GH Update Friday 5/15/15

General Hospital Update Friday 5/15/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina is alone in her apartment watching the end of The View on television and remembers finding out that Carlos shot and killed Duke after she trusted him and hid him. She hears a knock on the door, goes to get it and sees Anna. She tells her how sorry she is for Anna's loss. In response to that, Anna tells her in that case, it would be nice if she can hand the man who killed him over to the police and bring him to justice. Sabrina admits to Anna that Carlos asked her to hide him, informed her he was in trouble but would not go into any details. And then, the following morning she found out that Duke had been killed, put two and two together and realized Carlos killed him. She tells Anna she deeply regrets not taking action and wishes she could do something about it now. Yet she hasn't a clue where Carlos has gone or where he can be found. Anna then urges Sabrina to call Carlos form her phone. Sabrina dials the number. Carlos is not far away, still on the Port Charles docks when his phone rings. He answers and asks Sabrina if she is ok. She replies yes. She is fine. She talks to him in a manner like she trusts him and assures him she is ok and holds not grudge against him for what he did. He tells her very shortly, he's going to leave town on a boat never to return. She asks if there is a way she could meet him there before he goes and say good bye to him. He tells her he's sorry for everything. Sorry for the way he treated her back home and the way he treated her there. He wanted to do the right thing but knows she deserves someone better than him. And he wants her to know he wants nothing but happiness for her and he tells her he loves her. She cries and hesitates to tell Anna where Carlos is but does confirm that Carlos is now on pier 54. And they better hurry, she tells Anna.

Julian goes to Sonny's home and tells Sonny and Shawn he is ready to turn over Duke's killer. It was Jake Doe. He explains that he hired Jake to work for him realizing he may not be able to trust him with his questionable past. Sonny demands he gets to the point yet Julian dances around the subject yet affirms that he believes Jake killed Julian without his knowing. Shawn confronts Julian on how the dispute the two mob teams may have had about who has the right to their shipments made Jake decide to take revenge by murdering Duke. Julian then admits he knows that Jake has been trying to make a name for himself and clearly went too far with this. It appears that Julian is getting smug when he “boasts” about how highly skilled Jake is at being a professional hit man and “that poor Scot never had a chance”. When it appears to Sonny that Julian thinks it's funny, he grabs a hold of him and tells him he better wipe that smirk off his face or Sonny will wipe it off for him. Sonny pushes him against the wall and Julian demands Sonny gets his hands off of him and reminds Sonny and Shawn that he gave them the name of Duke's killer. They know where to find him. He's at the garage, probably all alone and they may go there and take him out. Julian seems very calm and unafraid when he leaves. Sonny and Shawn are both infuriated and provoked. As soon as Julian gets out of Sonny's house, he calls Sloane to inform him that both Sonny and Shawn believe the killer was Jake Doe.

