GH Update Friday 6/5/15

General Hospital Update Friday 6/5/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Valerie wants to take Dante and Lulu out to dinner to thank him for getting her the job. He tells her she need not do that. She's giving him credit where it is not due, he tells her. She earned it with her qualifications. However, he agrees accept her invitation.

At The Haunted Star, Lulu is getting ready to host Luke and Tracy's engagement party. Lucy arrives and asks where the happy couple is. It appears that Lucy has gotten the mistaken idea that she is there to perform a wedding ceremony. Lulu clarifies that it is merely an engagement party and Lucy is invited as a guest. Lucy reminds her the last time there was an event at The Haunted Star, there was a bomb. People could gave gotten killed. It was hosted by Luke. Lulu tells her she remembers all too well but assures Lucy that this is a celebration for Luke and Tracy and everything will be ok.

Tracy is getting ready for the party and talking to Alice who admits to Tracy that she has concerns and wonders if Luke has really gotten a clean bill of health. Tracy wonders why she is doubting what Luke is now promising. Alice tells her that she still finds it very difficult to believe that Mr. Luke would do the things he did. Luke then appears and tells her that it was not himself. He wants to take Alice aside and talk to her, telling her he realizes she is uncomfortable around him given the situation. However, he assures her that they used to be really close and he would like to move past all that has happened. She tells him she would like that more than anything and welcomes him back. Michael walks in and makes it clear that he is not entirely ok having Luke back nor ok with the news that Tracy and Luke are engaged. He admits that he's not in a good mood and doubts he'd be good company at the engagement party. He has just gotten back from his unsuccessful attempt to get the shares back from Nina. Tracy tells him she understands if he does not want to attend but lets him know that if he should change his mind, the invitation is still open. When Michael is alone in the house, Dillon enters and Michael welcomes him back.

At Mac's bar, Carly, Sonny, Bobbie and Scott Baldwin are having an engagement party for Lucas and both Carly and Bobbie welcome Brad into the family. They do realize, however, that Brad's family does not seem to be involved and nobody has met them. He admits that he does not have much to do with them. Scott then wants to publicly reminds everyone that Sonny should not have gotten away with the murder of AJ and just recently put Shawn up to the attempted murder of an innocent woman. Sonny is never brought to justice, he angrily reminds Sonny and all the others although they urge him not to go into this now. He reminds them that clearly Sonny has the governor in his pocket which is why he did not have to serve his prison sentence for killing AJ Quartermaine Sonny tells Scott he's trying to be nice for the sake of Bobbie and for Scott's deceased daughter Karen. Hearing about Karen, Scott furiously reminds Sonny that he is responsible for Scott's daughter's death. They get into a brawl. Valerie enters with Dante and tells them she's there for her uncle Luke and announces that she just got hired by the PCPD. Hearing that, Sonny asks his son and Luke's niece if maybe the cops to get the DNA mystery of Ava Jerome unraveled so she can't get away with murder. He goes outside to talk to Dante privately yet his son assures him that the DNA test proved that the woman in question is Denise and not Ava. Sonny tells Dante he knows something is “not right” about the DNA test.

“Denise” (who's really Ava) tells Silas how she carried out her plan to alter the DNA evidence.

At The Haunted Star, Lucy attempts to reach Lucas and Lulu tries to reach Dante to invite them to Tracy and Luke's engagement party. Yet they can't get through to any of them. At that point, both Lulu and Lucy conclude that they have no guests except for Tracy and Luke. Yet they know that Dillon, Tracy's son, has agreed to attend. When Lucy hears that Dillon Quartermaine has agreed to attend Tracy and Luke's engagement party, she asks Lulu if she really wants him there. Both Tracy and Luke appear and wonder where the rest of the guests are there. Lulu assures them she is “on it” and that everyone they care about will be there.

