GH Update Thursday 6/11/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/11/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

TJ was cuffed to a table in an interrogation room at the PCPD. Ric asked TJ to tell him what happened. TJ explained that he'd been planning to go to Pentonville to visit Shawn. On the way, TJ had stopped by a department store to buy Molly a graduation gift. Meanwhile, Jordan and Molly were in the squad room. Molly asked Jordan what was going on. Jordan didn't know, since TJ had refused to talk to her. Molly was confident that TJ wouldn't break the law, so she was sure there must be some kind of mistake. Jordan was sure they'd get answers once Dante, the arresting officer, returned. Just then, Dante walked in. Jordan demanded to know why Dante didn't return any of her calls. Dante explained that he'd been busy following up on another case. Jordan asked what TJ had been arrested for. “Something that he didn't do,” Ric said, as he walked out of the interrogation room. Molly and Jordan were relieved when Ric said that he thought the matter would be cleared up quickly. Molly hugged her dad then she went to see TJ Jordan asked Dante what happened. Dante explained that he got a call from a store saying they'd detained someone for using a stolen or fake credit card. Dante was shocked when he arrived and saw that it was TJ.

Back in the interrogation room, TJ told Molly that he'd gone to the store to buy her the earrings she'd been admiring some time earlier. TJ put them on his credit card, and the store clerk stalled while wrapping them up. When the transaction was finished, TJ tried to leave, but he was detained by security, who accused him of stealing the credit card. TJ had shown the security guard his driver's license, but the man still didn't trust TJ.

Back outside, Ric ranted about the “megalomaniac small-minded mall cop.” According to Ric, the store had no reason to suspect that the credit card was stolen, but they still called the real cops. Dante explained that when he got there, he vouched for TJ, but the guard would not accept Dante's word that TJ was a good kid. The guard insisted on holding TJ until the card company verified that the card was TJ's. Dante and the guard had argued, which Dante thought only made the guard more determined to detain TJ. Dante told TJ that they'd have to wait. TJ mentioned that he was going to Pentonville to visit someone and the guard took that as proof that TJ was a criminal. Jordan was appalled that the guard leapt to that conclusion, and Dante was in complete agreement.

TJ continued the story. TJ was eager to get to Pentonville before visiting hours were over, so he didn't want to wait. He also didn't feel like he had to wait since he hadn't done anything wrong. TJ tried to push past the guard and leave the office. The guard tried to stop TJ; there was a scuffle, and the guard fell. Molly didn't think TJ deserved to get arrested. TJ was upset because, due to his college coursework, he wouldn't be able to go see Shawn until next Friday.

The guard was fine after the fall from Dante's observation, but the guard claimed he hurt his back and demanded that TJ be arrested for assault. Ric was adamant that these were trumped up charges, and Dante agreed. Dante explained that he tried to smooth things over by telling the guard that TJ was the commissioner's son, but the guard felt that this meant TJ would get preferential treatment. Ric, Jordan and Dante all thought it was clear that the guard racially profiled TJ Dante was sure the store had learned by now that the card hadn't been stolen. Ric suggested that Jordan make the case go away so that TJ wouldn't have a record. Jordan was about to release TJ, but she got a phone call. Ric went back to the interrogation room and told TJ the good news. Jordan walked in and told everyone that the mayor called – the news had gotten hold of the story. Mayor Lomax insisted that Jordan handle the case by the book to ward off accusations of impropriety. In a pained tone, Jordan said that TJ had to be taken to a holding cell.

Jake went to ELQ and talked with Michael. They were just outside Michael's office, next to Rosalie's desk. Michael was pleased that Jake was okay after Shawn's attempt to kill him. Jake explained that he was out of the business and was interested in the opening for head of security. Michael admitted the company was in trouble and needed the help. Michael invited Jake into the office and closed the door, so Rosalie activated the bug in the office and listened in with her headphones.

Back in the office, Jake asked what sort of trouble ELQ had – was there a spy on the staff? Michael didn't think it was an internal problem. Michael explained that he was desperate to find out who had acquired a large portion of ELQ shares. Michael added that Franco and Nina had extorted 11.5% of ELQ stock. Jake suggested that Michael go to the police. Michael couldn't, because he had no proof. Michael told Jake how he sent Rosalie to buy the shares back, and Rosalie said Nina refused to sell. Michael added that a friend of his thought Rosalie might be lying. Michael told Jake that 32% of the other shares were missing. Michael suspected that they were in the hands of the Cassadines. Rosalie looked concerned. Michael didn't suspect Nikolas; just Helena.

