GH Update Tuesday 5/26/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/26/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Obrecht, who was listening to a David Hasselhoff song, danced up to her office door. She went inside and shrieked when she noticed that her painting, Egg Salad, was missing. She was on the phone with security when Franco appeared and admitted that he took it. Obrecht was taken aback that Franco had stolen the cherished gift he'd given her. Obrecht assumed he sold it because he needed money. She reached for her purse to give him some cash, but Franco clarified that he took it because he wanted to give it to Nina. Obrecht's face twisted in contempt at the mention of her niece. Franco explained that he gave Nina Egg Salad in an attempt to make up for thinking she kidnapped Avery. The depressed Franco admitted that Nina rejected him anyway and married Ric, whom Franco didn't like. Obrecht had heard of Ric – he was the one who kidnapped the pregnant woman. Franco added that Ric had been planning to give the baby to his wife. That's actually not a bad match for Nina,” Obrecht replied. Franco grumbled that Nina only married Ric to hurt Franco. Franco couldn't figure out why Ric would marry a woman he'd only known for 24 hours, though. Obrecht surmised that Ric was after Nina's fortune.

Franco countered that Nina's bank account was frozen. Obrecht thought that Ric had the legal expertise to get around that. Franco was convinced Obrecht was right. He started toward the door, planning to go warn Nina. Obrecht grabbed his arm. She insisted that Nina could make her own choices and mistakes, and Nina wasn't likely to listen to Franco anyway. Franco disregarded Obrecht's points. He kissed Obrecht's cheeks as a thank you, then he walked out. Obrecht yelled after him to get her painting back.

Nina was in her suite staring at Egg Salad. She remembered Franco giving it to her. He'd told her she meant everything to him. Ric walked in from a back room. He thought the painting was ugly, and he suggested that Nina throw it away. Nina asked Ric why he married her. She pointed out that they didn't spend their wedding night together. Ric claimed he felt that it would be more romantic to wait. Nina He assured Nina that he cared about her. Nina thought they married for love. Ric explained that he married Nina because she accepted him unconditionally, which is something he didn't have in all his other relationships. Ric felt that he and Nina were sympatico, and he liked that they didn't have to pretend. Ric took Nina's hand and asked if she meant it when she said they were kindred spirits. Sonny dropped in before Nina had the chance to answer. Sonny was surprised Ric still lived at the Metro Court. Ric admitted that Carly had kicked him out, but there'd been a new development. Nina appeared in the doorway and waved at Sonny. Sonny demanded to know what Ric was doing with the woman who kidnapped Avery. Sonny hoped Ric wasn't representing Nina. Nina noted that Ric might have to be her lawyer, because she was considering sticking a fork in Sonny's eye.

Ric calmed things down and he explained that he'd married Nina. Sonny assumed that Nina was blackmailing Ric. Nina was offended that Sonny thought Ric wouldn't choose to marry her. Sonny was sure that Ric wouldn't marry a crazy person like Nina out of love. Ric suggested that Sonny be more tactful, considering Sonny's struggles with mental illness. Ric insisted that he got married in good faith. Ric added that he respected Sonny and Carly's relationship, even though he didn't understand it, and he asked Sonny to do the same. Sonny was in disbelief, but he promised not to get in the way of Ric and Nina's happiness. Sonny announced that it was time to go to the courthouse, but Nina refused to let Ric leave until Sonny congratulated them. Sonny did so, through gritted teeth. Ric didn't think it was a good idea for Sonny to keep associating with Shawn, so Ric told Sonny to go home. Sonny insisted on going to the arraignment. The brothers left. Nina picked up Egg Salad again and she remembered Franco insulting her by calling her sick. Nina decided to throw the painting away. She opened the door and found Franco on the other side.

Jordan was in the holding cells visiting Shawn. In the course of trying to convince Shawn to take the deal, she blurted out that Shawn was T.J.'s father. Shawn didn't believe her. He pointed out that he asked her to do a DNA test and it said Tommy was the father. Jordan admitted she lied because she wanted to save her marriage. Shawn asked why he was supposed to believe her now, when she'd been lying for T.J.'s whole life. Jordan argued that she had no reason to lie. Shawn suspected she was doing this because she felt guilty about getting him locked up. Jordan maintained that Shawn got arrested due to his own choices. Jordan swore that she loved Shawn and wanted him to testify against Sonny, so he could get a chance to spend more time with T.J. She wanted T.J. to have his father since T.J. didn't want anything to do with her. Shawn insisted that he wasn't a snitch. Jordan felt that it was time for Shawn to stop being Sonny's lackey and be there for his son. A guard came to take Shawn to the courthouse. Jordan asked Shawn what he was going to do, but he ignored her.

T.J. was sitting in the courthouse lobby reading a paper about Shawn's arrest. Molly arrived. She comforted T.J. and suggested that he stop reading the paper. T.J. explained htat he wanted to get all the information he could, just in case Jordan was hiding something else from him.

Sloane and Scott were in the courtroom discussing the plea deal Jordan had Scott arrange for Shawn. Sloane hated seeing Shawn walk, but he conceded that Jordan was right – Sonny was the main target. Sloane asked Scott to file charges against one more person – a Jerome associate. They discussed it off screen. Scott was pleased that this other person was finally going to be arrested. Sloane wished Scott luck on the arraignment. Scott said he didn't need it - the case against Shawn was strong, and Shawn would be going to prison if he didn't take the deal. Sloane went into the hallway and approached T.J. Sloane told T.J. that he should be proud of Jordan for making the city safer. T.J. was still glum, so Molly explained that T.J. was still processing everything. Sloane left. T.J. recalled that although he'd given Shawn a hard time at first, Shawn hadn't given up on T.J. T.J. had come to think of Shawn like a father. T.J. was upset that Jordan dumped him on Shawn, instead of raising him, then she took Shawn away after T.J. and Shawn became close. Molly didn't think Jordan meant for this to happen, but T.J. didn't care what Jordan's intentions were.

