GH Update Friday 5/29/15

General Hospital Update Friday 5/29/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine house, Michael explains to Rosalie that he needs to tell her some confidential corporate information regarding the fact that Ned got blackmailed by Franco to sign away his ELQ shares. Hearing that, she remembers Nikolas informing her that Ned signed away his entire stake of the company to Franco, and concluding that Franco is now sharing that with her old boss, the crazy Nina Clay. She knows not to reveal to Michael that she already knows when she found out from Nikolas a while back. He tells her he cannot risk what could happen and he needs to somehow convince Franco to sell his shares back. Hearing that, she asks why it should be his responsibility and not Ned's. Shouldn't Ned be the one to make efforts to get his shares back? Michael explains that he is the C.E.O and so it's on him to build back what his grandfather worked hard to give this company. Michael explains to her that although one might think it's a lost cause to attempt to persuade Franco to do that, there is one person whom Franco might listen to; Nina. And so, he explains to Rosalie, that is where she comes in. She then admits to Michael that she did have a “professional” relationship with Nina. But, Rosalie reminds him, that all changed the night the two of them had the drinks together at the Floating Rib. She tells Michael that she is in no position to ask any favors of Nina. She is essentially dead to Nina. Michael tells her he realizes that but maybe Rosalie has ways to motivate Nina. Rosalie hesitates but promises Michael she will try.

Lulu goes to see Nikolas and admits that she's not comfortable with her cousin Valerie working alongside Dante at the police station. She admits the reason she is there is to hopefully be able to persuade her big brother to have some influence over the commissioner in preventing that from happening. She reveals that she is not beneath having him bribe Sloane although she admits to her brother she feels like a horrible person considering resorting to those drastic measures. Hearing that, Nikolas assures his sister he does not judge her and knows all too well how it does not work to “play nice”. He tells her that he happens to know, however, that Sloane just got fired and Lulu admits she's very surprised and asks Nikolas how he would know that. He informs Lulu that the mayor came to visit him to let him know she's running for governor and a move like that is not cheap. He tells Lulu that he informed the mayor that he was a Felicia supporter and did not appreciate the way the mayor treated Anna. Hearing that, Lulu remembers and remarks that what happened to Anna was so unfair. He concludes to Lulu that since Sloane is fired, there's nothing he can do until they find a replacement. Lulu then concludes, to her brother that she feels like a jerk to be so jealous of her cousin that she wants to have “strings pulled” that way. Lulu gets a call informing her that she heard that her dad escaped from the institution where he has been staying. Hearing that, Nikolas asks her if she talked to anyone or got any information about what might have happened or where Luke might have gone. She tells him he knows as much about it as she does. She admits that she's concerned about what if her dad's therapy is not working. She has to find Tracy and go.

After Mayor Lomax has gone to visit Sloane so she could officially fire him, he informs Anna that the reason it happened was because Lomax believed he messed up the murder investigation of Duke Lavery. He theorizes that he is being held responsible for falsely accusing Jake Doe of the murder and letting Carlos Rivera get away. And so, he realizes that the Mayor does not want his negative poll numbers (which may reflect on her since she pulled illegal strings to get him his position as commissioner), to affect Lomax's run for governor. He admits to Anna that he could not defend himself without revealing that Jake Doe is his C.I. Hearing that, Anna also adds that he also could not admit to Lomax that Carlos Rivera was detained and that she shot and killed him, so, Anna concludes to Sloane, he got fired because of her. She remarks that murdering Carlos was the “gift that keeps on giving” and Julian will never be charged with murdering Duke and now, she tells Sloane, he's lost his job because of her.