After Silas grills Denise to admit that she is really Ava, she admits to him that she is. However, she has something to hold over on him. He kidnapped her baby daughter and extracted bone marrow from her without permission from her mom. She asks Silas just what he thinks will happen when she goes public with that. He could lose his medical license and many other things. He tells her she needs to leave town right now. It's only a matter of time before someone finds out that she is not Ava's long lost sister. She asks him why he once told her that she would always have Avery as a part of her. She tells him of her theory about how the way it should work out, given her new chance to live, which he offered her from bone marrow from Avery and all that has happened, is that the Ava Jerome that everyone used to know no longer exists. He tells her he can't let that happen. A bone marrow donation is a sacred procedure that saved her life. She tells him that she has found a way for her DNA not to match Ava. For some reason, her blood isn't a match for the same human being as Ava. He tells her that the cops need only swab her cheek for saliva. Yet she reveals that she had Delia help her with a plan to sell the story that she is Denise DeMuccio, even though there is no such person. Yet, she tells him that she knew how to do everything needed to produce evidence that she is not Ava.

At the police interrogation room, Nathan and Franco are working together to get Nina to either sign annulment papers for her marriage to Ric or be charged with the kidnapping of baby Avery. She tells Franco that his strong-arm tactics do not work on her. She also tells her brother he is making a terrible mistake going along with this. Nathan protests that she needs to see that marrying Ric Lansing is a serious mistake. She tells him that is not true and asks why on earth he cannot believe that Ric loves her. She tells her brother that it's a given that Franco is a psychotic homicidal piece of trash. However, she reminds Nathan, he is a good guy and should know what is wrong with what he is doing. He tells her he believes he is doing the right thing and has to agree with Franco that drastic action is warranted until she realizes how she's making a tragic mistake to be married to Ric Lansing. Both guys are adamant that she has to realize what is wrong with her being married to Ric but she is adamant that she and Franco are done, her brother does not know what he is talking about and Ric is the man for her. She tells Franco things will never be the same between them. He did not support her or have her back and falsely accused her of kidnapping a baby. She tells them both they need to know that what they are doing is illegal. So, she concludes, they may have her arrested if they really want to go through with them. Yet Nathan clearly hesitates, having no clue that she would choose that over signing annulment papers. He takes Franco outside and asks him what on earth they're going to do now, as they can clearly see his sister is not going to sign the papers. Franco tells him he doesn't like it any more than Nathan does. So maybe now they have to take drastic action, Franco tells him. Maybe letting Nina spend some time in jail will motivate her to come to her senses, Franco tells Nathan.

Guests mingle around The Haunted Star while Luke praises Lulu for her efforts. She goes to find Dante while he's talking to Valerie. He informs her that the reason they got held up was they were at The Floating Rib celebrating Lucas and Brad's engagement and Valerie got the job at the PCPD. Not far away, Sonny finds Luke and tells him he's glad things are working out for him. Luke tells Sonny he's happy that Sonny has gotten his freedom although he's sorry that Sonny has gotten separated from his kid.

Denise asks Silas what choice she has except to do what she has done. She wants her family back. She was Avery and Kiki and him. He is her family. He was so good to her throughout this time and stuck by her through all of this, always having her back. Yet he is angry at her and comments that “no good deed goes unpunished”. He tells her he is now “forced” to go along with her plan although he does not want to.

In the police interrogation room, Nathan concludes to Franco that he is not going to go along with his plan to have Nina falsely arrested. So, he concludes to his sister, she is free to go. Franco asks Nathan if he has a better plan. He tells him that they need to realize what they've done now is driving Nina even farther away from both of them and back to Ric. Nina walks into The Floating Rib. She runs into Silas who is there due to his “unhappiness”. She admits that her brother and Franco want to blackmail her into going to jail for kidnapping Ava's baby.

When Dillon enters The Haunted Star, Lulu introduces him to her husband and her cousin. Luke calls everyone's attention to thank everyone for showing up, given his behavior throughout the last year. He knows what happened not long ago on this very boat so he salutes their courage. He further announces there are some things he has to say which everyone needs to hear. He says he's not a big believer in remorse or regret but realizes he's done terrible things. He realizes he was sick although he doesn't like to admit to sickness or weakness. Yet, he realizes how important all the people gathered around him are. He tells them love and grace is the meaning of all of their existence. It's the reason why all of them are. He mentions that this woman, Tracy Angelica Quartermaine dragged him out of the darkness kicking and screaming and she means everything to him. He talks all about their long-term history. She has saved his life and is his best friend. His strongest ally and partner. The woman he loves. Everyone gets ready to raise their glasses. But then, suddenly and unexpectedly, Laura enters and looks like she's there to prevent Luke from re-marrying Tracy.

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