GH Update Tuesday 5/19/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/19/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Julian walked into the N.I.C.U. while placing a call to Sloane to ask if Jake was still protected. Epiphany snapped that cellphones weren't allowed to be used in the unit. Julian hung up. He glanced at the nursery window and didn't see his son, so he demanded to know where the baby was. Epiphany had no idea who Julian was talking about, so he impatiently told her that he was Olivia's baby's father. Epiphany refused to give Julian any information since the records said that Ned was the father. Julian explained that Ned and Olivia were trying to cut him out, but Epiphany was not interested in Julian's personal problems. She accused Julian of causing a disruption. Just then Olivia and Ned arrived. Julian asked what they'd done with his boy. Olivia started to sob. Ned explained that when they arrived at GH that morning, they learned that the baby had developed an infection and died. A skeptical Julian accused the pair of concocting this story to keep him away from his child. Ned insisted that it was true, so Julian demanded to see his son. Ned didn't think that was a good idea. Olivia, however, said that she'd kept Julian away to protect her son, but there was no reason to do that anymore. Olivia hoped Julian would find closure. She cried that she knew she never would. Julian's eyes filled with tears. Dr. Obrecht walked in, and Ned asked her to take Julian to the morgue to see his son. Obrecht apologized and explained that the baby had been mistakenly cremated. Ned went off on a tirade – he called the hospital's lapse criminal and he vowed to make sure someone answered for this. Julian wanted to see the ashes. Obrecht cautioned that it might not be a good idea, but Julian was adamant that no one would keep him away from his son anymore. He rushed out. Obrecht accused Ned of laying it on a little thick, but Ned maintained that Obrecht could handle it. Olivia thought they should stop Julian before he got to the morgue. Obrecht assured everyone that she'd personally arranged everything. No one in the morgue would tip Julian off. According to Obrecht, Olivia's baby had been taken to the agreed upon place, and he was being well taken care of. Ned thanked Obrecht for covering for them. Obrecht considered Ned's donation to GH to be thanks enough. She left. Ned was pleased that the plan worked, but Olivia was troubled because of the pain she'd seen on Julian's face. She told Ned that Julian was destroyed due to her lie. Ned thought this was a better outcome than the baby getting killed in Julian and Sonny's mob war. He assured Olivia that she'd made the right choice.

Dante walked into the PCPD and saw Shawn in handcuffs. Dante asked who arrested Shawn. Jordan walked in and said it was her. Shawn shot Jordan a glare, then he called Ric for help. The group moved into an interrogation room, and Dante asked Jordan how she got involved. Jordan explained that Sloane asked her to act on a tip that Shawn was going to kill Jake. “Well played cop. I fell in love with you, now I'm taking the fall because of you,” Shawn snarled. Shawn noted that he sensed that there was something off about Jordan from the start, but he pushed his suspicions aside because he loved her and he thought she loved him too. Jordan insisted that her feelings were real, but Shawn accused her of lying to him, targeting him, and using him to advance her career. Jordan clarified that she'd been sent to take down the Jeromes. Shawn countered that when Jordan failed, she used Shawn to get her into Sonny's crew. Jordan maintained that Hayden was the victim in this, not Shawn. Jordan understood Shawn's anger, but she thought that he should admit he chose a life of crime and accept the consequences. Shawn wondered if Jordan was ready for her consequences – T.J.'s reaction to her secret. Jordan thought that T.J. would be happy she wasn't a criminal. Shawn didn't think T.J. would be pleased that she was disloyal to Shawn and Duke. Jordan revealed that Duke was the one who tried to kill her. Jordan added that Duke hid the truth from Shawn and tried to ease his guilty conscience by paying T.J.'s tuition. Shawn didn't want to talk to Jordan anymore, so she left.