Sloane assures her that is not her fault. It's due to Lomax being concerned about her numbers in the polls that she fired him. Anna tells Sloane she thinks it's entirely possible he'd be able to out-last Lomax if she (herself) had not decided to take the law into her own hands. He then informs Anna that he knows exactly how to bring their mayor down. He reveals he can use what he has against her and Mayor Lomax will learn that she messed with the wrong person. Hearing that, Anna tells Sloane she's concerned about the consequences he could suffer if what he believes is wrong and asks him just what exactly he has on Lomax. Sloane then reveals to Anna that he knows for a fact that Lomax's election was rigged. He asks her if she remembers the last mayoral election, not long ago, when her friend Felicia Scorpio ran but got narrowly defeated by Janet Lomax. She admits that she remembers how convenient it was, right after Felicia lost the mayoral election to Lomax, that he was ready to replace her as police commissioner right after she got fired by Lomax. Knowing she's putting two and two together and concluding that Sloane and Lomax worked together to get her wrongfully fired and Felicia denied of her rightful votes to become mayor, yet realizing that Sloane has had her back throughout the mess with Carlos, she remarks to him that she is in no position to judge him and wants to give him the benefit of the doubt. He does admit, however, that he worked to get her fired while he rigged the election results in Lomax's favor. Hearing that, she tells him he needs to realize that he can't just bring down Lomax without bringing himself down. He assures her that won't happen. However, Anna reminds Sloane that if he exposes Lomax, she can do the same to him and he'd be in worse trouble than she is for being the mastermind who rigged her elections. Also, she could deny the charges he makes and dismiss them as the rantings of a disgruntled former employee, reminding him there is no one else who can back of her story. In response to that, Sloane tells Anna that is not exactly true. There is someone who helped him tamper with the ballot box and who knows all about the secrets involving the rigging of the election. Anna asks Sloane who that would be. He replies Nikolas Cassadine.

While Nathan is in his room at Kelly's, with Maxie, Franco shows up unannounced and uninvited. Nathan is ready to arrest him for breaking and entering. Franco, however, tells Nathan he is there regarding and urgent matter. Maxie argues that Franco needs to get out. However, Franco tells Nathan he is there regarding Nina. He believes if anyone can get through to Nina, it would be her brother. He asks Nathan if he is not a bit concerned about his sister marrying Ric Lansing. Hearing that, Nathan admits that he does have his concerns and cannot believe that it happened and Maxie agrees, remembering that Ric just recently proposed to Elizabeth at the nurse's ball in front of the entire town. Maxie remembers Ric's sleazy plan to scam Elizabeth's other boyfriend into falsely believing he's married. Franco concludes that now Ric is targeting Nina. Nathan assesses that he has no knowledge of Ric and Nina knowing each other from Adam so why would Ric target her? Franco replies to Nathan that he bets Ric has his eyes on Nathan's family fortune. Nathan reminds Franco that Nina does not control the money. Franco tells him he knows that and he can guarantee that Ric also knows that. Ric is obviously a sharp lawyer, Franco reminds both Nathan and Maxie. He knows that Ric wants to be the custodian of Nina's money by marrying her. Hearing that, Maxie admits that Franco is making a good point and probably the state will no longer manager Nina's funds if she has a husband who's a lawyer and can handle all of it. Franco then tells Nathan that he has tried yet failed to warn Nina. She's not listening to him but she has to listen to her brother before it's too late. Nathan asks Franco why his sister will no longer listen to him (Franco). Franco then replies that he kind of “made a mistake”. He accused her of kidnapping a baby. Hearing that, Maxie jumps into the conversation to confront Franco about his history. He then tells her that surprisingly, this is not about himself. This is about Nina. He tells them both that he knows Nina has a reputation of being a nut job. However, Franco tells them both, he knows that Nina is a great person. And, he tells Nathan, he knows that she trusts her brother. Nathan then concludes to Franco that he will handle this and Franco needs to stay out of it. They then escort Franco out the door.

Olivia sits at the table at The Metro Court beside Nina, reminding her that she's offered her and Franco all the amenities they want for too long and now the free ride is over and Olivia is going to have them out of her hotel. Nina reminds Olivia that she knows Olivia just gave birth to her baby and knows she would not want Julian to know he's the father. Olivia informs Nina that Julian already knows so she has no more “incentive” to allow Nina or Franco a free room at her hotel. Nina is surprised to think that Olivia might have told Julian he's the father of her baby. Olivia tells her no. He found out on his own and it's not like it matters, she tells Nina. Her baby died. He was born early and did not make it. Nina tells Olivia she is really sorry and lets Olivia know she understands since she lost a baby herself. Olivia tells her she does not want her sympathy and doesn't want to talk about her personal life. She wants Nina to go upstairs, pack her bags and get out. What is it going to take to get through to Nina that her little blackmail scheme is over, Olivia asks?. And both she and Franco are not welcome in her hotel.. Ric Lansing appears and asks Olivia what is going on there. He informs Olivia that he is Nina's husband. Olivia is shocked to hear that and asks Ric if his deep and abiding love for Elizabeth was all a scam and over just like that. Ric explains that it was difficult for him and Elizabeth to break up but once he realized they were over, he was able to open up his mind and his heart to “other possibilities”. And that, he explains, is when “fate” brought him to Nina. Olivia reminds him that his little wifey poo has racked up an outrageous bill. He tells Olivia she may send him the bill. However, Olivia informs him he's not welcome to stay there either. Carly booted him the night of the nurse's ball and she seconds that motion. Olivia leaves them alone to talk and Nina is concerned about who's going to pay the outrageous bill that she and Franco racked up staying at The Metro Court. Ric, however, is not concerned about how it's going to get paid. He tells her that now that she's married an attorney, he thinks it will be very easy for her to get her money. Hearing that, she asks if Ric “wants” her money. He tells her he wants her to have it. Yet she knows, as her husband, he would be able to have access to her money. He dances around that with lawyer jargon. She tells him she remembers being married to someone else who was not “blessed” with her financial means and how that turned out. Ric then finds himself tripping over his tongue trying to encourage her to trust him. He then excuses himself telling her he has work and a client waiting and they will talk more about this when he gets home.

