GH Update Friday 5/22/15

General Hospital Update Friday 5/22/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan lies in bed awake and unable to sleep while with Shawn. He asks her what is on her mind. She tells him that she is in bed with her husband's best friend while he's at war risking his life. She is afraid she's not only betraying TJ's father. She's betraying TJ. She reflects the fact that she tried to talk TJ's father into staying with his family. However, that does not excuse or justify what they are doing. She is remembering that interaction with Shawn while she is outside the courtroom. As Shawn lies on his jail cell bed, he remembers finding out, for the first time, when she had him arrested for the attempt to murder Jake, that she has been lying to him and to TJ and everyone about where her loyalties lie and that she is a cop. We then remember his conversation with her in the police interrogation room where although she tells him she bets her son might think well of the fact that she's a cop and not a criminal, Shawn tells her he might not be too sure of that when TJ finds out he's been scammed by his mom throughout most of his life and she has had his second father arrested for murder. Right when Shawn is lost in thought in the jail cell, the guard informs him he has a visitor. It's TJ

Sam and Patrick wake up together. She tells him she would like an update on her baby brother and now her father may feel about the fact that he was unable to raise her or Lucas. She bets Julian will be very excited to be in his baby's life.

Julian is very depressed after finding out his baby died and with Alexis. She reminds him that he promised her he would be getting out of the business and if that is the, she will stand by him.

Anna is sleeping on her couch and, in a dream, has a “visit” from Carlos Rivera. She hears the gunshot and sits up and Carlos takes great pleasure in taunting her over the fact that she murdered him while he was unarmed, in cold blood. IN her dream, she struggles to wake up, dismiss Carlos and declare that he is dead. Yet he reminds her she killed him. He asks her if she really can live with herself and sleep peacefully after “crossing that line”. He laughs knowing she was tossing and turning and must have a guilty conscience. She protests that he killed Duke and Duke suffered. He reminds her that she even gave more thought to saving Faison's life than his. She snapped and instantly killed him without a thought. Not because she had to. Not because it was the right thing to do. She killed him because she wanted to. She screams at him to shut up and rushes away. But he corners her and reminds her she took revenge upon the wrong guy, reminding her that it was Julian who ordered the hit and took away the man Anna loved and so many things from her throughout her life. He laughs and taunts as he reminds Anna that the best part is she took away the only witness who could bring Julian to justice, thereby making certain that Julian will never pay. He claps and tells her well done and declares that by killing him, she set Julian free. She screams and demands he shuts up and then she awakens. A few minutes later, she hears a knock on her door and sees Sabrina who asks her what she might have heard in finding Carlos. Anna continues to hear and see Carlos haunting, taunting and tormenting her as Sabrina asks her if she found him or not and what might have happened to Carlos. He asks Anna if she is made of any substance and will tell Sabrina the truth that she killed him. However, she tells Sabrina that Carlos knocked her out when she attempted to catch him and he ran away, and unfortunately, Carlos is still at large. When Sabrina hears that, she does not question Anna's story and expresses how guilty and remorseful she feels over what Carlos put Anna and all the people she loved through and what a violent, dangerous and terrible criminal her friend and ex fiancé is (was?) and the fact that Carlos would have never come to Port Charles were it not for her. Anna is obviously uncomfortable to see Sabrina blaming herself and believing her lie hook, line and sinker. As soon as Sabrina leaves and Anna is alone with the ghost of Carlos, he tells her so much for honor and integrity and admitting to others and to God for what one does. He tells her he bets Duke Lavery would be so proud. And, he tells Anna, he will be sure to tell him when he sees him. Carlos then disappears and Anna looks all around the room clearly feeling imprisoned and tortured.

After Jordan is done waiting (and is lost in thought about her falling out with Shawn and TJ) Scott Baldwin appears. He tells her she is welcome and praised by him, now that he learns, for the first time, of all the time and energy she has put forth to take down the Port Charles mob. He tells her it's taken him by surprise that she's falsified her “intent” to his department for so long. However, he can easily forgive he deception now that she has handed over Sonny's organization gift-wrapped and the fact that Shawn Butler will spend the rest of his miserable life in prison, thanks to her, Baldwin tells her. In response to that, she tells him that actually that is what she wanted to talk about. She tells him she would like to cut a deal for Shawn. Hearing that, Scott Baldwin angrily asks her why on earth he'd do that for a mob hit man who put a woman in a coma. She replies the reason why he might want to do that is because she can get Shawn to give up the man they really want.

Sloane talks to Jake in his hotel room reminding him that he sent Jordan Ashford to the garage to save Jake's ungrateful ass and assuring him things are “under control”. Although Jake is not ok that Hayden got killed, Sloane tells him now that he knows that Jordan is a cop, he no longer has use for her as an informant. Also with Carlos Rivera gone, Julian will be looking for someone to trust. So, he tells Jake, he (Jake) will now be Sloane's eyes and ears. He reminds Jake he proved himself and took the rap for Duke Lavery's murder. He reminds Jake all of the leg work and value he has been adding to his plan. Jake tells him not any more. He quits. He reminds Sloane that Hayden was a target because of him. And he's not going to let that happen to Elizabeth or to any more innocent people. So he's out. Sloane protests that he's being ridiculous and Jake needs to know Julian will protect him. Jake tells Sloane he questions whether he can trust Julian and believes it's entirely possible he sent arranged for Carlos to leave town and get away for murdering Duke and let Jake get framed for it. Sloane explains to him that Julian believes that Jake can handle himself and reminds Jake that with Duke dead and Shawn in prison, Sonny is very vulnerable without his men and Julian is going to make a move soon. So who does Jake think he's going to trust? Although Jake does not believe it would be a guy working in a garage, Sloane tells Jake that he's perfectly positioned to bust Julian. Jake reminds him, however, that he quits. Sloane tells him he does not accept his resignation because he needs someone to bring down both of these organizations. Jake tells him he will have to do it without him. Sloane asks if he need reminds him what is at stake for him. Jake replies he knows Sloane is holding prison over his head but tells him he'd rather be in prison than responsible for one more person getting shot so Sloane may do whatever he wants.