Jake is in Julian mechanic's shop. Sam comes by unexpectedly and informs him she just came from Duke Lavery's funeral. In response that, he has a very coy and non-caring response which shocks and angers her. She asks him if he killed Duke. He asks her if that is what she believes. She informs him that both Detectives Dante Falconeri and Nathan West believe he did and she trusts they may know what they are talking about. She emotionally reminds him that she got him this job because she gave him the benefit of the doubt and she asks him to please tell her he did not kill Duke. He replies to her that he cannot tell her that because it would not be true. She furiously tells him he is a lying bastard, gets ready to physically attack him as she reminds him that he asked her to put a good word in for him with her father and told he wanted something legit and was desperate for a job. She now knows it was all a scam when he said he'd be changing oil and doing auto maintenance when all along he intended to be a hit man. He “calmly” tells her she does not understand, to which she demands to know what she is failing to understand. She tells him he's been playing her and using her sympathy to get in good with the mob. She asks him if he has any idea what this has done to Emma. That little girl loved Duke and now she's lost him. He tells her he's sorry in a cold and unemotional manner, to which Sam demands to know if that is all he can say and do. She asks him how he can shoot that poor man without thinking twice. Jake tells her that is not how it happened. She then demands to know how it happened and demands he tells her some explanation because she now knows that he is a coward and a liar. He then confesses to Sam that he did not do it. Hearing that, she demands to know what is up with his telling her two contradictory stories. He replies it's complicated. Sam tells him he better un-complicate it. The cops are after him and not to mention Sonny. If Sonny believes that Jake killed his right-hand man and friend, Jake doesn't even want to know what could happen to him. She tells him he has to get the record straight. Jake tells her he wishes he could but he can't. Sam demands to know why not.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she has gone through hell and back to be with Jason throughout the years. She tells him even if he disapproves of her choice, she intends to not allow her happiness with having a future with him be ruined by some two bit con woman. Hayden enters and tells Elizabeth if she has something to say (knowing more than likely what she's going to declare to Nikolas, given that they both now know the secret about Jake/Jason and are keeping it from everyone. She asks them both if they are cowards. Elizabeth then informs her that she was just telling Nikolas she won't let Hayden or anyone else ruin her happiness with Jason. In response to that, Hayden asks her if they are both calling the man known as Jake by the name of Jason. She tells them the two of them are amazing both pretending to be holier than thou and looking down their noses upon her yet she knows all about their dirty little secret. She assesses that they both know, claim to love and have a history with this guy yet are doing this.

Hayden admits she duped Jake for money but did not know him and nothing really terrible happened as a result. She reminds Elizabeth that she's keeping a friend from his wife and little boy. Why? So she can have him all to herself? She asks Elizabeth how she thinks Sam Morgan would feel about that. In response to that, Elizabeth assesses that Hayden knows nothing about Sam. She now has a relationship with another man and has gotten on with her life believing her husband is dead. Secondly, regarding Jason, Hayden knows nothing about his relationship with Elizabeth or what they are to each other, Elizabeth tells her. Hayden then smugly asks Elizabeth if she's actually talked herself into believing her actions are for the greater good and that Elizabeth is not just some lonely pathetic bitch. Nikolas intervenes and firmly tells Hayden not to speak to Elizabeth like that in his home. Hayden tells him she can say and do whatever she damn well pleases, there or anywhere else. That is the beauty of knowing their deepest darkest secrets. She can do whatever she wants. She then throws and breaks his expensive vases. Both Nikolas and Elizabeth tell her she is insane and demand to know what is wrong with her. She tells them they better not mess with her or she will march right down the that garage and tell Jake who he really is. In response to that, Nikolas tells her she may go ahead and do that. If it would mean getting her out of his home and out of their lives, it might be worth it. Hearing that, Elizabeth clearly does not want him to go through with that and protests to Nikolas she thought they were in this together. Nikolas assures her they are. He tells her the consequences of that are nothing compared to what Hayden is doing to them now. She tells them that she will really enjoy watching them get exposed. She tells them Jake is not some puppy they can steal and control and manipulate. He's a man with a life and a past. He has the right to that and she's going to give that to him, Hayden tells them. Elizabeth runs after her when she goes out the door and demands to know what the hell Nikolas is doing. She reminds him that once the truth comes out that they knew who Jason was but lied about it, they will be pariahs. There will be no turning back. Nikolas calmly tells Elizabeth that it will “be an adjustment period” but they will get through it just like they always do. She reminds him she will have to move and uproot the boys and her grandmother so she urges Nikolas to do something

