GH Update Tuesday 6/9/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/9/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas and Rosalie were at Wyndemere. Nik was pleased because, now that he'd acquired Nina's shares, he now owned 43.5% of ELQ voting stock. Rosalie noted that Nik had become a good schemer, and she joked that his mother would be proud. Nik bristled at the comment and ordered Rosalie to leave his mother out of this. Nik noted that he was close to taking over the company. Rosalie asked who he'd target next. Nik stated that Ned's daughter Brook Lynn and their cousin Maya both had 6.5%, but that would only give him 50% of the company. Nik wondered if he'd be able to get Dillon's 11.5%. Nik didn't know Dillon, but he figured he could use Dillon's past with Lulu as an opening. Rosalie was curious about Dillon and Lulu's past. Nik explained that Lulu had a crush on Dillon when they were teens, despite the fact that Dillon had a girlfriend, and Lulu made some questionable decisions as a result. Nik decided to find out what the relationship between Dillon and Lulu was like, these days, then exploit it.

Luke, Laura, and Tracy were on the Haunted Star. Lulu, Dante, Valerie and Dillon were the only attendees of the engagement party that remained. Luke asked them all to leave. Lulu and Dillon refused to leave until Luke explained why he'd suddenly broken up with Tracy. Luke refused to go into specifics, but Laura thought everyone deserved an explanation. Laura explained that Lulu called and told Laura what happened with Luke's parents. According to Laura, once she learned the story of Luke's childhood, several things about Luke's history with Laura suddenly made sense. Laura felt that, now that the truth was out, she could truly get to know the whole Luke. Laura wanted Luke back. Tracy was hurt and angry because she sensed that Luke had agreed to go back to Laura. Luke admitted that he took Laura back. Luke told Tracy that he never wanted this to happen, but he'd never forgive himself if he turned Laura away. The pain was written on Luke's face. Luke added that it wouldn't be fair to Tracy. Dillon was angry that Luke was acting like leaving Tracy was the honorable thing to do.

Dillon tried to punch Luke, but Dante stopped him. Tracy told Dillon to stop, then she turned to Luke. Luke apologized to Tracy. Tracy bitterly admitted that she should have seen this coming. Tracy said that Luke was like a drug to Laura – an addiction that Tracy once shared. Tracy predicted that Luke would tire of Laura, or Laura would leave him for Scott, or Laura would wise up and see Luke for the pathetic loser he was. Tracy was sure that Luke would then come crawling back to Tracy, and Tracy warned him that she would never take him back. Tracy spat that she (Tracy) was the best thing to ever happen to Luke, then she stormed off. Dillon railed at Luke for taking advantage of Tracy over and over again. Dillon thought the worst part was that Luke was able to make it Tracy's fault. Dillon felt that Tracy, and everyone else, should have known better than to believe Luke. Dillon told Lulu he was sorry she wasted her whole life hero worshiping Luke. Dillon felt that Laura deserved Luke. Dillon left. Lulu told Dante that she needed to talk to her parents in private. Dante said some supportive things to Lulu, then he and Valerie left. Luke called Lulu cupcake. “Don't cupcake me,” Lulu said. Lulu started by assuring Laura that she loved her and was happy to see her. Luke maintained that there was no other way – Tracy would have been hurt no matter what. Lulu was near tears. Lulu argued that Luke didn't have to humiliate Tracy by breaking up with her at the engagement party. Lulu told her parents that she was happy they got what they wanted, but she didn't approve of how they did it. She left. Laura noted that Lulu was furious at them. “We did what we had to do, no matter what it cost,” Luke somberly said, as he poured himself a drink. Laura touched his hand, and they exchanged worried looks.

Michael and Sabrina were at the Quartermaine mansion. Michael suggested that they take the baby to the beach soon. Sabrina liked that idea. Michael hoped he'd get to relax on the outing and stop worrying about the ELQ shares for awhile. Sabrina knew Michael had a plan to get the shares back. Michael explained that he had Rosalie ask Nina to sell him the shares, but Nina refused. Sabrina didn't think Michael should have enlisted Rosalie's help. Michael acknowledged that Sabrina was suspicious of Rosalie, but Michael thought Rosalie was trustworthy. Sabrina still thought that Rosalie was hiding something. Michael admitted that Rosalie did have a secret, which Nina had used to force Rosalie to work for Nina.

Maxie and Nathan were in bed at his room above Kelly's. Maxie called Spinelli to wish Georgie goodnight, then she and Nathan talked. Nathan was upset because he thought his and Franco's plot to get Nina away from Ric might have backfired and pushed Nina to hold tighter to her marriage. Maxie thought it was a bad idea to team up with Franco. She thought Nathan would have been better off going to Silas. Nathan gave Maxie the details about the failed plot – he'd threatened to arrest Nina for a crime she didn't commit if she didn't annul the marriage. Maxie seemed surprised that a do-gooder like Nathan would do something like that to his own sister. Nathan insisted that he wouldn't have really gone through with his threat. Nathan was scared that Nina wouldn't forgive him. Maxie was sure Nina would get over it eventually. Later, they cuddled in bed, and Nathan thanked Maxie for supporting him and helping him get back on track.

