her. He tells his daughter he wishes there was something he could do. In response to that, she demands that he does something about it by getting back with Tracy. He makes it clear to his daughter that there is some sort of secret he's not telling her. Before they can continue their conversation, Dylan enter infuriated and tells Luke he is not going to sit back and let him do this to his mother and he demands to know why it happened.

At the police station, Valerie brings Dante some food and knows that he is lost in thought and working obsessively on a case. He admits that he's concerned about the innocent kid who had to spend the night in a jail cell because of him. She tells him he should not blame himself and realize how the security footage made it appear that the cops had good reason to arrest TJ. She tells Dante that it's really easy for Caucasians to fail to understand what it's like to live with suspicion every time one is seen driving a car that looks “nice” or expensive, making any monetary transaction or doing the things that set minorities up for suspicion. He blames himself but she assures him that there was nothing he could do given the circumstances.

The morning after Jordan finds herself with no choice except to have her son booked and taken to a jail cell, due to Lomax telling her now that she is the new police commissioner, it's the “politically correct” thing to do, she meets with her son in the interrogation room. TJ tells his mom she may go ahead and book him. She asks the cop to let her talk to her son alone although he does not want to talk. She asks if he is alright and urges him to please just talk to her. She reminds him that he shoved that security officer to the ground although he tells her that only happened after he made false accusations of him when he was attempting to go and visit Shawn and bought a gift for Molly. She tells her son she does not want this to happen to him and wishes there was some other way. He tells her there is. She could just quit and not have her position of authority in the first place. She asks how her resigning would help him, reminding him that she already wrote a resignation letter but Lomax called her bluff. Even if she is done with her job, he would still be in the jail cell. She assures her son that she wants to figure something out but in the mean time she has to “treat him like everyone else”. He tells her he's not exactly being treated like “everyone else”. There are plenty of criminals running around free like Luke Spencer and Sonny and tons of others. Yet why is it that Shawn and himself are behind bars? Hearing that, Jordan asks her son if he is implying that this is a racial thing. He confirms yes. He absolutely does believe that. He protests he did nothing wrong. He was buying Molly a gift using his credit card which, the last time he checked, was not illegal. Yet the cops had to assume that he was using a stolen card and it's clearly because he was black. Do you think the same thing would have happened to a white teenager? He tells her that Dante could have refused to arrest him. She firmly tells him he has no right to accuse Dante of being racist. This would have never happened if he had not gotten into the conflict with the security officer. He asks his mom if she's so blinded by having her position of authority that she does not remember what it's like to not be able to trust anyone watching you whenever you go to get gas, use an ATM or make a transaction at a store just because one is African American. He concludes to her that he can't trust her after what she did to him and what she did to Shawn. She tells him if he feels like she's betrayed him and does not trust her, that's ok. But he needs to get his facts straight about people he's putting on a pedestal like Shawn. She informs him for the first time that Shawn suspected she was a cop months ago, informed Duke and they arranged to have her killed. Hearing that, he does not want to believe that Duke would want her killed when he appeared so nice. She urges her son to know that she's not trying to tear down another person he admired, she just needs for him to know some things. She shares with him what it did to her to have him believing she was a drug dealer. So she now has to come clean and let him know all the things that happen in the world.

Outside in the police office, Dante then gets a call from the credit card company confirming that the charge on TJ's credit card was valid.

TJ tells his mother he supports what she is doing, believes what she is saying and trusts her. He doesn't want anything to happen to her. However, he can't ignore the fact that he got arrested for doing nothing wrong by his own mother.

Sam gets off the elevator at ELQ and stands outside Michael's empty office making certain she's not seen or heard and she installs a device into his phone. Jake walks in. She is surprised to find out that Michael hired him to be the head of security. He asks her what she is doing there and she finds it difficult to answer that question. They talk in a friendly manner about her and Patrick and about him and Elizabeth yet she evades the question of why she came and leaves.

While Tracy is alone in her living room, very upset and bitter, Sabrina goes to attempt to talk to her. She tells Tracy that as horrible as it must have been for Laura to come and crash her engagement party, at least it wasn't her wedding. Hearing that and remembering what happened to Sabrina not long ago, Tracy admits that she has a valid point. Sabrina tells Tracy that it does get easier as she first thought she would not get over losing Patrick. Felix was her best friend and helped her and without the support she got from her BFF, she doesn't know how she could have survived her loss. Hearing that, Tracy informs Sabrina that she's never had a best friend, cannot think of any person who's been a friend to her nor ever before believed she'd ever want or need one. But now, maybe, she believes she could use that. Sabrina tells Tracy she could be her friend.

At The Haunted Star, when Dylan furiously confronts Luke and demands answers for why he abandoned Tracy, Luke tells him that what he and Tracy had was all a “lie”.

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