GH Update Wednesday 5/13/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/13/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Shawn are ready to take action against Julian after finding out he is more than likely responsible for the shooting of Duke. They get off the hospital elevator, come face-to-face with him and stare coldly at him. He tells them he's in no mood for whatever they want. He is concerned about his son. Hearing that, Sonny assumes he is talking about his adult son Lucas and informs him Dr. Jones is not on duty right now. He clarifies he does not mean Lucas. He means his new born son. When Sonny stares at him looking puzzled, he clarifies that Olivia just gave birth to her baby and contrary to what she tells everyone, Ned is not the father. He is. His baby is in critical condition after being delivered prematurely and he's not going to be prevented from having rights as the baby's father

Ned talks to Olivia and Dante after she's admitted to her adult son that she lied about Ned being the father of her baby. She is not proud of the fact that she slept with Julian once but that is how it happened. She knows she did the right thing with Dante, she tells her son. He grew up without the threats that all of Sonny's other children grew up with. It was best for all involved that Sonny did not know that Dante was his son until he was an adult. However, her new born infant does not have the “safety” of being unknown by his mobster father. Julian knows the truth. So she has to take drastic action. Dante tells her he wants to offer her police protection but she does not believe that will be enough to keep her child safe when everybody knows he's Julian's child and one of Julian's enemies wants to take revenge upon him. She can't let her child be a target for that.

After Anna confronts Jake, Slaone intervenes and tells her she can't go through with killing this guy. It's not worth it. Also Jake did not kill Duke. It was Carlos Rivera. Although Anna does not want to listen to Sloane, she realizes that would make sense. More than likely Julian put Carlos up to it and Carlos was more than willing to oblige, whereas Jake does not have incentive to kill Duke Lavery the way Carlos might.

After Sabrina has reluctantly agreed to hide Carlos for the night, and he's slept on her couch, he's up, showered and ready to take off where nobody will be able to find him. He overhears her on the phone talking to someone about her up-and-coming relationship with Michael and the fact that he took her to the nurse's ball. Carlos clearly still has feelings for her and does not like hearing that she's moved on. She is not comfortable with being put in the middle of this situation Carlos got himself into and Carlos knows not to let her know that he has just murdered Duke Lavery, realizing she might not want to help him if she knew that.

At Wyndermere, Lulu talks to Nikolas and Valerie and tells her brother she is concerned about Spencer and asks how her nephew is. Nikolas assures his sister that his son is doing a lot better and has finally agreed to take the mask off. She tells her brother she's glad things are back to normal, assuming that is the case. Right then, however, out of nowhere, Hayden appears and Lulu wonder what on earth she is doing in Nikolas' home. Hayden seems very smug and satisfied to make her presence known to his sister and her cousin. In response to Lulu's very reasonable question, Nikolas cannot answer as to what Jake's “fake wife” whom Ric paid off to scam Jake and Elizabeth is doing in Nikolas home.

At the hospital, Elizabeth finds Jake and realizes that many people believe that he murdered Duke Lavery. She tells him she wants to believe that couldn't possibly be true but when she asks him, he becomes very evasive with the answer.

After Sloane is able to convince Anna that probably Carlos shot Duke under the orders of Julian, and she tells him she needs to find out where that SOB might be staying, he's at Sabrina's apartment discussing with her that he still plans to jump bail and split town because he knows he's in big trouble although he does not tell her what his crime is. Right then, she gets a call from Felix informing her that Duke Lavery has been shot and killed. She cries and expresses that she is not ok with that happening and whoever did that is has to pay. Carlos overhears and grows more afraid. It does not take too much for her to put two and two together as to who might very well have done it while she notices Carlos right in front of her telling her about his crime for which he fears dire consequences.

In response to Olivia expressing her urgent need to hide her baby not only from Julian but from anyone who knows anything about him and might be able to know where to find her baby, both Dante and Ned urge her not to do anything hasty. She may need to get some rest and think things through. Yet she tells them there's no time to waste. The news will be out very soon that Julian is the father of an innocent premature infant. She can't risk that. Regarding his rights as a father, normally she might have some regard for that, but given what Julian does, she has to put the baby's needs first.

Sonny asks Julian how Olivia and the baby are although Julian is very guarded. He tells Sonny and Shawn if they will excuse him, he has to be there for his son. Sonny tells him, however, that he is not going anywhere until they talk about Duke. He was Sonny's right-hand man and good friend and he knows that Julian is responsible for his death although Julian denies it and protests that he did not kill Duke Lavery. If someone else did it, he knew nothing about it.

In response to Anna telling Sloane she needs to find Carlos and bring him to justice, he tells her perhaps Julian is hiding Carlos somewhere. She tells him she knows that's probably the not the case and she bets he's asked Sabrina Santiago to hide him. She's done it before at Carlos' urgent request. Sloane then remembers his conversation with Jake as Jake also remembers Sloane telling him that they need to have everyone believing that he shot Duke even though Sloane knows it was Carlos. When talking to Elizabeth, Jake also remembers the conversation he had with Sloane and does not know how to answer her question of whether or not he killed Duke.

