GH Update Friday 5/8/15

General Hospital Update Friday 5/8/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Carlos finds Duke in the parking garage and pulls a gun on him where nobody can see them or know what is happening, Duke does not seem afraid and they get into a struggle. At that point, a shot is fired. Yet we don't see who may or may not have gotten shot or what has happened.

A few minutes later, Jake goes into the Metro Court garage and notices a gun on the ground and blood by a car. He wonders what has just happened there.

In Anna's hotel room, Sloane is ready to inform her that he thinks he knows who ordered the hit on Jordan at the docks. It makes sense that it's Duke. It does not stand to reason that it would be Julian or his men. Anna, at that point, wants to put the whole thing behind her as Duke has agreed to get out of the business and run off with her. She admits to Sloane that Duke has agreed to get out of organized crime. She assumes the new police commissioner has no issues with her past and present significant other becoming a law abiding citizen. She admits to Sloane that Duke means more to her than her job and she knows she means more to him than his. She is ready to leave and meet Duke but Sloane tells her he cannot let her do that. He reminds her that she has family and friends and a long history in Port Charles and asks her if she's really willing to leave them all. She asks him why he would care and wouldn't he consider that to be good news for him now that she's suddenly off his back? In response to that, Sloane admits maybe he does not want that. He admits that he will miss their “sparring sessions”.

While Duke has been calling and leaving messages for Bruce, urging to call off the hit on Jordan, Bruce is not answering his phone nor aware of that while he stands outside of Jordan's apartment and the door is unlocked. He walks in with a gun while she suspects nothing. Shawn leaves and is seen with TJ unaware that Bruce is spying upon them and ready to enter Jordan's room with a gun. He walks in and fires shots that sound like they are silenced. Yet we don't see or know what has happened. However, Jordan is on to him, pulls her gun on him and tells him she won't be intimidated by him.

At the Metro Court, Julian overhears Sam protesting to Olivia that she “knows something” and “cannot lie to her father”, he demands to know what that is about. He tells both his daughter and Olivia that he is pretty certain they were talking about Olivia being pregnant with his child. Olivia goes into labor and Patrick confirms that her water has broken. At that point, Sam admits to her father that it is true. She is aware that Julian is the father of Olivia's baby. Patrick then declares they do not have time to get to the hospital and the baby has to be born right then and there. Both Ned and Julian question whether Patrick is qualified to deliver a baby since he's a neurosurgeon not an obstetrician. They all wonder what roles they should have in what is happening yet her baby is not waiting and she's ready to give birth. Olivia yells to Julian she wants him to leave her alone and stay out of this whether or not he's her baby's father. Alexis urges Julian to back off because Olivia can do without the stress. They then leave together. Olivia is alone with Ned, Patrick and Sam while Patrick delivers her baby.

Michael is with Sabrina and he kisses her. She admits that they have never yet assessed what they might mean to each other or what he foresees in the future. They return to her mutual apartment with Felix but see that he is not there and they are alone in the apartment. She asks Michael if she can get him something to drink. He tells her he’s fine. She then concludes she does not want to make this complicated, assessing that he's invited her to the nurse's ball. She had a wonderful time, she assures him. However, she reminds him, the following day she goes back to her job as his little sister's nanny. He tells her that he has complete confidence in her ability to take care of his sister and can't think of anyone whom he trusts to care for the baby more than her. He wants her to continue doing what she is doing but if she feels as though due to this most recent “advancement” in their relationship, she cannot carry out her work responsibilities, he will accept that. He tells her the fact that she believed in him when no one else did, meant so much to him. He does now consider her to be more than a friend. She admits that she thought that maybe if he kissed her during the heat of the moment that one first time, it could be something he might regret. He tells her that is not the case. She reminds him that he was with Kiki for a long time and remembers when they observed Kiki with Morgan, he did seem upset as though he may not be completely over Kiki. He then admits that he and Kiki were serious for a while and he has not forgotten what they had. He asks her if she does not also still remember what she felt for Patrick and for Carlos and the fact that those feelings don't just go away. He tells her he thinks that they are both ready to move on and put previous relationships behind them.

