GH Update Monday 6/1/15

General Hospital Update Monday 6/1/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Sloane reveals to Anna that Nikolas helped him rig the mayoral election for Lomax, she tells him she finds that hard to believe because she happens to know, for a fact, that Nikolas was a very staunch supporter of Felicia's campaign. Why on earth would Nikolas want to help Lomax? Sloane replies because Nikolas was hoping that his money could corrupt Felicia but found out she was incorruptible. Whereas, Lomax was a different story and it worked in Nikolas' favor. Hearing that, Anna reminds him he is accusing one of the city's greatest benefactors of tampering with an election, of corruption and of bribery. She comments that is clearly something that his grandmother would do. In response to that, Sloane tells Anna that Nikolas might be more like Helena than people realize. Hearing that, Anna reminds Sloane that Nikolas has been a good friend to her daughter and her family for a long time so in order to believe that he's tapped into the dark side, she will need a drink. She pours herself and drink and offers one to Sloane. He then explains to Anna that he found the ballot box right where Dante and Nathan found it'; which was at Wyndemere. He walked in and saw that Nikolas was not alone. Lomax was with him. Anna adds that can only mean that so was the ballot box. He explains to her that Nikolas told him if Lomax won, he (Sloane) would be rewarded. He concludes to Anna that he “guesses” Nikolas is not the person she thought he was. As Anna drinks, she cynically replies to him that “no one ever is”. She asks how she could possibly bring Nikolas in knowing all he knows about her. She'd have to be the biggest hypocrite. Plus, she'd be implicating Sloane. She doesn't want to do that. At that point, it seems the two of them are bonding and happy to be together. She laughs and admits this is the first time she's laughed in a long time. At that point, he puts his arm around her and kisses her. She kisses him back and it looks like there is mutual interest in doing what they are doing.

Rosalie is calling Nikolas on the phone from the Quartermaine house when Tracy demands to know whom she is talking to and what the conversation is about. Rosalie tells Tracy that this was a private conversation yet Tracy reminds her that the phone is ELQ property. Rosalie informs her that Michael wanted her to contact Nina although Tracy tells Rosalie she knows that Michael would want nothing to do with the woman who kidnapped his baby sister. Rosalie tells Tracy that is where she is wrong. Michael is forced to take drastic action because Tracy's son sold away ELQ shares to Nina and Franco and Michael now has to clean up Ned's mess, she tells Tracy. And, she adds to Tracy, if she does not believe her, she may ask them herself.

Lulu enters and informs Tracy they have an urgent situation. Her dad (Luke) has just disappeared from where he was staying. She informs her step-mother that Bobbie found out that just two days ago, doctors allegedly re-evaluated Luke, gave him a clean bill of health and released him without anyone knowing. They conclude that the only explanation for why Luke has not contacted them is because he's “not himself” and has convinced the doctors that he's ok when he's not. Tracy concludes she has to call his doctor.

Luke enters and tells them they need not do that because he's there. His daughter and wife turn around and are shocked to see him without being forewarned. He informs them he took the bus back and it's true that the doctors and authorities released him, as he hands Tracy the envelope with the letter to see for herself. He declares that his “head is officially shrunk”. Tracy asks her husband if that means he's cured. She seems very skeptical and needs to why it took him as long as two days to get there on a bus. He replies there was something he needed to do along the way. He shows them a tattoo. They both need to know why Luke took so much time to get a tattoo. Luke replies it's a dragon, just like the one his father used to have. Hearing that, Tracy angrily demands how on earth he would want any type of remembrance of Tim Spencer. Luke then explains that he somehow has to face the demons in his life in order to get past them. He tells her hopefully one day, this tattoo will no longer belong to his father. It will belong to him and no longer be a symbol of his weakness but instead of his strength.

