GH Update Wednesday 6/3/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/3/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine house, when Tracy is talking to Luke and he promises her he's changed his ways and she can trust him, suddenly and unexpectedly, her son Dillon appears. Luke does not seem happy to see him and he informs his mom that Ned has told him all about how Luke has put her through hell in the last year so he needs to take time out of his schedule with making movies, to see her. Dillon confronts Luke, reminding him that he remembers, long before his “recent breakdown”, Luke has been using and exploiting his (Dillon's) mother, cleaning out her bank account and doing dishonorable behaviors over and over again. In response to that, Luke sounds humble and apologetic, attempting to explain to him he knows he's done terrible things but is attempting to redeem himself, fight his demons and regain the trust he once had. Hearing that, Dillon admits to Luke that he used to like and trust him. However, according to Ned, it appears Luke has gone “totally Norman Bates” with attempted murder and keeping a body down in the cellar. Luke tells him he's confronted all that and now it's over and, he tells Dillon, he wants nothing more than to make it up to Dillon's mother. In response to that, Dillon asks him if he intends to do that by luring her into another quickie marriage. Dillon informs both Tracy and Luke that Ned told him all about Luke's public proposal at the nurse's ball to corner Tracy into marrying him. Luke whisked his (Dillon's) mother on a honeymoon and then abandoned her and sent her back to Port Charles to get control of ELQ. He wanted Tracy to betray her family and her father's legacy, Dillon tells Luke. Luke and Tracy both confirm he is correct although they protest that Luke has reformed his ways and is committed to doing the right thing by Tracy. Luke tells Dillon that Tracy is the best thing that ever happened to him. He wants to marry this woman but will only do it with her son's blessing, Luke tells Dillon. They relive how Dillon left town years ago while in a conflict with Scott Baldwin. Luke informs Dillon that he has missed him and is happy to see him and asks Dillon if it's ok with him if Luke is married to his mom. Dillon tells Luke this is solely his mom's decision. At that point, Luke proposes to Tracy, asking her if she will “lower her standards” and marry him. She tells Luke as much as she's tempted, she can't. He then asks her if she would just agree to marry him “In principle”. It would just be for 30 days to see if it works. She then smirks and tells him he sounds like a used car salesman. He tells her that she can break off the engagement at any time if anything goes wrong. She asks how long he intends to drag this out. He tells her they can keep this going until she believes that he is the man that she wants him to be. He tells her he's flawed and not perfect but he can work like hell to be the man she wants him to be, if she can just give him 30 days that could turn into the rest of their lives. She then agrees to be engaged for 30 days and asks him to give her the ring.

Nikolas is in at the Metro Court on the phone to Rosalie demanding that she goes through with her plan to get the ELQ shares from Nina to give to him and have Michael falsely believing that Nina refused to hand them over. While Nikolas notices Michael enter and knows he cannot continue his phone conversation and possibly be overheard, Rosalie is in the elevator to visit Nina in her room, as instructed by Nikolas. Nina invites Rosalie inside her hotel room and tells her she'd like to order her some food but her assets are frozen and she has no money. She also informs Rosalie that she finds it very odd that Rosalie would be seeking her out at this point given how long it's been since they spoke and the fact that they parted ways on a bad note. So, she right away knows that Rosalie must have an agenda. Nina admits to her former “hired nurse” that she realizes Rosalie has good reason not to like her. She knows she blackmailed and bulled Rosalie, she tells her. She understands. Nina also admits to Rosalie she wonders why she should trust her. Rosalie tells Nina that the lack of trust is mutual, reminding her former “boss” that because of Nina's scam to have her husband falsely believing she was in a wheelchair and relied on Rosalie to be her home care nurse, Silas fired Rosalie.