“What are you listening to, Rosalie?” a suspicious Sabrina asked, as she walked in. The tension between the women was clear. Rosalie lied and said she was listening to music while she worked on something for Michael. Sabrina noted that Michael gave Rosalie a lot of responsibility, like buying the ELQ shares. Rosalie mentioned that Nina had refused to sell them. Sabrina thought it was strange that Franco said Nina sold them. Rosalie replied that Franco was lying, then Rosalie added that she knew Sabrina tried to convince Michael otherwise. Sabrina asked if she was supposed to believe Michael told Rosalie that. Rosalie said she figured it out on her own. Rosalie asked if Sabrina was crazy, then Rosalie asked where she'd get the cash to buy the shares. Sabrina theorized that Rosalie got the money from her other boss. Rosalie denied having another boss, but Sabrina countered that she heard Rosalie call someone besides Michael “boss.” Rosalie wondered why Sabrina was involved in Rosalie's business. Rosalie accused Sabrina of being Michael's hooker – Michael paid Sabrina, and Sabrina went out with him. Sabrina brushed off Rosalie's barb and warned Rosalie that the truth would come out.

Michael asked Jake if he would be comfortable investigating Helena. Jake was fine with it because he was sure Helena couldn't control him anymore. Jake was grateful that Michael took the bomb off the boat and saved all the people Jake almost killed. Michael felt that Luke and Helena were responsible, not Jake. Jake said he'd learned that he'd rather die than hurt an innocent person. Michael was pleased with Jake's answers, so he put Jake's name at the top of the list for the job. Michael hoped that Jake could use Helena's fixation with Jake to get her to confide in him. Jake doubted it since Helena hadn't even told him who he really was. Jake, who noted that he probably wasn't a “boy scout” in his last life, wondered if he was better off never knowing. Jake felt drawn to a picture in the office and asked Michael about it. Michael explained that it was a picture of Monica and Danny. Jake picked up the portrait and noted that Monica had examined him when he first came to GH. Jake added Danny was always excited to see Jake. Jake told Michael about his dream of playing motorcycles with Danny. Michael smiled and said Danny really did love motorcycles. Jake sheepishly admitted that, in the dream, it felt like Danny was his son. Jake thought his dream was crazy, but it made him wonder if he really did have a son.

Jake noticed the other family photos in the office and said Michael must have a terrific family. Michael smiled and said the Quartermaines were one of a kind. Michael told Jake about the first time Danny and Edward met, and how they instantly connected. Jake noted that Sam said the same thing happened between Jake and Danny. Jake joked that Danny must have sensed that Jake loved motorcycles too. Michael talked about Jason's love for motorcycles and the time Jason drove a motorcycle into the family living room. Jake enjoyed the story. Michael explained that although Jason rebelled against the things the Quartermaines stood for, Jason still respected Edward. Michael was determined to preserve the company Edward built. Jake said he'd be honored to protect Michael's family. Michael hired Jake and noted that Jake already seemed like family. Jake was grateful that Michael took the risk on him, so Jake decided to start by working on finding the missing shares.

At Wyndemere, an alarmed Elizabeth told Nikolas that Jason might be close to figuring out who he really was. Nik was confused because he thought Jason was focused on Liz and her boys. Liz confirmed that she and Jason seemed to be building something permanent, which was a dream come true for her. Liz explained that she was concerned because Jason had applied for a job at ELQ, Jason's family's business. Nik figured that Jason wouldn't get the job, since he didn't have a resume. Liz countered that Jason had befriended Michael when they had a conversation in the past. Nik pointed out that it was just one conversation, but Liz explained that Jason said he liked Michael the moment they met, and she feared that Michael would be drawn to Jason too and hire him. Liz stressed that Jason and Michael had a very deep bond, and she was convinced that they'd eventually recognize each other if they worked together.

