GH Update Thursday 5/28/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/28/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Kiki had a dream about the time she visited Ava for Ava's birthday. When Kiki woke up, she told Morgan about the dream. Kiki noted that the relationship between her and her mother had been strained at that point, but Ava had hoped things would improve. Ava had made a birthday wish. Kiki recalled that Sonny had been threatening to kill Ava at that time, so Kiki wondered if Ava wished that she'd stay alive. Morgan noted that Ava might have gotten her wish if she was Denise. Kiki didn't see how Ava could have survived. Morgan felt that he knew Ava's face well, possibly better than Kiki did, and he was convinced that Denise was Ava. Kiki didn't see why Ava would have created such a wacky personality, like Denise. Morgan figures that Ava might have thought it would keep her out of jail. Kiki confessed that she really wanted Denise to be her mom. Kiki was surprised when Morgan admitted he felt the same way. Morgan still thought that Ava should pay for killing Connie, but he still cared about Ava. Kiki sighed that they'd have to wait on the tests. Morgan promised to be there for Kiki no matter the outcome. They decided to go to the station to await the results. Kiki noted that Ava had been radiant and full of hope in the dream. Kiki wished she could keep seeing Ava like that.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas glanced at the newspaper while he ate breakfast. The top story was on Jake being exonerated for Duke's murder and the search for Carlos. Valerie came in and mentioned that she had a job interview at the PCPD. As Valerie checked herself out in the mirror, Nik asked about the position. Valerie explained that if she got the job, she'd be an assistant to the detectives. Nik noted that Dante was a detective. Valerie stated that Dante had promised to put in a good word for her. Nik recalled that Lulu seemed uncomfortable with Valerie spending time with Dante. Nik told Valerie that he hoped it worked out. Valerie left. Chandler showed Mayor Lomax in a short time later. Nik wondered why Lomax was there. Lomax was sure that Nik was aware that she wanted to run for governor in 2016. Lomax explained that there was an obstacle in her way – Sloane. Nik pointed out that Nik wouldn't have been able to get her a second term as Mayor if it weren't for Sloane. Lomax assured Nik that she appreciated that. She was sure Nik appreciated having influence in the mayor's office and police department too. Lomax was unhappy with Sloane's performance as commissioner. She felt that Sloane mishandled the investigation into Duke's murder and that Hayden wouldn't have been shot if not for Sloane's shoddy work. Nik didn't think it was right to blame Sloane for Hayden's shooting, but Lomax's mind was made up. Lomax revealed that her poll numbers were the lowest they'd been since Sonny shot AJ. According to Lomax, the public saw Sloane as incompetent. Lomax didn't think it was good for her or Nik to associate with Sloane anymore. Nik pointed out that Sloane knew that Nik fixed the election for Lomax. Lomax had an idea for how to deal with Sloane, which she shared with Nik off screen. Nik was fine with it as long as there was no fallout onto him and Lomax. He was also pleased about the possibility of having statewide influence if Lomax became the Governor of N.Y. Lomax left.

Brad had a long night, so he was napping on a bench at GH, while he waited for Denise DeMuccio's DNA test results. Lucas woke him up and surprised him with a smoothie. They talked about the DNA tests. Nathan was in the lab making sure that the results wouldn't get tampered with. Lucas wanted to be certain about the results too. Brad assured Lucas that Brad didn't tamper with test results anymore. Lucas believed Brad. Lucas explained that it was just important to his family to find out whether or not Denise was Ava. Brad didn't think it was likely that Ava survived a gunshot wound and a fall from a bridge, but Lucas was suspicious of Denise's claim that she happened to see her doppelganger in the paper and came to town to check it out. Lucas hoped for Kiki's sake that Denise was Ava. Brad admitted he loved the way Lucas cared about his family. Lucas added that they'd soon be Brad's family too. Brad looked forward to it. Lucas noted that they had a great time at the beach celebrating their engagement, but now it was time to set a wedding date. Lucas looked forward to having a huge party with all their family and friends. Brad admitted he'd pictured a wedding at city hall. Lucas was surprised, since Brad liked big events. Lucas really wanted all of his family to be there. Brad confessed that Brad's family was the problem. Lucas noted that he didn't know anything about Brad's family, beyond what Brad shared the night they met – Brad's family hadn't wanted Brad to know his biological relatives were mobsters, and Brad's adoptive parents had been hurt when Brad wanted to look into his background. Lucas wondered if Brad had even told his parents about Lucas or about the engagement. Brad insisted that he wanted to tell Lucas everything about his family, but this wasn't the time or the place. Lucas pointed out that he loved Brad and they were getting married. Lucas assured Brad that Brad could tell him anything. Brad seemed to be about to say something, but his pager went off. It was the lab – the results were in.