Nina admits to Rosalie she did put her up to doing that but wonders if Rosalie is looking for another fake nurse/scam accomplice job or if, due to the fact that she has no job nor income, Rosalie simply needs money. Rosalie then replies to Nina that she is there on behalf of Michael Corinthos Quartermaine. Hearing that name, Nina recalls that is the very same young man she “hired” Rosalie to seduce, so, she asks her former “scam employee” what is up with Michael. Rosalie informs Nina that when she needed a job, Michael hired her to work for ELQ. She further informs Nina that Michael knows that Nina and Franco are in possession of 11.5 shares of ELQ stock and he wants to buy it with cash. Rosalie reminds Nina she knows what Nina and Franco did together, not only in getting Ned to give him his shares but with the kidnapping of the baby. Nina informs Rosalie that she is no longer with Franco. He's out of her life. He falsely accused her of kidnapping a baby recently and doesn't trust her. She further informs Rosalie that she is now married to Ric Lansing. Rosalie then learns that Nina no longer has access to the ELQ shares now that she's no longer with Franco. Hearing that, Rosalie needs to find out whether Franco took the ELQ shares. Nina tells her she does not know and demands to know how she could be focused on ELQ when Franco was breaking her heart. Rosalie tells Nina she knows but reminds her that it would help them if they could clear up an accounting error so Nina might want to check to see if the ELQ shares are still anywhere she can access them. Nina then gets up to attempt to find out, and she sees the certificate Franco obtained which is still in the hotel room. She realizes that maybe Franco wasn't thinking about ELQ either when she kicked him out. Rosalie then attempts to sound “sensitive” to Nina telling her she knows that Franco really broke her heart so wouldn't it be better for her to get rid of anything reminding her of him. Nina then replies that since she was admitted to the mental hospital, she has not had any access to her money so maybe this is her ticket to having money. Rosalie tells her in that case, she could probably really use the cash that Michael is offering. So, she asks Nina, do they have a deal? Rosalie opens up a briefcase with cash, to which Nina appears intrigued. Yet she knows she cannot and will not let these shares go. She holds on to the folder with the stock certificate and tells Rosalie and cannot part with this. It's proof that she and Franco were once a good team. It's a symbol of their time together. Rosalie then tells her that she can't start her new marriage in debt. She needs this money more than she needs some “momento” with a man who wasn't even her husband. Rosalie further reminds Nina that Franco did not trust her, betrayed her and treated her like some pathetic crazy person. And, she tells Nina, she opened up her heart and soul and loved Franco in a boundless way that only Nina can love. Yet Franco did not love her the way that she needed to be loved. He didn't see her for who she really was. Nina tells her she's right. However, these shares are her only connection to Franco. So how can she let that go?

At the Metro Court, Michael approaches Nikolas and tells him that he overheard Nikolas phone conversation where he mentioned Michael's name. Nikolas informs Michael that he was speaking to his sister Lulu, about her father, Luke Spencer escaping from the prison/institution where he used to stay, and reflects to Michael they both know what Luke was up to with ELQ. He's heard that Luke has moved back to the Quartermaine house and thought that might be difficult for Michael. He tells Michael that apparently Luke's doctors have released him, given him a clean bill of health and believe he is cured and no longer needs to stay in an institution, yet Lulu and everyone that knows what happened to Luke and all that he did has their doubts and their worries. Having no clue about Nikolas' private scheme, Michael tells Nikolas the story about Luke's “rivalry” toward him and the fact that Luke did manage to obtain and transfer about 32 shares of ELQ stock to the Cassadines. Michael still has no suspicion of Nikolas as he tells him he realizes Helena was behind it and Nikolas adds to that statement, he doesn't know how his grandmother convinced Luke to team up with her. Michael then reminds Nikolas that he knows that ELQ was Emily's legacy. Emily Quartermaine was Monica and Alan Quartermaine's adopted daughter and Nikolas' long-term fiancÚ. Nikolas listens remembering his former partner as Michael informs him (still suspecting nothing) that he's having Rosalie going upstairs in an attempt to buy back the shares that she and Franco got from Ned. Still having no clue what Nikolas intends to do, Michael informs him that he is having Rosalie attempt to get the shares from Nina and hopefully Franco will grant Nina access to them. Michael continues to reflect to Nikolas that ELQ was his (Michael's) great- grandfather's life blood and legacy. And he feels like he's betrayed and failed Edward by allowing the profits to get siphoned away. He further tells Nikolas in a way, it's a blessing that his great grandfather is dead because he knows the mere thought of interlopers stealing ELQ would kill him all over again.

