GH Update Monday 6/8/15

General Hospital Update Monday 6/8/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Right when Luke is ready to propose his toast to re-marrying Tracy, at the Haunted Star, out of nowhere, Laura appears. Tracy tells her she did not know she was on the guest list. Lulu tells her mom she was not forewarned that she'd be returning to Port Charles. Lulu further asks her mom if something might have happened like her being sick again. Lulu is happy to see her mom but Tracy appears cold in her inquiry to Laura for why she is there. Laura then replies she is there for Luke. Hearing that, Tracy tells her if she plans to get Luke back, she better not count on it, as their past relationship has been rehashed, recounted and regurgitated. Luke is moving on, Tracy firmly tells Laura. In fact, she tells her, this is their engagement party. Laura humbling thanks Tracy for spelling that out but tells her she needs to hear that from Luke. Behind the scenes, Sonny and Carly overhear and he tells her that maybe Tracy is being a bit harsh. Yet Carly tells him that Laura has had her chance with Luke and blew it. Meanwhile, Lucas and Tracy have another conversation on the subject where Lucas believes Luke and Tracy are rushing in too fast but Brad tells him he understands not wanting to take the risk of somebody's “ex” showing up and stopping the ceremony, as could very well happen to them during their own engagement.

Meanwhile, Laura tells Luke she wants to talk to him but not in front of all these people. She wants to go somewhere to talk privately. Tracy angrily tells her she has to get out and get over it. Yet Laura reminds Luke all the years they had together and what they once meant to each other as she asks him if he could please just do this for her. Tracy reminds Laura that many thins have happened while she (Laura) has been gone, including a hideous thing happening to Luke from remembering his past. So, she tells Laura, in behalf of all of the people in his life who are there, Laura is not invited. Luke then takes Tracy aside and informs her that he believes that if he asked Laura for the same courtesy she would offer it to him, so he feels he's owes Laura this much. He assures Tracy that she is the only woman he loves but goes off with Laura, against Tracy's wishes. Lulu and Dante both observe and say nothing. Bobbie remarks to Scott that this is “typical Laura” showing up on a whim, unannounced, and she believes her brother should send Laura packing. Lulu then approaches Tracy and tells her how sorry she is, assuring her she had no clue that her mom would do this. Dylan stands beside his mom. Tracy tells her stepdaughter she wants to see if Luke will keep his word. Dante talks to Valerie telling her that he's always known Lulu's mother to be a fighter and to not give up.

Meanwhile, Laura takes Luke to the “boat” to talk privately. He tells her he wants to cut through the chase and asks her what is going on.

While Lucas and Brad wait for Luke and Laura to return, they debate on what type of wedding they should have. Brad wants it simple, at city hall with justice of the peace. But Lucas remarks that he knows that Brad has this mystery family that he never talks about. Dylan talks to Tracy alone about what was so important that Laura had to fly all way out from Paris to talk to Luke about and if she's never heard of Skype. She tells him she knows that Laura has to talk in person to put on a show and she knows that nobody does a better “damsel in distress” than Laura. Lulu finds Tracy and assures her that there's no way Luke is going to leave Tracy now, for Laura or for anything else.

Sloane goes to find Anna at the airport ready to leave town and tells her he just found out that she checked out of the Metro Court. She informs him she's going to Scotland with Duke's ashes and she does not know when she will come back. She admits she does not know if it will be months or longer. She hasn’t clue what will happen or what her life will be like. All she knows is she cannot stay in Port Charles. Hearing that, Sloane asks if the reason she is leaving is because of what happened between them the other night and her not wanting to face it or face him. She admits that Duke has been dead less than a week and she slept with Sloane. He assures her that she was not thinking clearly and it's not that big of a deal. Yet she reminds him an even bigger reason is that she shot a man. And with that, she ruined any possibility of them ever getting justice for Duke. Now that Carlos is dead, he can never testify against Julian. She was so hell bent on vengeance that she had to ruin that. She cannot accept the fact that Julian is walking around as a free man in this town. So, she tells Sloane, if there is the slightest chance that she can forgive herself, then she has to leave. He tells her she's running away. She's trying to fell from the image of Carlos haunting her but she needs to know she cannot escape from her conscience. She tells him she has a lot to figure out. If distance does not ease the pain, it may at least offer her some prospective. He tells her that he is the only person who knows what she did. He tells her they are in this together and he does not want her shutting him out. He urges her to talk to him and let him help her prevent Carlos from invading her thoughts. She admits that he's become her friend and confidante. He tells her if what happened between them has any part of her going away, he promises it won't happen again. He realizes she is not in any position to have a relationship with him or anyone but he can be her friend. He's concerned about her having all these hours alone with all of these things in her head. He wants her to contact him and realize that forgiving herself does not mean being alone. They hear her flight being announced at the boarding gate while Sloane urges her not to go. She tells him she has to. She has to find her way again. Since what happened on the pier, she tells him, there's something not right about her having to depend upon anyone. She tells him she has to leave and she has to be able to handle this on her own and asks if he knows what she is saying. He tells her he understands but asks her to promise him she will come home. She tells him she promises and walks into the boarding gate

