GH Update Tuesday 5/5/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/5/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

The Nurses' Ball was still underway. Elizabeth had just found out that Jake was really Jason. She returned to the ballroom and stood in the doorway. Patrick and Emma finished their duet and left the stage. They shared a happy moment with Sam, as Liz watched. Liz looked uncertain, then she got on stage and took the microphone from Lucy. Liz told everyone that she had an announcement about Jason. At that moment, Jake and Carly walked into the ballroom. Liz spotted them. Carly asked Liz what she had to say about Jason. Jake looked concerned. He told Carly that something must be wrong. Liz had flashbacks to happy memories with Jason/Jake. Liz lost her nerve. She covered and told everyone the story about an earlier Nurses' Ball, where Robin had bravely came on stage and announced that she had HIV. Robin had been overcome with emotion. Jason came up and helped Robin off stage, even though Jason hated being in the spotlight. Liz thought that Jason and Robin had displayed compassion and courage, at that moment. Liz wished she could be as brave as her friends were. Michael, Carly, and Sam were moved by Liz's statement.

Liz dashed off stage and into the hallway, where she sank to the floor and cried. Nikolas was right behind her. He offered her his handkerchief, and he asked her why she didn't tell the truth about Jake being Jason. Liz explained that when she looked down from the stage she suddenly saw Jake as Jason, instead of as Jake. Liz had envisioned getting pushed out of Jason's life, as he reconnected with Sam, Sonny and Carly. Liz didn't want to lose Jake, so she vowed to keep the secret about his true identity. Liz noted that Jake had wanted to be with Liz for months, but the universe kept getting in the way. Liz recalled that the universe also kept her and Jason apart. Nik suggested that that could be the universe's way of saying that Liz and Jason weren't meant to be. Liz argued that the universe was finally giving her a chance to be with Jason. Nik asked Liz if she was willing to live with the consequences of this decision. Liz admitted that when she looked out into the audience, from the stage, she saw numerous people who'd never paid for their crimes. Liz also saw good people, like Patrick and Sabrina, who'd suffered unfairly. Liz stated that she'd tried doing the right thing her whole life, and had gotten the rug pulled out from under her over and over again. Liz decided it would be different this time. She vowed to do what she had to in order to be happy.

Nik asked Liz to think about Sam. He added that it wasn't in character for Liz to hurt people. Liz argued that no one would be hurt. She pointed out that Sam was blissfully happy, with Patrick, and the Quartermaines had already grieved and moved on. Liz added that Jason didn't even remember the Quartermaines, anyway, so telling him about them would only cause him to feel pressured. Liz maintained that it was best for everyone if Jake continued to be Jake. She added that Nik would get to have ELQ. “Please, Nikolas, If you ever loved me, tell me you'll keep our secret,” Liz said. Nik seemed willing to go along with it. Liz thanked him and hugged him.

Carly was affected by Liz's speech about Jason. She went over to the bar. Jake came over to check on her, but Carly sent him to go check on Liz. Carly got up, and she collided with Michael, who was standing with Sabrina. Michael asked if Carly was okay. She was. Carly asked if Michael had a minute. Sabrina left to go get ready for the next act. Carly wondered if Michael had heard the story about Jason and Robin at the Ball before. Carly admitted that she'd been jealous of the way Jason had looked at Robin when he got up on stage, that night. Michael smiled. Carly noted that Michael was now about the age that Jason had been that day. Carly proudly stated that Michael had grown up to be independent, just like Jason. She reached out and touched Michael's cheek.

Jake was in the lobby looking for Liz. Sloane cornered him and insisted that they talk right now. Jake stated that he didn't know who the Jeromes were planning a hit on. Sloane replied that the Jeromes tried to kill Jordan yesterday, on the pier. Jake had a feeling Jordan wasn't the real target. He revealed that Hayden caught Carlos in her suite with a rifle. Jake knew that room overlooked the terrace, and he suggested that Sloane see which of Sonny's people was on the terrace yesterday. Sloane disregarded Jake's hunch and theorized that Carlos had gone to Jake's room to plant a gun and frame Jake for the hit. Jake didn't think that Julian would frame him, but he admitted that Carlos would. Sloane advised Jake to tell Julian what Carlos did and use it to gain Julian's trust.

Back in the ballroom, Ned sang “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Epiphany, Felix, and Sabrina were back-up singers. Ned came down and sang to Olivia, then they danced together. After the song was over, Olivia told Ned that the baby enjoyed the performance – he or she was doing back-flips while Ned sang. Ned and Olivia left the room. Patrick noticed and asked Sam if she was planning to say something to Olivia. Sam didn't want to spoil the evening, so she decided to keep quiet until after the event was over.

