GH Update Monday 5/18/15

General Hospital Update Monday 5/18/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nina shocks Franco when she puts on a wedding dress and tells him she's getting married. He demands to know to whom. She does not reveal the identity of the groom until they hear a knock at the door. She then opens it to see Ric Lansing dressed in a text with the wedding ring for his “bride” (Nina). At first, Franco is shocked but he later concludes that this must be just another form of psychological manipulation. He knows it all to well, commenting that he wrote the book on it himself. He tells Ric he needs to leave and seems “confident” that Nina is only testing him as he affirms to her that he believes in her. She then clarifies to him that he believes she is a baby-napper. He tells her no, that is not the case. She then announces to Franco that she is standing beside her fiancÚ, Ric Lansing and they are ready to get married. In response to that, Franco asks her if she is not aware of who this man is and what was revealed at the nurse's ball about him, to everyone. This guy proposed to some “desperate bimbo” and made her believe he wanted to marry her while he hired a con-woman to pass herself off as Elizabeth's other boyfriend's wife. Nina does not seem to be concerned about that. Ric informs Franco that Nina was “very sympathetic to his personal situation”. Nina then confers to Franco that everything Ric did, he did out of love. Franco demands to know how or why on earth she would trust, much less want to marry this man, given what he's done. She then tells Franco that she and Ric had a moment where they bonded and knew they have a common ground of both being distrusted by people who don't understand how it is when one is forced to take drastic measures out of “love”. She further explains to Franco that in her initial conversation with Ric, she found out that he's a successful lawyer and informed him she might need legal representation for being accused of kidnapping a baby. Ric then concludes that “one thing lead to another”, to which Nina smiles and confirms. And, they inform Franco, at that point, Ric proposed and she said yes. Franco then attempts to get Nina to remember how she has put her trust in so many people who could not be trusted throughout her life and she confirmed to him that he was the only person she's met whom she believed could be the one for her to count on. She tells him he believed that and found out she was wrong. Ric tells Nina she must know that Franco only wants to manipulate her into trusting him so she does not testify against him for all the charges against him, as Ric goes into all of the “lawyer theories and insights” about that. Ric gives her the ring. Yet Franco protests to her that he knows all they have been through together. He seems like he is getting her to listen and convincing her of what he's trying to say. Yet Ric has his own similar “points taken” for Nina about how he has thing in common with her.

After Elizabeth has heard Nikolas declare to Hayden that she may go ahead and tell Jake or anyone she wants, that he is really Jason Morgan, Elizabeth is shocked and horrified. She demands to know how Nikolas could let the truth be known that they both knew this secret yet told no one. It will ruin her chance to have a future with Jake as well as he could also be in trouble for keeping it a secret. Yet Nikolas does not seem worried. She informs him that after it comes out, she will have to leave town, up-root her boys and go into hiding and she urges him not to let this happen. She tells him he must find a way to “stop” Hayden. He calmly and unemotionally responds to that by telling her no. He then reminds Elizabeth that given all of the physical evidence and medical history that make Jake and Jason so similar,...not to mention what his grandmother already knows with certainty and can probably prove,... they gotta realize it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out that Jake is, in fact, Jason Morgan. He told her that he's no longer going to be taken for a ride by a blackmailer. Britt already did that to him. He now declares this is his limit. Elizabeth gets up to leave to prevent what is going to happen but Nikolas wants to prevent her from doing so. She protests that if Jake finds out “the secret”, she will lose her chance with him. Nikolas tells her that might be a message to her that Jake was not hers' to have in the first place. She then reminds Nikolas that they had an agreement, not long ago, that they would keep that secret because it was best for Jason too. He tells her not if the price is given into Hayden. She tells him she does not want everyone turning against her and isn't he concerned about that also? He tells her he needs her to trust him that he knows what he is doing.