T.J. scoffed at the idea that Jordan had done a lot of good for the city. T.J. pointed out that Luke didn't get charged because he was crazy, Julian was free, Duke was dead, and Sonny got pardoned. T.J. noted that the only person who was paying was Shawn. T.J. doubted that this arrest would make the city safer, since Sonny would just hire someone to take Shawn's place. Molly had faith that her dad could get Shawn off. “A black man accused of shooting a white woman? There's only one way this goes, Molly. And it isn't good for Shawn,” T.J. sighed. Ric and Sonny arrived. Molly and Ric hugged, then Ric assured T.J. that he'd do his best to get Shawn released. Sonny warned T.J. that the D.A. was going to make Shawn sound very dangerous. T.J. was sure he could handle it. T.J. wanted to be there Shawn. T.J. apologized to Sonny for what Jordan did. Sonny replied that today, they were going to focus on supporting Shawn. They all entered the courtroom.

Scott was surprised that Sonny had shown up instead of hiding out at home letting other people do the dirty work. Sonny wondered if Scott realized that Scott would one day be washed up and alone. Scott cryptically said that Sonny was going to be shocked when Shawn said his piece. Just then, Shawn and Jordan arrived. Shawn looked at Sonny then at T.J. Jordan also stared at T.J.

Carly dropped by Elizabeth's to see Jake. When Jake opened the door, Carly hugged him. She was glad that he was okay. Carly marveled at the way Jake had suddenly become her best friend. Jake felt the same way about Carly. They talked about Jake's troubles, and Jake admitted he regretted picking up the gun. He told Carly how Sloane made it look like Jake was the killer, in hopes of making Julian trust Jake. Jake grumbled that it didn't work, since Julian lied about sending protection for Jake. Jake also wished he'd never stood next to Hayden, when he knew he was a target. Carly admitted she didn't like Hayden, but she still felt bad that Hayden was in a coma.

Jake was curious if Carly had known what Sonny had been planning. Carly assured him that she didn't at first, and that once she found out, she tried to change Sonny's mind. Jake wondered if Sonny would try again. Carly admitted that Sonny still wanted Jake dead, but she didn't think he'd try again. Carly didn't think Sonny was as filled with anger and guilt over Duke's death as he had been before. She felt that she'd have enough time to convince Sonny that Jake was innocent. Jake thanked Carly for buying him some time. Jake added that he wished he could spend that time with her and other people he loved, but he couldn't because Sloane was sending him to prison. Jake explained that he was backing out of his deal with Sloane because he didn't want any other innocent people getting hurt. Carly suggested that Sloane was bluffing. Jake didn't know.

Carly leaned her head against Jake's shoulder. She suddenly had an idea – she offered to hire the best lawyer in the state. Jake was hesitant to take Carly's offer. He was still afraid that someone innocent would get hurt. Carly felt that Jake should listen to her since she was right about Hayden. Carly was adamant that she wouldn't have let Hayden take Jake's life from him, and she wouldn't let Sloane do so either. Sloane arrived and asked to talk to Jake in private, but Jake revealed that Carly already knew the whole story. Sloane announced that he'd had Scott file charges against Carlos. This meant Jake was off the hook. Sloane said he didn't want Jake to get killed and there was no sense continuing the ruse, now that they had Sabrina's statement that Carlos was guilty.

Carly sensed that Sloane was doing this because it was best for Sloane's goals and not because it was best for Jake. She threatened to have Sloane busted down to dogcatcher if he bothered Jake again. Jake was concerned that Julian wouldn't just accept his resignation. Sloane promised to talk to Julian and pave the way for Jake quitting. Sloane left. Carly wished that the charges weren't still hanging over Jake's head. Jake promised to let Carly save him if the charges were brought up again. Carly told Jake that this meant he could be whoever he wanted to be. She asked who he wanted to be.

Sam, Alexis, Lucas, Kiki and Morgan were gathered at Julian's. Julian was grateful that his family was there. He announced that he was out of the mob. The doorbell rang. Lucas thought it was Brad, so he answered. Everyone was startled to see an Ava look-a-like staring back at them. However, this woman had dark hair and a N.Y.C. accent. Kiki was overjoyed. She cried “Mom!” and ran toward the woman. The woman backed away and explained that she didn't hug strangers. Julian grumbled that Ava wasn't fooling anyone. “I ain't Ava,” the woman replied. She introduced herself as Denise DiMucco from Queens. “This isn't happening,” Sam whispered to Julian. Denise observed Sam's cuticles and offered to help clean them up. Denise explained that she was a hair dresser and an esthetician. She also offered to was Alexis's upper lip.

Nobody believed Denise's story, but she was adamant that she wasn't Ava. Morgan grabbed a picture of Ava and asked why they looked alike. Denise claimed that she saw a picture of Ava in the paper, in a story about the art gallery. Denise was stunned by the resemblance. She'd saved her money and traveled to Port Charles hoping to find Ava and figure out what was going on. Denise recognized Julian, Morgan (Ava's “barely legal” boyfriend), and Kiki from the newspaper. Denise complimented Kiki's name and style. Denise didn't know who the others were. The skeptical Sam asked if a cheap wig and fake accent was the best disguise Ava could come up with. Denise was offended and threatened to fight Sam. Sam warned “Denise” that she was on her way back to Pentonville, if Sonny didn't get to her first. Sloane arrived. He spotted Denise and was convinced she was Ava. He placed her under arrest.

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