GH Update Tuesday 5/12/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/12/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Anna was at GH, sitting by Duke's body. She wept as she thought about how close they came to getting to run away together. Anna imagined what their lives would have been like if Duke hadn't been killed. Obrecht came in and gently told Anna that it was time to let Duke go. Obrecht explained that she'd tried to be sensitive and give Anna some time, but it had been six hours, and it was time for the staff to move the corpse. Anna spat that Duke was a man, not a corpse; he'd been Anna's husband and she loved him. Anna accused Obrecht of hating Duke. Obrecht insisted that she didn't have strong feelings about Duke. Anna argued that Obrecht helped Faison keep Duke captive and both of them wanted him dead. Anna snapped that Obrecht finally got her wish. Anna sank down to the floor and sobbed. Obrecht knelt down and comforted Anna. Obrecht urged Anna to take solace in the fact that in the end, Duke knew Anna loved him. Anna pulled herself together and told Obrecht to call the staff in. Obrecht gave Anna Duke's personal effects, minus a few items that the police kept. Obrecht assumed that Anna would want to make funeral arrangements, but Anna planned to go join the search for Duke's killer. Obrecht revealed that the killer was already in police custody.

Olivia was at GH, outside the baby's room. Dante arrived, hoping to see his new little brother. He was concerned when he noticed that Olivia was crying. Olivia assured Dante that these were tears of joy. The baby was fine. Dante was a little annoyed that Ned wasn't there, waiting on Olivia's beck and call. Olivia explained that she sent Ned home to get some rest. Olivia also admitted that she lied about Ned being the baby's father. A surprised Dante gently urged his mother to tell him the whole story. Olivia explained that she hated lying to Dante, but she thought that total secrecy was necessary for the baby's safety. Dante assumed that Olivia was about to tell him that Sonny was the father. Olivia clarified that the boy belonged to Julian. Dante was stunned that Olivia would sleep with a “bag of garbage” like Julian. Olivia explained that she and Julian had been in a bad place and one thing lead to another.

Olivia told Dante how Ned stepped up, without being asked, and tried to help her keep the secret about the baby. Dante and Olivia began to discuss Julian's lifestyle. Dante told her that Duke had been murdered, and Julian was the prime suspect. Olivia found Duke to be gentle and charming, so she was upset by this news. Olivia was certain that Sonny would retaliate and she was afraid that innocents would get hurt. She assumed that Julian would use his family as human shields, the way he'd done with Danny. Olivia was terrified that her son would be harmed. Dante tried to assure Olivia that Julian would never know about the baby. Olivia revealed that Julian already knew the truth and that, according to her, he'd been lurking all night, trying to get a look at her baby. Dante was sure Olivia could protect this boy, the way she'd once protected Dante. Olivia argued that the circumstances were different – Sonny had been a small time mobster, at that point, and he didn't know about Dante. Julian, on the other hand, knew about this child, and he had money and power. Dante assured Olivia that he would do whatever it took to protect his brother. Olivia had already come up with an idea. She asked Dante to help her disappear with the baby.

Elizabeth was also at GH. She was in a great mood, thanks to her night with Jake. She called and left him a voicemail suggesting that they get together tonight. Obrecht walked up and snapped that it was time for Liz to get back to work. Liz wanted to make another phone call. Obrecht had witnessed the drama between Ric and Liz at the Nurses' Ball. Obrecht told Liz to try and salvage her personal life on her own time. Obrecht wanted Liz to fill out Duke's paperwork and send it to the morgue before the body arrived. Liz thought that Obrecht should show a little sensitivity about Duke. Obrecht felt that she was showing sensitivity by assigning the job to Liz, which would give Liz a chance to feel like she was helping the family. Liz asked if the cops had any suspects. Obrecht told her that they'd arrested Jake. Liz was adamant that Jake couldn't have done it since he was with her last night. Obrecht asked if he'd been there all night. Liz admitted he wasn't. Obrecht was satisfied that Jake was guilty. Liz decided to go see Jake, but Obrecht grabbed her arm and refused to let her leave.

Jordan returned to her place and found Shawn kneeling down by the blood stain on the floor. Shawn had hoped Jordan would still be in bed at his place. Jordan explained that she couldn't sleep. Shawn had the same problem. He couldn't stop thinking about Julian sending someone after Jordan. Shawn though it was time to do what should have been done a long time ago – kill Julian. Jordan argued that that Duke was the only one who could make that decision. Shawn had been trying to reach Duke all night, but he wasn't answering. Jordan had a flashback to finding out Duke and Anna were planning to leave town. Shawn decided to go talk to Sonny. Jordan went with him.