After the black-haired Ava lookalike, who calls herself Denise DeMuccio has gone to the police station and Dante is running DNA, Lucas enters with the results. Morgan, Kiki and Sonny stand by and Sonny demands that the results are revealed now. Lucas opens the envelope but Denise tells him he must wait. .Alexis walks in with Julian and announces that Ms. DeMuccio's attorney is present. When Sonny sees Julian, he tells him he knows that he murdered Duke and wanted to frame Jake Doe. Sonny further tells Julian he put Carlos up to shooting Duke and he bets Julian knows where Carlos is right now although Carlos denies having a clue about Carlos' whereabouts and also informs Sonny that he will be done with the business soon. Sonny tells Julian he will, in fact, be “done” very soon after what he's done. Julian tells Sonny that Derek Wells Media will be his soul focus and he won't be involved in any other ventures, and he tells Sonny from now on, Port Charles is all his. Overhearing that, “Denise” asks Julian what kind of an idiot would give up his business to his rival (reminiscent of Ava's protectiveness of her brother not wanting him to surrender to Sonny). Kiki then asks if they can't just get to the DNA results. Dante opens the envelope and Sonny asks if this woman is or is not Ava Jerome. Lucas goes over the results and discusses the finding of facts in a scientific doctor manner that people can't understand. He concludes that the genetic markers between this woman and Ava Jerome are very similar. Kiki asks if that means this woman is her mom. Lucas replies no. She is not. Hearing that, Denise finds herself in “protective mommy” mode, with Kiki, calling her “sweetie” giving her “motherly condolences” for how she must be feeling to have her mom taken from her once again. Lucas announces that this woman has close genetic markings to Ava. She's not the same human being as Ava but she is a close family member. Hearing that, both Sonny and Julian demand to know how “close” a family member. Lucas does not know exactly.

Nina reveals to Ric that she “had” money but that was in the past. As soon as she was turned over to the state and deemed mentally incompetent, she no longer has access to it. In response to that, Ric tells her that maybe he can help her with that by offering her legal counsel. At that point, it appears that she is becoming suspicious and “onto” Ric.

Rosalie calls and talks to Nikolas about the secret she has with him.

Olivia is on the phone with Ned talking, emotionally, about the future of her new born baby whom they have to hide and having everybody believing he's died, how she misses him and feels terrible to have to do this but she so appreciates his help.

At the police station, everybody is wondering what it means that Denise is an immediate family member of Ava's. Delia, Ava's mom enters and tells all the interested parties that she thinks she can answer that question and clear up any misunderstandings.

After Franco has left Nathan and Maxie alone to talk privately, she tells Nathan that she thinks Franco is probably correct that if Ric is married to Nina, his sister is getting taken for a ride. Hearing that, Nathan tells her he cannot let that happen and has to put a stop to it before it goes to far..

Franco returns to Nina and she informs him she's just heard that “apparently” Olivia lost her baby so they have nothing to hold over her head again. NO more comp meals or rooms. In response to that, Franco comments to Nina that he doubts she will have any trouble with money now that she's married to Ric Lansing, the brilliant attorney. By the way, he asks Nina, where is that smarmy son of a bitch?

Franco goes to visit Madeline Reeves, Nina's mom who is in jail and he talks to her through a glass partition on the phone.. He tells her he apologizes for the delay but had to make certain that her daughter does not “suspect” him.

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