GH Update Thursday 5/21/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/21/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth and Jake went to her place. As they entered the home, Liz noted that Jake had been quiet on the ride over. Jake explained that he felt bad for Hayden. Liz agreed; she didn't think Hayden deserved to be shot, even if Hayden had tricked Jake and Liz. Jake added that Hayden didn't deserve to end up in a coma either. He thought it was ironic that his fake wife had been about to tell him who he really was. Liz looked uncomfortable, and she glanced at an old picture of herself with Jason. Jake hoped Liz would recover. Liz warned him that if Hayden woke up, she might not remember who Jake really was. Jake recalled that Hayden had said there were others who knew Jake's true identity. Jake wondered if one of them might come forward. Liz noted that Hayden made that statement after she'd been shot in the head, so it might not be reliable. Jake agreed. Jake wasn't sure if it would be right to reunite with a family he didn't remember, if they even existed.

Liz reminded Jake that, before Hayden showed up, he'd decided to move forward and stop trying to remember the past. Liz suggested that Jake might reach that point again, then the two of them could be happy together. Jake told Liz that they couldn't be together anymore. Liz insisted that they could find a way to keep everyone safe and still be together. She'd even sent her kids to stay with her grandma for a few days, just in case Sonny's men came after Jake again. Jake told Liz he was going to prison. Liz thought this was about Duke's murder, and she told Jake that he shouldn't confess just because he felt guilty about Hayden. Jake clarified that this wasn't about Duke. He revealed that Sloane forced him to become a police informant in exchange for dropping the charges Jake racked up while he was under Helena's control. Liz was shocked. Jake added that he didn't kill Duke, and he was only taking the blame to gain Julian's trust. Liz was relieved that Jake was innocent, but she was also angry that Sloane had placed a target on Jake's back. Hayden's shooting was a turning point for Jake. Jake didn't want Liz to be the next innocent person who was hurt by his deal with Sloane. So Jake decided to end the arrangement with the commissioner and serve his time. Liz argued that what happened with Hayden was a terrible accident. Jake countered that it happened because of him.

Jake told Liz that Sam could have been the one who was shot, and he wasn't going to take the risk of it being Liz next time. Liz pointed out that Jake had been willing to take the risk before. Jake explained that the risk didn't seem real before. Liz insisted that they could be careful. Jake was adamant that he'd rather be in prison than risk Liz getting hit by Sonny's men's bullet, or Julian's if Julian found out Jake was a plant. Liz was upset when Jake revealed that he planned to go talk to Sloane tomorrow. Jake wished things could be different. Liz wasn't sure how she was going to be able to say goodbye. Jake pulled her close and pointed out that they still had tonight. The pair realized that this could be their last night together for a long time. Jake asked if she wanted to make the most of it. Liz looked at the old picture again. “Let's make it last forever,” she said, as she took his hand and lead him upstairs.

Anna and Sloane were both in a somber mood when they arrived at her suite. Sloane went straight for the alcohol and told Anna that this was the time to drink heavily. They both agreed that this day had felt like a lifetime. Anna noted that she started the day laying Duke to rest and ended it murdering Carlos. Anna thought she should be used to the suddenness of death by now, especially where Duke was concerned. Anna admitted that she killed Carlos out of love for Duke, but she didn't understand why Sloane got involved. Sloane explained that he helped Anna because he would have done the same thing if he'd been in her shoes. Anna felt like she'd become the same kind of person she set out to destroy. She'd always lectured Sonny and Julian about taking the law into their own hands, but now she was a murderer, and Sloane was covering it up. Sloane recalled that they'd almost been caught by Liz.