While visiting Shawn in jail, TJ assures him that he has nothing to explain or apologize to him about. TJ tells Shawn after all he's done to step up for him, he will not let Shawn twist in the wind now. He admits that he thought, given Shawn's job, that he might go to jail some day. But, he tells him, he could never imagine his own mother intending to put Shawn behind bars. He expresses to Shawn that he will never forgive his mother for leaving him behind for a “career move”. He tells Shawn that his mother made the choice to leave them both behind and make it Shawn's responsibility to raise him. She is not a hero, TJ tells Shawn. She's a lying selfish dishonorable person. Hearing that, Shawn firmly tells TJ that he cannot speak that way about his mother. Hearing that, TJ demands to know why Shawn is concerned about that and wants him to respect his mother. She framed, scammed, betrayed Shawn, set him up and put him behind bars, TJ reminds him, as he remarks to Shawn he should be more pissed at her than TJ is. Shawn admits that he is pissed at her for that but he reminds TJ that was something Jordan did to him and he tells TJ she's done nothing but right by him (by TJ). He asks TJ if he would prefer that she was, in fact a drug dealer for the Jerome's. TJ tells Shawn he'd prefer that she not have pulled the stunt she has pulled while going undercover and letting Shawn take the fall for it. He tells Shawn he doesn't know how he can ever look his mom in the eye again. Right then, Jordan enters the cell block. TJ leaves She informs Shawn that she spoke with DA Baldwin and got him to cut a deal where he'd offer Shawn probation and no jail time in exchange for Shawn's testimony that Sonny ordered him to kill Jake. He asks her why she is doing this. She replies to save his ass. She admits she never wanted this to happen to him. Her intent was to nail Sonny who has been running organized crime in this town for years and it's time Sonny was brought to justice. However, he dos not see it that way nor trust her.

While Alexis is with Julian, the doorbell rings. It's Lucas, happy with balloons and ready to congratulate his dad on the birth of Lucas' baby brother. Noticing the “not happy” expressions of Julian and of Alexis, however, Lucas asks them what is wrong. Alexis clarifies to him that the baby died. Lucas is shocked and assures his dad that he is there for him. He knows he has to let Sam and the rest of the family know about it so that they can show their support for Julian. Alone with Alexis, Julian tells her he's not entirely comfortable with that but she assures him that he needs to let others be there for him. He calls Sam to let her know that their mutual baby brother has died. Sam expresses to Patrick that she feels responsible. She had to badger and stress Olivia and that might have caused her to go into premature labor.

After Julian has left Alexis alone to talk to Lucas, she tells her boyfriend's son that Julian needs his family to be there for him whether he admits it or not. After calling Sam, Lucas calls Kiki. While with Morgan, she talks to her cousin on the phone. When Morgan finds out that Julian's baby died, he remarks that although he doesn't much care for Julian, he wouldn't wish that on anyone, realizes that baby is Kiki's cousin, and tells her he wants to be there with her to offer his support.

Sam shares with Patrick that many years ago, she lost her baby daughter and remembers putting up walls, shutting everybody out and she doesn't want her father to feel he has to do that. Hearing that, he remembers when he lost Gabriel he thought he was going to lose his mind. Knowing Jason helped her get through her loss and that she helped Patrick get through his, they know that anybody losing a baby needs people there for them. He promises to re-schedule his surgeries at the hospital and go with her to be there for her dad.

Julian comes out into his living room and is surprised to see Sam, Lucas, Kiki, Morgan and Alexis all there for him to offer their support for the loss of his baby.

Sloane meets with Scott Baldwin about how they both want nothing more than to take their favorite criminals down. Scott informs him that they now must rely on Jordan Ashford to get Shawn Butler to take the deal.

Jordan tells Shawn he has to take the deal for TJ. Shawn can't abandon him, although he reminds her that she did. She tells him her son needs him in his life. Shawn asks her if he is a crook and that is the way he sees her, wouldn't TJ be better off without her. She tells him he needs to know that he is TJ's father.

Sloane tells Scott Baldwin as much as he does not look to see Shawn walk, it might be worth it to take down Sonny. And, he tells Scott, he needs him to file charges against a Jerome associate.

Jake returns to Elizabeth's home and calls for her. Yet it appears the house is empty. He notices the picture of Elizabeth with Jason Morgan.

Julian welcomes and thanks all of his guests and announces to everyone that he has now given up his life of crime. Everyone can sleep better, he assures them all. His family is the most important thing in his life. A “strange woman” who looks like Ava walks in the door unexpectedly, wearing a long black wig. She asks if anyone is going to offer her a drink.

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