Nina is in the hotel room making a call when she sees that “someone” broke her coffee table and demands they fix it. Franco enters and tells her he was hoping they could talk. She shuts the door but he tells her he will knock until his knuckles fall off or she opens it. She reminds him that she kicked him out and asks if he is mad and then notice he has brought something to her, asking what it is. He tells her it's his way of apologizing. She notices a painting that looks like simple stripes but she is not impressed. He asks her what happened to her coffee table. She replies it broke. If maintenance comes by, he needs to let them know they need to fix it. He tells her that the painting is an egg salad which is his way of admitting to her that he was stupid. He knows she swore to him that she did not take baby Avery. He knows he should have believed her but questioned her. And he's sorry. He admits she's the best friend he ever had. She's his partner and he trusts her with his life. He was blinded to the truth but can now see it 20/20. His point, he tells her, is that he is seeing things more clearly than in ages. She walks through the door wearing a wedding dress. He looks at her stunned and shocked. She asks him if he likes it. He asks her why she's wearing that. She replies she could not just sit around licking her wounds. She had to move on so she is now getting married. In response to that, Franco demands to know why she is doing this. It means one of two things; A: She's completely lost touch with reality...or B: She's bluffing and doing this to stick it to him. He tells her he hopes to God that it's B. When she does not respond, he reminds her if she's waiting for some imaginary groom, to appear, she will be bitterly disappointed. He asks her whom she is marrying but she tells him she does not have to give him the name of her fiancÚ. There's a knock on the door and she asks if he doubts that her fiancÚ exists, then why is there a knock on the door. He tells her it's probably maintenance after she called for them to fix the coffee table but when he goes to open the door, he appears shocked and stunned and Nina tells him he is dead wrong to assume she's falsifying that she is getting married.

Sloane goes to find Jordan. She determines that with Duke now being shot by one of Julian's men, they are clearly looking at an all-out mob war. He tells her they have to admit the truth about how Duke got killed although she adamantly tells him she can't do that. Sonny and Shawn believe she's working for them and she can't blow her cover. He then admits that Jake is working for him undercover and he's having him spying upon Julian posing as a hired mechanic in Julian's shop.

Julian goes to meet Carlos on the docks and they seem mutually cordial, both agreeing that with Sonny's right-hand man out of the way, it will just be a matter of time before they can easily defeat Sonny. Carlos tells Julian he has no regrets. Not about this, although he warns Julian he might want to watch his back knowing that Sonny will obviously retaliate. Julian tells Carlos he may relax because he “re-directed” the cops as well as telling Sonny and Shawn that someone else did it. In response to that, Carlos tells Julian he appreciates Julian watching his back but he's not sure he's comfortable having someone else going down for something he did. Julian tells Carlos he's not worried because he just made arrangements to Sonny and his people to get nailed by the police department.

While Sloane is with Jordan on the docks, he gets on his phone to order back-up for his next operation, and he informs his contact that a hit is about to go down. Jordan demands to know what is going on. He tells her they just got a tip as to where to find Carlos Rivera. He's on pier 54, he tells her and it looks like the real killer is within range.

Carlos and Julian say their fond farewells to each other. When Carlos is alone after Julian departs, he wonders why the boat is late when it was supposed to be there before now. Unexpectedly, Anna comes by, points a gun on him and tells him he's going to pay for the murder of Duke Lavery.

Shawn asks Sonny what he plans to do. Sonny tells him he has a plan. They just need to wait. And Jake dies today, he tells Shawn.

Jake attempts to explain to Sam that although he doesn't know about himself or his past, he knows he's a very violent man. She asks why, however, he wants to take the rap for a crime he did not commit, knowing that Sonny will more than likely kill him. She expresses concerns about him getting killed although he asks her why it would matter to her. He's a stranger whom she's never met and how would his death affect her life? Before they can further discuss that, Hayden appears, admits that she knows she's probably the last person Jake wants to see right now but she has something she needs to tell him. She then tells him she knows he has no reason to trust her but both he and Sam need to know that what she's about to tell them is in both of their best interest and affects both of their lives.

Shawn is ready to go and kill Jake. He departs from Sonny's home and Sonny asks him to let him know when it is done.

Anna tells Carlos she knows he killed Duke. He tells her she has no evidence although she tells him they will find it. He calmly tells her she needs to know there is more than enough reasonable doubt and asks her if she thinks a jury is going to convict him. He shakes his head and tells her he does not think that will happen. Anna then admits he's probably right. She tells him despite the fact that he's the scum of the earth and killed a man in cold blood because he was ordered by his boss to do it. He's a coward but will probably go free given the alibi he can provide about being ordered to do what his boss wants. She tells him that for that reason she has to take the law into her own hands and she fires a shot at him. He falls to the ground and does not move.

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