Back at the boxing gym, after Michael has left and Morgan is alone with Kiki, she remarks to Morgan that it almost looked as though he and Michael might be reconciling their differences. Morgan admits he's not certain how to answer that. He assesses that he and his brother may not be catching a ballgame any time soon but they did declare a cease fire. He tells her they both realized that they cannot undo any of the things they've already done and can't hold past actions against one another forever. What's done is done. He tells her that what provoked him to challenge Michael to a boxing match was Ava. When he saw Denise, he thought she has to be Ava and she's scammed everyone into believing she died when she did not. Kiki admits to Morgan sometimes she wishes that Denise really was her mom. She realizes that it's odd to find out she has a secret aunt that neither her mom nor uncle Julian ever knew about. Kiki informs Morgan that she informed her dad about her “aunt Denise” and let him know she and Morgan are getting back together.

Denise goes to find Silas, firmly maintaining that she is “herself”, Ava's fraternal twin, who's never met and only has heard of Ava, her life and her family and about him. When he sees her, he instantly believes he knows, with certainty that she is Ava and tells her she can't fool him. Yet he “tells the story” which only he and Ava know about, where he saved her life after the night she got shot and fell into the river. He was able to assure her she's going to be ok after the accident which everybody else thought killed her. However, he had to inform her that he just discovered that she had cancer and encouraged her to want to live and find a cure. Hearing that, Denise sounds completely surprised and not like Silas would expect to hear Ava speak, regarding what he has told her. So could that mean that Denise is a different human being, Ava's fraternal twin and not Ava? Or does he know (or think he knows) something. Hearing Silas' story about Ava, Denise asks if her twin sister is really alive, why does everyone falsely believe she's dead and why is he keeping the secret. Still believing she's Ava, Silas tells her because “you” were facing a life in prison for murder and didn't even know what he had done after he “anonymously”.

Silas talks to the real Ava in the private hospital bed, as she is terminally ill, sobbing and pleading that Silas give her drugs to take away her pain and let her die peacefully. Yet she knows that he has another plan. He reveals to Ava that he sedated her so that he could give her a bone marrow transplant. We then see that he confirms to her that she is more than likely cured and her cancer should be in remission. Ava asks how on earth he could have found a bone marrow donor as he's obviously had a secret plan that he did not tell her about.

While Nikolas and Michael are talking at the Metro Court, they both observe Rosalie get off the elevator and get inside. Again, having no clue that Rosalie and Nikolas Cassadine know each other, he introduces them. She looks at both guys and tells Michael she's so sorry but Nina refused to sell. Hearing that, Michael asks if she wanted more money. Rosalie tells him no. It had nothing to do with money. Nina has some sort of weird sentimental attachment to the shares because of Franco. Michael then graciously tells her he knows she did what she could. She may now take the days off and he needs to go home. Alone with Rosalie, Nikolas tells her that the song and dance she gave Michael better not be true. She tells him it is not.

Nina is locking the safe in her room at The Metro Court when Olivia enters and tells her she and Ric are out of this hotel if they don't pay their bill. Nina then tells her she can pay in full. She shows Olivia “something” that freaks her out. Olivia remarks; “Look at all those Benjamins”.

Rosalie is able to give Michael the 11.5 % of ELQ shares.

Luke and Tracy are officially engaged. She tells him he better not screw this up because he's out of do-overs. Dillon is ready to leave but Luke tells him he wants to throw an engagement party and invite all of their friends. He wants everybody to know how much he loves her and about his commitment to her. They both hesitate but Tracy agrees. He tells both Tracy and Dillon that they will not regret this.

At the boxing gym, Morgan wants to leave with Kiki but she tells him she has plans with Denise to have dinner together. She invites him to join them and get to know her aunt.

Denise asks Silas what the big secret is. Who was Ava Jerome's mystery bone marrow donor. He informs her it was baby Avery. He still assumes that Denise is Ava and she knows that already.

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