GH Update Tuesday 6/2/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/2/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Kiki was at home reading a newspaper article about Denise, when Silas came home. Kiki hugged him and asked how his conference was. Silas was just glad to be home. Silas asked Kiki if anything new happened. Kiki told Silas that no one had been arrested for Avery's kidnapping. Silas wondered if there was any good news. Kiki grinned and admitted that she and Morgan were back together. Silas noted that Morgan had made some interesting choices. Kiki knew that Silas was referring to Morgan sleeping with Ava. Silas advised Kiki to be take things slow, but he assured her that she had his unconditional support. He asked if anything else happened. Kiki filled Silas in on everything else - Olivia's baby belonged to Julian, but the baby died, and Denise, an Ava lookalike had come to town. Kiki explained that Denise looked so much like Ava that the police arrested her for Connie's murder, but she was freed when Delia came to town and confessed that she'd given birth to twins. Silas asked if people bought that. Kiki explained that the cops tested Denise's DNA against the sample that Ava had on file at GH. It wasn't a match, but it showed that Ava and Denise were closely related. Kiki told Silas that he'd be shocked when he saw how much Denise looked like Ava. Silas was alarmed to hear that Denise was still in town. He asked where she was. Kiki told him that Denise was staying with Julian. A concerned Kiki told Silas that he seemed really shaken by this news. Silas claimed he was just startled by the wild story. He announced that he had to go to GH. Silas said he was sorry he wasn't there for Kiki when things got rough; he promised that it wouldn't happen again, then he left.

Morgan was at Volonino's working out on the punching bag. He flashed back to seeing Denise for the first time and thinking she was Ava. Michael arrived carrying the newspaper. He demanded to know if the woman on the front page was Ava. Morgan made a snide remark then ignored Michael, so Michael got between Morgan and the bag. Morgan grumbled that the newspaper told the whole story. He wondered if Michael was scared Ava was back to take the baby. Michael admitted that he did think it might be a scheme to take A.J. from him. The irritated Morgan explained that it was Ava's twin Denise. Morgan read the relevant portion of the story aloud then asked if Michael thought the paper was trying to trick him. Michael had been hesitant to believe a story that was in Julian's newspaper. Morgan flippantly asked how a woman from N.Y.C. could take Avery away. Michael shot back that it might work like Morgan's plan to drug Michael. Morgan was annoyed that Michael wouldn't let that go. Morgan acknowledged that he and Kiki might have done the wrong thing, but Morgan noted that all it took was a fake kiss to get Michael to drink. Michael was surprised Morgan and Kiki's kiss was fake. Morgan revealed that he and Kiki were back together. Morgan waited for Michael to throw a fit, but Michael stated that he was fine with it. Michael advised Morgan to take things slow though, since Kiki was probably in a bad place after losing her mom and sister. Morgan got angry that Michael was trying to dole out brotherly advice when he was usually tearing into Morgan. Michael explained that he was all over Morgan because he wanted Morgan to realize Morgan had endangered their little sister. Morgan claimed he got that, but Michael didn't think so. Michael pointed out some of the ways A.J. could have been hurt due to Morgan's scheme. Morgan countered with a hypothetical of his own – what if Michael hadn't turned his back on his family. Morgan admitted that the lies they told were messed up, but Morgan felt that Michael didn't even try to understand how difficult that situation was. Michael didn't think he should have been understanding of Morgan choice to cover up Sonny murdering Michael's dad. Morgan argued that Michael was known for being understanding, which is why Sonny and Carly thought Michael walked on water. Michael told Morgan to stop deflecting and own his choices.

