GH Update Wednesday 5/27/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/27/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

From Julian's apartment, Sloane gets on the phone to call for uniforms to get there ASAP to make an arrest. He observes Julian, Alexis, Sam, Lucas, Kiki, Morgan and a woman who looks just like Ava wearing a black hair wig (obviously played by the same actress, she keeps denying that she is Ava). Sloane tells her she may tell that to a judge. She protests she's done nothing wrong and can't get arrested just because she, apparently looks like this broad, Ava. The cops do not listen and take her away. She protests that this is a case of mistaken identity. None of the people believe what she says but Kiki declares that she needs to go to the station to be there for her mom and Morgan goes with her. Alone with Alexis and Sam, Julian realizes that his sister may need a lawyer so he asks Alexis if she might be able to help them out with that. He tells her he realizes Ava is not her favorite person. Alexis agrees that is true and it's possible this woman is not Ava in the first place. However, Alexis grudgingly agrees to represent his sister. When Julian is alone with just Sam, Lucas and Sloane, Sloane informs him that the prime suspect in the shooting of Duke is Carlos Rivera although they are not presently able to locate where Carlos is. Sam then asks if Carlos has been charged with the murder, would that mean that Jake has been cleared of charges. Sloane tells her yes but does mention that given the circumstances, he does not think that Jake should be working for Julian. Sloane appears surprised to hear Sam remind her father that he promised he was done with this business. Yet it appears Julian might still have a secret trick up his sleeve that he is not revealing to anyone, regarding Jake. Julian declares he's completely focused on Derek Wells media. Sam tells him in that case, he needs to let Jake walk away.

Kiki goes with Morgan to the police station and tells the cops that this woman came out of nowhere and is telling the story that her name is Denise DeMuccio. Dante sees her and tells her the resemblance is uncanny. He tells her they can settle this very easily by running her prints. Alexis informs him that from now on, all procedures of this nature must go through her because she is Ms. DeMuccio's attorney. Denise announces that getting her finger prints is not possible. They ask why not. She replies because she does not have finger prints. Dante asks her how that could be. Everybody has fingerprints. However, it appears that she can show him she has no prints. He tells her even if that is true, he can run a DNA test on her. Alexis tells him he can't do that without authorization from her client. Dante reminds her he can get a warrant. He also declares that without fingerprints, DNA or any other evidence that she is anyone other than Ava Jerome, it's very easy to simply have her sent to Pentonville. Denise declares she's never heard of Pentonville, to which Alexis explains to her client that it's a maximum security prison. Yet she does not seem worried. Alexis asks Dante why he can't match Ava's DNA with this woman since they hospital has to have a record of it for when Danny needed a bone marrow donor. This all seems to be news to Denise, who continues to maintain that she is not Ava.

In the courtroom, Jordan awaits her hearing. Sonny approaches her and asks her if she's “proud of herself” for what she did to Shawn. The judge calls for everyone to be seated. DA Scott Baldwin informs the judge that his office is willing to offer Mr. Butler a deal. He explains that the DA's office is not interested in taking up the city's money to go after Shawn and prosecute him. They are willing to cut him a deal if he's willing to give them information about “a certain someone”. Scott further assesses that the question is whether or not Shawn Butler intends to give them the information they want (about Sonny). Ric represents Sonny and immediately objects. Scott immediately reminds everyone that Mr. Lansing has an obvious conflict of interests in representing Mr. Butler and should not be his attorney for obvious reasons. Shawn informs the judge that he can save them all some time because he's not taking the deal. Ric asks the judge to let him have 5 minutes to talk to his client. However, Shawn makes it clear that he does not want to incriminate Sonny. Scott Baldwin reminds him that he has the option of living like a free citizen. He reminds him that he has a family who wants him free, as we notice Jordan and TJ sitting in the courtroom. Yet Shawn does not listen and directly informs the judge that he will be entering a plea of guilty. He tells the judge he would like to save his family the unnecessary agony. He acted alone and accepts the consequences of his actions. At that point, nobody really objects to Shawn cooperating with being taken into custody and not putting up a fight. Sonny talks privately to him, telling him he doesn't want this to happen but promises Shawn he will be there for him TJ then goes to face Shawn and demands to know why he did that when Ric was ready to go to bat for him. Shawn tells TJ that he knows he did the right thing. It was about loyalty, Shawn tells him. TJ cries but remembers that before the bailiff came in, Shawn told him he had to tell him something. While Jordan observes and listens, TJ asks Shawn what that would have been. Shawn tells him he just wanted to give him a heads up that he would be pleading guilty and did not want to blindside TJ. They both cry and say their good byes, expressing how much they mean to each other. The bailiff coldly instructs Shawn to move. Both TJ and Jordan break down crying and are heart-broken.