Liz admitted that she felt guilty about lying by omission to Jason. Nik reminded Liz that she'd argued that Jason was better off this way. Liz still wanted to believe that, but she didn't feel good about keeping Jason away from his family. Nik thought Liz should just focus on being happy with Jason. Liz loved her life with Jason, but she couldn't stop thinking about Sam and Danny. Liz had initially been mad at Nik for telling Hayden to go tell Jason the truth, but now Liz wished the truth had come out that day. Liz called Hayden getting shot a crazy twist of fate. Nik remembered sending someone to kill Hayden before she could tell Jason the truth. Nik confessed that he was very close to taking ELQ over. He assured Liz that if Jake took the job, he'd be working for Nik, not Michael. Liz grudgingly admitted she'd rather Jason work for the Cassadines than the Quartermaines. Nik was sure that, between the accident and Helena's conditioning, Jason would never recover his memory. Liz still wanted Jason away from Michael as soon as possible.

Sam approached Nina at the Metro Court restaurant and struck up a friendly conversation about Nina's new marriage to Sam's former step father. Sam expressed surprise that Nina's relationship with Franco didn't work out. Nina pointed out that she and Sam hated each other, and she asked why Sam was acting like they were friends. Sam remembered that Sabrina asked her to investigate the situation at ELQ. Sam claimed she wanted to mend fences because Nina's new stepdaughter Molly was Sam's sister. Sam didn't want there to be any tension at Molly's upcoming graduation. Nina didn't buy it, so Sam admitted she was investigating the fate of Nina's ELQ shares. Nina replied that she'd sold them to Rosalie. Sam revealed that Rosalie said otherwise and had even returned the briefcase of cash. Nina insisted that Rosalie gave her the money. Sam asked if there were any witnesses. Nina said no, but Nina had given Olivia some of the money for the hotel bill shortly after Rosalie left.

Sam broached the topic of Rosalie's secret. Nina pretended not to know what Sam was talking about. Sam replied that Rosalie had already told Michael she had a secret. Nina asked if Rosalie told Michael what she did, and Sam clarified that Rosalie only said she was hiding something. Sam told Nina that Rosalie was going around calling Nina crazy and that Nina was holding onto the shares because they were a link to Franco. Once Nina was riled up, Sam tried to goad Nina into getting back at Rosalie by telling Sam the secret. Nina decided it would be best to keep that leverage for herself. She grabbed Sam's face and kissed both her cheeks and said she'd see Sam at the graduation. With that, Nina walked away, leaving Sam speechless.

Obrecht and Franco were in her office. Obrecht told Franco that Madeline was out of Pentonville. Just then, Madeline arrived and triumphantly announced that she was back. Madeline noted Obrecht's expression and urged her to be happy her sister was free. Madeline glared at Franco. She was angry with him because he was in the group that escaped Pentonville and left her holding the bag. The authorities incorrectly assumed that Madeline had been in on the plan and she got blamed. Obrecht didn't understand how Madeline had been released. Madeline explained that her new attorney had gotten the charges dropped. Obrecht was skeptical since Madeline had helped Nina kidnap a baby. Madeline explained that since Ava was dead, and Nina and Franco weren't credible, there were no reliable witnesses against Madeline. Obrecht smiled and said she was thrilled to see Madeline. Franco announced that he needed Madeline's help. Madeline was stunned that Franco would come to her after he'd left her critically injured on a motel floor when he and Nina left with the baby. Franco clarified that this was about the Reeves family fortune. Obrecht added that Nina's new husband Ric was after the money. Ric had already told Madeline that he married Nina, but Madeline pretended to be surprised that Nina was married. Obrecht noted that if Ric succeeded, Madeline would also be left penniless.

Franco apologized for what happened at the motel, then he asked Madeline to protect Nina from Ric. Madeline didn't think Nina would listen to anything Madeline said. Obrecht argued that Madeline was resourceful enough to figure something out. Franco suggested that Madeline have her new lawyer find a way to transfer Nina's frozen assets to Madeline. Franco hoped that if Nina was broke, Ric would leave Nina, and Nina would take Franco back. Madeline did not want Nina and Franco to be together. Franco wondered why Madeline, who'd done terrible things for money, in the past, wasn't interested in trying to stop Ric from taking the family fortune. Madeline claimed she didn't care about the money. Obrecht burst out laughing. Madeline insisted that her values had changed while she was in prison, and she'd realized money wasn't important to her. Franco wondered if Madeline valued Nina's happiness. Madeline said she was going to give Ric a chance to prove himself.

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