GH Update Monday 5/11/15

General Hospital Update Monday 5/11/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Back at the hotel, Jordan tells Sloane she needs him to tell her what he knows about Anna's secret plan involving Duke. She knows her secret partner is still in love with Duke and bets they were running away together. Sloane admits that is true. Shawn enters. He notices a body bag has been hauled out of this room and there are cops surrounding them so he demands to know what is going on. Sloane reminds him that he is the police commissioner and is investigating a murder which appears to be in self-defense. He remarks to Shawn it's damn lucky that he (himself) showed up when he did because somebody tried to kill Shawn's girlfriend tonight. She confirms to Shawn that it's true but assures him he need not worry. He demands to know who tried to kill her and she hesitates to answer. She then tells Shawn it was “one of the Jeromes' guys” although she tells him she does not know the name.

Anna goes to the docks to meet Duke and then suddenly discovers he's been shot. She calls for an ambulance and urges Duke to stay awake. She asks him what happened and who did this to him. He does not answer but struggles to inform her, before it's too late, that Jordan may still be in danger. Hearing that, she informs him she knows what he was planning to do, however, she assures everything is ok and Jordan is now alive and well. There's nothing to fear because the man who intended to kill her is now dead. Anna lovingly attends to Duke while he lies on the ground bleeding, assures him she knows he did everything he could to make it right although he protests that he feels responsible for what almost happened to Jordan. She assures him they are going to fix everything. She lies beside him and asks if he wants to go to Scotland. She talks about getting a cottage, fixing it up and getting a couple dogs, sitting by the fire when it gets cold and laughs about all the things they know about each other. Yet it appears Duke might be dying. She tells him they can have the life together they've always wanted. All he has to do is hang on a little while longer.

Carlos goes to find Sabrina and, once again, urgently tells her he needs her help. In response to that, she asks him what did he do now. He does not answer but pleads with her that he is in real trouble and she is the closest contact he has. He tells her he needs her to hide him. She asks him what he wants her to do. Does he expect her to lie to the police? She reminds him she can't help him unless he tells her what he did. He then replies he shot someone.

On the docks, Anna and Duke hear the sound of an ambulance. She tells him she can't lose him now and goes on, again, about their plans to be together and maybe travel and see the world and live together as two people in love. They cry together declaring their love for each other. Duke is slipping into unconsciousness. She calls for help but they are all alone.

After Jake has discovered evidence of the “scuffle” in the parking garage and as timing would have it, Nathan catches him standing right over the gun on the ground and the trail of blood, Nathan takes Jake to the station for questioning. Regarding whether he should believe Jake, Nathan reminds him he has good reason not to. Jake shot him once before and he tried to murder a boat load of people by planting a bomb at The Haunted Star. Jake tells Nathan he needs to explain. The fact that he did not run when he discovered what Nathan saw him standing over tonight means he has nothing to hide even though he was seen with a gun in his hand standing over a pool of blood. A lab tech brings Nathan a ballistics report. Nathan confirms that a gun was fired and asks Jake if he did not shoot it, then who did? Nathan then finds out that Duke Lavery has been shot with those bullets and he admits he has a hard time taking Jake's word for it that he did not do it and had no motive when Jake is working for Julian Jerome. Jake reminds Nathan he works in a mechanics shop for Julian yet Nathan somehow knows there is something that Jake is not telling him. In response to that, Jake truthfully tells Nathan what happened and the fact that he did pick up the gun but did not fire it or shoot anyone. Yet Nathan knows it was fired and has no way of knowing by whom. Jake, however, reminds him he has cooperated completely with the police investigation and does not have to answer any more questions until his lawyer gets there.

Julian goes with Alexis to the hospital, after Olivia has demanded he leave her alone while she was ready to give birth at the Metro Court. He frantically asks the clerk at the desk where he can find his new born child and is angry and upset to hear that Olivia has not been admitted when this is urgent. Alexis tells him he needs to stay positive and realize how lucky they were that Patrick was there. They rush Olivia in on a stretcher. She is very worried and cries for help. Patrick directs the staff to hustle and urges all of the people to stay behind and let him do his job. Ned does not fight him but Julian does, protesting that that is his baby and if Ned thinks he's going to prevent Julian from being a part of this, Ned will have to kill him. Ned tells Julian he needs to stop being an arrogant ass and have some respect for a scared mother who is in there fighting for her baby's life. Julian then tells him if he's concerned about Olivia, he may go and be with her but he (himself) needs to see if his son is ok. After the two men go off, Sam and Alexis stand waiting and wonder whether or not the baby will be ok.