Franco finds Nina at the Metro Court and asks her where Ric is and if they have consummated their marriage. She remembers they have not but lies to Franco that she and her husband have great sex. Yet he clearly knows otherwise and knows that she does not even know where Ric is right now. She talks about how her highly successful lawyer husband has many things to do. She still does not believe what Franco continues to tell her; that Ric only married her for her money. She runs into her brother Nathan and is happy to see him although he demands to know why she suddenly decided to marry Ric Lansing yet did not tell him. She tells him she wants him to meet her adoring husband and assures her brother he will “like Ric”. Nathan responds to that by telling he doubts that. He does not know Ric but what little he knows about him is his scam for Elizabeth and Jake, which was revealed and proven at the nurse's ball. Also, Nathan warns his sister, he remembers that Ric watched “her little meltdown” in the courthouse when she saw his client and brother's baby and behaved as though she thought the baby was hers. Franco intently listens in on their conversation from the other room and hears Nina assuring her brother that Ric is the right person for her, he “gets” her and she “gets” him, and her refusal to listen to her brother reminding her of the realities everybody knows about Ric Lansing. Franco overhears Nathan reminding his sister that Ric proposed to Elizabeth Webber one night and then again to Nina. Doesn't that bother her a little bit and make her question what Ric's motive for marrying her was? She privately asks her brother the same question she's asking Franco of why he believes Ric would have to have ulterior motives for marrying her and could not possibly be interested in her. Franco cannot silently eavesdrop any longer, rushes out to make himself known and heard and demands that Nathan tells Nina she needs to get it through her head that Ric is only after her money. Nina figures out that Franco went and talked privately to Nathan about his “concerns” regarding her and she tells him how dare he go behind her back and she bets it was so he could poison her brother's mind against her. She tells Nathan he's done wrong by taking Franco's side. Both men protest that they have legitimate worries about her. She informs her brother it's an insult for him to be listening to this guy who distrusted her and accused her of baby-napping. Nathan attempts to assure his sister that is not true and he tells her he will make an appointment for her to see Diane Miller and get her marriage to Ric annulled.

Ric goes to visit Nina's mom, Madeline, in Pentonville. He assures her he will see if he can't get her acquitted and out of prison ASAP. She angrily tells him it's not soon enough and remarks that this would not have happened were it not for Ava Jerome. She remarks that the previous incompetent legal team she had did not help her regain her freedom. Ric reminds her that she had no money to pay them and he kind of takes her promise that she can and will pay him, with a grain of salt. She tells him that she will have all the money she needs to pay him once she gets out of prison, reminding him that her family fortune is quite substantial. She further asks him if he met with or spoke to Nina and if her daughter agreed to let Ric represent her. Ric smirks as he replies he did “even better”. Nina agreed to marry him. Hearing that, Madeline laughs and tells Ric he's gotta be out of his mind to think daughter would never marry the “likes of him”. He shows her the wedding ring to prove that her daughter did, in fact, marry him. Hearing that, Madeline sounds worried as she reminds Ric that the “arrangement” for which she “intends to” pay him for is to be her daughter's lawyer in order to get her money. Hearing that, Ric tells Madeline he realizes that is what she intended to do. He knows there's no way Nina would give her mom a cent of her money even if she had it to give and realizes he doesn't want to get ripped off and not paid. So he concludes to Madeline that marrying Nina would be much more lucrative for him than representing her and “relying” upon her mom to pay him when there's no way Madeline's going to see a cent of the money that Nina has access to. In response to learning that Ric is now ready to sell her down the river, Madeline reminds him he has her to thank for this most recent “opportunity”. He would not have thought to go after her rich daughter, were it not for her, to which Ric admits she's correct about that. He tells her he realized he was broke and desperate for money after his last “engagement” (as well as the scammed he paid for). He tells Madeline, an “angel” appeared; herself. Although she was wearing a prison jumpsuit. He gloats to Madeline that he has no incentive to help her or trust her since there's nothing in it for him. He gets up to leave but she furiously tells him he won't get away with it.

