GH Update Wednesday 5/20/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/20/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki is alone in the apartment when Morgan comes to see her. He can see that she has things on her mind which she may not be telling him and wonders why they have not spoken in a while. She tells him she has concerns like her new born little cousin and she is clearly not happy with Morgan at this point nor wanting to see him. Hearing her mentioning her “infant cousin”, he asks what she is talking about. She tells him she means Olivia Falconeri's baby. Believing that Ned is the father of Olivia's baby, Morgan asks Kiki how that would make the baby her cousin. She reveals that she knows Ned is not the baby's father. Her uncle Julian is and he's aware of that although Olivia wants Julian to believe otherwise. She also admits that he's correct that she has been avoiding him because she's pissed at him because of her baby sister. She reminds him, in case he may have forgotten, that their baby sister could have been endangered because they drugged Michael. The plan they had which he thought would justify drugging Michael did not even work. They have lost custody of Avery to Michael and they may never see her again. She admits to Morgan she is very upset and very disappointed in him.

Olivia is ready to leave the hospital but “not quite leaving yet and in a wheelchair” when Dante comes by. He asks his mom how the baby is and clearly suspects that she must be keeping a secret about something when she evades his question and appears very “slow to respond”. After avoiding his eye and obviously having to “rehearse” with her response, Olivia breaks down crying and informs her son that her baby, his infant brother, has died. He wants to console his devastated mom yet also seems to know this is not “like” her to not be more emotional over the loss of her baby. She then gets close enough to her son to assure him that this is all a cover and the baby is fine, she tells him. Hearing that, Dante demands to know why, then, she just spent the last few minutes having him believing that the baby died. She replies that she has to “give this impression” so that Julian will believe it.

Julian returns home, frustrated and stressed to be kept in the dark without any access to information about his child. He seems to know he's very likely being scammed although he tells himself his baby died. Alexis goes to see him. She sounds business-like although she has come there unannounced. She can see that he is sullen about something. He tells her that he has “heard” that his baby died.

Olivia reveals, privately to Dante, that Ned cam up with a plan to make sure her baby and her son's baby brother is safe. So Ned went to Obrecht and obviously bribed her with a whopping donation to the hospital and got her to cooperate with their story in “confirming” to Julian that the baby died, she explains to Dante. When Julian did not believe them, Obrecht “confirmed” to him that the baby was accidentally cremated. Dante does not really like the sound of that until his mom urges him to see that she really doesn't think all of those details matter as long as their plan has worked. Julian believes the baby is gone and so the little guy will be safe. She does however admit to her son that she is not entirely ok about having to lie to Julian and causing him all this pain. She tells her son she realizes what she is doing is highly illegal and that she's talking to a cop, but, she urges Dante, to please not tell Julian the truth which she has just revealed to him. She assures him that Ned has his infant brother in a private hospital out of Port Charles and is making certain he is alive, safe and well.

Alexis discusses the same with Julian telling him she finds it very hard to believe that a hospital would “accidentally cremate” a baby. She tells him she seriously suspects he is being scammed by anyone who would tell him that story.

Sam and Jake are having some unconscious “deja vu”. After Hayden has been taken to the OR when everyone believes Shawn shot her intending to shoot Jake, Jake talks to Sam on the stairs outside the hospital lobby. He clearly feels guilty and responsible for what happened to Hayden although Sam assures him he mustn't blame himself. He remarks to Sam that if Hayden dies or can't talk to them again, that could be the last chance they have to find out who he really is. He admits to Sam that he has had visions when he's fallen asleep where he finds out but then he wakes up and he has no memory. While he looks at Sam, he admits he may really be missing out on something. She tells him that she doesn’t think he wants to hide from who he is. Although she has no conscious awareness that he could be Jason, she asks Jake what he thinks Hayden might know about him. However, he reveals to Sam, it may not matter if he hears from anyone about his past life if he has no memory or recollection of it on his own They both realize that Ric put her up to scamming him so that they question whether to believe what she says. Sam then admits that she's run a con in her day. She understands a little bit how con artists work. Although Jake has no conscious awareness of being Jason and married to Sam, he seems fascinated to find out how, in her past, she had to find a way to pay her bills and take care of her special needs brother without any help. She falsified her identity to make it appear she was married to a series of rich men so that she could empty their bank accounts and then disappear. She had no other direction in her life until she met Jason, she admits to Jake. Jake then inquires to Sam, in her “expert opinion” if she thinks that Hayden is again attempting to pull off a con or scam to him by telling him she knows who he is. Sam admits she does not think that is the case. She tells Jake that it does not make sense to her that Hayden would lie to him about knowing whom he really is. If Hayden were lying, it would be for money and it looks like she's willing to tell him the answer to that for free.