After everyone has left the Nurses' Ball and they are alone, Nathan and Maxie have confirmed that they want to be together and leave together. As soon as they get to the parking garage, they notice Jake standing right over a gun on the ground and blood . Nathan instantly assumes that Jake (given his history and track record) is responsible for what appears to be a murder. Nathan is ready to arrest him and Maxie also assumes that Jake must have shot someone. She asks whom he shot telling him she realizes that Helena may have done something terrible to him. However, there are many people in this town whom she loves and cares for and may be dead or hurt. Nathan then asks her to let a cop do his job. She protests that maybe, due to his being a cop, Jake will not confess the truth to him, whereas because she is not police, he can admit the truth to her and it will be inadmissible. He protests that he had nothing to do with the gun and evidence of a shooting they see before them yet neither Maxie nor Nathan believe there could be any other explanation for it. Maxie tells Jake that because he's shot Nathan before, he is obviously under suspicion. Jake does tell the story to them that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time after discovering that. Nathan reminds him that he's given that explanation in the past and so he has no credibility when expecting them to take his word for it.

While Jordan has caught Bruce in her apartment, TJ is on the docks talking to Shawn who informs him that he and Jordan are moving forward. Bruce lies on the floor unconscious and as though Jordan has shot him and she's ready to take further action. As Anna is ready to depart and is talking to Sloane, she gets a call from Jordan informing her she needs to drop what she is doing and get over there. She needs to contact Sloane, Jordan tells her, because Jordan has just killed someone.

Alexis and Julian wait in the other room while Olivia is screaming while giving birth. He is not ok with being prevented from being a part of this. Alexis tells her boyfriend she realizes it was not fair that Olivia and Ned kept this secret from him but they have their reasons. She also informs him now that he's discovered that he is the father of the baby, he may take some comfort in that.

Sam attends Olivia with Ned and Patrick and tells her she is so sorry that her father had to find out this way. Olivia is mainly concerned about pushing this baby out of her. It looks like everything is ok except for Julian wanting to be a part of something the others are not letting him be a part of. However, Olivia instantly knows there is something not right when she can see that the baby is not crying.

Sabrina admits to Michael that she and Patrick will always have ties because of Gabriel but they've both moved on. Also, when she's recently spoken to Carlos, he's confirmed to her that he's going back into the business. She now knows it was not meant to be for her and Carlos. She also admits to Michael that she does not understand why so many people have chosen that way of life. Michael concludes to Sabrina that he is interested in pursuing a relationship with her. There's nothing “illegal” with her working as his nanny, given there's no HR department or anti-fraternization rules like there would be if she worked for ELQ. SO, he tells her, the only issue and the only question is how she feels. So he asks her if she'd like to have a second date with him. She then admits that she would really like to take any future relationship slow given what happened when she was ready to marry Patrick not long ago, and right before their wedding was ready to commence, Patrick's ex wife came back. She admits to him, however, that she thinks she could accept another date. He then asks her if she'd like to have dinner with him tomorrow evening. She replies she'd love to. He then kisses her good bye and departs from her apartment.

Anna and Sloane rush to Jordan's home to see the man who's been shot by her in self-defense and Sloane identifies him as Duke Lavery's body guard. Hearing that, Jordan is shocked given that she's trusted Bruce up until now. Anna tells them “this” is all speculation. Yet at that point, Sloane asks her just where she is planning on meeting Duke this evening. Anna continues to protest that it could very well be that Bruce is acting on his own and Duke has nothing to do with that. Sloane tells her she needs to stop acting like a love sick teenager and start thinking like a cop. She needs to know that Duke is guilty of attempted murder.

TJ admits to Shawn that he does have some issues about what Shawn and his mom do for a living. He is concerned, given that things can always happen, and reminds Shawn that he's already lost one parent. He can't bear to lose them either. Shawn attempts to call Bruce, gets his voice mail and urges him to call when he gets his message.

Nathan calls a uniform cop and has him taking Jake's statement, “kind of” wanting to believe him. She tells Jake she'd like to believe him and hopes she is not incorrect, reminding him that Spinelli and Carly both trust him and have really good instincts. The cops take Jake away. Nathan and Maxie still haven't a clue whose blood has been dropped upon the floor and who might have been killed.

Anna leaves Jordan and Sloane alone to talk about what has happened. She protests that Anna is a good cop and cannot be sold out. However, he gets on his phone to issue and APB on both Anna and Duke.

As soon as Sabrina is alone in her apartment, Carlos enters and frantically tells her he, once again, needs her help. We can only wonder why that is and what happened between him and Duke.

Anna goes searching for Duke where he said he'd meet her, leaves messages for him and calls to him. Yet he is nowhere to be found. Suddenly she finds Duke and he falls to the ground.

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