Hayden makes herself right at home in Nikolas' home, talking to Lulu and to Valerie about how great it is to have all the luxuries of servants to wait on one hand in foot. Valerie is confused remembering that Nikolas told her that “this woman” whom she walked in on him with is named Rosalie. Both Lulu and Valerie know that it's kind of odd that Hayden, who happens to be posing at Jake Doe's wife has also falsified her name as Rosalie to Valerie. She's further confused and not happy to know her brother has been sleeping with Hayden. And knowing that it happened before the truth was revealed at the nurse's ball remembering her cousin informed her that she met Nikolas' girlfriend, Rosalie, who is the same woman they see before them. Putting all of those things together, Lulu asks her brother if he might have been “in on” Hayden's scam. He then remember Hayden informing him that she knows that Jake is really Jason and reminding him that she could let everybody know that he's keeping Jason from being with all the people in his life who believe he is dead yet she will keep the secret for Nikolas if he lets her stay in his home and have whatever she wants. When Nikolas hesitates to answer Lulu's question, his sister reminds him that Ric Lansing hired this woman to take advantage of Jake Doe after he's lost his memory. Hayden interjects that she would not feel too sorry for Jake because he's gotten back with Elizabeth and Ric has been exposed. Lulu asks her brother why on earth he'd let this woman stay in his home given what she's come to town to do.

Sonny tells Julian that he's ont going to let him get away with killing Duke. He does not except the excuse of some “employee” of Julian doing it behind his back without his knowing or approval. Julian is responsible for things like that happening if one of his men took out one of Sonny's men.

Anna tells Sloane she can tell that more than likely Carlos Rivera is hiding out at Sabrina Santiago's apartment. They used to be engaged and she's the only person he knows in town whom he trusts. Sloane tells her maybe she should not do that since she is no longer a cop. She can't just go to Sabrina Santiago's apartment seeking a suspect in a shooting although she tells him that it's still within her jurisdiction. Sloane then tells her it's ok with him if she goes looking for Carlos at Sabrina's place but he is coming with her.

When Sabrina finds out what happened to Duke and puts two and two together, she tells Carlos he has gone too far and there is no excuse or justification he can give to her for that. She is done covering for him and overlooking what he does. She tells him she is going to call the police and bring him to justice. We don't see exactly what happens next, but knowing Carlos and the fact that Sabrina's made it clear to him she won't let him get away with what he did, we know he's not going to take that “sitting down”.

Olivia and Dante inform Ned that Duke Lavery has been killed. Julian obviously arranged for it to happen. She then reiterates there is no time to waste. She has to take the baby and go. Dante reminds his mom that the baby is still in NICU so she has to wait until the hospital releases him. However, she sees the urgency in making sure that Julian has no way to find her child or know where he is.

Julian protests to Sonny and to Shawn that he did not “intend” for Duke to get shot and killed. It could have been that one of his “over-zealous” employees took matters into his own hands and caused that to happen. Hearing that, Sonny demands to know the name of the shooter.

Jake tells Elizabeth that he has to protect her from his “issues”. Hearing that, she tells him she knows that whole story “all too well”. Jason told her that he had to keep her out of the risk of being with him and the life he has. However, she is not going to be kept away from someone who means something to her because they believe she is at risk. She knows all too well that life is always full of risks. She tells him she does not want him to think that she's going to be endangered or regret being with him. She expresses to him they have come too far for her to accept losing him. He kisses her again..

Nikolas tells Lulu and Valerie that Hayden has assured him that she will not be causing Elizabeth or Jake any more trouble although neither of them answer her question as to why he's letting her stay in his home given what everybody now knows about Hayden. Right then, Lulu gets a message from Dante informing her that he's with his mom and her new baby. She tells Nikolas she needs to go off and be with her husband and his new infant brother. Valerie comes with her. Hayden waves good bye to the two women, again making herself known and telling them it was nice to meet them.

Sloane and Anna go to Sabrina's apartment. They stand outside the door and he tells her he needs her to open up because this is a police matter. They wait but hear no response, knowing somebody must be in there and he counts to 3. Right then, he kicks the door down and they both enter with their guns. They go inside the apartment and see Sabrina tied to a chair, bound and gagged. She admits to them who did this but they can see that Carlos has left.

Ned agrees with Olivia that Julian is not thinking in his child's best interest. To Julian, he's gotten a shiny new toy that he thinks he can raise in his own image. When she admits she is desperate and does not know what to do, Ned tells her he thinks he has an idea.

At the hospital, Dante meets with and knows his dad is out for revenge after what has happened to Duke. He offers his condolences and tells Sonny he and his mom really respected Duke just like Sonny did. However, he tells his dad he really needs him to think it through before taking matters into his own hands against the person responsible for this. He knows Sonny suspects Julian.. However, if Sonny declares revenge upon Julian and gets him or his shooter or anyone killed, or anything like that, Michael will have a perfect case against Sonny in taking baby Avery away from him. He urges his dad to just let the cops do their jobs and investigate the shooting.

Lulu and Valerie arrive at the hospital and notice Elizabeth at the nurses' station. Lulu tells her she's glad she ran into her and would now like to “tip her off” on some information about that “little piece of work” who scammed her friend Jake. For some reason, Hayden is staying in Nikolas' home, Lulu informs Elizabeth.

Alone with Nikolas in his home, Hayden continues to gloat to him about his sister being really nosy and up on her high horse. And he better not dare look down on her and believe she's the only person in this room who is unscrupulous. She knows that he knows that Jake is really Jason Morgan.

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