GH Update Thursday 5/14/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/14/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was the day of Duke's memorial service. Sam, Patrick and Emma were getting ready to go. Sam gave Emma a new dress to wear, since she'd outgrown the others. Emma stated that she'd miss Uncle Duke. Emma was also concerned about her grandma Anna. Sam talked to Emma about grief, learning to accept that the person you loved was gone, and eventually moving on, the way they'd want you to, and finding a way to love others. Emma asked if things would get easier, and Sam assured her that it would. Emma suggested that Duke might come back, the way Robin did. Patrick gently told Emma that Duke wouldn't be back. Patrick explained that he'd been there when Duke died. Sam told Emma that it would be good for them to go to the funeral and support Anna and share memories of Duke.

Emma had gotten dressed, and Sam told her she looked beautiful. Emma returned the compliment. Sam told Patrick and Emma to go without her. Sam still had to find a purse and pack a bag for Danny to take to Monica's. Patrick thought Sam might have a purse in the last box she hadn't unpacked. Patrick and Emma left. Sam searched the box – it was the one with the ring canister in it. She pulled out her and Jason's wedding bands, and her eyes filled with tears. She held the rings for a bit, then put them back in the canister.

Anna was alone in the church staring at the large portrait of Duke. Sloane arrived, and he came over to check on Anna. Anna pointed out that the lectern was draped with a tartan cloth. She explained that it was Duke's clan's tartan. It was supposed to go over the coffin, but Duke had wished to be cremated. Anna thanked Sloane for coming and asked how his informant was. Duke assured her that he was fine. Anna admitted that she'd put the informant through the wringer. Sloane told Anna that Sabrina confirmed that Carlos killed Duke, although everyone else would think it was Jake. Sloane thought that Anna would like to hear some of Duke's last words, so he gave her Bruce's cell phone. Sloane was going to give Anna some privacy, but she asked him to stay. Anna listened to the message Duke left Bruce. Although Duke had already told Anna that he called off the hit on Jordan, Anna appreciated having confirmation. Sloane added that Duke tried to put a stop to the violence for Anna. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she noted that she and Duke had come so close to getting to run away together. Sloane gently touched Anna's cheek.

Later, Anna was alone again when Mac and Felicia arrived. Mac talked about what a good friend Duke had been, and he and Felicia comforted Anna. Anna was glad she was with people who loved Duke. Lucy walked in. Lucy mentioned that she was very fond of Duke and that the two of them tried to start a relationship. Felicia quickly tried to shush Lucy, but Lucy insisted that Anna needed to hear this. Lucy assured Anna that Duke's heart had always belonged with Anna. Lucy divulged that Duke had been depressed at the Nurses' Ball because he thought he'd lost Anna. Lucy admitted that she made up the story about Duke being upset that the tango was cut from the ball. Lucy explained that she did it so that Duke would have no choice but to ask Anna to dance. Anna was so touched and grateful that she hugged Lucy. Maxie, Nathan, Dante and Lulu arrived. Lulu suggested that Nathan and Dante go talk to their former boss first. The men walked over to Anna. Maxie told Lulu that this event was a reminder to hold onto the people who matter.

Dante hugged Anna and told her he was sorry. Anna started to say something about Duke's line of work. Dante interjected that it didn't matter what Duke did – what mattered was that he loved Anna. An apologetic Nathan told Anna that Sloane released Jake despite having the evidence to hold him. Anna stated that Duke's killer would be brought to justice when the time was right. Maxie and Lulu walked up and hugged Anna. Maxie shared that death didn't end love – Maxie felt her sister every day. Anna agreed with her.

Patrick and Emma arrived. Emma hugged Anna. Patrick said he'd miss Duke. Anna was just glad that she and Duke got a second chance after she found him in Switzerland. Patrick noted that he and Robin also got a second chance. Neither Anna or Patrick had been able to reach Robin and tell her Duke died. Anna knew how much Robin loved Duke. Emma gave Anna a picture of Emma and Duke playing dress up at a pretend tea party. Emma hoped it would help Anna remember the happy times. They hugged.

Sonny had a dream that Duke faked his death. The happy reunion between Sonny, Carly and Duke was cut short when Sonny snapped awake. Carly looked at him with concern, and he told her about his dream. Sonny was hurt and angry about Duke's death. Carly asked about his conversation with Julian. Sonny explained that Julian denied being involved and said that one of the Jerome men went rogue. Carly thought Julian was lying. Sonny didn't understand why Julian would start a war that Julian had no hope of winning. Carly felt that Julian was so arrogant and insecure that he didn't think of the long term consequences. Sonny told Carly he gave Julian until the end of the day to deliver the killer. Carly asked if Sonny thought Julian would do it. All Sonny knew was that his friend was dead. Carly hugged him.

Carly and Sonny went to the church. Carly said she had to make a business call, so Sonny left her in the vestibule and went inside. Carly placed a frantic call to Jake warning him to be careful because Sonny was out for blood.

Shawn, T.J. and Jordan arrived at the church. Jordan gave Anna her condolences, but the friends were aloof toward each other, so they didn't blow Jordan's cover. Anna was surprised when T.J. told her that Duke paid his tuition. T.J. promised to spend the next year of school honoring Duke's memory. Anna thanked him.