Carly spent the night at Sonny's, then she left and returned with coffee. Sonny was downstairs smiling at a picture of Avery. Sonny admitted he was surprised Carly wasn't still upstairs resting after the Ball. Carly explained that she'd had way too good of a night to rest. Carly wanted to tell Sonny about the ball, since he hadn't been in the mood for talking when she got home last night. Sonny was more interested in talking about the sex they had the night before. They chatted, then Carly boasted about exposing Ric's lies in front of the whole crowd. Sonny chuckled at Carly's relentlessness. Carly felt that Sonny should fire Ric, now that it was clear that he was a terrible person. Sonny pointed out that he already knew Ric was a rat before this. Sonny felt that it was best to let Ric think that Sonny needed him. Carly started talking about how Ric hurt Elizabeth, and Sonny didn't understand why Carly was making that her business. Carly admitted that she got involved because of Jake. That prompted Sonny to say that it was only a matter of time before Julian put Jake to work as a soldier. Sonny warned Carly that once this happened, Sonny would have to kill Jake. Shawn and Jordan arrived. Shawn told Sonny that Julian tried to kill Jordan last night and Duke wasn't returning his calls. Sonny knew an alternate number for Duke, so he called it.

Sloane entered Jake's interrogation room and offered him a coffee. Jake refused it. He was resentful that he'd been kept there all night, but Sloane wasn't sympathetic. Jake didn't want Elizabeth to turn on the news and hear that he'd been arrested. Sloane, on the other hand, wanted the news to get out. Sloane figured that Julian would think Jake was willingly taking the fall to protect the organization, and that Julian would respond by trusting Jake. Jake wondered what good that would do if Jake was in Pentonville. Sloane assured Jake that the police would release him on a technicality. Sloane mused that he and Jake were about to dismantle the Jerome organization. Jake noted that Sloane was letting Carlos get away with murder. Sloane vowed to bring Carlos to justice, after they'd arrested Julian. Jake pointed out that if Julian found Jake trustworthy, Julian was likely to ask Jake to kill someone. Sloane was okay with that, because that would give them grounds to arrest Julian for conspiracy to commit murder. Jake knew it wouldn't be that easy to take Julian down. Sloane could see that Jake was reluctant to be a part of this, so he reminded Jake that he could still charge him with the 53 counts of attempted murder. Sloane also argued that Jake would be doing the right thing if he helped bring a murderer to justice. Jake countered that Carlos was the one who pulled the trigger, but Sloane maintained that Julian was the one who engineered the whole thing. Jake reluctantly agreed to help out. Sloane left to arrange Jake's release.

Sloane ran into an officer on his way out of the room. The man gave Sloane Duke's cell phone. Sloane continued toward his office. He received Sonny's phone call, and he let Sonny know that Duke had been murdered. Anna arrived at the police department. She approached the same cop Sloane had just talked to. They knew each other from Anna's time as commissioner. He gave Anna his condolences about Duke. Anna thanked him. She lied and said that the justice department was considering bringing charges against Duke's killer. Anna explained that she would need to see the paperwork on the case and talk to the shooter. The cop believed Anna, so he gave her access to the file and to Jake. He added that the case against Jake was very strong – he was definitely the shooter.

Anna entered the interrogation room. Jake asked if she was with Sloane. Anna aimed her gun at Jake, and she told him she was with Duke. Anna told Jake her plans – she would ask him some questions and if he answered them satisfactorily, she would give him a painless death. A bullet to the head. Jake tried to say something, but Anna snapped that she hadn't asked him anything yet. Anna noted that Duke had died painfully. She promised Jake that she'd make sure he suffered worse than Duke had if he didn't answer the questions to her satisfaction. Anna asked Jake if he killed Duke. Jake replied that he couldn't answer that question without his lawyer. Anna was displeased, but she decided to be merciful and give Jake one more chance. She asked him what his name was. Jake said he didn't know. Anna accused him of faking his memory loss as a cover. Anna asked Jake if he killed Duke, again. Jake told Anna that there was more going on than she knew, and he told her to put the gun down.

