GH Update Thursday 6/4/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/4/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nina gave Olivia a large sum of cash to pay the hotel tab. Dante and Nathan bumped into Olivia on her way out of Nina's room. Olivia took Dante aside to talk, while Nathan went to his sister's room. Nina was pleased to see Nathan until he revealed that he was there to arrest her. Nina insisted that she hadn't done anything wrong. Nathan told her they could talk at the station. Nathan took Nina to an interrogation room where Franco was waiting inside. Franco claimed Nina told him she kidnapped Avery. Nina denied it and told Franco to take it back. Franco drew Nina's attention to some annulment papers he had Diane draw up. He offered to recant his statement if she signed them and dissolved her marriage to Ric. Nina noticed Nathan's lack of a reaction, and she asked him if he was in on this with Franco. Franco told her to forget about Nathan and sign the papers if she wanted to stay out of prison.

Olivia teared up as she told Dante that she had to say goodbye to him. A confused Dante asked where she was going. Olivia explained that she was going to meet up with Ned and the baby. Olivia was eager to be with her infant son, and she'd only stayed in town to keep Julian from getting suspicious. Dante told Olivia that Julian was leaving the mob, and he suggested that she bring the baby home. Olivia didn't trust Julian to follow through with his promise, so she decided to stick to her plan. Dante supported Olivia, but he told her he'd miss her. Olivia called Dante her little angel. She hugged him and told him to take care of Lulu and Rocco.

Anna was in her suite packing a suitcase. She called Jordan, who was in her new office at the PCPD. Anna congratulated Jordan on being named the new police commissioner. Jordan wondered if Anna was really okay with this. Anna felt that Jordan was a good choice. Jordan, who knew she lacked experience as a commissioner, feared that Mayor Lomax wanted her to be a puppet or a scapegoat. Anna advised Jordan to not to worry about Lomax's motives and to remember that she (Jordan) worked for the city, not Lomax. Jordan revealed that she asked Lomax to give the job to Anna, and Anna wasn't surprised that Lomax refused. Jordan felt kind of guilty about Sloane and asked if Anna had seen him. Anna looked uncomfortable and said no. Jordan was thankful for everything Anna did for her. Jordan added that she was sorry about Duke and that she didn't blame Anna for what Duke tried to do. Anna replied that, for what it was worth, Duke did try to call off the hit. The call ended after Anna congratulated Jordan again. There was a knock on Anna's door. Anna assumed it was Sloane, so she said she had nothing to say to him. Luke called out. Anna opened the door, but she was startled that Luke was free. Luke explained that the doctors released him because he was no longer a threat. Anna welcomed him in and said she was pleased his recovery was going so well.

Luke gave Anna his condolences about Duke and asked how she was holding up. Luke comforted Anna when she tearfully admitted that she wasn't doing well. Anna noted that Duke told her he'd stayed alive, when he was in captivity, in hopes that they would get back together. Anna sighed that they did, for a bit. Luke felt somewhat responsible for Duke's death because Luke had teamed up with Julian. Anna assured Luke that it wasn't his fault. Luke still wanted to help, and he offered to find Carlos, but Anna said it wasn't necessary. Luke invited Anna to his engagement party, noting that it might make her feel better for a little while. Anna was surprised to hear that Luke was engaged. Luke explained that he owed it to Tracy to be the man she deserved after he'd treated her so badly. Anna had to turn down the invitation because she was leaving town. Anna explained that Port Charles held too many memories, so she was going to Glasgow, then to the Isle of Skye, a place Duke loved. Duke had taken Anna there on a trip, and Anna wanted to spread his ashes there. Anna wasn't sure when she'd be back. Luke told Anna she'd be missed. They smiled and talked about their long friendship and their brief romance. Anna told Luke they both knew she could never be what Tracy was to him. Luke agreed and added that he could never be Duke, or even Robert. They hugged and said their goodbyes. After Luke left, Anna took Duke's picture out of the frame and placed it in her copy of Outlander. She packed the book and Duke's urn, then she left.