Lulu went to the PCPD and surprised Dante with some breakfast, since he left before eating with her and Rocco. Dante explained that he left early because he was helping with the hunt for Carlos and waiting on Denise's DNA test. Dante was convinced that Denise was really Ava. He explained that GH had Ava's DNA on file because she'd been tested as a potential bone marrow donor for Danny. Lulu thought it was notable that Ava's one altruistic act might lead to her downfall. Dante mentioned that Nathan was at the lab making sure Brad didn't tamper with the results. Lulu thought Brad must be a changed man, or else her cousin Lucas wouldn't be marrying him. Dante claimed he was okay with Brad marrying into Lulu's family, but Lulu could tell he didn't mean it. Dante admitted he trusted Brad about as much as he trusted Ava. Dante mentioned that he let Sonny go visit Ava in the holding cells. Lulu was surprised since Sonny had threatened Ava's life. Dante figured that Sonny would get to her sooner or later, so Dante thought it would be best if it happened at the station with guards. Dante was sure Sonny wouldn't do anything to Ava in the cells, besides possibly scare some information out of her. The topic shifted, and Lulu asked what Valerie was doing at the station yesterday. On cue, Valerie walked in. In a friendly tone, Lulu asked Valerie what she was doing there. Valerie was surprised that Dante didn't tell Lulu that she applied for a job. Dante explained that it slipped his mind. Valerie asked Lulu if she was okay with Valerie possibly working there. Lulu was fine with it. Lulu mentioned that she used to work at the station and loved it – she'd gotten to spend a lot of time with Dante. Valerie assumed that Dante must be the reason she got an interview so quickly, so she brought him a doughnut as thanks. Lulu announced that it was time to let Dante get back to work, and she offered to take Valerie where she needed to go. Valerie was supposed to be meeting with Sloane. Lomax walked up and told Valerie that there was no need to rush, since Sloane hadn't been in today, according to his assistant. The irritated Lomax asked Dante where Sloane was, but Dante didn't know. Lomax stormed out. Valerie and Lulu bristled at Lomax's attitude. Dante told them that Lomax had gotten rid of two great commissioners – Mac and Anna, because Lomax's poll numbers fell. Lulu leaned in next to Dante and kissed him goodbye. Dante quietly asked if Lulu was okay with Valerie working there. Lulu said yes.

In the holding cells, Denise checked out her reflection in a spoon and did her best to spruce herself up. A guard showed Sonny in. Denise announced that she recognized Sonny from the papers – he was the Godfather of Port Charles. Denise had also read that Sonny hated Ava. Sonny spat that she was Ava. Denise started to argue, but Sonny reached through the bars, grabbed her arm and ordered her to shut up. Sonny wished he'd killed Ava when he had the chance. Denise wrenched away from Sonny. Denise didn't blame Sonny for hating the woman who killed his girlfriend, but she didn't understand why he tried to save Ava's life. Sonny explained that he did it in a moment of weakness because he knew that's what Connie would want. Sonny was adamant that he wouldn't let that happen again. Denise stated that the DNA test would prove she wasn't Ava. Sonny snarled that they didn't need a DNA test. Sonny knew that Ava had a gunshot wound in the chest, and he challenged Denise to prove she didn't have a scar. Denise snapped that if Sonny wanted a free peek, he could go to a strip club. Sonny felt that this proved she was Ava. Denise got tired of Sonny, so she decided to show him her chest to shut him up. She opened her blouse to reveal a tattoo of a rose over the spot where the scar from the bullet should be. Sonny accused her of getting a tattoo to cover her scar. Denise admitted that there was some scar tissue there, but she claimed it came from getting an old tattoo removed. Sonny did not buy her story. Denise noted that Sonny had cold eyes. She figured he was used to getting his way, but she warned him that it wouldn't happen this time. Denise demanded to know who allowed him to come harass her.