Morgan observed that Michael had a lot of aggression, and he suggested that they have a boxing match. Michael balked at first, but Morgan taunts drove Michael to get into the ring. Once they match started, the pair bickered about the drugging and about Michael's motives for taking Avery. Morgan accused Michael of using Avery, and Morgan thought Ava would be rolling in her grave right now. “That whore would roll on anything with anyone. Just ask my father's crypt,” Michael spat. Morgan lunged at Michael and they both fell. They ended up sitting on the floor of the ring. Some of the tension melted away as Morgan reminded Michael about a bully who used to beat Morgan up when they were kids. Morgan had refused to tell Max and Milo about the bully, but he told Michael. Michael replied that Michael took care of it for Morgan. Morgan corrected that they both fought the bully off, and the kid never bothered Morgan again. Morgan sincerely apologized for what he'd done to Michael, Kiki and Avery. Morgan confessed that the minute he realized he'd screwed up, he'd wanted to call Michael and let Michael fix it, like always. Now it was Michael's turn to confess that he'd been relieved when Sonny offered to trade A.J. for dropping the charges against Morgan. Michael admitted he didn't want Morgan to go to jail. In a disappointed tone, Morgan acknowledged that things would never go back to how they used to be. Michael didn't see how it could. Morgan wished he could do things differently. Michael didn't think it was likely that they would be close again, but he suggested a ceasefire. Morgan asked if that was as good as it gets. “For now,” Michael replied. Morgan accepted, and they shook hands.

The music was blaring at the Jerome penthouse, while Julian did his workout in the living room. Denise exited her bedroom and complained that the noise woke her up. She strode over and turned off the music, despite Julian warning her not to. They argued over which of them was right until Julian told her that if she didn't like his house rules, she could move out. Denise asked if he'd really kick his sister out. Julian revealed that he'd killed their other sister for crossing him. Denise theorized that Olivia had it coming. A suspicious Julian asked Denise how she knew he was talking about Olivia, and not Ava, and how she knew about Olivia. Denise reminded him that she knew Sonny was involved in Ava's death. Denise claimed she'd spent last night researching the Jerome family on the internet. She'd learned that Julian had two brothers, Evan, and Dino, and sisters Ava, and Olivia. Denise had also read about Avery. Denise looked forward to meeting her young niece. Julian explained that Avery had been lost to the Jeromes and was now living with the Quartermaines. Denise was aware. She was appalled by the tug of war over Avery, and she asked Julian why he let that happen. Julian felt that he had no choice. Denise decided to take on Michael and get Avery back. Later, Julian was dressed and getting ready to go to work. Denise asked him to Drive her to the Quartermaine's. Julian advised her not to take the family on. He left. Kiki called Denise and asked her out to lunch. Denise had something to do, so the pair made dinner plans instead. Silas went to the penthouse. “Denise DeMuccio?!” he said, in an exasperated tone, when Denise opened the door. Denise announced that she recognized Silas from the paper. “Cut the crap Ava, I know it's you,” Silas snapped.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy had A.J. in her arms as she glanced at the newspaper story on Denise. “Oh great. Just what this town needs. Another deranged double,” she grumbled. Luke walked in and cleared his throat. Tracy was surprised Luke was awake before noon. Luke replied that it was something his minders at the cuckoos' nest taught him. Tracy asked Luke not to call the facility that. Luke promised not to. Tracy wondered what else Luke learned. Luke told her that he'd learned to be thoughtful and considerate. He handed her a bag from Eckert's – her favorite bakery. Luke explained that he'd gone there and thought about Bill. Luke wished he'd gotten a chance to thank Bill for what he'd done instead of defiling Bill's grave. Tracy insisted that that wasn't Luke, but Luke told her he had to own his actions as part of his recovery. Tracy assured Luke that Bobbie had seen to it that Bill's body had been returned to it's grave. Luke felt that Tracy, Lulu, and Bobbie had cleaned up enough of his messes and that it was time for him to take responsibility. Luke thought he owed Tracy the most. Tracy told him to start by pouring the coffee. Luke made a comment about the baby. Tracy realized he hadn't met A.J. yet, so she brought him up to speed about the baby and how Michael took her from Sonny. Tracy felt that Sonny deserved it. Luke sighed that the cycle of violence and retribution would never end – no one could stop it. “Certainly not the police,” Tracy added.