At GH, Jake, Sam and Elizabeth were waiting for word on Hayden's condition. Jake felt bad that Hayden took a bullet that was meant for him. Liz asked what Hayden told Jake. Sam explained that Hayden claimed she knew who Jake really was. Liz looked worried. Jake was more concerned with whether Hayden would be okay than what she it might know. Liz assured him that the staff would do all they could for her. Sam thought they should stay optimistic that Hayden would recover and give Jake answers. Jake was curious how Hayden could know his real identity. Sam theorized that Ric told her. Liz argued that Ric wouldn't have had to create a fake identity if he knew who Jake really was. Jake agreed. Sam conceded the point. Sam noted that Hayden said there were others who knew the truth about Jake. Liz claimed she thought Hayden was lying. Sam believed Hayden, and she thought Hayden had tried to be honest as a way of making amends. Sam wondered why Hayden said the truth would affect Sam. Liz snapped that she was going to go check on Hayden instead of discussing conspiracy theories. Just then, Patrick exited Hayden's cubicle. Hayden was critical, but stable, so Patrick had decided to operate and remove the bullet. Jake thanked Patrick. Patrick spat that Jake could show his gratitude by staying away from Patrick's loved ones, especially Sam. Sam contended that this wasn't Jake's fault. Patrick countered that no one forced Jake to go to work for Sam's dad. Patrick turned back to Jake and said that Liz and Sam kept insisting that Jake was a decent guy. Patrick challenged Jake to prove them right by staying away from innocent bystanders. Jake asked if he could see Hayden. Patrick grudgingly allowed it since Hayden had been asking for Jake. Patrick started to go prep for surgery, but Sam grabbed his arm and asked if they were okay. Patrick told Sam that he was glad she wasn't hurt and that he was shaken by the thought of Sam being in Hayden's place. Sam and Patrick agreed to talk about this later. Patrick gave Sam a reassuring pat on the arm and left. Liz told Jake not to visit Hayden while she was being prepped for surgery. Sam felt that Jake should go see what Hayden had to say. Jake stated that Hayden got shot because of him, so visiting her was the least he could do. Sam noticed that Liz was visibly worried. Sam surmised that Liz was scared that she'd lose Jake. Sam gently pointed out that Jake had a life and probably a family who loved and missed him.

Jake went to Hayden's bedside and asked if there was something she wanted to say.

At Wyndemere, the hitman told Nikolas that no one would find out Nik put the hit on Hayden. Nik wanted confirmation that Hayden was dead. The man explained that she'd been shot in the head, so there was no way she'd survive. Nik wasn't convinced, but the hitman was confident that Hayden was out of the picture. Valerie walked in. Nik had thought Valerie was with her family. Valerie explained that Josslyn had a meltdown, so they had to cut the outing short. Valerie felt bad about interrupting, and she promised to go as soon as she found her book. Nik assured her that he was just finishing up. The hitman left. Valerie admitted she overheard that Hayden was “out of the picture.” Nik said he decided to kick Hayden out as a result of his conversation with Lulu. Nik said he was angry that Hayden deceived Elizabeth. “Elizabeth is my friend. You put her up against Hayden; Elizabeth wins every time,” Nik stated.

Nina, Ric and Franco were in Nina's suite at the Metro Court. Franco scowled as he watched the newlyweds smile and kiss. Nina and Ric cheerfully made celebration plans, then Nina told Franco to leave so she and her husband could have privacy. Franco was adamant that Nina was making a huge mistake, but Nina insisted that this was none of Franco's business. Shawn called Ric, then Ric told Nina he had to go deal with his brother's legal troubles. Nina told Ric that she'd only heard about Sonny through biased sources, then she turned to glare at Franco. Nina wanted to get to know her new brother in law, so she suggested that she, Ric, Sonny and Carly get together. Ric appeared to be delighted by the idea. The couple shared a goodbye kiss, then Ric left. Franco immediately suggested that he and Nina go get Scott to annul her sham of a marriage. Nina asked why she'd want to to that. Franco stated that Nina was beautiful and sane. Franco didn't like Ric, and he thought it would be insane for Nina to stay married to him. Franco felt that if Nina married anyone, it should be Franco. Nina swore that she was happy with Ric, but Franco countered that she'd known Ric less than a week. Nina refused to get an annulment. Franco stated that Obrecht was right – Nina was “one sick puppy.” Nina argued that Franco was the one who was sick. She pointed out that he thought the Egg Salad painting was art. Franco reminded Nina that his mom painted it, not him. Nina grabbed the painting and shoved it at Franco, telling him to take it and go. Franco spat that Nina should keep the painting, since it was a fraud, just like her and her marriage. He left.

Sonny and Carly were at his place. Carly snapped that Sonny just had an innocent man killed. They argued about whether or not Jake killed Duke. Just as Carly was gearing up to tell Sonny that Sloane forced Jake to infiltrate the Jerome organization, the phone rang. It was Ric. Ric told Sonny that Shawn had been arrested for accidentally shooting Hayden. Sonny brought Carly up to speed. She was relieved that Jake was still alive. Sonny sarcastically agreed that it was better that an innocent woman was shot than the bastard who killed Duke. Carly changed the topic and asked how much evidence the cops had. Sonny didn't know all the details yet.