After Michael returns home from being with Sabrina, Tracy asks him if it's wise for him to consider dating his hand-picked nanny. Although he tells her it's not as if she worked for ELQ. She works for him and it's none of anyone's business if he wants to have a relationship with her. Yet Tracy reminds him that it could be seen as sexual harassment if he's romantically involved with any employee regardless of what kind, and could thereby be one more thing Ned could use against him to strengthen his case in proving Michael is not fit to run ELQ. Hearing that, Michael tells Tracy she would not say that if she knew the everything about Ned's involvement in the company. She reminds Michael that Ned has more experience than Michael as well as more respect from the board. Hearing that, Michael informs Tracy, for the first time, that Ned has given 11% of his ELQ shares away to outsiders although Tracy does not believe him on that. He informs her for the first time that Franco was able to blackmail Ned into giving him the shares. The reason Ned agreed to do so was because apparently Franco knows some secret about Olivia which Ned needs to protect. Yet neither Michael nor Tracy know or can figure out exactly what that is.

While Sloane overhears Jordan lie to Shawn about who tried to kill her tonight, he gets a call from Nathan, while he'd at the station, informing Sloane that Duke Lavery has been shot tonight. Nathan tells him they have one suspect; Jake Doe. But, Nathan informs his boss, Jake refuses to answer any more questions. At that point, Sloane knows he needs to keep it from Jordan and Shawn that Duke has been shot and that he needs to get to the station to talk privately to Jake right away.

While Patrick is trying to save Olivia's baby, he runs out into the front entrance of the hospital and is stunned to see Duke bleeding out with Anna by his side rushing him in on a gurney. She wants to be with Duke but Patrick urges her to get out of the OR, to trust him and to let him do his job.

Julian insists on being inside Olivia's room although she demands he leaves. Ned urges him to respect her wishes. Outside, Sam and Alexis learn, for the first time that Duke has been shot. Alexis instantly realizes very possibly that Julian may have something to do with that and she asks him, that since she is his lawyer and someone who loves him, if there is anything he'd like to tell her regarding the shooting of his rival organization's new leader.

A worried and scared Carlos tells Sabrina he may have no choice except to skip bail. She can't understand why he'd do that. He reminds her that the cops and DA are waiting to send him back to Pentonville and he can't take his chances with what could happen if he stayed accessible and attended his next bail hearing at the mercy of the judge.

After the medical staff escort Anna out of Duke's room and she sees Julian talking to Alexis and Sam, she hauls off and physically assaults him. Sam stands between them and urges Anna to calm down but Anna tells her she will not calm down. She knows that Julian is behind this and now the man she loves is in there fighting for his life. Both Sam and Alexis silently listen to Anna telling Julian what a coward he is to order hits on people and deny what he's done just because he did not pull the trigger and put someone else up to doing that. She asks Julian whom he plans to hide behind now. Alexis? His daughter? She tells him she won't be able to hide from her. If Duke dies because of this, she won't hesitate to take justice into her own hands with him. After she leaves and Julian is alone with Alexis and Sam, Alexis urges him to tell her that Anna is mistaken and he is not responsible for this. Yet he cannot respond to that. He's too obsessed about the fact that he's being prevented from knowing what is happening in the emergency delivery of his baby.

Shawn is also ready to take drastic action against Julian when he hears Jordan say that it was he who arranged the hit on her. He pulls out his gun but she urges him not to go through with that although he cannot understand why. He then remarks to Jordan that he intended to meet with Duke and has left messages for him yet it's very odd that he has not heard back from his former colleague. Clearly Sloane does not want them to know what has happened to Duke or anything involved in that.

When Sloane returns to the station and knows that Nathan suspects Jake, he doesn't want his detective to know what he's up to so he dismisses Nathan and goes into the room to have a private conversation with Jake. Jake assures Sloane he did not shoot Duke but has a pretty good idea who did.

In the hospital OR, Patrick and his team struggle to save Duke but it looks like he's crashing and they are failing to save his life while he bleeds out and goes into shock.

Sabrina reluctantly agrees to let Carlos stay in her apartment, given that Felix is out for the night. However, she tells him, it's just for the one night and he better be out the next morning. He then admits to her that he can see that she did the right thing to kick him to the curb and he promises to stay out of her life from now on.

Although Sloane believes Jake that it's more than likely Carlos Rivera who shot Duke, he tells Jake he wants him to take the rap for it.

Julian finds out that Olivia's and his baby will be ok. The baby is premature but alive and they are hopeful.

Patrick does not have a positive verdict to give to a devastated Anna about Duke.

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