GH Update Wednesday 5/6/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/6/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Nurses' Ball, both Maxie and Spinelli find themselves “fixated” upon the sight and appearance of Nathan and Ellie together. They are both clearly very mindful of it, behaving very awkwardly and looking discontented to think of their two respective exes possibly moving on... with each other. Ellie and Nathan put on a lovey-dovey act to see how Spinelli & Maxie react. Nathan is still encouraged that they need to see what happens when they “play the part” because it may reveal that Maxie regrets losing him and Spinelli regrets losing her, even if they do not come out and admit it. However, she is discouraged and not certain that Nathan's plan will work. We do find that Nathan's plan has been successfully executed when he kisses Ellie right in full view of both Maxie and Spinelli. As soon as he sees it, Spinelli lashes out at Nathan, angrily telling him that he cannot stand by and watch someone like Nathan taking advantage of Ellie and playing with her emotions. Nathan tells Spinelli he's not doing that and it's none of Spinelli's business anyway since he's dumped Ellie. Ellie tells Spinelli she does not need him interfering. She and Nathan are together because they want to be. At first Maxie is silent but she stands up and confronts Nathan. He tells her she needs to stay out of his business and asks them both if they are jealous. At that point, they both admit it. Spinelli confesses his love for Ellie telling her that she is the right woman for him. Seeing her with another guy was more than he could bare. He regrets being too blind to see it up until now but he now knows that he doesn't ever want to lose her. Maxie then confesses her love for Nathan, adding that she knows she loves him. Not just because he's gorgeous, sexy and can speak French. It's because he's kind and honorable and he's the man she wants to be with......And it looks like the 4 of them have finally sorted out their mixed feelings as they leave the nurse's ball.

Jake finds Elizabeth when she's ready to leave the ball. They are both in a state of shock to find out that he's been scammed into believing that he's married. The person who initiated the scam was Ric, whom she trusted and agreed to get back with, now realizing it was all based on a lie.

Elizabeth returns home with Jake. He admits that he is kind of blown away to find out that he has been scammed into believing that he's married, by a guy who was so jealous, insecure and afraid of losing her that he'd resort to such drastic measures. Yet Jake is clearly not too discontented that it's given him a chance to have a future with Elizabeth as he knows they've both wanted (and given that he knows of no other life or love in his life, having no memory). She's happy to be with him also, yet throughout their interaction, she is lost in thought remembering Nikolas revealing to her that Jake is actually Jason Morgan and the fact that she is keeping this secret which Sam, Danny and all the people in Jason's life have the right to know, as well as the man she is presently with, who really is Jason Morgan. She remembers declaring to Nikolas that for her own “selfish” reasons, she is not going to reveal to anyone that Jake is really Jason. She wants a chance to be happy, for the first time, with a guy who is right for her and who will put her first. She also remembers both herself and Nikolas agreeing that maybe Sam's life is better off believing Jason is dead and moving on with Patrick who is a doctor, a dad and a law abiding citizen who won't cause the consequences for her and for Danny that would have happened if she resumed her marriage with Jason.

While leaving the ball, Shawn is determined to find and confront Julian, very certain it was he who ordered the hit on Jordan. Yet, since Jordan knows otherwise, she doesn't want him causing a scene. He does not listen and as soon as they run into Julian and Alexis waiting for the elevator, Shawn furiously confronts Julian. Knowing he's being falsely accused of trying to kill Jordan and wondering why Shawn suspects him, he indignantly tells Shawn he did not order any hit on Jordan. Why would he? What's Shawn's problem? He tells Shawn he can have his “piece of ass” and Julian could care less. At that point, Shawn physically attacks and decks Julian. This causes a scene and an awkward situation although Julian has no fears since he had nothing to do with this most recent crime. When they are alone, however, Alexis tells Julian she demands he tells her what was going on and if he had anything to do with the hit on Jordan, adding that she is not going to be lied to or scammed by him. Unknown to all of them, while they speak, Bruce is tailing them and yet again, planning to kill Jordan, by the order of Duke Lavery.