Hayden goes to find Jake and to find Sam at the garage. They do not want to listen to a word she says although she urges them to know that although neither of them has any reason to trust her, she promises it's in both of their best interest if they hear what she is about to tell them. He tells her all he wants is for her to leave. Yet she assures both him and Sam that what she's about to tell them with “rock their world”. Jake tells her he has no reason to trust a word coming out of her mouth. She tells him she realizes that however, she can tell him who he really is. She explains to him, at to Sam, that it was obvious that although he was told (and convinced) that she is his wife just as she told him, he could not consummate his marriage by sleeping with her because he knew she was a stranger. As, they all know, Ric's scam has been exposed and they now know the truth so she has no incentive to lie to him about that yet she knows that he needs to know who he is and she can tell him the answer to that.

After Julian has left Sonny's place, Carly comes down the stairs to talk to her ex about what the outcome of their conversation might have been and just what exactly may have happened to Julian. She assumes it's very likely he's had Julian killed. She warns him if he and/or Shawn take the law into their own hands with Julian, he will regret the consequences. What she does not realize, however, is that Sonny did not send Shawn to eliminate Julian. It's Jake whom they believe is Duke's killer, he tells her, and he expresses to her he thought she already knew that. She tells him she knows that could not be the case whether he wants to believe it or not. It's obvious Julian sent Carlos Rivera whom he's worked with and known as his hit-man for years and not a guy he's known for as short a time as he's known Jake. Sonny then concludes Julian did not order the hit. Jake was acting on his own. She asks him how on earth he would believe that. Sonny firmly tells her he does believe that and Shawn is on his way to find and eliminate Jake.

While Hayden trying to “present her case” to a doubting Jake and Sam, that she knows what she's talking about with what she's about to tell them, we see Shawn going outside the garage unseen with his gun and silencer, ready to carry out the hit on Jake, believing it was he who murdered Duke. Inside, Jake concludes to Hayden that given what he's seen and known throughout the time he can remember, if he does, in fact, have a wife, she's better off believing he's dead. In response to that, Hayden tells him if he does not want to hear what she has to say, that is fine. However, she faces Sam and tells her she might be interested in hearing what Hayden has to say..

Anna goes to find Carlos on the docks after Sabrina has tipped her off on where to find him. She points a gun on Carlos and tells him there is evidence he killed Duke, for which she is not afraid to take the law into her own hands. He reminds her that given certain “reasonable doubts” that exist, it's very possible no judge or jury would convict him. She realizes he's probably right about that and at that point, she fires a shot point blank at him and he falls to the ground. Right when she goes to see that Carlos is more than likely dead, Sloane arrives to find her leaning over him and demands to know what she just did. He informs her that he just got a tip that Carlos Rivera was ready to take a boat out of town. She asks if it is not obvious what she has done; she has killed Duke's murderer. He asks her if it was self-defense. Anna admits it was not. He then tells her that she has just set Duke's killer free. He clarifies to her that it was Julian Jerome who took Duke's life and the only chance they had to prove it was if Carlos had lived and could testify to that. Now that he's dead, there's no way to get a conviction against Duke's killer. Their only witness is dead. He now has nothing he can use to arrest Julian Jerome so he walks again. She concludes that Sloane is right that even if Carlos pulled the trigger, Julian ordered the hit. She then concludes to Sloane he may go ahead and arrest her because she is just as guilty as “all of them”. Sloane, however, does not want to do that although she asks him why on earth not. She's gotten him into enough trouble so that it would only be obvious he'd relish being able to use his police authority to bring her down. She reminds him she's a fed. She committed murder. So, she demands he arrests her. Yet Sloane tells her no. She's suffered too much loss, he tells her, and he does not want to add to that.

When Hayden is about to reveal to Sam what Jake has told her he's not interested in hearing inside the mechanic's shop, he tells her he wants her out and she better stop harassing Sam. Outside, Shawn is pointing his gun, still unseen until Jordan finds him, pulls her gun on him and gets him to drop his gun. Suddenly, while Jake, Sam and Hayden are inside the shop, a shot is fired. Hayden is shot and falls to the ground bleeding, but not before Jake hears the shot, and instinctively knows he must protect Sam and gets her out of shooting range, just like Jason would have. Jake then rushes outside to see Jordan holding the gun on Shawn. At that point, everybody assumes it's obvious that Shawn has shot Hayden, the cops are called and Shawn is arrested. Shawn, however, puts two and two together about Jordan. She has not been working with him and Sonny, nor with Julian and his team. She's a cop.