Duke got a text. He started out of the ballroom, and Jordan and Shawn tagged along. Shawn noticed that Julian wasn't at his table. Shawn planned to find and confront Julian about the attempt on Jordan's life. Jordan was against it because she didn't want anyone innocent to get caught in the crossfire. Duke agreed with Jordan. Later, Duke went to the boiler room, alone, to make a call.

Anna was sitting with Emma. Her eyes locked on Duke as he left the ballroom. Sloane noticed, and he urged her to go after Duke. Anna replied that there was no point, since she and Duke were on opposing sides. Sloane countered that if you loved someone enough, you'd find a way. Anna went after Duke. Meanwhile, Duke was on the phone with Bruce. Duke told Bruce to kill Jordan tonight. The door opened, a second later, and Anna walked in.

Carly went backstage and approached Sabrina. Carly was grateful that she'd just had a civil conversation with her son, and she thought she had Sabrina to thank for that. Carly also thanked Sabrina for believing in Michael when Carly, and the others, didn't. Sabrina noted that Michael had been kind to Sabrina, so Sabrina had returned the favor

Nathan and Ellie pretended to flirt with each other to make Maxie and Spinelli jealous. Their act got Maxie and Spinelli's full attention. Lucy got on stage and introduced Spinelli, who sang “It Might Be You.” Spinelli gazed at Maxie as he sang the love song. Ellie wiped away tears, as he ex sang to another woman. Nathan kept stealing glances at Maxie during the song. Maxie smiled at Spinelli, but she also kept looking over at Nathan.

At Wyndemere, a woman, dressed in flowing white garb, appeared to Spencer. Spencer was confused; the woman looked like his mother, Courtney, but she'd died the day he was born. Courtney explained that she was always with Spencer, but she was appearing to him right now, because he needed her. Spencer looked worried. He surmised that Courtney had seen his antics at the Ball and that she was disappointed in him. Courtney gently pointed out that Cam and Emma could have been hurt as a result of Spencer's behavior. Spencer argued that the “townie” took advantage of Spencer's disfigurement to steal his girlfriend. Courtney didn't like Spencer saying he was disfigured or calling people names. Spencer maintained that Cam really was a townie – a “nobody from low blood.” Courtney told Spencer that by his definition, she'd be a townie too. “You can't be an uncultured plebe, like Cameron. You're my mother,” Spencer insisted. Courtney told Spencer that she didn't have a lot of money growing up, and she'd felt intimidated by the wealthy. Courtney got Spencer to realize that by calling Cam names, he was making Cam feel the same inferiority that Courtney used to feel.

Courtney encouraged Spencer to look inside himself and figure out the real reason he kept lashing out at Cam. Spencer confessed that he was upset because Cam was more popular than Spencer. Spencer was scared that no one would like him now that his face was covered in scars. Courtney pointed out that Spencer hadn't even looked under his mask. Spencer admitted he didn't want to know how bad it looked. Courtney told him that beauty came from the inside. Spencer felt that this must mean he was ugly inside and out. Courtney assured Spencer that he didn't have an ugly heart. Courtney gently convinced Spencer to let her take off his mask. Once the mask was off, she took him to the mirror. Spencer had a small scar on his cheek. He admitted that it wasn't that bad and that he saw kids in Boston with bigger scars. Courtney told Spencer that he and all the other kids were survivors who were lucky to have long lives ahead of them. Courtney told Spencer that life was precious and short. Spencer said he'd always missed Courtney, even though he never knew her. They hugged. Spencer wanted Courtney to stay, but she told him she couldn't. Courtney promised that she'd always be with Spencer.

When Nik came home, he was surprised to see that Spencer wasn't wearing his mask. Spencer explained that someone had given him the strength to overcome his problems. Nik sat next to Spencer on the couch, and pulled him close. Courtney reappeared behind them and touched Nik's shoulder. Nik reacted, and it was clear that he sensed the presence.

Back at the ball, Lucy made some closing statements, then Felix thanked her for putting the event together. Epiphany and Sabrina sang a duet - “You're not Alone.” Lucy sent Milo on stage to be with his girlfriend, Epiphany. Sabrina brought Michael on stage. Emma grabbed Sam and Patrick's hands and brought them on stage too. All the other couples joined in. Nathan and brought Ellie on stage, and Felix brought Lucy on, as well. Carly got a phone call from Sonny, so she left.

Jake came face to face with Liz.

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