Franco finds Nina attempting to get her to realize the serious mistake she is making marrying Ric Lansing and to see that he is her best friend. Yet she is not listening and wants nothing to do with him. He tells her she needs to know the ulterior motive Ric Lansing had for marrying her. It's not because he values or loves her. He is doing it for her money. Hearing that, the laughs and tells Franco that's the funniest thing she's ever heard. She tells him that is hilarious since they both know she has no money. All the money she had was taken from her when she was shipped off to the nut house. She tells him in order to gain access to the money, it would take her many years in court. Yet Franco tells her it's obvious that Ric sees an opportunity in it for him by being her lawyer, possibly helping her gain access to the money and he's obviously seeing dollar signs everywhere when he asked her to marry him. He tells Nina the question is what is she going to do. Assuming that she is listening and comprehending, he tells her that he hates to be the bearer of bad news but it's better she sees the truth early on. He tells her they can hopefully get a good lawyer to grant her an annulment. Yet she continues to tell Franco she has no intention of divorcing Ric. Franco continues to urge her to see that Ric does not care about her and he doesn't want her to learn that the hard way after it's too late. He is worried about Ric taking everything from her. He does not mean the money. He means taking away everything that is who she is. And that is what he could not live with, Franco tells her so he urges her to promise him that she wont' let Ric take away who she is.

Valerie goes to the police station to talk to Dante. Believing his baby brother died, she seems very concerned and sensitive and reminds him he has the right to grieve. We then see Dante remembering finding out that the baby is fine and Olivia assuring him she's having people falsely believing her baby died for a good reason. Valerie informs him she came there for a reason. She is looking for a job and noticed that the police department is looking for a new PAA. He seems encouraged to recommend and work with her. However, she asks him if he thinks Lulu will be ok with the two of them working together. She tells him she suspects that Lulu might prefer her cousin not be working with her husband on top of everything else. Yet he encourages her to apply for the job

Lulu goes to see Nikolas at Wyndemere. She notices that Valerie is not present and obviously knows that Valerie is spending a lot of time with Dante. Nikolas offers her and Dante his condolences for the death of the baby, while we see Lulu remembering Dante assuring her that the baby is fine and it's a “cover”. Remembering that Hayden has been shot and assuming she is Nikolas' “friend or more”, Lulu tells him she's really sorry and he must be devastated. Little does she know. Lulu does find it odd and “note-worthy” that her brother could care less that Hayden has been shot. She asks him how he can be insensitive toward a person with whom he was either having a relationship or considering that knowing Hayden was living with him. He declares to his sister that he found out that he and Hayden were “not that close”.

When Jake returns to Elizabeth's home, she asks how it went with Sloane in their conversation about potential charges. Jake does not tell her much but smiles when he informs her that he will not go to jail and all the charges are cleared. She is just as happy as he is. He does admit, however, that he does have reservations about Sloane and does not know if he can trust him or Julian to cut him loose and get him acquitted of the charges. She tells him she will be thrilled when he no longer has to work for Jake, but that still does not solve all their problems. He asks her what she means. She reminds him that Sonny still believes he killed Duke Lavery. Sonny comes by and tells Elizabeth he'd like to talk to Jake. Jake faces Sonny and tells him he did not kill Duke but if Sonny does not believe him, he no longer works for Julian.

Alone with Julian, Sam and Lucas tell their dad it's obvious that this woman who shows up out of nowhere is Ava. Yet they realize the cops will make their decision regarding that.

Dante clearly believes that the woman with the black hair who calls herself Denise is really Ava.. She appears like she's going to spend the night in jail. Kiki and Morgan do not know what to say or do with this woman who looks exactly like Ava with a different hair color. As soon as Dante is alone in the other room, Valerie announces that she has submitted her application.

Nikolas realizes he is keeping Lulu and many other people in the dark about how Hayden got killed

In the courtroom, Shawn tells Jordan he took TJ's father away from him once before and is not going to do that again. He lets the authorities take him away.

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