“Denise” goes to find Michael at the Quartermaine house with one goal in mind which is having access to baby Avery. She still has everyone except for Silas falsely believing that she really is Ava's fraternal twin sister and not the real Ava. She plays Ava's fraternal twin to Michael and he does not question it while she tells him she just wanted to meet her baby niece if that is ok. She tells Michael that baby is her flesh and blood and she'd really like to get to know her. He explains to her that his baby sister has been through a pretty difficult ordeal. She was kidnapped more than once and has just returned home. She tells him she does not blame him at all for being cautious. She tells him from “what she's read”, Michael is the only responsible family member who has the baby's best interests at heart. She tells him he's given her such a nice home and family. She's happy and safe, just like he said. And, she tells him, as her aunt, she wants to thank him and further tells Michael there would not be any harm in letting her hold the baby and just say hello. At that point, “Denise” is able to persuade Michael to let her hold the little one. As Denise happily holds and engages with the little one, Michael notices her telling Avery “how big she's gotten” and remarks that's odd for her to say that if Denise has never seen her before. Michael gets a call and while “Denise” (Ava) is alone with baby Avery, she needs to know if the little one still remembers and knows her and she secretly informs baby Avery that she is her momma. When she believes she's alone and unheard by everyone except her child, she drops the “Denise accent” and speaks just like the real Ava who she really is. She notices Michael enter and overhear her tell the baby “this is our little secret”. When Michael asks what she meant by that, she talks “Denise” style about how she was talking “girl talk” to the little one about all the secrets of getting her educated with hair and nails and cosmetology. He tells her that he has to take the baby up to bed and walks Denise out. He has no suspicion that she's Ava and gives her his card so she can call his office to see the baby again. She leaves

Silas runs into Nina at the Floating Rib while he remembers how the real Ava is blackmailing him into keeping her secret about not really being Denise in exchange for her not telling anyone that he violated medical protocol to extract bone marrow from the baby without authorization from Ava. Nina tells Silas about how her brother and Franco called her into the police interrogation room trying to get her to confess to kidnapping the baby known as Avery when she did not do it. She explains the reason they did it was as an ultimatum to get her to sign annulment papers. Hearing that, Silas asks her if she and Franco got married and is very surprised to find out that she married Ric Lansing. Hearing that, he asks her if she even knows Ric Lansing. She tells him they ran into each other a couple times. They had a conversation at the Floating Rib after he's been humiliated and he was really sweet to her, she explains. She tells Silas she thought she has something really special with Franco but it was ruined when he falsely accused her of kidnapping baby Avery from General Hospital. Hearing that and knowing that he's “kind of” responsible for the false accusations (the baby would not have been missing nor suspicion cast upon Nina or anyone else, had Silas not taken her on the night in question), he tells Nina he's “sorry” that happened. Hearing that, she asks Silas why he'd apologize since he didn't make the false accusation of her nor had any part in that. She asks him why he'd think he's in any responsible for Franco's lack of trust in her. In response to that, Silas tells her she knows the night Avery disappeared, she (Nina) was at the hospital attempting to talk to him and apologize for their recent falling out yet he was “insensitive”. Hearing that, she remarks how random it was that when she went to see him, it put her in proximity of baby-kidnapping. Hearing that, Silas remarks to Nina that it's “not ok” that she's been falsely accused of taking the baby when he knows she's innocent. Hearing that, she's “happy” to hear that but can't help wondering why Silas would know, with certainty that she did not. He tells her that he could tell when he spoke to her, that she made a transformation and is becoming a better person. He tells Nina he realizes that he, himself, has made enough mistakes in his life. She asks if he means and example being what he did with Ava Jerome.

Kiki and Morgan get the building super to let them into Julian's apartment while he's out. They know that “Denise” is staying with her uncle and they want to find out more about her They talk about her dad going to talk to Denise and wonder how it went between the esteemed oncologist and the colorful cosmetologist. She tells him she'd love to be a fly on the wall with that conversation as they both reflect what happened when Delia suddenly showed up and confessed that Denise is, in fact, her other daughter and all these years she's been keeping the secret that she had twins. As soon as Morgan is alone, he examines the picture on his phone, of Denise, wondering what the secret is behind this woman and her story and if she really is whom she says she is. She leaves to go find her dad and finds him at The Floating Rib. She is not ok to notice he's with Nina. And, this has to happen, right when Nina is reflecting to Silas that she was prevented from having his baby but Ava Jerome got to have Kiki with him. Kiki wants to talk to her dad about what might have happened when he met her “aunt”. He sullenly tells his daughter that he did in fact meet Denise, yet he clearly does not want to discuss it further.

While Morgan stays alone at Julian's home, waiting for Denise to return home, she returns, knowing she has to “play Denise” and not let on to him that she is Ava. However, she cannot hold back the tears from having seen the baby and then having to let go of her. At that point, she breaks down, Morgan holds her and she cries in his arms. He tells her he knows it must be very complicated for her to meet all of these stranger who knew her sister. He then admits to Denise that meeting her is kind of the same for him. It's like “being with Ava all over again” Morgan tells her. She then looks adoringly into his eyes and he at her. And they kiss.

Michael gets ready to take baby Avery up to bed. Sabrina comes down the stairs after missing his meeting with “Denise”. He talks to her about how Denise seems kind of “mysterious” and had a real need to spend time with the baby.

At the engagement party, Dylan asks his mom if she's sure she wants to wait. Tracy tells him she knows what's going on. She knows that Laura is hoping she will storm off and lose her temper and she's not going to play into her hands, Tracy tells Dylan. Lulu continues to want to assures Tracy that there is nothing to worry about. Luke returns with Laura not far behind him. He suddenly announces to Tracy he's sorry. He cannot go through with this engagement.

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