GH Update Thursday 5/7/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/7/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas and Hayden were in bed, at Wyndemere. Hayden revealed that she overheard Nik tell Elizabeth that Jake was really Jason Morgan. Nik told Hayden she misunderstood. Hayden didn't buy it. She assumed that Nik was keeping quiet in order to keep Jake from interfering with Nik's plans for ELQ. Hayden knew that Nik didn't need the money, so she theorized that he was taking over the company as a challenge, and so he can play hero to Elizabeth. Nik countered that, if Hayden were right, Nik's actions wouldn't be heroic. Hayden clarified that Nik was giving Liz her heart's desire. Hayden explained that from what she overheard, it seemed that the “poor little dishrag” had been pining for Jason for years. Hayden didn't think that the independent Jason was a good match for Liz, who seemed, to Hayden, to be a homebody. Nik thought Hayden should be more empathetic to Liz, since Hayden had lied to Jake, too. Hayden didn't think her lie was as bad as Liz's. Hayden didn't even know Jake, but Liz did. Hayden noted that Liz claimed to love Jake, yet she was keeping him away from his family and valuable ELQ stock. Hayden didn't feel bad for Liz, who, according to Hayden, had finally gotten her claws into Jason.

Hayden asked when she could move in, and Nik told her that she couldn't live there. Hayden pointed out that things had changed – she had dirt on Nik, but he didn't have anything on her anymore. Hayden had overheard that Nik and Sam were cousins. She mused about how Nik's family, Jason's family, and Sonny and Carly would react if they found out what Nik did. Hayden felt that she was holding all the cards now. She nuzzled Nik and told him that didn't have to be a bad thing. Nik chuckled and asked how he was supposed to explain taking in the town pariah. Hayden thought that was Nik's problem to solve. Nik agreed to let Hayden stay, but he made it clear that it was a temporary arrangement. Hayden suggested another round of sex, but Nik got out of bed.

At Elizabeth's, Jake told Liz that he only wanted her. He asked if she wanted him. Liz flashed back to telling Nik that Sam and Danny were already happy with Patrick and Emma. Liz told Jake that she'd wanted him longer than he'd known. They kissed. Jake wryly noted that no one burst in and interrupted them; it was just the two of them. Jake decided to go, so Liz could get some sleep, but Liz invited Jake to go upstairs with her. Jake wondered if Liz was sure about this, and Liz assured him that she'd never been more sure about anything. They went to her bedroom and made love. Afterward, Jake told Liz that it had felt natural; almost familiar. Liz replied that it was just like she imagined, then she kissed him. Jake wished that they could stay like this all night. Liz felt the same way, but she gently told Jake that he couldn't be there when her kids woke up. According to Liz, Aiden was too young to understand, but Cam had been through a roller coaster, due to the back and forth with Ric. Jake understood and was supportive of Liz's view. Jason decided to go back to the Metro Court and sleep in the suite he once shared with Hayden. After Jake left, Liz picked up a photograph of her and Jason. She apologized to Jason and admitted that the situation wasn't perfect. Liz felt bad that she was keeping Jason from Sam and Danny, but she believed that they were happy with the Drakes and that Liz and Jason could be happy together. “This is our chance now, and I'm taking it,” Liz said, as she clutched the picture against her chest.

Anna was in her suite. She flashed back to making plans to run away with Duke. They would meet on Pier 54, at midnight, catch a boat to Canada, then go from there. She packed her suitcase. There was a knock on the door. Anna's face lit up and she ran to answer it, thinking it was Duke. It was Sloane. He wanted to come in, but Anna said no. Sloane explained that he had information on the attempt on Jordan's life. Anna let him in. Sloane spotted the suitcase and asked about it. Anna lied and said she was going to Washington, for work. Sloane revealed that Carlos had been at the Metro Court, with a gun, around the same time that someone shot at Jordan on the pier. Sloane wasn't sure if Carlos was there to plant the gun in Sloane's informant's room, or if someone else tried to kill Jordan. Sloane suggested that Duke might have ordered the hit. Anna disagreed. She pointed out that Duke tested Jordan, and Jordan passed. Sloane reminded Anna that Anna once suspected that Duke might have realized Jordan was wearing a wire. Anna argued that Duke was just a figurehead who didn't have the authority to order a hit. Sloane didn't think Anna wanted to face the truth that Duke was currently in charge. Anna's eyes filled with tears and she insisted that Duke didn't order the hit. She admitted that before, she would have believed he was capable of it, but now. . . Sloane wanted an explanation, so Anna reminded him that he'd convinced her to meet with Duke. Sloane admitted he regretted doing that. Anna told Sloane he'd been right to encourage her – she and Duke still loved each other and always would. Sloane argued that Duke was a gangster. Anna didn't think that their jobs mattered as much as how they felt about each other. She admitted that she and Duke were going away together.