Jordan set up her new office and carefully placed a picture of T.J. on her shelf. Valerie showed up for the job interview that Sloane had scheduled. Jordan didn't realize Valerie had an appointment, but she decided to conduct the interview. Jordan learned that Valerie was a Spencer and asked if she was related to Luke and Lulu. Valerie confirmed that she was, so Jordan figured Valerie must know Dante. Valerie assured Jordan that she'd disclosed her connection to the detective on the application. Jordan asked if Valerie had connections to anyone else on the force, and Valerie said she knew Dante's partner Nathan. Jordan was impressed with Valerie's resume. Dante happened to come in, and Jordan told him that Valerie got the job. Dante shook Valerie's hand. Valerie gave him a look, like she was surprised it was only a handshake. Dante noted that they were family, and he hugged her. Dante and Valerie left the office. Valerie thanked Dante for helping her get the job. Dante told Valerie that he put in a good word for her, but she got the job on her own. Valerie wanted to take Dante and Lulu out to dinner to celebrate.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy admired her engagement ring. Dillon liked Luke, but he had reservations about his mother marrying Luke after all Luke had put her through. Tracy insisted that Luke hadn't been himself. Dillon thought Luke should take things slow. He didn't approve of Luke throwing an engagement party the same day Luke popped the question. Tracy was determined to let Luke throw the party. Sabrina came in with A.J. Dillon asked who A.J. was. Tracy introduced Dillon and Sabrina. Tracy agreed to watch A.J. while Sabrina went to lunch. Tracy brought Dillon up to speed on who A.J. was and how she came to be a legal Quartermaine. Tracy realized it was time for her to get ready for the party. She ordered Dillon to watch the baby. Dillon tried to say something, but Tracy cut him off and walked out. Dillon bounced A.J. on his knee and wondered aloud if Tracy was making the biggest mistake of her life. Just then Lulu walked in. She was stunned and thrilled to see her old crush Dillon. They chatted and noted that Dillon had been gone for eight years.

Lulu was curious what brought Dillon to town. Dillon explained that Ned had asked him to come keep an eye on their mother. Lulu chuckled at the idea of someone trying to look after Tracy. Dillon admitted he'd already failed at talking Tracy out of the engagement. Dillon asked Lulu if she thought their parents' engagement was a good idea. Lulu thought Luke and Tracy were moving fast and that they had a turbulent, unique relationship, but they loved each other. Lulu gave A.J. a gift – a stuffed toy, and she explained that the baby was her sister in law. Dillon couldn't believe Lulu was married with a son. Lulu noted that Dillon would get to meet Dante, and her cousin Valerie, at the party. Dillon asked what Valerie was like. Lulu said Valerie was a Spencer. Dillon understood that this meant strong and impulsive. Lulu explained that Valerie was trying to pick up the pieces after her mother's death and was doing very well. Dillon sensed that Lulu had an issue with Valerie, but Lulu insisted that Valerie was great. Tracy returned. “Congratulations, once and future step-monster!,” Lulu said as she hugged Tracy. Tracy thanked Lulu, but wondered why Lulu wasn't at the Haunted Star preparing for the party. Lulu had the staff working on it. Luke walked in, and Tracy demanded to know why he wasn't getting ready. Luke explained that Tracy seemed ambivalent about the party, so he wanted come home and make sure she was going to attend. Tracy assured Luke that she would be there. Luke smiled and told her it would be a small, quiet, drama-free celebration.

Silas was still at the Jerome penthouse with Denise. Denise asked who Ava's mystery donor was. “Avery was your donor, Ava, and you damn well know it,” Silas impatiently snapped. Denise claimed to be in the dark, so Silas told her everything that happened between him and Ava. Silas flashed back to telling Ava that he used Avery's bone marrow to save her. Ava was angry that Silas had harvested marrow from her baby without her permission. Silas was unapologetic about doing everything in his power to save Ava. He assured Ava that he put Avery under general anesthesia and that the procedure was painless for the infant. Ava was relieved that her baby was okay, but she was still furious at Silas.

Ava asked to see Avery, but Silas told her he'd already taken Avery back to Kiki. Ava asked if Kiki knew Ava was alive. Silas admitted that he kidnapped Avery and that Kiki didn't know about Ava. Ava was appalled. She knew Kiki and Morgan must have been terrified. Silas pointed out that he couldn't ask Kiki for permission because it would have tipped them off that Ava was alive. Ava asked if Silas was a suspect, and he told her that the cops were looking at Nina. Ava felt that it was poetic justice since Nina never went to prison for kidnapping Avery the first time. Silas noted that Ava's brush with death hadn't made her compassionate. Ava readily admitted she didn't have any compassion for Nina. Ava was grateful to be alive, but she was upset because she knew she'd go to prison if she reached out to her daughters. Silas told Ava that she had to disappear. Back in the present, Silas spat that he and Ava/Denise had a deal. Denise continued to claim that she wasn't Ava. A frustrated Silas told her to stop insulting them both and just admit it. “Of course I'm Ava,” Ava snapped, as she dropped the fake Denise accent. Ava admitted that she broke their deal, but she told Silas that there wasn't anything he could do about it.

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