Back in the interrogation room, Dante tried to interview Shawn. Shawn refused to say anything without his lawyer. Dante stated that Sonny would throw Shawn under the bus. Shawn asked if Dante didn't know his dad better than that. Dante insisted that it was in Shawn's best interest to talk to the authorities. Ric walked in, and Dante left. Ric stated that Shawn had Sonny's support. Shawn already knew that. Shawn was hesitant to trust Ric, so Ric pointed out that Shawn was the one who called him. Ric convinced Shawn to tell him everything. Shawn did, including the part about Jordan. Shawn felt guilty for unwittingly bringing an informant into the organization. Shawn asked Ric to go warn Sonny right away. Ric promised to come back in the morning. Shawn asked Ric to tell Sonny Shawn was sorry. Later, Dante returned to take Shawn to the holding cells. Dante told Shawn he'd better hope for a deal and for Hayden's survival.

Back at Sonny's, Carly asked Sonny to promise he wouldn't send anyone else after Jake. She pointed out that if Jake was killed now, the cops would be able to figure out Sonny was behind it. Sonny wondered if she was really concerned about him or if she was just trying to protect Jake. Carly clarified that she didn't want Jake to die, and she wanted Sonny to stay out of prison. Carly was worried that Shawn might give Sonny up to the police, but Sonny was sure Shawn would never snitch. Carly warned Sonny that if he went to prison, he'd prove Michael right and he wouldn't get another pardon. She predicted that if Sonny stayed out of prison, Michael would eventually soften and allow Sonny to see Avery. Sonny wasn't so sure, but Carly told him that Michael had a good heart and if Avery wanted to see Sonny, Michael would let her. Sonny agreed to wait to make a move, but he warned Carly that Jake would eventually pay. Sonny was curious what Carly had wanted to tell him about Jake. Carly was silent, so Sonny kept prodding her to open up, until Ric walked in. Sonny asked how Shawn was, and Ric explained that his arraignment was tomorrow morning. Sonny started making plans to bail Shawn out, but Ric admitted that Shawn might not get bail. Sonny didn't understand why. Ric explained that Shawn and Sonny were in real trouble because Jordan was an informant.

Jordan and T.J. met at her place, and she told him about Shawn's arrest. T.J. suggested that they go ask Sonny for help. Jordan admitted she wouldn't be welcome there. Jordan confessed that she was a cop. T.J. didn't understand how an ex con could be in law enforcement. Jordan explained that she never went to prison. T.J. countered that he moved in with Shawn while she served her sentence. Jordan told him that she'd actually been in training and building a cover. T.J. felt betrayed because Jordan had lied to him. Jordan insisted that she'd kept her secret from T.J. for his own protection. Jordan reminded T.J. that he'd gotten in a lot of trouble in their old town. Jordan had hoped to give T.J. a fresh start by sending him to Shawn. T.J. snapped that Jordan had lied to him and made him feel like she didn't want him. Jordan admitted that she regretted her choice the second she saw T.J. again, but she felt compelled to finish the job and bring down Julian and Sonny. T.J. angrily noted that the only person Jordan brought down was the man who took care of T.J. while Jordan was too busy “play acting,” to raise T.J. herself. Jordan insisted that she didn't set out to hurt Shawn. She explained that she'd hoped to shield him from the fallout. Jordan swore she still loved Shawn. T.J. shot back that Jordan had lied to people who cared about her and gotten Shawn arrested. T.J. wanted no part of Jordan's sort of love. He stormed out, leaving his mother in tears.

Liz showed up at Wyndemere and asked to speak to Nik in private. Valerie left the room. Nik wondered if Liz was still mad at him for calling Hayden's bluff. Liz felt that she should still be mad. Liz told Nik that Hayden got shot before she got the chance to tell Jake the truth. Nik pretended that he didn't already know. Liz told Nik everything that happened at the hospital. Liz revealed that Jake went to see Hayden, but she had a seizure before she could tell him the truth. Nik asked if Hayden died. Liz clarified that Hayden was still alive and Patrick was going to operate. Liz added that Patrick was the best, which improved Hayden's chances. Nik pointed out that the truth would come out if Hayden survived.

Back at GH, Jake was worried that Hayden had the seizure because she was struggling to talk. Sam told Jake not to blame himself, but Jake countered that the bullet was meant for him. Sam stated that Patrick was an amazing surgeon. She hoped Hayden would survive and give Jake answers. Jake pointed out that brain surgery didn't help his memory. Then Jake noted that Hayden's life and Jake's future were in Patrick's hands. Sam took Jake's hand.

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