Duke was in the parking garage at the Metro Court. He called Bruce a couple of times and left voice mail. Duke explained that he had a long talk with Anna and had decided not to have Jordan killed. Carlos appeared, and he approached Duke. Duke tried to give Carlos the brush off, but Carlos pulled out his gun. Duke kept his cool and said he refused to play Carlos's game. Carlos argued that Duke started this. Carlos wondered what Duke expected would happen when Duke messed with the Jerome shipments. Duke had assumed that Julian would take Duke's offer and live a life, free of crime, with Alexis. Carlos insisted that Duke had to die for what he'd done. “You're going to kill me because I stopped you from using our piers?,” Duke scoffed. Carlos said yes. Duke thought that Carlos had been in the business long enough to realize that this was not a proportionate response - you don't take out a kingpin over a territorial dispute. Carlos argued that Duke was just a figurehead, but Duke countered that Duke was currently in charge. Duke warned Carlos that killing Duke would start a mob war, which would hurt everyone's business. Carlos contended that taking out the competition was good for business. Duke thought that Julian would be furious if Carlos started a war and brought the wrath of Sonny onto Julian. Carlos revealed that Julian was the one who ordered the hit. Carlos added that he'd been trying to kill Duke for weeks, but Bruce, Duke's bodyguard, was always in the way. Carlos noted that Bruce was nowhere to be found. Duke made a grab for the gun. There was a struggle, and the gun went off, possibly hitting Duke or Carlos. Both men looked shocked. Later, Jake walked through the parking garage, on his way to his room. He spotted a gun and a pool of blood on the ground.

Shawn and Jordan were at her place. Romance was in the air, but Shawn was distracted because of his run in with Julian earlier. Shawn admitted he'd thought Julian would have been man enough to admit he called the hit on Jordan. Jordan didn't expect Julian to be honest in front of Alexis. Shawn was sure that Julian was behind it. Shawn couldn't think of anyone else who'd try to have Jordan killed. Jordan was concerned that there would be more fallout from Shawn picking a fight with Julian. Shawn noted that Duke had told Shawn not to confront Julian while they were at the Ball. Shawn decided to call Duke tomorrow and let him know what happened. Shawn explained that he couldn't help himself; he was furious that someone tried to hurt the woman he loved. They kissed.

Bruce crept up outside Jordan's door. He saw that he had voicemail from Duke. Bruce assumed that Duke was impatiently waiting for word that the hit had been carried out, so he didn't call Duke back.

Back inside, Shawn and Jordan said I love you, to each other, then they made love. Later, Jordan was ready for round two, but Shawn's phone rang, and to Jordan's dismay, he answered. Bruce told Shawn that there was a last minute shipment coming into Pier 54, and Duke wanted Shawn to go supervise. Shawn bought the lie. He told Jordan that he'd be back in a few hours. After Shawn left, Bruce quietly opened Jordan's door.

Emotions were running high in the ballroom, where Sam, Patrick, Olivia and Ned had gathered. Sam asked if she was supposed to lie to her dad? Just then, Julian and Alexis walked in. Julian had overheard Sam, and he wanted to know what she was lying about. Sam was hesitant to say anything. Patrick told Julian to give Sam some space, and Julian realized that Patrick also knew what was going on. Ned noted that he thought Alexis and Julian already left. Julian explained that Shawn punched him. Ned pointedly said he wasn't surprised about the altercation, given Julian's line of work. Julian replied that they couldn't all be washed up ex rock stars. Sam asked Julian if he was okay. Julian was fine; he was just there to get ice for his face. Julian was confident that Shawn, and Jordan, the traitor, would get what was coming to them. Olivia wanted Julian and Shawn to keep their mob war out of her hotel. Julian asked if Olivia was referring to the hotel where Sonny had an office. “Yes. It's called a double standard. I'm sure Alexis will be happy to explain it to you, someday,” Olivia snapped. She ordered Julian to get his ice and get out. Julian refused to leave until he got answers from Sam. Patrick stated that Sam would answer when she was ready to. Patrick suggested that everyone go home and revisit this tomorrow. Alexis agreed. Julian wouldn't let it go, though, and he guessed that this had something to do with Olivia's baby. Julian kept pressing Sam for answers, and Olivia ordered him to leave Sam alone. Olivia suddenly doubled over in pain. A skeptical Julian accused Olivia of faking to cause a distraction, but Ned snapped that Olivia was in the hospital yesterday. Julian was alarmed and asked if the baby was okay. Olivia replied that it was just practice contractions. Julian pushed for more details about the hospital visit, and Olivia snapped at him.

Patrick was concerned, so he started to examine Olivia. Julian told Sam that if that was his baby, he should have been at GH, with Olivia, yesterday. Julian wanted to be a father to this child, the way he should have been for Sam and Lucas. Sam looked torn. She looked over Julian's shoulder – Olivia was signaling Sam to keep quiet. Julian asked Sam if the baby was his, and Sam said yes. Julian confronted Olivia about lying to him. Ned, Alexis, Patrick and Sam all told Julian to leave Olivia alone. Julian argued that he had every right to know what was going on with the baby. Patrick said what was going on was that Olivia's water just broke.

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