At the Floating Rib, Nina was sitting at the bar. She drew horns on a drawing of Franco. Meanwhile, Kiki and Silas were seated at a table, talking about Denise. Kiki was eager to get to know her new “aunt,” even though Denise would never replace Ava. Kiki decided to call Denise and try to set up a late dinner. There was no answer, so Kiki decided to go back to the penthouse and see if Morgan had heard from Denise. Kiki quietly advised Silas to steer clear of Nina, whom Kiki thought was still crazy. Silas promised to take care of himself if Kiki did the same – he urged her to be careful around Denise. Kiki was sure that Denise was harmless. Kiki added that she had a good feeling about Denise.

Silas went up to the bar to order a drink, and Nina struck up a conversation. They talked about Denise. Nina hoped that Denise wasn't anything like Ava. Nina confided that she was in a bad mood. At that moment, Franco walked in. Nina shot barbs at him about his scheme with Nathan. Franco promised to leave Nina alone, for now, if she gave him back his ELQ shares. Nina revealed that she already sold them to Rosalie, who bought them on behalf of Michael. Franco asked for his cut of the money. Nina replied that she already spent Franco's share on the Metro Court room service bill. Franco asked where the rest of the money was, and Nina said she put in the bank. Franco warned Nina that she wouldn't get away with this, but she pointed out that she already did. Franco strode out. Silas asked if Nina felt better, and Nina admitted she didn't. Nina, who noted that Franco had been fixated on the money, concluded that Franco never actually cared about her. Later, Nina announced that it was time for her to go be with her husband. Silas didn't think Nina sounded enthusiastic. Nina assured him that Ric was wonderful and that they were happy together. Silas was glad, because he felt that Nina deserved to be happy. Nina thanked Silas for believing in her and for believing that she didn't take the baby. Nina thought Michael or Sonny took the baby.

At the Jerome penthouse, Morgan comforted the crying Denise/Ava with a hug. He noticed that holding her felt familiar, like holding Ava. Morgan suddenly kissed “Denise.” Things started heating up, and Ava moaned “Morgan, I've missed this so much.” Morgan suddenly pulled away and stared at “Denise” in confusion. Ava covered and said she missed being intimate with someone. Morgan bought it. Ava tried to pick up where they left off, but Morgan had changed his mind. He apologized for kissing her and stressed that Kiki couldn't know about this. Denise asked why Kiki would care. Just then, Kiki walked in. Morgan and Denise explained that Denise had been emotional after meeting Avery, so Morgan had been comforting her. Kiki was surprised Michael let Denise in. Morgan thought Michael had mellowed since their talk. Kiki hoped Michael would let them see the baby soon. Kiki noted that Michael didn't overreact when he found out Kiki and Morgan were back together. Denise was surprised to hear they were a couple. Morgan walked over and put his arm around Kiki. The couple beamed at Denise and Kiki talked about how optimistic she was about the relationship. Morgan changed the subject and asked if they could get dinner. Kiki went to find some menus, and Denise confronted Morgan about two timing Kiki. Morgan argued that he didn't cheat on Kiki. He explained that he got carried away because Denise looked like the only woman Morgan ever loved. Morgan added that he cared about Kiki and he thought their relationship would work out this time. Denise and Morgan agreed to keep Kiki in the dark and to never fool around with each other again. Kiki returned, and later, the food arrived. The ribs were messy, so Kiki handed Denise a bib. Things took an awkward turn when Kiki had Morgan tie the bib around Denise's neck.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Sabrina were kissing when Franco burst in and demanded his money. Michael had no idea what he was talking about. Franco brought him up to speed. Michael replied that Nina refused to sell the shares. Franco assumed Nina lied. He left. Sabrina speculated that Rosalie was the one who lied.

Dillon went back to the mansion and found Tracy standing in the foyer staring off into space. Tracy told him to go ahead and say I told you so. Tracy called herself an idiot. Dillon disagreed. He tried to hug Tracy, but she recoiled. Tracy admitted she thought that she and Luke would prove everyone wrong. Tracy, who was near tears, said that Luke didn't love her and never did. “Nobody ever did,” she whispered. Dillon told Tracy that he (Dillon) loved her. Dillon felt that Tracy was the strongest bravest person he knew. They hugged. Later, Lulu arrived. Dillon told her that Tracy was upstairs. Lulu told Dillon she was sorry, but Dillon told her it wasn't her fault.

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