Michael comes by Sabrina's apartment ready to take her out to dinner. Yet she is not ready and reveals to him that she completely forgot about their date until now. She admits that she is still waiting to hear the word on Carlos. He asks her why on earth she would care about Carlos after what he did. He indicates to her that maybe she has made the same mistake trusting Carlos with his life of crime as he has with the people he supposedly loved with their lives of crime. He tells her that innocent people get hurt by “the code” and that is why he doesn't believe in it anymore. She tells him she realizes he's probably right. As much as she'd like to believe otherwise, Carlos is dangerous. They both realize they have not heard any news about whether the cops have found Carlos or not or what might have happened to him. She informs Michael that Anna came to see him knowing that very possibly Carlos might trust her (trust Sabrina) if she called him and asked where he was. He told her where to find him. Anna has apparently gone to find Carlos. And, Sabrina admits to Michael, she has not heard what has happened since.

On the docks, after Anna has shot Carlos Rivera to death, Sloane tells her he can cover up the evidence and help her get away with it. She is silent and stunned while he takes care of things, knowing how to bury Carlos' body in the river and hide all traces of blood with pails of water. He tells her he can keep her gun in his possession and assures her that nobody will ever know. Elizabeth appears unexpectedly and sounds like she might have overheard their conversation or observed them without their knowing. Anna asks her what she is doing there. Elizabeth reveals to Anna that she is just traveling home from Spoon Island after visiting Nikolas. She also reveals to Anna that she has a lot on her mind involving her friend, Jake. Hearing that, (information about Jake), they obviously both “perk up their ears” and want to know all information Elizabeth may have about the man who may be taking the rap for the murder of Duke. She informs them that (assuming they already know) she was just at the hospital after Shawn went to attempt to murder Jake. She protests to them that Sonny is mistaken to assume that Jake has murdered Duke. Yet Shawn went to attempt to murder Jake and accidentally ended up shooting Hayden, for which Shawn has been arrested. Anna attempts to wrap her brain around Shawn trying to kill Jake. After Elizabeth leaves and he's alone with Anna, Sloane informs her that he sent Jordan to take care of the Jake situation. Anna then angrily remembers that although Jake did not get killed, she is not ok with his getting falsely accused of the murder of Duke. She knows that Carlos did it under the orders of Julian and Carlos could have turned Julian over to them if she had not just shot Carlos dead

Sam also wants to know why Jake is taking the rap for Duke's murder.

Julian discusses with Alexis that he's heard his baby got some infection in which the hospital staff tried but failed to save his child. Hearing that and seeing that he is kind of “unemotional”, Alexis asks him if he is really certain of that and if it's not entirely possible that Ned and Alexis have told him that to get him to leave the baby alone. He tells her he certainly assumed that was a given until Obrecht proved it by showing him the remains.

With Michael, Sabrina remarks that it's odd that Anna has left to go and find Carlos hours ago and there's still no word. They wonder if he might have escaped and they brainstorm about possible outcomes regarding how mob activity works. He talks about how he has the background and could have become a mob boss himself. They wonder if they should think about their date or about business and her future, with his help, as a nurse in a new medical facility, which he's trying to build. He reminds her how she was there for him when nobody else believed in him and he affirms to her he wants to be with her and have her a part of his and AJ (Avery's) life for a long time. She smiles and they reveal they are happy to be together in spite of circumstances in their respective lives.

While Kiki and Morgan argue about who is responsible for what has happened with Michael and the plans they've had together. They argue about whether she still has feelings for Michael and, at the end, conclude that they are in this together and end up kissing.

Alone with Anna, after Elizabeth tells them she has to return to the hospital and find out the status of Hayden, Sloane urges her to relax and take things one step at a time. They can put their brains together on what to do with Jake. She admits that she is grateful to him and it makes her feel uneasy. He asks her to leave the scene with him and they walk away together.

When Sam and Jake are talking privately at the hospital, Patrick finds them after getting out of surgery. He does not sound very positive. He tells them that Hayden is alive but comatose. It may or may not go recover. Hearing that, Jake then realizes that unless she regains her memory, he may never find out who he is. Sam stands beside him almost as if “she knows” what is at stake. Elizabeth also just happens to be there hearing that and knowing how it will affect her life.

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