Tracy changed the subject and said it was wonderful to have a baby in the house. Sabrina came in to get A.J. Tracy formally introduced Sabrina and Luke, then Sabrina left. Luke was sure that Sonny must hate this arrangement. Tracy warned Luke not to interfere with it in an attempt to make things up to Sonny. Luke had no intention of wading into someone's domestic drama. Luke admitted he had to make amends with Sonny, but for now Luke wanted to focus on Tracy. He pulled out a ring box and got down on one knee. The confused Tracy reminded him that they were already married. Luke told Tracy that he did some checking and discovered that the annulment she applied for when she thought she married Faison had been granted. Tracy groaned about having another fraudulent marriage to add to the list. Luke insisted that this was a good thing – he could propose again while he was in his right mind. Luke told Tracy that she was the number one constant in his life. Luke didn't know how much time he had left, but he wanted to spend it with Tracy. Tracy admitted she loved Luke and everything he just said, but she didn't know if she could trust him again. Luke understood, but he urged Tracy to take a leap with him. Tracy yelled that she'd taken leaps with him over and over again and the bottom always fell out. Luke promised that it would be different this time. He told her that his heart was broken and only she could fix it, then he plead with her to marry him. “Mother, do not accept that ring,” a man said as he walked into the room. Tracy was startled to see that her youngest son Dillon was back.

Dante and Jordan were at the P.C.P.D. chatting. Dante mentioned that Luke was back, and Jordan sighed that that was another person who wanted her dead. She figured that Sloane would probably want to put a detail on her. Dante revealed that Sloane had been fired. Jordan was shocked that Lomax would cut him loose. She wondered who'd get hired next. Dante hoped that Anna would be rehired, and Jordan agreed. Dante noted that Anna could handle Lomax's B.S. On cue, Lomax walked in and asked if she heard her name. Dante said they were just speculating about who the next commissioner would be. Lomax had someone in mind – Jordan. The stunned Jordan didn't think she was qualified. Lomax countered that Jordan worked her way up the D.E.A and had acted with honor and integrity. Lomax added that putting a woman of color in charge would help community relations. Jordan still felt that the job should go to Anna. Lomax flatly refused to rehire Anna. Lomax believed that they needed fresh blood, and she said she'd hire someone else if Jordan didn't accept. Jordan looked at Dante. Dante felt that this would be a great opportunity for Jordan. Jordan took the job. Lomax left. Dante congratulated Jordan. Jordan just hoped taking the job wasn't a mistake after what happened to Sloane. Dante was sure that Sloane would be fine.

Anna and Sloane woke up in her bed. Anna seemed alarmed. Sloane quipped that they enjoyed a few too many last night. Anna swore she'd never drink again. She felt sick, and she leapt up and ran out of the room. Later, Sloane got dressed and Anna put on a robe. Sloane wondered if he should take Anna's ailment personally. Anna assured Sloane that it wasn't him; it was the alcohol. Anna wondered why she drank so much, and Sloane told her it was perfectly normal for her to blow off some steam after all she'd been through. Anna sank into a chair and stared at Duke's photo and urn. Anna felt like she betrayed Duke; he'd only been dead a few days. Sloane didn't think it was a betrayal. Sloane pointed out that he and Anna were in a bad place and it just happened. Anna maintained that it shouldn't have happened. Sloane replied that Duke loved Anna and he'd understand. Anna still wished it hadn't happened. Sloane admitted that the timing and circumstances weren't good, but Sloane wasn't sorry it happened. He revealed that he had feelings for Anna. Anna was shocked. Sloane explained that he'd been holding it back for awhile, but he couldn't anymore. Anna countered that Sloane could have kept it to himself. Anna wondered why he was telling her this now. She asked if he thought it was the right time to move in on her – days after the man she loved for decades died? Sloane admitted he thought Anna already knew. He pointed out that he covered up a murder for her. Anna hadn't realized that was why he helped her. Sloane confessed that he hoped Anna felt the same way about him. Anna ordered Sloane to get out. Sloane thought that Anna was overreacting. Anna threatened to call security if he didn't leave. Sloane thought they should talk about this. Anna cried that she didn't want to look at Sloane and that she could barely look at herself. She plead with Sloane to go. He left.

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