GH Update Wednesday 6/10/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/10/15


Written by Jennifer S.
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Sam talks to Sabrina about how it's odd that Rosalie Martinez, whom Sam remembers as Nina Clay's nurse, is now working for Michael. Sabrina informs Sam that Michael informed her that Nina refused to sell and they both know that is odd. It's possible that Nina lied to Franco however Sabrina tells Sam she believes it's equally possible that Rosalie is lying to Michael. She may very well have bought the ELQ shares from Nina. She admits she has another theory and reveals to Sam that she went to Michael's office and overheard Rosalie on the phone to someone other than Michael calling them “boss”. She admits she did not tell Michael about it although she has reason to suspect that Rosalie is “working” for someone behind Michael's back yet they cannot figure out who that might be. Sabrina tells Sam although she cannot figure that out, very possibly Sam could. Sam tells Sabrina she has vested interest in Michael since he was close to her and to Jason as well as the fact that ELQ shares were also for Jason and for Danny. She tells Sabrina she can see that she and Michael are getting close and Sabrina admits to Sam that she and Michael are, in fact, seeing each other. Sam then agrees to see if she can investigate what is going on with ELQ although she tells Sabrina she does not really know where to start. Sabrina then tells Sam it should be pretty easy. Sabrina reveals to Sam that although she doesn't know all the details, she does know for a fact that Rosalie apparently has some “secret” that Nina is holding over on her and which is the motivator Nina had to get Rosalie to do her dirty work for her. Hearing that, Sam is definitely interested. Right then, Sabrina realizes that given Sam's unpleasant history with Nina and with Silas that Nina is the last person Sam wants to deal with right now. Hearing that, Sam tells her she is not at all afraid of Nina and encourages her to “bring it on”.

Jordan is shocked when she finds that her son, TJ, appears to have been arrested. Valerie informs her the “arresting officer” was Dante. She goes to talk to her son privately and urges him to tell her what is going on, reminding him that she is his mother. He does not answer but coldly “congratulates” her on her promotion to police commissioner. He tells her he's certain that she must really enjoy being able to stick it to Shawn by being in charge of law enforcement and he believes the only reason she'd have for being concerned about his current situation is that she's worried it would “embarrass” her now that she's a big hot shot. She urges him to tell him what has happened but he refuses to answer. She tells him he needs to talk to someone. He knows she's right and reminds his mom that he knows he is entitled to one phone call so he needs to get on the phone. She keeps trying and failing to reach Dante and find out what is going on with her son getting arrested. Valerie is nearby throughout all of this and may know Dante's whereabouts although she does not admit it.

Sloane goes to talk to Nikolas at Wyndemere and asks him if he really had no clue that Lomax intended to fire him as police commissioner. Nikolas replies that is correct. He did not know. Sloane tells Nikolas he finds that hard to believe since they both know that Lomax would not have become mayor nor given the authority to fire Sloane in the first place, were it not for Nikolas. He reminds Nikolas that he gave him that power and can just as easily take it away. Nikolas asks Sloane if he's threatening him. Sloane replies he's just pointing out an observation since they both know that Nikolas helped “fix” a mayoral election. And, he reminds Nikolas, if that ever got out, not only would it tarnish his' “royal” reputation, it could land him in jail. Nikolas then reminds Sloane he can't expose Nikolas without exposing himself. So, Nikolas tells him, he needs to know what Sloane knows. Sloane tells Nikolas what he wants is for him to get Lomax on the phone and get her to reverse her decision to fire Sloane. Nikolas tells Sloane he's not going to do that and doubts Sloane would do it even if he asked her but he does have a plan for Sloane that he might like where Sloane will help him take over ELQ. They strategize about whom they can persuade or what they can do in order to get Nikolas' percentage up to 50% of ELQ so that he has power. Sloane asks Nikolas if he has any ideas about how to get a hold of those shares. Nikolas replies that is where Sloane “comes in”. He tells Sloane he's pretty certain Sloane can “pull the strings” to extract the proceeds from ELQ shareholders who have what “makes up the pie”. Although Sloane is not certain if he wants to do that, Nikolas smugly tells him he's sure that Sloane would prefer that over standing in the unemployment line. In response to that, Sloane tells Nikolas, in that case, he's got himself a deal and tells him one conglomerate called ELQ is coming right up and he promises Nikolas he will hear from him soon.

At Elizabeth's home, Jake awakens and is stunned when he notices a toy motorcycle. Right then, Elizabeth enters and talks to him about how both her boys miss her. He remarks that he just had a dream about the motorcycle. And, he admits, he had a vision of Sam's kid, Danny. Knowing she needs to keep the secret, she evades his inquiry about the “significance” of feeling fatherly toward Danny in a dream. He tells her that he only plans to stay with her temporarily and intends to find a job yet she tells him there is no rush. She and her boys love having him there. At that point, they kiss and they sleep together. She admits she will miss him when and if he leaves. He tells her he has to find his own place and stop mooching off of her yet she clearly does not see it that way. He tells her as much as he enjoys hanging out with her and her boys, he needs to find a job. They get on the tablet and look at adds and Jake is intrigued to notice that it appears Michael is hiring at ELQ. Hearing that and remembering meeting Michael (not consciously aware of “Jason's” relationship with Michael). He remarks that on the limited interactions he's had with Michael, they seemed to bond pretty well and Michael might be a good friend to him and somebody he could work with. He realizes he may not be corporate stock broker material. But the job ad is for head of security and, he tells Elizabeth, he's pretty certain he could handle that, to which she agrees. She tells him normally it would be great except for one thing which is Sonny.