Lucas called Dante from GH. Nathan was busy, so Lucas left to take the results at the station. Brad got a call from his parents. He didn't answer it.

Back at the PCPD, Dante brought Denise up to the squad room. Sonny came too. Kiki and Morgan arrived. Denise tried to make small talk with Kiki, but Kiki just stared at her with tears in her eyes. Sonny wondered why Ava was torturing her daughter. Denise swore that if the “gorgeous creature” was her daughter, she'd never deny her. Denise tried to talk with Morgan, but Sonny ordered her to stay away from his son. Lucas arrived with the results.

Valerie and Lulu sat by the front desk at the PCPD waiting for Sloane. Lulu didn't think Sloane was coming, so she suggested that Valerie reschedule. Valerie decided to wait, just in case Sloane arrived.

Anna was in her suite tearfully staring at Duke's urn. There was a knock at the door, and Anna looked panic-stricken, but she answered it. It was Carlos. He was ashen and his shirt was bloody. Anna slammed the door, but when she turned around, Carlos was in the room. Carlos delighted in tormenting Anna. He reached for Duke's urn and Anna ordered him to get away. Carlos demanded to know where she wanted him to go – back to the harbor where she put him? Anna snapped that this would be fine with her. Carlos advanced on Anna and backed her against the wall. Anna yelled that Carlos wasn't real. Someone touched Anna and she fought him off until she realized it was Sloane. Sloane was confused. He told Anna she'd slammed the door in his face, so he jimmied the lock. Anna explained that she'd been seeing Carlos. Sloane figured that Anna hadn't been eating or sleeping enough. Anna told him that sleep wouldn't help. Sloane didn't think Anna should feel bad about killing a murderer. Anna reminded Sloane that earlier he'd said Sloane was just the trigger man, and Julian ordered the hit. Anna was disappointed that they wouldn't be able to prove it. Sloane was sure they'd find a way. Anna noted that Duke only joined Sonny for personal reasons. Sloane was curious what they were. Anna explained that it was a long list, but the biggest was that Julian had caused Anna to miscarry her baby with Duke years ago. Anna didn't think Julian would ever answer for killing Duke. Sloane wanted to focus on protecting Anna right now. Anna noted that she'd killed people before, but this was murder. Anna wasn't sure if she'd be able to go on. Sloane vowed to make sure she did.

Sloane told Anna that yesterday, Jake had refused to be Sloane's informant anymore. Sloane explained that Anna's words had an impact on him, so he released a statement that cleared Jake of Duke's murder. According to Sloane, the authorities thought that Carlos had fled to Puerto Rico. Sloane was sure that Carlos would never be found and Anna would stay out of prison. Anna wasn't convinced. Anna thought that Sabrina believed the lies Anna told her, but Anna was concerned that Elizabeth might be curious about seeing Sloane and Anna on the pier washing away Carlos's blood. Sloane promised to handle that, like he'd handled the other things. Anna wanted to know what he meant. Sloane told her how he'd misdirected the search for Carlos. Anna was still worried the truth would come out. Anna was alarmed when she heard another knock at the door. She was relieved when Sloane assured her that he heard it too. Anna went in another room to pull herself together while Sloane went to get the door. It was Lomax. She announced that she was there to fire Sloane.

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