When Carly finds out that Sonny intends to have Jake killed, she urges him to have Shawn call it off. Yet he tells her she can't save Jake. She tells him he's about to cross a line with her that cannot be crossed. He reminds her he should have done it long ago but put it off simply because he did not want to fight with her. Yet now Duke is dead, he furiously reminds her, and he tells her that Jake is going to pay with his life.

Inside the garage, Sam calls for medical help for Hayden while she struggles to tell her she is not the only person who “knows the secret” about Jake. Sam asks her who else knows this secret yet it appears Hayden may not be able to answer that.

Elizabeth seems to know that there is clearly something which Nikolas is not telling her regarding his issue with Hayden. He's rich. If all Hayden wants is money, why not just give her what she wants to shut her up? He tells Elizabeth that Hayden will continue to squeeze them until they have nothing left. He tells her he is putting a stop to this once and for all before it's too late and further tells Elizabeth whatever secret they believed they had to keep about Jason is not worth the price.

Sloane tells Anna he understands why she had no choice except to kill Carlos Rivera. As a police commissioner, he obviously can't condone it but he does, nonetheless, understand. He tells her since nobody knows that she killed Carlos except for the two of them, he can make this go away and is that not what she wants?

After Hayden has been shot, Shawn is devastated when he assesses that all this while when he loved Jordan and believed she loved him, it was all a scam. All a lie. He tells her if she can do this, she does not know what love means. She protests to him that he was never the target of her investigation but when she found out he intended to kill Jake, she did not have a choice. He coldly concludes to her that she has betrayed everyone who has cared about her. When the cops are ready to take Shawn away she asks them to please give her a minute with him. Yet Shawn tells her they have nothing left to say. They are done here.

Sonny confirms to Carly that it's “too late” to get Shawn to call off the hit on Jake (which actually resulted in the shooting of Hayden). It's already been done.

Jake and Sam rush to the hospital where they find and inform both Patrick and Elizabeth that “somebody” whom they assume intended to kill Jake accidentally shot Hayden. Not far behind, paramedics rush Hayden in on a stretcher. Elizabeth is ready to assist in the OR but Patrick instructs her not to be a part of his surgical team, knowing how she is “too close” to the victim. Noticing Jake, Patrick angrily reminds him that this woman got shot, probably because of him so hasn't he “done enough”? When Patrick leaves Jake alone to talk to both Sam and Elizabeth, Sam informs her that Hayden went there to tell “something” to both herself and to Jake although neither Sam nor Jake have a clue what that would be.

When both Franco and Ric work on Nina to convince her that she should marry each of them, the justice of the peace arrives yet is confused as to which of these two “gentlemen” she intends to marry. She finds that she cannot answer that question. Ric confirms that the “marriage license” is for him to marry Nina. Franco intends to object but they go through with the wedding ceremony and the justice of the peace encourages Ric to kiss the bride.

When Sonny informs Carly that it's “too late” to reverse his and Shawn's plan to eliminate Jake, she protests that he has gone too far and he needs to know that Jake is “not whom he thinks”. In response to that, he looks at her as if to ask what on earth she is talking about.

In the hospital, Jake tells both Sam and Elizabeth (whom he still does not remember nor do either of them know him as Jason), that this is his fault. Hayden would not have been shot were it not for him. Sam then informs Elizabeth that “strangely” right before Hayden got shot, she informed them that she “knew whom Jake was”. When Elizabeth is able to tell that Hayden did not get that far (having either of them know that he's Jason) she tells them that when people are desperate, they will say anything.

While Nikolas is alone in his living room looking at the picture of his son, a strange guy shows up to happily confirm to Nikolas that he was successful, not only in shooting Hayden, but in being there at the perfect time for the cops to catch another suspect red-handed and never question him or Nikolas. Shawn Butler had a gun and got arrested for the crime so there's no way they will ever be implicated. He declares that no one will ever know that Nikolas ordered the hit on Hayden Barnes. Nikolas is obviously very happy to hear that.

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