Anna spotted Sonny walk in. Their eyes met and Anna glared at him. Sonny approached Anna, despite the tension in the air. He said some kind words about his friend Duke and told her that he'd miss him. “Will you? If it wasn't for you, he'd still be alive,” Anna snapped. Sonny sidestepped that and confided that Duke's death would not go unpunished. Anna spat that she didn't need Sonny to tell her that. She was adamant that she would be the one to get justice for Duke.

Sam arrived and met up with Patrick and Emma. Emma noted that Sam found her purse. Sam replied that it was just where Patrick said it would be – in a box full of memories.

The funeral started. As the priest spoke, many dabbed away tears. Emma took Patrick's hand, then Sam's. Patrick watched as Sam pulled Emma close and kissed the top of her head. Sloane stood in the doorway to the church and stared at Anna.

Sonny, Carly and Shawn returned to Sonny's after the service. Carly told Sonny that he'd better not let what happened to Duke happen to him because she couldn't take it. She hugged him, and he assured her that he wasn't going anywhere. Carly went upstairs to change. The door was open, so Julian let himself in. Sonny was surprised Julian showed up. Julian announced that he was ready to hand over Duke's killer.

Patrick and Emma went home. They talked about the tea parties Emma used to have with Duke. Emma thought they should have a tea party now, in Duke's honor. Patrick agreed. Emma wondered if they should wait for Sam to get home, but Patrick told her that Sam had something to do.

The church was empty except for Anna, Mac and Felicia. Anna told them she was eternally grateful to them and Duke would be too. Mac and Felicia left. Once Anna was alone, she had flashbacks of moments with Duke through the years, including their first meeting, the tango, their wedding, their reunion in Switzerland, their break up and their later reunion and plan to run away together. After the memories, Anna stared at Duke's picture and wept.

Jake was at the garage. He left Liz voicemail – Jake was apologetic about dragging Liz into the mess with Duke. Jake figured that Sonny would find out he was a suspect soon, so Jake thought it was best for him and Liz to keep their distance. Julian arrived; he'd heard about Jake's arrest, and he wanted details. Jake explained how he found a gun, which turned out to be the one that killed Duke, picked it up to protect himself, and ended up pointing it at Nathan. Jake tried to get Julian to confirm that this was the hit Jake overheard Julian and Carlos planning. Julian dodged the question and mentioned that Sonny was looking for the killer. Jake didn't respond, so Julian asked Jake why he'd been released. Jake pretended he didn't know. A suspicious Julian wondered if Jake had told the cops that the Jeromes were planning a hit. Jake had a flashback to Sloane telling him to earn Julian's trust by pretending to protect Carlos. Jake lied and said the cops let him go because they violated his Miranda rights. Jake claimed that he didn't care if the cops thought he shot Duke, since they couldn't arrest him for it. Julian was skeptical; he asked why Jake would take the fall for Carlos. Jake contended that he'd never go to jail as long as Carlos covered his tracks. Jake noted that Carlos was already facing charges for shooting Ava. Jake thought it was likely that Carlos would flip on Julian if Carlos got arrested for Duke's murder, too.

Jake wondered where Carlos was, and Julian claimed he didn't know. Jake noted that, as long as the cops were focusing on Jake, the trail on Carlos would go cold and the heat would be off Carlos and Julian. Julian wondered why Jake would be eager to help Carlos, a man who hadn't treated Jake well. Jake stated that he didn't care if Carlos went to jail. Jake just wanted to repay Julian for all his help. Julian warned Jake that Sonny would come after him. Julian promised to arrange protection for Jake. Jake appreciated it. Julian admitted that Sam would have his head if he let something happen to Jake. Julian left. Jake called Sloane and assured him that Julian bought the story. Sloane was pleased. Jake confessed that he couldn't get Julian to reveal Carlos's whereabouts. Sloane wasn't concerned since he and Anna had several people looking for Carlos. The call ended. Sam arrived and came face to face with Jake.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was on the phone with someone. Nik was pleased to hear that some arrangements had been made. After the call ended, Elizabeth arrived. Lulu had told Liz that Nik had moved Hayden into his home. Liz confronted Nik about getting involved with that “lying witch.” Nik explained that Hayden overheard that Jake was really Jason and was using it to blackmail him. Liz panicked, and she mentioned that things had gone from bad to worse. Nik was curious about that, and Liz told him that Jason might have killed Duke. Liz wasn't certain whether or not Jason was guilty, since Jason had been vague when they talked. Liz pointed out that Jason had killed Sonny's enemies, so she wouldn't be surprised if he was doing the same job for Julian. Liz noted that Jason was following in the same pattern; he'd tried to end things with her for her own protection. Liz saw that act as confirmation that Jake really was Jason.

Nik assumed that the relationship was over, but Liz stated that she wasn't about to let Jason go. Nik disapproved of Liz's decision. Liz was confident that Sonny would never target her or the boys. Nik argued that Liz or the kids could get caught in the crossfire, but Liz countered that life was full of unavoidable risks. Nik maintained that Jason's life was more risky than usual. He felt that Liz should trust Jason's instinct that she and the kids might be in danger. “This is my time with Jason, and I'll be damned if I let some stupid mob war get in my way!,” Liz exclaimed. The topic drifted to Hayden. Liz was sure that she and Nik could figure out a way to keep Hayden quiet. Liz admitted that she'd given up her integrity to be with Jason, and she refused to let some two bit con-woman destroy the happiness she'd found with him. At that moment, Hayden walked in. “What are you gonna do about it?,” Hayden challenged.

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