Michael needs Rosalie to explain to him how it was that she attempted to get Nina to sell her ELQ shares but Nina would not budge. She protests that although she and Nina did not part on good terms, she did everything she could to persuade Nina to sell the shares. Michael then informs Rosalie that just the previous day, Franco came to him demanding he get the shares back and informed him that Nina kept them and sold them to Rosalie. She tells Michael she bets that Nina is probably lying by telling Franco she no longer has the shares. She may be telling him that to simply get him off her back especially now that she's done with that psycho and married to someone else. She tells him that it should be very obvious that she (Rosalie) would not have access to that kind of money and she asks him if he is doubting whether he can trust her. Michael does not answer that but she can tell it's pretty clear that Sabrina wants him to distrust her. She tells him she can see that Sabrina does not like her. He wants to know how it is that she feels that way about his new girlfriend. Rosalie tells Michael that possibly Sabrina would be “jealous” of “them” although she realizes there is no more “them”. She tells him that there may be some gossip regarding the fact that she and Michael slept together that one time. And although Rosalie tells him it may be “absurd”, Sabrina might be “threatened” by her. He tells her that she should not distrust Sabrina. He assures her he no longer suspects her of foul play and that they are “cool”. She tells him she understands he's just looking out for his company. He tells her that he does, still have to work on getting those shares back before “somebody” takes over ELQ. Rosalie then leaves his office knowing that while he's privately taking care of his business, she has to privately take care of hers'.

At the hospital, Franco talks to Obrecht about how he tried and failed to get Nina back by giving her his “work of art”. She tells Franco he needs to realize that Nina is not worth it. He expresses his concerns regarding Nina marrying Ric. However, Obrecht asks Franco if Nina gave any consideration to divorcing Ric, getting back with him or expressing her feelings for him (Franco). Franco replies no. He admits to Obrecht that Nina is presently in la-la land with this deluded idea that Ric married her for her sparkling personality and not for the Reeves fortune. Hearing that, Obrecht assesses to him that denial is a powerful thing. He tells her he knows that and he's tried everything he could think of to bring Nina to her senses, revealing to Obrecht, that it included relying upon help from her cop son to threaten his sister with jail time for the kidnapping of baby Avery unless she signs annulment papers.. They both agree that Nathan lacks the “ruthlessness” that she has and Obrecht concludes to Franco that maybe she knows if a way to get Nina to come around. He asks Obrecht what he plan it. She replies it's involving Nina's mother. Hearing that, Franco reminds Obrecht that Nina hates her mother and for good reason. However, Obrecht knows that one person who wants and needs Nina's money is Madeline So that means that more than likely Madeline would stop at nothing to prevent Ric from taking it so that she cannot. Hearing that, Franco remarks to Obrecht that he likes the concept she's presenting to him of making his “enemy's enemy” his friend. However, he reminds her there is still one problem which is that Madeline is currently in prison. Also, he hardly thinks Madeline would trust him given their history. Obrecht smiles and tells Franco she can accompany him to visit Madeline. He asks what if that is not enough. Obrecht replies she has ways to insure her sister's cooperation and they agree to travel to Pentonville together to visit Madeline Reeves.

Ric and Nina are having lunch at the Metro Court and she clarifies to him that she “owned” 11.5% of ELQ shares. But that was in the past. She informs him that Franco got the shares from Ned in exchange for keeping a secret.. He asks her where the money is now. She tells him she spent part of it on the bill she and Franco owed Olivia for staying at the Metro Court. Ric clearly wants to know if the money is gone and is very relieved to hear her tell him it's back in the bank. In response to that, she reminds him she thought he was not interested in her because of her money. Right then, Molly suddenly appears. Ric graciously introduces his daughter to his “new wife” for the first time. Molly does not “mince words” in reminding her dad that Nina attempted to ruin Sam's relationship with Silas. Nina attempts to sound gracious and apologetic to Molly although Molly clearly does not trust or like her. She tells Molly she should consider herself as “having two mommies”. Ric chimes in to his daughter that they could be a family although Molly is definitely not ok with that. Right then, Molly's phone rings and it's TJ calling her from the police station. When she hears he's in trouble, she knows he will need a lawyer. Ric instantly agrees to represent his daughter's boyfriend and they go to the station together and leave Nina behind at the Metro Court.

As soon as Sloane leaves Nikolas' home after agreeing to do whatever it takes to get all the ELQ shares for Nikolas, Elizabeth enters and wonders what the former police commissioner was doing at Wyndemere. Nikolas asks her what brings her to his place. She replies to Nikolas that they have a problem.

At the ELQ office, Rosalie informs Michael that there is a guy there to see him about a security position. Right then, Jake enters.

While Nina is alone at the Metro Court and on the phone, Sam finds her and sits beside her ready to talk.

Obrecht gets on the phone to arrange for her and Franco to go to Pentonville to see Madeline but finds out that her sister has apparently “left” the facility although there is no explanation as to why.

Ric accompanies Molly to the police station where they meet with Jordan before they go to talk to TJ in the interrogation room. The new commissioner tells Ric she wishes her son would tell her something but he has not, so she hasn't a clue what is going on. Ric then tells Molly he needs to talk to TJ privately as his client, so she needs to wait outside the interrogation room. Jordan tells Ric she's counting on him to take care of her son. Ric goes in and asks TJ if he can tell him what is going on.

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