Not far away, Sam speaks up to Olivia and Ned that she knows the secret they are keeping from her father. She knows what she overheard when were leaving the hospital together a few days ago. In response to that, Olivia wants her to believe that she misunderstood what she overheard. However, Sam firmly tells Olivia she clearly heard them discussing whether or not Dante believes Ned is the baby's father or whether her son knows the truth that Julian is the father of his little brother or sister. Sam further tells Olivia that she cannot keep this secret from her father. He's already been prevented from knowing that he has two children until they were adults. She can't sit by and let him lose out on being a father to another child. That baby is her family as well as Olivia's. In response to that, Olivia emotionally pleads to Sam that she cannot let her child be in danger the way it will be if Julian knows he's the father. She tells Sam she knows people may judge her for preventing Sonny from knowing Dante was his son and not letting her son have a father while growing up. But she'd do it again if she had to because by keeping that from her son, she was, at least, able to give her Dante a safe home growing up without threats of kidnapping, death threats by mobsters, car-bombing and God knows what else could go along with being the child of people like Sonny or Julian. Yes, she understands Sam's very legitimate concerns and protectiveness for her father but she urges her not to tell him. During their heated discussion, Julian overhears Sam mention something about a secret being kept from him and asks just what secret Olivia is asking his daughter not to reveal to him.

Anna talks to Duke after the ball about their “impromptu” tango. He appears cold and wastes no time clarifying to her that it was Lucy who pushed him to ask her to do the dance. He would not have done it otherwise. She reminds him that Sloane encouraged her to not give up on Duke. Duke, however tells Anna he realizes she's “moved on with this Sloane character” when he saw Sloane open the door of her hotel room wearing just a bathrobe. Hearing that and revealing that she had no idea that he got the idea that she might “be with” Sloane, and clearly wanting to set him straight that that is not the case, she clarifies that the time Sloane got out of her shower was the one time when his shower broke down the hall. She left for work and was not there when she let him use her shower and was nowhere around when Duke came by and saw Sloane in his robe. She then adds to him what does it matter. He's with Lucy. Hearing that, he clarifies that he and Lucy have been seeing each other merely as friends, have not crossed the line and have admitted to each other that both of their hearts belong to other, as she's clearly aware that he is still in love with Anna. . He then concludes to her that there is no Lucy and no Kyle Sloane, then there is nothing standing in their way. At that point, they declare their love for each other. He tells her that he will officially end his business relationship with Sonny to be with her. And, he tells her he deeply regrets all the time he kept them apart teaming up with Sonny which was merely over his angry toward her making police decisions he disagreed with. He knows that Julian Jerome has taken too much time away from them and he doesn't want to waste another moment. They both realize that there might not be much left for both or either of them if they stay in Port Charles. So, he suggests to her, they should go away together. She agrees to go away with him. He tells her he knows of a way to flee to Canada together. He realizes however, before they do that, he needs to take care of some business which she can never know about involving the fact that he's having Bruce tailing Jordan and ready to kill her for knowing his and Sonny's insider secret. As soon as he's alone, he calls Bruce and instructs him to cancel the “hit” on Jordan. He cannot let her get harmed in any way. Bruce is surprised to suddenly hear that.

After Nikolas returns home and has bonded with Spencer as well as the spirit of his son's deceased mother, he goes upstairs. Right in his bed, however, Hayden is there ready to surprise him and fearing nothing. He demands to know what she is doing there and does not appear amused. She reminds him that, as he already knows, she is now homeless with no husband to provide for her and Carly publicly evicted her from the Metro Court, witnessed by everybody there. He does not see that as “his problem” nor want her there. But she manages to seduce him yet again. After they are done having sex, however, he clearly has no use for her. She reminds him that what she's done has not hurt anyone. Ric has been exposed. She could care less about that it's fine with her if Jake, whom she doesn't know, gets back with Elizabeth whom she doesn't know. And he should be contented with that if he cares about both of them and does not care for Ric. He reminds her that Ric paid her off and she took his money to help him with his abhorrent scam. She reminds him that the amount she got from Ric is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the money that “the prince” has. He asks her why he'd pay her a cent. What does she have on him? She tells him that she has a “hunch” about Jake. Yet what does she think she knows that he knows about Jake that could get him in trouble, he asks? She then reveals to Nikolas that she knows that Jake is really Jason Morgan. Hearing that, Nikolas is shocked and stunned to hear her reveal that not knowing how she could have gotten that information.

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