Anna noted that Jake could have died because he had the misfortune of being involved with Sloane. Sloane remarked on how quickly Anna's feelings about Sloane shifted from gratitude to loathing. Anna clarified that she was grateful to Sloane, but she wouldn't excuse his treatment of his informant. Sloane noted that he'd positioned Jake closer to Julian. Anna understood Sloane's plan in theory, but she argued that, in reality, he made Jake a target. Anna confessed that she'd been wrong to risk Jordan's safety so many times, and she was lucky Jordan survived. Sloane admitted he might not get so lucky with Jake, but he didn't think they needed to worry about that tonight. He offered to get Anna something to eat or drink, but she refused. Anna asked Sloane to release a statement exonerating Jake and implicating Carlos for Duke's murder. Sloane pointed out that doing that would spark an investigation that could lead back to Anna. Anna felt that she had to take responsibility for the mess that she caused. She promised Sloane that she'd cover for him. Sloane didn't care about that. He cared about Anna and he didn't want her going to prison. Anna was adamant that she didn't want Jake to be killed on her watch and in Duke's name. Sloane felt that Jake could take care of himself. Anna countered that he shouldn't have to, since Carlos was the real killer. Anna added that Sabrina knew the truth. Sloane was sure they could get Sabrina to keep that to herself by telling her it was part of an ongoing investigation.

Anna and Sloane went back and forth again over whether or not Jake should be pulled out of the operation. Sloane didn't want to miss the chance to bring Julian down or to risk sending Anna to prison. Anna felt that she belonged there. She reminded Sloane that he'd wanted to arrest her for locking Faison up, and now she'd killed a man. Anna wasn't afraid of prison. She didn't care what happened to her now that Duke was dead. Sloane promised Anna that she'd find happiness again, but she didn't believe him. She noted that she'd shot a man out of hatred. Anna stated that Carlos was a criminal, but he was also someone's son. Sloane felt that Anna had been crazed by grief. Anna thought that explained the first bullet, but not the three others she pumped into him after he fell. Anna sighed that Duke was gone, along with everything she believed in. Sloane gave Anna some comforting words. He wanted to help her to bed, but Anna was too drained to move. She asked Sloane to leave, then she laid on the couch. Sloane covered Anna with a blanket. Anna told him that she saw Duke every time she closed her eyes. Sloane sat next to her and told her that meant she'd have sweet dreams tonight.

Michael sat on Sabrina's couch puzzling over a Spanish take out menu, while Sabrina placed an order over the phone in Spanish. When Sabrina finished, Michael laughed and admitted he had no idea what she ordered. Sabrina assured him that it would be great, and she added that it was her treat. Michael started to protest, but Sabrina said this was her way of thanking him for distracting her so she didn't go crazy waiting for word on Carlos. Sabrina wanted to call Anna, but Michael told her that Anna was probably in the middle of the investigation. Sabrina remembered that it was also the day of Duke's funeral. She took Michael's advice to wait until tomorrow.

The food had arrived. The pair laughed about the faces A.J. made when they fed her new foods. Then Sabrina asked Michael if he was ready to have an authentic Puerto Rican meal. Michael asked Sabrina to walk him through it. The food was very spicy for Michael, but he was a good sport about it and it lead to playful bantering. Sabrina was grateful Michael stuck around, even though this wasn't the date night they originally planned. Michael assured Sabrina that he didn't mind what they did; he just liked getting to know her better. Sabrina felt the same way about Michael. She kissed him. Things started heating up, and Sabrina began to unbutton Michael's shirt, but he pulled back. He apologized for charging ahead when he knew that Sabrina wanted to take things slow. Sabrina pointed out that she initiated the kiss. Michael was fine with that, but he wanted to do things right. Sabrina agreed, and she admitted that tonight wasn't the best night to jump in. Michael told Sabrina to call him if she wanted to talk. Sabrina grinned and noted that she knew Michael would be up anyway watching A.J. on the monitor. Michael left.

Patrick sat on his bed looking dejected. Sam rubbed his back and asked if there was anything she could do. Patrick assured her that the back-rub helped. He decided to go take a shower to try and unwind after Hayden's surgery. Patrick returned and told Sam that the shower didn't help. He wished he could have done more for Hayden. Sam told Patrick that he'd done all he could. Patrick was fed up with the senseless mob violence. Patrick quickly apologized and told Sam he wasn't judging Jason. Sam said that Patrick was too judging Jason, but she assured him that she was okay with that. Sam understood that the life Jason chose wasn't for everyone. Sam admitted she was grateful that it wasn't for Patrick. Patrick confessed that he didn't understand why Jason would choose that life or how Sam could live with his choice. Patrick stated that it was one thing for Jason not to care if he lived or died, but what about the people who did care? Patrick felt terrible for Danny. Sam felt the same way, but wondered if it was a blessing that things happened the way they did, instead of ten years down the line when Danny would have been old enough to grieve.