Everyone in Ava's life is at the police station awaiting DNA evidence. Although they find out that Denise is not Ava but related to her, they all are still in the dark as to who Denise is. Delia, Ava's mom appears and tells them she can solve that mystery. She is the mother of Denise although Denise angrily faces Delia and tells the others there's no way they're going to convince her that “this bimbo is her mom”. She faces Ava's daughter, mom and brother as she declares to Kiki, to Delia and to Julian there's no way she's a Jerome. She's a DeMuccio. Everybody knows that Delia knows something she is not revealing. Kiki asks her grandmother if the woman calling herself Denise DeMuccio is her mom. Delia hesitates to answer and we see the flashback of her remembering seeing her daughter (Ava) appear out of nowhere at her mom's bar needing to disguise herself and go on the run from murder charges. At that point, Delia replies no. Her daughter, Ava, is dead. She has drowned and it's the fault of the mob. Lucas then asks her why she said, not long ago, that Denise is her daughter. Delia then admits to all the people gathered around that many years ago, when she was young and foolish, she got involved with Victor Jerome and got knocked up with Ava. However, she reveals to everyone, the truth is, she gave birth to two babies and not one. Ava and Denise. Hearing that, Dante theorizes that Lucas just declared the DNA was “similar but not identical”. So that means Ava and Denise could not be identical twins. Lucas confirms that is correct. Delia then concludes they were fraternal twins although she sounds to be “making it up as she goes along”, telling the listening parties that she was in no condition to take care of two babies so she had to give one up. She begs Denise's forgiveness for abandoning her but Sonny speaks up and asks if anyone is buying this. He asks Morgan and Kiki, who both know Ava better than he does, if she ever mentioned to either of them that she has a sister and they both reply no. Sonny tells Delia this story is “too convenient”. Julian admits that he agrees it's a fair question to ask why it is that Delia never said anything to anyone about having a second baby. She replies she wasn't about to tell anyone her business. Plus she could not take the chance of “Victor and his bad seeds” finding out. It seems as though Denise might believe her and intends to defend Denise to the hecklers. Alexis remarks that she story could stand up legally. Lucas declares that the DNA is consistent with Denise being Ava's fraternal twin. At that point, Dante declares with that evidence, he has no choice but to let Denise go because she is not Ava and not responsible for Ava's crime.

Rosalie goes to meet with Nikolas at Wyndemere and he angrily warns her that she needs to make certain that nobody knows about their inside secret regarding ELQ. She assures him that she “took care” of Tracy. She told her she was on the phone with Nina Clay. She informs Nikolas that Michael asked her to see if she can get Nina to sell back the ELQ shares. Nikolas asks Rosalie if Michael really trusts her with that large an amount of money. She replies yes. Nikolas concludes to Rosalie, after hearing what she's informed him about Michael, that his instructions to her are to do exactly as Michael wants. Hearing that, she is surprised and asks why he'd want that when there's nothing, monetary or otherwise, in it for him. Nikolas then explains to Rosalie that is where she is wrong. He tells Rosalie that when she collects the ELQ shares, she's not going to bring them to Michael. She's going to bring them to him. She asks what she's supposed to tell Michael when she goes and tries and fails to collect the money from Nina. He tells her it's simple. Just tell him she was unsuccessful, when in reality, she obtained all of Nina's shares and is giving them to Nikolas. She asks Nikolas how they can be certain that word won't get out that they did that. He asks her why would Michael believe Nina's word over his as no one would believe “that lunatic”.

Both Nathan and Franco attempt to get Nina to see that Ric is trying to scam her. She angrily tells them both that they are devaluing and doubting her and the only man she trusts or wants to legally represent her is Ric.

When Ric tells Madeline of his “plans”, she asks him how he thinks he can get away with that, as she reminds him that her son is a highly skilled detective. Why does he not think that both of her kids will come through for her and protect her from him. She tells Ric that cops have documentation of all the visitors that go to prisons as well as the conversations they have with inmates. And that could lead them right to Ric. At that point, Ric does not appears so smug and confident anymore. She then concludes to Ric that the way she sees it is he has 2 choices; He can continue on this little rant of his and take his chances or he can stick to their original plan. Ric is then silent and ready to listen to her.

While Franco and Nathan intermittently argue and brainstorm on how they prevent Ric from taking not only Nina's money but more than that, Madeline is letting Ric know what she needs him to do and the fact he doesn't have another option. Nina gets an unexpected call from Rosalie who calls her from Nikolas' home. While Nikolas listens in, Rosalie tells Nina she misses her and remembers how "close" they used to be. She asks Nina if she would be interested in getting together tomorrow.

Denise declares that she has a mom, daughter, brother and many family members. She suddenly warms up to all of them. Knowing that she and Julian share a dad, she asks her brother if he won't mind if she crashed with him for a while.

Anna and Sloane are undressing and going at it.

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