Sloane returned to the room. He sprang into action and grabbed Anna's arm. He blurted out that Jake was his operative. Due to the evidence in the file, Anna still thought Jake killed Duke. Sloane explained that they'd manufactured evidence against Jake in order to help the undercover operation. Anna wanted more details, but Duke wasn't willing to say more. Sloane let Jake go. Jake gave Anna his condolences, then he left. Sloane urged Anna to go home and get some rest. Anna didn't want to. She was scared that when she closed her eyes she'd see Duke dying again. Anna sniffed her shirt and noted that it still smelled like Duke's cologne. She said she couldn't rest until she found Duke's killer.

Back at GH, Liz was composing a text. She looked up and saw Jake walking toward her.

Back at Greystone Manor, Sonny told everyone the news. He felt bad because Duke was only running the organization because Sonny had asked him to. Carly noted that it might not be business related, but Sonny was convinced that Julian did it. Sonny vowed to give Julian the war Julian wanted. Carly was scared. She grabbed Sonny's arm and tried to talk him out of it, but he pulled away. He warned her that Jake had gone to work for the wrong guy. Shawn told Sonny that he hadn't been able to get in touch with Duke's bodyguard Bruce. Shawn filled Sonny in about the phone call Bruce made the night before. Shawn thought the Jeromes had done something to get Bruce out of the way so that Duke would be left unprotected. Sonny vowed to make them pay.

Carly urged Sonny to spend this time mourning his friend, instead of leaving. Sonny snapped that he didn't want Carly interfering. Carly decided to go home then. Sonny insisted that Carly and Jordan stay at the house where it was safe. Carly pointed out that her mom and kids were at her house. Jordan was also concerned about TJ. Sonny made arrangements to have guards placed on Carly's house and on TJ. Sonny and Shawn left. Carly couldn't stop thinking about Anna. Carly stated that when you love a man in the mob, you know this is a possibility, but you can never prepare for it. Carly wondered how Anna would deal with this. Jordan assumed that Anna was thinking about killing Duke's murderer. Carly wondered if Sonny and Shawn would do it first.

Back at GH, Alexis tried to convince an exhausted and scared Julian to go home and get some food and sleep. Julian refused because he wanted to be there taking care of his son. He felt helpless because the doctors were running tests, but no one would tell him what was going on. Alexis tried to help Julian be optimistic. She pointed out that the baby made it through the night. Alexis told Julian that she'd been through this when Kristina was born premature. According to Alexis, the doctors ran lots of tests, in these cases, as a precaution, not because something was wrong. Julian knew Alexis was right, but his imagination was running wild because Olivia had shut him out. Alexis advised Julian to give Olivia some time. She noted that it had been a busy night. Julian knew Alexis was also talking about Duke. He wondered if Duke pulled through. Alexis told Julian that Duke didn't make it. Alexis noted that she found Julian's lack of surprise or curiosity telling. She asked if he killed Duke. Julian acted shocked that Alexis would ask him that since she'd been with him all night long. Alexis was exasperated by Julian's response and she told him that she knew that men like him didn't pull the trigger. Alexis explained that she didn't push him on this last night because the baby's condition was touch and go, but now she wanted answers.

Julian wanted to put the conversation on hold until after he'd seen his baby, but Alexis said no. Julian pointed out that he couldn't answer this question without implicating Alexis. Alexis decided to ask the question as his lawyer, so the conversation would be privileged. Julian admitted that he had Duke killed. Alexis was disgusted and she tried to storm out, but Julian grabbed her arm. He argued that she shouldn't pretend to be surprised, since she knew who he was when she came back to him. Alexis was ashamed that she'd come back. Julian pointed out that she came back because they love each other. Alexis was skeptical. She wiped away tears as she argued that if he really loved her, he would have left the mob like she wanted him to, and like he'd claimed he wanted to. Julian admitted that he'd considered leaving, but then he realized that it was part of who he was and he couldn't be someone else. Alexis insisted that she was leaving and not coming back. Julian asked Alexis if he was going to leave him over this. Julian was still holding Alexis's arm, so she threatened to scream if he didn't let go. Julian didn't let go, because he thought Alexis was bluffing. Alexis told him that if she screamed, he'd get banned from GH and he wouldn't be able to see his son. Julian let go. Alexis walked toward the door. Julian told Alexis he loved her as she was leaving. “I know,” Alexis said, as she choked back a sob. Later, Julian headed toward the elevators. Just then, Shawn and Sonny arrived.

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