Sam wondered how her baby brother was doing. Patrick thought Sam had been going to see the baby after the funeral. Sam had planned to, but something came up. Patrick knew Sam had ended up at the garage, and he was curious how Sam ended up being with Jake when the shooting happened. Sam explained that, when she was at the funeral, she overheard Dante and Nathan discussing their belief that Jake was the killer. She went to the garage to ask Jake about it. Sam told Patrick that Jake swore he was innocent, but he refused to clear his name. Patrick didn't understand that. Patrick noted that it could have been Sam on the operating table. He asked Sam to keep her distance from Jake, as least until things calmed down. Patrick clarified that he wasn't ordering her, but asking her. He explained that he liked their life together and he wanted Sam to protect it. Sam assured him that she would. Later, they cuddled in bed, and Patrick noted that this house felt like a home again. Sam replied that they were there because Patrick could tell how much she needed Patrick and how much Danny needed a dad.

Alexis decided to wrap up her visit with Julian, but he begged her not to leave him alone right now. Julian asked how he was supposed to live with knowing his son had never known what it was like to be held by his father. Alexis told him that he'd have to sit with it. She got up to leave, but Julian grabbed her arm and asked why she couldn't stay. Alexis was nearly in tears. She blasted Julian for expecting her to listen to him talk about a life cut short when he'd cut Duke's life short. She spat that she needed to leave because while Julian said it was just business, she didn't think that justified what he did. She started toward the door, but Julian stepped in front of her. “I need you to stay,” he said, “and if all it costs me is a business that's been a curse to me since the day I was born, I can live with that.” Alexis didn't believe Julian, and he understood, since he'd lied to her about quitting before. Julian swore he was sincere this time. He explained that he was quitting because of his son's death. He didn't want to see anyone he loved be shot, like Lucas had been, or for Alexis to leave because she loved him but despised the business. Julian vowed not to let the business destroy him, like it destroyed his father and sisters, and even Duke. Alexis wondered if Julian was really willing to let Sonny win. According to Julian, Sonny had power, but Sonny's family had been pulverized. Julian didn't want that for himself. Alexis wished she could despise Sonny and Julian and write them off. Julian replied that people weren't black and white – a good person could do something terrible, and a bad person could do good.

Julian admitted that leaving the mob wouldn't be a fast or easy process, but it would be final. Alexis asked what she was supposed to do in the meantime. Julian told her it was up to her. Julian insisted that he was leaving the mob, no matter what Alexis did, but if she did leave tonight, she'd be leaving him to deal with his loss alone. Alexis tearfully admitted that if Julian was lying, it would break her and destroy their relationship for good. Julian swore on his baby's memory that he was finished with the mob. Alexis believed him. Julian wondered if she believed him enough to stay tonight. Alexis told him she'd stay with him, period.

Morgan and Kiki were at her place. Their heated argument over Morgan accusing Kiki of having the hots for Michael ended in a kiss. Things progressed, and Kiki suggested they go to the bedroom. Morgan picked her up, and off they went. They had sex, then afterward Morgan said he almost forgot how good they were together. He teased that they should fight more. Kiki playfully shoved him and told him he'd been really nasty to her. Morgan apologized for getting defensive. He asked if she really blamed him for losing Avery. Kiki admitted that she didn't. She'd just felt guilty about what she'd done to Avery and Michael. She apologized for taking it out on Morgan. Morgan wanted to talk about what just happened, and he admitted he'd wanted to get back together since he kissed her at the hospital. Kiki assumed that Morgan kissed her because he was emotional over finding out Avery wasn't his. Morgan explained that it was more than that, but he pushed his feelings aside because their lives had been so hectic. His feelings had come flooding back when Kiki kissed him at the Metro Court. Kiki admitted she enjoyed the kiss, but she was hesitant to date Morgan again. She was afraid it would end badly and she'd lose a boyfriend and a best friend. Morgan thought they should take the chance. Kiki agreed to give it another shot. They both promised to be better this time around. Then they fell back into bed and kissed.

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